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Weekly News Roundups and Conversations with California’s Leaders in Politics and Policy.

Weekly News Roundups and Conversations with California’s Leaders in Politics and Policy.


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Weekly News Roundups and Conversations with California’s Leaders in Politics and Policy.






139 - Asm. Jose Medina

We welcome today Assemblymember Jose Medina, of the 66th Assembly District, which covers Riverside California. They started by discussing what it's like being back in the legislature, how everyone’s bill package went on a “covid diet,” but as chair of the higher education committee he still gets to hear important bills. They discuss his background as the son of immigrants, becoming a school teacher, school board member and community college trustee, and his belief that education is the key...


138 - Senator Bob Archuleta

SacTown Talks welcomes Senator Bob Archuleta of the 32nd Senate District, or as he calls it “the fightin’ 32nd.” They discuss his path to the senate, from the 82nd Airborne to county commissioner and his belief in the rewards one gets from serving the community. They discuss his belief that COVID brings communities and families together, especially in his district. Then they discuss his bill priorities, including a bill mandating law enforcement wear uniforms that identify the department for...


#137 Senator Lena Gonzalez

SacTown Talks is pleased to welcome Senator Lena Gonzalez of the 33rd Senate District. Please note that due to technical difficulties this podcast is audio only. She discusses a very interesting first year in the Senate and her background on the Long Beach City Council. Then the discussion pivots to her role as chair of the special committee on pandemic emergency response, the need for more data on COVID, more testing and more contract tracing. They also discuss that the internet is a...


#136 Mark Guillen

SacTown Talks welcomes Mark Guillen of Crown Castle to the program. Crown Castle is a nation large infrastructure provider in the telecommunications space - fiber, small cells and towers. They discuss the geographic and digital divide both across the nation and specifically in California, how COVID has shone light on digital divide and how legislators are thinking about how to close the gap, the future of fiber for high speed internet and how the new technology of microtrenching is key to...


135 - Asm. Al Muratsuchi

This week SacTown Talks welcome Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi of the 66th Assembly District. The discussion includes how he got into politics, his coming back to win his seat after a loss, and what drives him in politics. Then he and Jarhett discuss anti-Asian racism both in his district and across California, how the legislature can respond both to COVID and systematic racism, and how environmental justice is connected to social justice. Finally they discuss school reopening, distance...


134 - Kate Whelan

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133 - Senator Steve Glazer

SacTown Talks welcomes Senator Steve Glazer, of the 7th Senate District, to discuss the resurgence of COVID in California, the role and responsibility of the Governor, the Legislature and the citizens of the state, and his recent op-ed in the Sacramento Bee. The senator discusses the positive steps the governor took at the beginning of the crisis, and where the state went wrong last month. He argues that we need much more testing, and clearer, statewide guidelines on what businesses should...


132 - David Quintana

SacTown Talks is pleased to introduce the host of our new upcoming podcast Politcal-ish, David Quintana. In this episode we discuss his backstory, how he got into lobbying, his passion for interior design, his view that lobbying is akin to sales, his work creating the Back to Session BASH party, and how COVID had changed the nature of lobbying. Then they discuss what the new podcast is going to be about, why it’s called Political-ish and some of the stories from his premiere episode. You...


#131 - Assemblymembers Todd Gloria & Jacqui Irwin

Today on SacTown Talks we have two guests: Assemblymembers Todd Gloria and Jacqui Irwin. Assemblymember Todd Gloria joins us to discuss constituent service and campaigning during a pandemic, and the changing nature of San Diego politics. Then they talk about housing and homelessness, how his bill package went on a diet, and how funding for mental health services can be better spent. They finish with the Assemblymember explaining how his time in Sacramento will help him become a more...


#130 Assemblymembers Jim Cooper and Heath Flora

Today we have a special live in studio conversation edition of SacTown Talks with Assemblymembers Heath Flora and Jim Cooper. The discussion points include changing law enforcement, overcriminalization, next tier solutions such as after school programs and early childhood education, ACA 5, discussing the political process and how bills develop or devolve supports, the Central Valley, water rights, housing in California, and how to raise revenue during the pandemic Add us on Twitter and...


