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Sound local news We're a local news organization in Santa Cruz, Calif. We watch our public institutions and hold power to account.

Sound local news We're a local news organization in Santa Cruz, Calif. We watch our public institutions and hold power to account.
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Sound local news We're a local news organization in Santa Cruz, Calif. We watch our public institutions and hold power to account.








Ep. 35 Council members respond to conduct report

We explain the results of an unprecedented workplace misconduct investigation involving four Santa Cruz City Council members: two accusers and two accused. We talk to Councilmembers Drew Glover, Donna Meyers, Chris Krohn and Mayor Martine Watkins. We also correct some misinformation that's been spread on social media.


Ep. 34 Meet Santa Cruz Local, part 3

It's the eve of Santa Cruz Local's first membership drive. We share with you the survey results on what our listeners like and what they think we could improve about Santa Cruz Local. We hear from one of our few younger listeners about why he wants to get involved in local civics. Finally, we answer your questions about how membership works and how you can join. For more info, visit


Ep 33 Development near Dream Inn advances

A controversial development at 190 West Cliff Drive advances. We hear from some of the 200-plus people who packed Santa Cruz City Hall on Thursday for the planning commission meeting. We update you on plans for the intersection of Bay Street and West Cliff Drive. And we get into the nitty-gritty of state and local policy that shapes the balance of affordable and market rate housing development.


Ep 32 City attempts to create rental housing database

The City of Santa Cruz wants to create an online survey of landlords and tenants. It's an attempt to get reliable data on rents, evictions, housing types and other elements of the city's rental market. The city council majority wants to make the survey mandatory. We share with with you what landlords and tenants make of it. Plus: an update on the city's corridor plan, a push toward district elections, what's up with 5G cell towers and the status of a state bill that would bring $16 million...


Ep 31 What can the San Lorenzo Valley learn from the Camp Fire?

California is getting into the heart of wildfire season. We learn that parts of the Santa Cruz Mountains have a higher potential of wildfire than did Paradise, where last year we saw the deadliest wildfire in state history. We want to draw on some lessons from the Camp Fire. We talk to several people who live in Bonny Doon and San Lorenzo Valley. We hear what they’ve been doing to prepare for a potential catastrophic wildfire. Lastly, we give you tips on how you can prepare.


Ep. 30 Meet Santa Cruz Local, part 2

Why is Santa Cruz Local a private company? Why did we leave the Sentinel? How are we approaching the City of Santa Cruz HR investigation into two city council members? Santa Cruz Local co-hosts Kara Meyberg Guzman and Stephen Baxter discuss these questions and more. It's the second episode of 'Meet Santa Cruz Local,' a miniseries giving a behind-the-scenes look at how and why we give you local news. We share with you our mission and motivation, our decision making and ethics, and our...


Ep 29 Details emerge on investigation of Santa Cruz City Council member

A formal investigation, launched by the City of Santa Cruz's Human Resources Department, has looked into possible workplace misconduct by council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover. An initial document shows that most of the allegations against Krohn have not been substantiated. However, the final report is not yet complete. We share with you what we know so far.


Ep 28 Meet Santa Cruz Local, part 1

Who are we and why are we making a podcast on Santa Cruz's public institutions? How are we funded? What is the state of local media in Santa Cruz? Co-hosts Kara Meyberg Guzman and Stephen Baxter talk about their motives behind creating Santa Cruz Local. We share the results of our listener survey on what local news you'd like to see more of. And we meet one Santa Cruz Local listener and hear her constructive criticism. This is part one of a miniseries on our relationship with you, our...


27 - Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Drew Glover, Chris Krohn respond to recall campaign

We talk with Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Chris Krohn and Drew Glover about a recall campaign that has been mounted against them. They respond to allegations of bullying and petitioners' concerns about how they handled a homeless camp closure.


Ep 26 Rep. Anna Eshoo's town hall and why locals should pay attention

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, whose district includes Davenport, the North Coast and the San Lorenzo Valley, held a town hall meeting Saturday. Her constituents were pushing her to the left. We break down where she stands on impeachment, Medicare for All and border policy.


