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Each week, SE and a rotating cast of experts discuss and debate the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the US. From the crisis in Syria to North Korea's nuclear weapons and Russian election meddling, Weekend Warriors keeps listeners on top of the world.

Each week, SE and a rotating cast of experts discuss and debate the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the US. From the crisis in Syria to North Korea's nuclear weapons and Russian election meddling, Weekend Warriors keeps listeners on top of the world.
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Each week, SE and a rotating cast of experts discuss and debate the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the US. From the crisis in Syria to North Korea's nuclear weapons and Russian election meddling, Weekend Warriors keeps listeners on top of the world.




The Not-So-Special Relationship?

The UK Ambassador to the US resigns after secret cables in which he described President Trump as "incompetent" and "inept" leaked to the Daily Mail. There's speculation that the leak was a politically motivated act by someone in London aiming to open up the post for an outspoken pro-Brexit official - and a source tells CNN the incident has already led to a "chilling effect" among the diplomatic community. CNN Political Commentator Doug Heye joins SE to discuss what this means for America's...


Are We At War With Iran?

Iran shoots down a US military drone a week after the Trump administration blamed Tehran for an attack on two energy tankers, escalating tensions between the two countries. If there's a central theme in this ongoing confrontation, it's bluffs and mixed messages from both sides. CNN National Security Analyst Sam Vinograd joins SE Cupp to wade through the bluster and determine whether the situation can be de-escalated. via Knit


Assad's Chilling Blueprint For Dictators

"What Assad is doing is he's creating a blueprint for dictators all over the world in order to create havoc... and operating with impunity." The Syrian American Council's Bassam Rifai joins SE to discuss the ongoing genocide and refugee crisis in Syria, Russia and Iran's malign actions in the country, and the world's seemingly indifferent response. via Knit


Attacking Trump's Weak Spot, With 2020 Candidate Rep. Seth Moulton

"National security should be front and center in this campaign because it's the best way to take on Donald Trump." Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Seth Moulton explains why he thinks 2020 Democrats need to hit Trump on foreign policy, calling the President "a weak commander in chief." Moulton also gives SE his plans to confront Russian election interference, North Korean aggression, the crisis in Syria, and more, and discusses how his combat tours in Iraq shape his foreign...


The Trump Bump & Netanyahu's Record Victory

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won his record-breaking fifth term in dramatic fashion-how much of an impact did President Trump's aggressive pro-Israel moves in the home stretch of the campaign have on the outcome? And what does this mean for peace between Israel and Palestine, and the Trump-Netanyahu relationship going forward? SE is joined by CNN's Oren Liebermann from Jerusalem. via Knit


What Everyone SHOULD Be Talking About From The Mueller Report

While both sides are fighting over what will be redacted, what qualifies as obstruction, what meets the level of criminal liability, and who will get subpoenaed -- they're both glossing over one of the most important conclusions from the probe -- that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. After all, that's what started this whole mess. Former FBI Counterintelligence Operative Eric O'Neill joins SE to discuss Russia's election interference and whether America is ready to fend off further...


1,001 Days After Brexit, There's Still No Brexit: An Explainer

Time is running out for British PM Theresa May to iron out a Brexit deal with Parliament. SE Cupp and Doug Heye break down her ongoing battle with lawmakers, why Putin is loving the drama, the risks of America meddling in the politics of an ally, and the "hard leave" worst-case scenario. via Knit


Russia Touts "Hypersonic" Missiles: Are We Taking The Russian Threat Seriously Enough?

Russia boasts about new "hypersonic" weapons that could thwart US missile defenses, as Putin withdraws from the INF treaty. CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd joins SE to discuss the politics behind Russia's announcement, how worried we should be about these new weapons, and whether Russia has a technological advantage over the US. via Knit


Nuclear Showdown?: De-escalating India & Pakistan's Military Face-Off In Kashmir

Is the current standoff between India and Pakistan the closest the world has come to a nuclear conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis? SE is joined by USIP's Moeed Yusuf, Author of "Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments," to analyze the long-standing tensions and current conflict over the disputed Kashmir state, and they discuss whether there's a role for the Trump administration to play to de-escalate the conflict and how upcoming regional elections are making a messy situation even...


