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Gayle Trotter is an attorney, columnist and conservative political analyst who lives in Washington, DC and brings an insider’s view of the nation’s capital with keen insights on the issues of the day and useful connections to power players. A regular on TV and radio news shows, she also contributes to well-known political websites.


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Gayle Trotter is an attorney, columnist and conservative political analyst who lives in Washington, DC and brings an insider’s view of the nation’s capital with keen insights on the issues of the day and useful connections to power players. A regular on TV and radio news shows, she also contributes to well-known political websites.




Wilkow Show: Gayle Trotter's new book: "Right in the World" plus the Roe/Supreme Court madness

Conservative political analyst Gayle Trotter was a guest on the Andrew Wilkow Show on Salem Network to talk about her new book, "Right in the World". She also talked about why suburban women care more about border, inflation and the price of gas than Roe v Wade going back to the states; why Democrats try to wipe out the rights directly stated in the Constitution (like gun rights), but add rights that are nowhere in the Constitution (like abortion), and why justices--including...


Ep 189 Is Gun Control a Matter of National Security?

In this week's episode, I discuss how states (including Texas and Montana) are becoming Second Amendment Sanctuaries; an attempt to change the Left's messaging on gun control away from a "public health threat" to a "national security threat"; and why a possible factor in the surge of mass shootings can be related back to the ACLU and their efforts to deinstitutionalize the state psychiatric facilities.


Ep 188 The Right To Earn A Living With Anastasia Boden

I spoke with Anastasia Boden, an attorney in the Pacific Legal Foundation's Economic Liberty Program, about the constitutional right to earn a living, and how the powers exercised by governors during Covid have harmed people and communities around the country. We also talked about certificate of need cases; a California law on a woman quota for boards; and what a conservative looks for in a good judge.


Ep 187 The Limits of the First Amendment

In this episode I share some news items about the first amendment which caught my eye this week. Can you be charged for flying an "[Expletive] Biden" flag in your own yard? Does Florida's new law combating rioting and memorial destruction violate the first amendment? Has the Supreme Court given religious liberty too much deference recently? What arguments are Democrats using to push for reform of the Supreme Court? Subscribe to my podcast so you don't miss an episode.


Second Amendment Clubhouse

I'm joined by Erin Murphy and Amy Swearer to discuss our Second Amendment rights and the current attacks on our rights. Do so-called gun control regulations have a greater impact on a woman's right to self-defense? Erin Murphy is a partner in the Washington, D.C., office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Her practice focuses on Supreme Court, appellate, and constitutional litigation. She has argued before both the Supreme Court and most of the federal courts of appeals on a wide variety of issues,...


Right In DC: First Amendment with Mary Hasson

Have we lost free speech and freedom of religion in America? I speak with expert Mary Rice Hasson about current legal cases and bills before Congress. Some of these hold hope for our cherished first amendment rights, and some present dangers to the protection of our liberties.


Mainstream Media and President Trump battle over fake stroke story, mail-in voting

I was on Fox News Media Buzz on Sunday to talk about two stories concerning the media and the President. First was fake news reporting that the President had had a stroke last fall, and the second is how the media went berserk when the President pointed out an obvious weakness in mailing voting, which the media has been pushing for months.


Flynn Persecution • Great Jobs Report • Insane MSM Article • Why Trump will WIN

I want to share with you various items that came up this week. The first is an update of the ongoing persecution of General Flynn, the second is an excellent jobs creation report than beat expectations, the third is a totally insane article in The Atlantic that is trying to drive a wedge in Trump's MAGA base and is evidence the lamestream media is desperately trying to influence the election in favor of Biden, and the fourth are all my reasons why I know President Trump will win in the...


THE CHOICE: Hope & Jobs versus Dopes & Mobs

The Republican National Convention exceeded all expectations and was a resounding success. It clearly showed how President Trump and the Republicans want to build things up in stark contrast to the Democrat's and their radical Marxist agenda wanting to tear things down. That was shown last night with powerful, moving speeches and testimonies ending with President Trump's acceptance speech at the White House, while outside the White House, mobs violently attacked those who attended, including...


Recap of Day 3 of the Republican National Convention

Another day of great speakers at last night's Republican National Convention! I go over some of the highlights from their speeches. MENTIONED WATCH: Republican National Convention - Night 3: Land of Heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3HXDrE9oAc Opening prayer by Rabbi Aryeh Spero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH6Ggvn0_3M Clarence Henderson's full remarks at the GOP Convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9lRgGM62CQ Chen Guangcheng's full remarks at the GOP Convention...