Ep. 25 City creates homelessness committee

The future of Santa Cruz’s homeless policy is going to be guided by a new committee. It’s called the Community Advisory Committee on Homelessness, and it was created on Tuesday night by the Santa Cruz City Council. We break down what you need to know about Tuesday's meeting, including a proposal for rental housing data collection and the city's new 5G cell tower policy. Plus, some news about Santa Cruz Local.


Ep 24 Meet new UCSC chancellor Cindy Larive

Cindy Larive will become UC Santa Cruz’s new chancellor next month. As the university’s top official, her decisions will shape the campus and its growth. So, she’ll also have a big impact on the City of Santa Cruz and its housing crisis. That’s why we want to get to know her. We visit her at her home in Riverside. We also break down UC Santa Cruz's pressures to grow and the challenges Larive will face.


Ep. 23 Santa Cruz rental housing task force fails to advance

You may remember that the Santa Cruz City Council was putting together a task force on tenant protections. It was a step toward potential new housing laws in the city. On Tuesday, a consultant returns to the council. His findings? The atmosphere is too toxic for a task force to succeed. In Tuesday's meeting, the council goes in a different direction. We brief you on what you need to know about Tuesday's city council meeting.


Ep. 22 Santa Cruz City Council steps toward balancing budget

The City of Santa Cruz now has a projected $3.9 million deficit. The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday took major steps toward balancing the budget. Hear what cuts and revenue strategies the city is considering before the final budget adoption, expected June 11. Also, we hear a letter to the editor about our needle exchange episode.


Ep. 21 What we learned from looking at Santa Cruz County's needle exchange

Santa Cruz County has an injection drug use problem and a needle litter problem. We look at Santa Cruz County's needle exchange program and how it compares to other programs in the state. What can Santa Cruz County's health department learn from San Francisco's needle cleanup program? What are the trends with Santa Cruz County's injection drug use? How can Santa Cruz County get more inject drug users into treatment? We hear from Supervisor Ryan Coonerty, county health officer Dr. Arnold...


Ep. 20 Council sidelines Santa Cruz's library garage plan

The City of Santa Cruz’s plan to build a new library and parking garage downtown has gone astray since the new city council took office. Some people believe that the city doesn’t need another downtown garage. The council has listened. The plan isn’t dead. It’s just on hold while the city takes another look at other concepts for the new library, but without the garage. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. If the council doesn’t come up with a plan for a new library within the next year, the city...


Ep. 19 What you should know about Santa Cruz's deficit

The City of Santa Cruz has a $3.2 million deficit. That’s smaller than in years past, but it’s still not good news. What that means for you is that in the short term, you’re going to be seeing some cuts to city services. You won’t be seeing any large improvement projects for things like parks, the Civic Auditorium, and the wharf. And come election time next year, you’re probably going to be voting on some kind of tax increase. We’ll discuss what cuts the city is considering, and how we got...


Ep. 18 Judge delivers Ross Camp decision

A U.S. district court decision on Monday allows the City of Santa Cruz to permanently close the Ross Camp come Friday. We zoom out and tell you about how the City of San Jose closed a homeless camp along the Guadalupe River last month. And we give you the success story of Lauren Dixon, a 24-year-old Santa Cruz resident who clawed her way out of homelessness last year. What can Santa Cruz learn from these stories?


Ep. 17 Ross Camp decision delayed until Monday

For months, the City of Santa Cruz has struggled to close the Ross Camp, a homeless camp at Highway 1 and River Street. Here's the latest chapter: a U.S. district court will decide whether the city can legally close the camp. We talk with Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills and City Attorney Tony Condotti on how the court hearing went on Friday in San Jose. We also hear from Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry, who is part of a group that sued the city over the camp's pending closure. He...


Ep. 16 SB 50 Update For Santa Cruz County

Senate Bill 50, a controversial housing bill working its way through California's Legislature, had some major revisions Wednesday. We break down what the revised bill would mean for Santa Cruz County residents. In a nutshell, we may see more four-unit apartment buildings in residential neighborhoods where they were previously excluded.