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Return to Reason shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. Although you may not agree with the opinions stated, you deserve to be fully informed, ready to handle every situation life throws at you. Anyone who has an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this opinion column, TV show and podcast.




Return to Reason shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. Although you may not agree with the opinions stated, you deserve to be fully informed, ready to handle every situation life throws at you. Anyone who has an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this opinion column, TV show and podcast.




Energy, Pipelines and Generational Unity | Dale Swampy

The National Coalition of Chiefs was set up to respond to the poverty crisis and social despair that has existed in First Nations communities across Canada. In today's episode, Leighton Grey and Dale Swampy discuss how opportunities for First Nation communities to work in the national resource sector would be a benefit for all Canadians and the nation as a whole.


Damages from Pandemic Mandates | Preston Manning

What should we learn from the pandemic? Is transparency better than learning from past mistakes? Alberta's pandemic mandates created profound affects that rippled across the province. What is the truth behind the results of Alberta's pandemic response panel? David Leis speaks with the Honourable Preston Manning. Were the best measures utilized by Alberta's government and health care professionals?


What Really Happened on January 6th? | Tim Rivers

What really happened at the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021? Leighton Grey gets the unfiltered truth from American Author, Tim Rivers. Tim's new book "The American Gulag: Letters From Prison", highlights the personal experiences and pleas from the now prisoners of the January 6th event. Are they paying an unjust price for fighting for truth and freedom? Link to Tim Rivers' book:


Housing Demand Exceeds Supply | Wendell Cox & Charles Blain

On Today's episode David Leis has a discussion with Urban Policy Analyst and Sr. Fellow at The Frontier Centre, Wendell Cox, and President of The Urban Reform Institute, Charles Blain about the current housing market crisis. Limited housing supply along with the desire for home ownership is driving home prices higher and higher. Would public pressure change residential planning policy? Watch to find out.


How to Become Healthier & Less Likely to be Manipulated | Jason Christoff

On today's episode, Leighton Grey has a truly mind blowing conversation with health and self-sabotage Expert, Jason Christoff, about the health and wellness of our psyche. We are consuming more negative information now than ever, but how does that leave us vulnerable to manipulation? Are there ways for us to protect ourselves from the propaganda we, sometimes unknowingly, consume? The ways in which we can be manipulated by propaganda in our day to day lives may surprise you.


Parents Seeking Common Sense Education | Michael Zwaagstra

It may have seemed that at one time parents felt they could trust the educators of their children. Fast forward to these years of wokeness and parents are butting into the process and demanding more transparency and influence over what the Canadian education system is teaching their children. Teacher Michael Zwaagstra is on the show and reveals what's really going on in the classroom.


Incredible Sacrifices, Unbreakable Bonds | Colonel Eric Buer

In his book "Ghosts of Baghdad" US Marine Helicopter pilot, Colonel Eric Buer takes Leighton Grey inside the cockpit of his Cobra attack helicopter. Eric's insights provide a deeper look into the laments of warfare, the sacrifices of duty, and the importance of the bonds he forged with his fellow soldiers. The life of the Marine is marked by struggle and sacrifice, teamwork and duty.


How to Woke-Proof Your Life | Teresa Mull

Have you ever dreamt that you were awake only to be alarmed to find out it had been a dream? Wokeness can be seen as far back as the times of the Greeks and the Romans with the belief in Morpheus a son of Hypnos the god of sleep. In today's episode David Leis speaks with Author and Policy Analyst, Teresa Mull. Tune in to this interview to hear the call to community family and identity, outside the matrix of "sleep" and distraction.


Has Canadian banking lost its lustre to woke agendas? | Brett Oland

The world is ever moving towards digitalization, including how we interact with our banks. Is it all for the sake of convenience or could there be a deeper political agenda? Freezing accounts, missing funds, and a fully digital currency are only a few reasons Brett Oland, CEO and President of Bow Valley Credit Union, and Leighton Grey discuss why citizens should be concerned about their financial safety. Protecting your money and having full control over where you invest could be the key to preventing government overreach into Canadian bank accounts. You don't want to miss this one.


Public Regulation of Personal Health | Shawn Buckley

David Leis welcomes back Constitutional Lawyer and President of the Natural Health Products Association, Shawn Buckley, to the show in an all-important discussion. Shawn exposes how government overreach impacts the Natural Health Industry and why citizens should be concerned for their personal autonomy. Naturally derived remedies have been used for centuries, safely and effectively with minimal need for regulation. So why then, has the government decided to now place heavy regulation to natural health products in Canada while the amount of death and injuries from chemical health products have only risen? Find out why on today's episode.