"History Will Remember This Genocide": The Human Cost of Inaction in Syria

Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad has led a campaign of carnage against hundreds of thousands of his own people, deploying chemical attacks and other atrocities while much of the world looks the other way. SE Cupp is joined by CNN Political Analyst & Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, who shares the heartbreaking story of one Syrian prisoner, setting the horrific scene of how the war started and what-if anything-can stop it. via Knit


Have Democrats Gone Soft on Anti-Semitism?

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a rising star in the Democratic party, but does her vocal and frequent criticism of Israel cross the line into anti-Semtism? And what does that mean for the so-called party of diversity? Jewish News Syndicate's Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Tobin joins SE to discuss it all. via Knit


War Profiteering & Reconstruction In Syria

Years of conflict have left Syrian cities in ruins, and while the images evoke tragedy for most, for President Bashar al Assad they represent opportunity. With the help of private investors and businesses, he hopes to turn the rubble into luxury real estate developments, but the EU has implemented sanctions to stop him. The Washington Post's Louisa Loveluck joins SE from Beirut for more on Assad's plan to rebuild through war profiteering. via Knit


"A Huge Coup For ISIS": Deadly Suicide Bombing In Syria Raises More Questions About Trump's Withdrawal Plan

Weeks after Trump announced he plans to pull US troops out of Syria, saying ISIS was defeated, the terror group claims responsibility for a suicide bombing there that killed 4 Americans. CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward is on the ground in Syria to give SE perspective from the frontlines, and Ret. Col. Cedric Leighton joins for expert analysis on what happens next. via Knit


Is Putin Using The Arrest Of Paul Whelan As A Political Bargaining Chip?

The Trump Administration remains relatively silent on the arrest of US citizen Paul Whelan on espionage charges in Russia, while the Kremlin is tight-lipped about any evidence they have. CNN Global Affairs analyst Max Boot joins SE and explains why he thinks it's a "purely political arrest" with the possible endgame of a prisoner swap for alleged Russian spy Maria Butina. via Knit


The Firewall Between The Pentagon & Silicon Valley, With Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey

Is the DoD doing enough to harness Silicon Valley's most advanced technologies? Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey explains why he thinks the US military needs to bet big on small start-ups, or risks falling behind countries like Russia and China. via Knit


Decoding Brexit & The Theresa May Vote

The UK voted in favor of Brexit back in 2016, but where does it stand now? SE and CNN political commentator Doug Heye sort through the mess that is Britain's plan to leave the EU, including Theresa May's victory in the "no-confidence" vote this week and the chances of the EU and UK striking a deal in time for the March deadline. via Knit


The Assassination Of Syrian Journalist & Activist Raed Fares

Raed Fares, a prominent activist who ran one of the only independent radio stations in Syria's last opposition stronghold of Idlib, was gunned down in a targeted attack on November 23 along with his colleague Hamoud Juneid. SE speaks to his friend Bassam Rifai, the director of public affairs at SCM Medical, an NGO that provides medical and humanitarian aid to refugees, about the impact of Fares' death on the Assad opposition, and how to make sense of the seemingly intractable conflict there....


UNqualified? Heather Nauert Rumored To Replace Nikki Haley

Former "Fox & Friends" host and current State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert is rumored to be Nikki Haley's replacement as the US Ambassador to the UN. Nauert has proven herself in her current role, but UN observers say she'd be the least qualified American ever to fill that post. Tom Nichols, professor and author of "The Death of Expertise," joins SE for the discussion on Nauert and Trump's focus on "loyalty and presentability on television" for his key appointments. via Knit


Anti-Semitism Surging In America & Around The World

The global rise of anti-Semitism came into stark relief when a white supremacist killed 11 Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt joins SE to talk about the "disturbing" trends in America and abroad, how the political atmosphere has contributed to this, and how to combat hate. Then, CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses the normalization of anti-Semitic rhetoric in American politics and on social media. via Knit


The "Trump Of The Tropics" & The Rise Of The Far-Right In Brazil, with Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept joins SE to discuss Brazil's far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro - who is expected to win Sunday's runoff election - and why his "Trump of the Tropics" nickname isn't accurate. via Knit