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It's Not Collusion. Just Delusion!

Mary Kate and Virginia discuss reactions to Helsinki. As usual, hard core supporters say "Trump did it, so it must be good." Brennan cried treason, and many assumed Putin had the goods on Trump. The "middle ground" explanation was that Trump conflates talk of meddling with the Mueller investigation. Mary Kate offers interesting historical perspective, while Virginia's does the podcast equivalent of standing on a table and screaming "HOW IS THIS NOT INSANE?"



We discuss Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. Mary Kate brings insider knowledge of the clerkship process, and Virginia brings insider knowledge of the Georgetown Prep class of 1983. We talk Roe v. Wade, Janus, Jesuits, and reminisce about Bill Clinton's crazy nomination of RBG.


Amanda Smithfield: Civility Evangelist

With Virginia away, Mary Kate sat down with one of our listeners, Amanda Smithfield. Amanda, a school librarian in Nashville, sponsors both the Democratic and Republican clubs at her school. She is also the founder of Project Civility, and is a model of open-mindedness, tolerance and civilized discourse. Have a listen!


Our Chagrined Ex-Presidents

Want to visit new places this summer? How about a tour of the vast IndigNation, home of former president Bill Clinton? Or perhaps you'd rather visit ConsterNation, Barack Obama's favorite spot. Our hosts discuss this week's terrible, horrible, no good very bad book tours. Also: Mary Kate ponders Howard Schultz and entitlement reform; Virginia yearns for a boring functionary who begs us to ignore him (or her - Oprah for Gov!); the perils of believing the other side "gets away with" bad...


My Thug > Your Thug

Using books by Amy Chua, Jonah Goldberg and Steven Pinker as jumping-off points, Virginia and Mary Kate discuss tribalism in its many forms. Why is Tom Wilson's thuggery okay, while similar behavior by a non-Caps player is not? Why do Republicans mock Democrats' celebrity supporters, but salivate over their own (all two of them). Because we are ALL tribal: Pedestrians. Drivers. Members of the White House Press corps. Cosmopolitan elites who think they're above tribalism. Both sides of the...


How to Marry an Osmond. Or a CVS receipt.

This episode is the result of an experiment: What happens when you let Twitter decide your topics? Perhaps you think a discussion that covers New Yorker cartoons, tapeworms and left sharks would not yield a coherent message. However, you listen carefully* you'll detect a theme. Yes, buried deep within the conversation is deeply profound Wednesday Wisdom. *by "listen carefully," we mean "play it backwards"


Compunction, Compunction: What's Your Function?

First: Molonoscopies. Second: Conservatism. Who are we and what are we doing here? Third: Why doesn't Trump say he's sorry? Is it a "what's the point?" issue, or is it a power play?


What Lies Ahead?

It's a Magic 8 Ball episode, as Mary Kate and Virginia discuss the future of conservatism in advance of Mary Kate's panel discussion at UVA's Miller Center this Thursday. Do "signs point to yes" about Trumpism's integration in the movement, or is it "reply hazy, try again"? Also, the winner of the "istocracy" contest, some of our favorite writers on the right.


Let's Learn from Barbara Bush

Mary Kate shares her observations from Mrs. Bush's funeral, as well as of the "Irish wake" the night before, when former Bush 41 staffers gathered to reminisce about Mrs. Bush. Also, the first in what will be an occasional series of conversations about what's going wrong on college campuses. Today's discussion is about campus free speech issues. Who is really harmed when students (or faculty) suppress the free exchange of ideas? Spoiler: It's not just conservatives.



First, we discuss our "kakistocracy"-inspired contest on our Facebook page, the winner of which will get Mostly Right merchandise. Mary Kate, now an expert in cutting-edge slang, tells us what it means to be "extra," and we muse whether we're living in a Stan-istocracy. Also, James Comey: The Opera! And finally, Gorsuch's ruling, and how stroke-of-the-pen stuff is great, provided you HOLD ONTO THE PEN. Note: It was just after we finished recording on April 17 that Mary Kate got word Mrs....



In an effort to prove to listener "Dan in Tennessee" that they do NOT actually drink while recording the podcast, Mary Kate and Virginia endeavor to discuss three topics in an orderly fashion: The raid on Trump's attorney's office, Good and Bad Trump Tweets, and the Chappaquidick movie. Mary Kate, who worked with Bob Mueller, provides insight about DOJ and what's probably happening behind the scenes, while Virginia addresses the danger of flying to Trump's defense. Mary Kate provides...


Follow the Bunny!

Mary Kate and Virginia discuss the President’s interesting weekend. Mary Kate draws on her experience as a presidential speechwriter to evaluate Trump’s comments at the Easter Egg Roll. (Spoiler: “know your audience,” and “it’s called 'The White House.'”) Virginia shares insider scoop from a friend and former White House Easter Bunny. (Spoiler: “Do not step on the children.”) After a slight digression into weirdest jobs they've held, they engage in a real-live, proper policy discussion...


Stormy, Eliot Ness and Strange New Disgust

It's a gun-free (talk) zone, but sadly not pornstar-free, though Mary Kate and Virginia manage to keep it G-rated. Have a listen, and you'll learn where in the government a modern-day Eliot Ness could be hiding. Also: What does Mary Kate have in common with Stormy Daniels? Are storm(y) clouds for Trump hiding in recent polls? And what's the opposite of Strange New Respect? Note: In case you're wondering, we are not, actually, trying to make abrupt endings a thing. Technical difficulties...


Russia Shmussia

On Russia, Mary Kate brings much-needed perspective on the McCabe firing, drawing on her experience working at the Department of Justice. Virginia brings the much-needed perspective of the average voter not breathlessly following every detail, drawing on her experience of not breathlessly following every detail. The conversation turns to the subject of America's addiction to drama. Citing a dispiriting conversation on a recent episode of the Commentary podcast, Virginia wonders if we can...


Tillerson, Hillary and Trump, Oh My

Are podcasts like fine wine? Do they get better if they have to sit for a while? Technical challenges with Zencastr forced us to test the theory. Okay, so it didn't get better, but it didn't get worse, either. While the news hooks for Mary Kate and Virginia's conversation (Tillerson's firing and Hillary's recent comments) are a few days old now, the co-host's observations apply equally to every insane thing that's happened since. In addition to talking about how Trump whiffed an...


Republican Women Aren't Feminists, eh?

After clearing up some housekeeping matters (Trump's sabotage of a recording session earlier in the week* and a problem with the podcast name, which we're counting on listeners to solve) co-hosts Mary Kate Cary and Virginia Hume talk feminism. Namely, the political short-sightedness of women's groups that alienate conservative women; how MK and Va. define feminism and how they convey it to their daughters. Virginia's Great Great Aunt Marietta, a suffragette, makes an appearance; and we...


Inaugural Episode: Why Are You Even Here?

Listen in as old friends and fellow Republicans Mary Kate Cary (former Bush 41 speechwriter) and Virginia Hume (former RNC spokeswoman) launch the first episode of their new podcast. Hume and Cary talk about where the GOP has been, where it’s likely heading — and where “traditional” Republicans might still fit in. Plus reaction to a panel of women speaking at CPAC.