Woke Changes the Courts and Country | Thomas Flanagan

Borrowed money and political directives are changing the course and courts of our Nation. Thomas Flanagan and host, Leighton Grey dive deeper into why the progressive ideology is replete in the public life of Canada. Who benefits from the change in thought and law? You don't want to miss out on Thomas and Leighton discussing the court cases, political directives and the possible financial disaster of the nation's borrowed billions.


Ideology and the Isolation of Canada | Joe Oliver

What are the safeguards that a government should use to protect the prosperity of its people and industry? David Leis and former Minister of Finance the Hon. Joe Oliver discuss the financial blunders of those who say budgets balance themselves. How can Canada's government work to avoid arriving at the tipping point of a financial crisis? Can Canada's government borrow its way into prosperity? David Leis and Joe Oliver discuss just that.


How are ideologies dividing Canada’s identity? | James Lindsay

American author and Cultural Critic, James Lindsay, has defined Canada as "The 'Woke-ist' Country in the World". If that is the perception of Canada's identity, why do many Canadians feel that there is dissonance between the way Canada is being governed, the policies that are being made, and the way we actually think and feel? Canada's true identity requires unity. James and Leighton breakdown the meaning of Critical Race Theory, and other divisive ideologies that are dividing Canada's identity and people on today's episode.


How the World Views Canada | Steven Edginton

How bright is the light shining on the path that Canada is taking into the future? As Canada moves forward with specific agendas nations of the world are taking note. In David's conversation with UK journalist and filmmaker, Steven Edginton, we hear how the perceptions of other nations are changing as they observe traditional values being replaced by what we have come to know as "woke ideology". Steven outlines this in his recent documentary, Canada's Woke Nightmare: A warning to the West. Watch it on YouTube and check out our conversation.


God’s Principles for a Republic | Mark Burrell

What were the principles of those who founded the American Republic. The Puritans and others who came to America to find freedom and follow their Christian convictions knew that they could create a covenant that would build a nation and like the world at that time had not seen. Leighton Grey and author Mark Burrell discuss Mark's book Rediscovering the American Covenant and the truth behind the Declaration of Independence.


Who Determines the Benefits, Costs and Damages | Shawn Buckley

Since the Covid vaccine mandates, there have been a rise in injuries and even death due to "unknown causes". National Citizen's Inquiry member and Constitutional Lawyer Shawn Buckley and David Leis discuss who determines the benefit, cost, and damages of these medical products before they are mandated to the public. According to Shawn, Canadians would be shocked to know the lack of safety measures that were taken before being labeled "safe & effective". How safe is unsafe? Find out how the National Citizen's Inquiry along with Shawn Buckley, plan to take action and who they are holding accountable.


Global goals, local dreams | Diane Francis

There is no doubt that there is work to be done economically in Canada. Diane Francis, Editor-at-Large with the National Post says we are trailing behind the rest of the global powers. What can we do to move forward and give Canada and its citizens the chance it deserves to thrive? Follow along as David & Diane take a deep dive into the downfalls of Trudeau's government and what we can do to correct it.


The Borrower, the servant. | Richard Vague

Is it bad policy that drives debt and inflation? We can see the causes of inflation. We can also see the payoff and pain of debt. Richard Vague and Leighton Grey have an eye opening discussion about economy, debt and how it can stimulate the economy for the better, if used responsibly. With cost and inflation at an all-time high in Canada, what is the solution when calamity drives costs up and makes life more difficult and expensive? Watch & listen to find out.


Who Powers the Propaganda? | Ray McGinnis

Ray McGinnis, Canadian Author and Researcher, along with David Leis, outline the role that political games and propaganda play in mainstream media. The blatant lies of events during the Freedom Convoy is apparent. But, why would media want to portray stories like these in a biased way? What is the purpose of imposing negative views on those who fight for freedom? McGinnis shares his views and how we can recognize the power of propaganda that turns society.


The Gift of Hope in Adversity | Richard Battle

Richard Battle, inspiring author and speaker, shares the gift of hope with Leighton in today's episode. Finding reasons to be hopeful can sometimes be a difficult and daunting task especially as our society becomes more disconnected from God and His word. Find out how Richard, inspired by the power of God's word, used writing to turn his life around after the death of his son and how he continues others to inspire others to never lose hope.