GOP Convention Day 2 Recap with Cassie Smedile, GOP Deputy Communications Director

Today I talked with Cassie Smedile (@CMSmedile), the GOP Deputy Communications Director, about the highlights of day two of the Republican National Convention. MENTIONED: RNC 2020 19th Amendment Video https://youtu.be/QH9LRPbxdgc Women of the White House https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnbk2paJgJU Melania Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opNYKWnfXlg Nicholas Sandmann's full remarks at the GOP Convention...


RNC Spokesperson Liz Harrington: “This is the last great stand for freedom”

Today I spoke with Liz Harrington, the spokesperson for the Republican National Convention, about the incredible speeches given at the convention and how the powerful, hopeful story of real Americans who have benefited from the promise of America contrasts with the dark, tear-down-everything agenda of the Democrats. We talked about the inspiring speeches by Sen. Tim Scott, Hershel Walker, Vernon Jordan, Maximo Alvarez and Natalie Harp. Liz gives us a preview of tonight’s convention and...


WEEK IN REVIEW: Bannon arrest, Guns & Biden/Kamala, DNC convention & blaming America, SCOTUS, Flynn

This has been such a weird and unexpected year! Given the 2020 presidential election where Americans have a real choice between a leftist Biden/Harris administration and a liberty-loving, tyranny-hating Trump administration, we were guaranteed to have an active year. Then the Chinese Communist Party Virus hit a stunned and unprepared world; the lockdowns became commonplace; and the Left began rioting and destroying. I have spent the month of August reflecting on the bigger themes of this...


WEEK IN REVIEW: Kamala & Guns, Crazy Mask, Israel/UAE, Durham, Flynn, MSM Watch, SCOTUS and Shapiro

I've got a lot of things in the news to cover for this week: the predictable Biden choice for VP, Kamala Harris and gun control, Biden's nutty mask mandate and wearing masks on Zoom alone in your house (??!), the historic Israel-UAE agreement, update on Durham investigation, update on the Gen. Michael Flynn case, MSM Watch and how they slip in lies in news stories, male-only draft may to go to the Supreme Court, and a very funny mashup video going viral with Ben Shapiro taking on a famous...


WEEK IN REVIEW: NRA, 2nd Amendment, Flynn case, Sally Yates, Chief Justice Roberts, Biden

Summer is for the beach, and we all need some time to reflect on the crazy year we have experienced. Also, we need to store up energy for the fall election season. I took this week off from regular daily episodes so I could do some reflecting on the bigger themes of the year. I also have been praying for the people of Beirut this week as they suffered a catastrophic event. Today I want to give you my insights the big stories of the week. I have five updates to share with you today covering...


Justice Delayed AGAIN for General Michael Flynn

General Michael Flynn today is still a man with his liberty in jeopardy. There are few events more stressful in life than being a criminal defendant with the full force and resources of the government arrayed against you, especially the federal Department of Justice. But in this case, it is no longer the federal prosecutors holding Michael Flynn’s liberty at bay; it is a federal judge and a complicit federal appellate court. Yesterday, instead of releasing Michael Flynn from criminal...


The Obama and Disappointing Bush Support for Biden

“Democrats rule and Republicans drool.” That is the level of political discourse offered by Democrats today. President Obama linked up with Hollywood, Internet, and tech celebrities to raise vast amounts of money to support Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. What are Republicans leaders doing to match this dollar haul by Obama? They are also working to elect Joe Biden! The last living former Republican President, George W. Bush, has not lifted a pinkie finger to help reelect Donald...


We Don’t Deserve Bill Barr

Trump Derangement Syndrome was on full display at the House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Attorney General Bill Barr was the picture of calm and control as the Democrats threw futile temper tantrums and embarrassed themselves. Because these childish House Democrats could not put President Donald Trump in the hot seat, they did the next best thing by yelling at Attorney General Barr and not letting him respond to their ridiculous and partisan howling. We don’t...


Mugged by Reality: Rioting in Seattle

What happens when you are a “liberal mugged by reality”? You might just want to go buy a gun and demand government action against liberal rioting! That’s what happened to ESPN Radio Host Paul Gallant. Paul directed President Donald Trump to “Chill Dawg,” when President Trump tweeted about the malfeasance of Seattle’s mayor. Paul tweeted that he did not see any burning, pillaging, or deaths in his town. Then reality mugged Paul a month later when he returned home to find a destroyed Starbucks...


Nevada favors Casinos over Churches; Discriminates against Right of Free Exercise of Religion

Governors across the country are using the COVID-19 pandemic to grab power. Their power grabs reveal a lot about each governor. These governors act like they now have a carte blanche to disregard our Constitution. Take, for example, Nevada. The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, issued a directive that allowed bars, casinos, and gyms to host crowds of up to 50% of their maximum building capacity, but at the same time, capped houses of worship at 50 people. The governor cited “public health”...