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Shattered Glass - a podcast sharing stories of extraordinary women shattering the glass ceiling. Visit us at

Shattered Glass - a podcast sharing stories of extraordinary women shattering the glass ceiling. Visit us at
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Shattered Glass - a podcast sharing stories of extraordinary women shattering the glass ceiling. Visit us at




#5 Mila Sanina

Mila Sanina followed the winding path of journalism from her home in Kazakhstan to a dairy farm in Wisconsin to CNN and PBS Newshour and finally landed in Pittsburgh. Mila seamlessly marries journalism with policy, sharing in-depth, local issues as the executive director at PublicSource. Monica & Marita sat down with her at Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s SUNSTAR Festival where they interviewed her live. Mila Sanina values transparency, is passionate about her craft, and shares her insights on...


Special Episode: Vote in the Primary 2018 edition!

It's that time of year again that we have the civic duty of voting in the primaries! Why is this important? Well, because there are a lot of strong women full of integrity and grit that are running for office and they need your help to get there! In Pennsylvania, the primaries fall on May 15, so we decided to seek out women running for an elected positions to share their thoughts on being a woman on the campaign trail. Spoiler alert: being a woman rules, especially when ladies are helping...


#4 Meredith Meyer Grelli

Meredith Meyer Grelli dreamed up Wigle Whiskey in 2010 and with her family by her side, the distillery has had national attention, warranting recognition as a James Beard semi finalist and they’re the most awarded craft distillery in the US by the American Craft Spirit Association. Just last year, Wigle even spawned a Cidery -- Threadbare. Meredith is at the center of creating this rebellious line of spirits, and she shared with us her journey to where she is and what is going on with...


#3 Kay Oyegun

NBC’s This is Us is known to bring us all to tears. Whether it’s Jack having a perfect dad moment or Beth, we can thank Kay Oyegun for giving us all the feels. Kay Oyegun has writing credits for This is Us, Queen Sugar, and soon a biopic about the remarkable story of our shero, Angela Davis. Monica and Marita chatted with Kay about her move from Nigeria to the US, how she’s going to get more women in the writer’s room with her, and her favorite character to write for on This is Us! Can you...


#2 Christine Haas - The Midwife Center

Women's healthcare could use some help, wouldn't you agree? More American women are dying of pregnancy-related complications than any other developed country. That isn't right. Monica and Marita sit down with Christine Haas, to learn all about The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh, PA - the largest freestanding birthing center in the country! Christine is the Executive Director of the Midwife Center and she's got the full scoop on what the heck a Midwife center even is and how they're entirely...


#1 Hannah Ishizaki

Season 2 is here! We're kicking it off by talking to Hannah Ishizaki - the youngest female composer to ever have a piece played by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra! She's 17, plays dozens of instruments, and has a real knack for composing beautiful pieces that make us all swoon. This is an ESPECIALLY special episode because Monica & Marita are hosting the Fierce and Female concert and this interview is a little taste of what 6th graders across the region are going to hear live! Stick...


#7 Sharise Nance

It's SELF CARE SUMMER '17 everybody! Sometimes adulthood just means that you're tired all of the time and you just hope that all of your plans get cancelled for the rest of the week so you can eat ice cream and watch Netflix. That's totally legit, but not always possible. We talked to Sharise Nance this month to talk about her entrepreneurial adventures in opening a counseling center, writing books for people in helping professions, and of course, self care. Sharise is a do-er and she is...


#6 Betty Cruz

Have you seen Wonderwoman yet?! Listen to Monica gush about women in film... then hear Marita's conversation with another wonder woman, Betty Cruz, founder of Change Agency! This month is Immigrant Heritage Month, so they chat about being the first in her Cuban American family to be born in the US and the immigrant experience of her family. She touches on the boldness and bravery it takes to move to a new country, struggles with school, working for the Mayor, and balancing work and life....


#4 Ladies In Law

Arabella Mansfield was the first woman in the United States to join the ranks as a lawyer in 1869. Since then, women have made great strides taking over court rooms as judges and lawyers all over the country. We are still the minority, but we're making progress and we have the interviews to prove it. First up, Monica talks with Cheryl Kleiman, Esq., a civil rights lawyer who has a lot to say about equality, access, and educational equity. Next up, Marita sits down with Maria McLaughlin, a...


#3 Chelsa Wagner

Chelsa Wagner, Allegheny County Controller, talks with Marita about her role working for local government as the controller, and reflects on her experience having a baby as a member of the House of Representatives. Sexism within her work experience is something she's been open and honest about, and we get the scoop on setting new precedents with paid maternity leave and the value of flexibility in the workplace. We talk books, women helping women in the political sphere, and just getting...