#129 Dr. Colin Mangham

Dr. Colin Mangham, Director of Research, Drug Prevention Network of Canada joins the show to discuss Vancouver’s Safe Injection Site and his study of drug prevention policy. He explains the flaws with safe injections sites, passive treatment of drug dependency and politicization of science. He continues by discussing the necessity of mandatory addiction treatment and examines different treatment concepts across the globe. Finally he gives his personal views on addiction and his solution...


#128 Senator Holly Mitchell & Assemblymember Robert Rivas

Senator Holly Mitchell rejoins the program for a wide ranging discussion including COVID legislation, the California budget, Black Lives Matter, protesting and police reform and how her legislation is part of a broader effort to bring racial equity and justice to California. As the chair of the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee she discusses the challenges of creating a budget under unprecedented circumstances. Then she argues for the need to peel back the layers of systematic oppression,...


#127 Vincent Oliver

SacTown Talks welcomes Vincent Oliver, gaming attorney and cardroom expert, talking about the history and future of gaming in California. They discuss the history of regulation in California, how the different gaming interests came to loggerheads, why he disagrees with SCA 6 and the state's approach, why tribal casinos have issues with cardrooms and how he would change gaming regulation in California. Add us on Twitter and Facebook


#126 Fred Topel

SacTown Talks has Fred Topel of the California Freelance Writers United. Fred discusses how he got into freelance writing, what freelance writing looked like before AB5, his worry that AB5 mistakes will be duplicated on the national level, his view on the changing nature of the media, and his hopes for changes to AB5 that will help both freelance writers and musicians. Note between recording and posting this episode AB 2257 and 1850 passed the Assembly and have moved to the Senate for...


#125 Daniel Wallach

Daniel Wallach legal sports gaming experts. He presented earlier in the year to both the California Assembly and the Senate arguing about the legality of sport gaming in CA. He got his start in gaming with New Jersey sport betting cases in 2011 and became the go to expert on that case and then moved more fully into gaming law. He and Jarhett discuss the current history of sports betting across the nation. And they get into the details of constitutionality of CA gaming; including the...


#124 Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian

Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian AD-46 joins SacTown Talks. He says working from home was reminiscent of a campaign but in a more comfortable environment and that working in the legislature in 2008-09 was preparation for COVID budget issues. They then look deeply at the discussion between the Governor and Legislature over the budget. He argues that it would be more disruptive to cut programs in June and restore them in September then to assume federal funding will come through. Finally they...


#123 Senator Bill Dodd

Senator Bill Dodd joins SacTown Talks again for an illuminating look inside the work the legislature is doing to fill the budget gap left by COVID-19. They discuss sports betting, his new bill, SCA 6, and the tensions between different gaming stakeholders. They then turn to the overall state of the budget, how the federal response hasn’t reached many of his constituents, and his worries over tourism and hospitality business returning. They conclude talking about his reduced bill package,...


#122 - Senator Andreas Borgeas & Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva

This week Jarhett is joined by Calfornia State Senator Andreas Borgeas (SD8) and Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD65). Senator Andreas Borgeas discusses how Covid-19 has changed the legislative experience, and how well his staff has responded to help constituents, the need to take the virus seriously with tracing, resources and testing. He talks about his journey to the Senate, from international affairs to local government. They then discuss the California budget, it’s focus on Covid-19...


#121 - Senator Scott Wiener & Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

SacTown Talks welcomes two guests this week. First Senator Scott Wiener (SD-04) joins us discussing how being a politician has changed in the COVID era, legislative priorities, especially help for the hospitality industry, and how the pandemic has cast a bright light on inequities in CA. 00:29:41:08 - Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (AD-04) discusses how her district has been battle tested, how a coming from a smaller district prepared her to be hands on, the challenges local...


#120 - Assemblymember Jay Obernolte

SacTown Talks welcomes Assemblymember Jay Obernolte. He discussed how sheltering-in-place was busier than normal for the legislature and staff and the surreal nature of social distance legislating during COVID-19. Then he and Jarhett get into the details of the budget process, the use of the Committee of the Whole, Governor Newsom’s May Revise, proposed revenue increases, and his guiding principles and what his bill package will look like this term. Finally they discuss why Assemblymember...