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Episode 21: On A Steel Horse We Ride, feat. Praxis

This week Danny and Alex take over hosting duties, and they're joined by Discord favourite Praxis to talk about her experience in the hobby and gaming in general. Sadly we also bid farewell (for now) to Alex.


Episode 20 – Undying Yas Queen

The original team is back together this week to discuss their first Age of Sigmar novel, Josh Reynolds' The Undying King. It's all bones all the time as our intrepid hosts venture into darkest Shyish, discovering along the way who's a vampire, who gets what they deserve, and who's failed to do the assigned reading for class.


Episode 19 – Warcrying Like a Baby

Sam is taking a week off, so producer Rich steps into his iron-shod boots and dons the traditional bronze helm of podcasting (the one with tasteful ribbon accessories). This week, we'll bring you all the news from NOVA, including some exciting updates for both 40k (boo), AoS (yay), and Middle Earth (huh?) players! Also, we chat about new AoS skirmish game Warcry.


Episode 18: Airbrush Juicing ft. Luke Shaw

The triumvirate is back together this week, and we welcome special guest Luke Shaw (@fulloffeathers) to chat about getting into the hobby, learning to enjoy the community aspect of painting, and the resistable rise of the Dread Influencer. Also, chewing over some pre-NOVA Open news and speculation.


Episode 17: The Juice Faction, ft. KamacrazyFukushima

Do you like large guns, plenty of khaki uniforms and millions of human beings being fed into the maw of unending slaughter? Of course you do, and we couldn't agree more. This week, Sam and Alex welcome on Imperial Guard expert Lars to talk about everyone's favourite meatbags. Yes, we know they're the Astra Militarum now, but that's silly.


Episode 16 – Unexpected Bone Hat: Return of Nagash, feat. Dawn Greathart

Ahoy, reading nerds, it's another book review episode this week as the boys are joined by special guest Dawn Greathart to discuss the beginning of the end for the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy: The Return of Nagash. It's a feast of sneaky stabbings, undead politics and almost every faction getting into an almighty ruck, with spoilers from the start.


Episode 15: The Golden Shower of Infinite Wisdom

We take a break from that licking that sweet stick of bad political Warhammer takes this week for an advice ep. The original Primarch boys take your questions, dispense advice on choosing a faction, offer painting tips and give you some army lists to consider. Seekers for truth, right this way.


Episode 14: Gene Understander Cults

This week, the plucky threesome are pitched into the galaxy's biggest den of sin and iniquity as they take on the grandaddy of bad takes about plastic shootymen, Arch Warhammer. You asked for it, now you have created joinder with us and are bound by admiralty law to listen to it.


Episode 13: Commietide ft. Faith aka Moonrise

Intrepid explorer Danny is back this week, as we're joined by Faith aka Moonrise to talk up the tumultuous news from the Age of Sigmar Open Day, the upcoming Eisenhorn TV series, and a little-known video game by the name of Warhammer End Times: Vermintide. That's right, more of the rat-based content you love.


Episode 12: Bad Daddy Chronicles pt. 3 – Galaxy Brain in Flames

This week we're diving back into the Heresy swamp with book three, Galaxy in Flames. Gareth from the Death Sentence podcast joins us to discuss the simple story of a few lads, some bevs, a bit of banter, and the systematic annihilation of any threats to the Warmaster.


Episode 11: The Tau Supremacy ft. Robbie aka TauZedong

We're joined by Robbie aka TauZedong and the little red book of the Greater Good this week, as we talk Tau Empire, 40K's favourite whipping boys. Plus, recommendations on how to get started with the grimdark setting's objectively most communist fishpeople.


Episode 10: Age of Suckmar vs Chudhammer 40Lame

The original good boys get rowdy this week, as Alex and Sam fight over Danny's affections. Sorry, that should read fight over whether AoS or 40K should get Danny's affections. Also we talk the week's new releases, punish Sam for paintfails, and introduce listeners to one of the OG Old World's greatest heroes.


Episode 9: Emoji For Your Ears

It's back to your fabulous original lineup this week, as we talk chuds in the FLGS, answer your questions and get confused about what an emoji is. Also introducing the world's premiere 40k quiz.


Episode 8: Bad Daddy Chronicles pt. 2 – False Gods ft. Gareth Watkins

This week the lads are joined by Gareth from the excellent DEATH SENTENCE podcast to talk through the second book in the Horus Heresy series, Graham McNeil's False Gods.


Episode 7: Spooky Vampire Capitalism ft. Jon Greenaway AKA TheLitCritGuy

This week we're going full occult with Jon Greenaway also known as TheLitCritGuy, host of the Horror Vangaurd podcast.


Episode 6: Thanquol Shrugged ft. John Michek AKA LeonGrotsky

This week, your boys are joined by John (LeonGrotsky), long time subreddit poster and Discord mod to discover why the Skaven are big fans of Juan Posadas and the Fourth International, how to build socialism with ratty characteristics and why Ayn Rand is great prose actually, shut up you commie weaklings.


Episode 5: Tactical Dreadnought Wonks ft. Riley Quinn

This week, the crew are joined by Riley Quinn from the Trashfuture podcast to discuss chudly goings-on in the Imperium, why Megan McArdle should be given Terminator armour and just why we might be living under the boot of Games Workshop, but we're looking up at the stars. Also the stars are communism or something.


Episode 4: The Bad Daddy Chronicles pt. 1 – Horus Rising

This week we're delving into the back story of the galaxy's first Absolute Unit, and deciding just whom amongst the Emperor's glorious legions most enjoys the taste of boot.


Episode 3: Never Bring a Gun to an Anime Fight

The pod is haunted by the spectre of a failson this week, as Danny fills us in on his favourite malignant tumour in the Magic community. Laugh! As YouTubers pull guns on random guys in alleyways. Marvel! At a man turning into a corncob before our eyes! Despair! As you remember we all have to live in this world. There's also some new toys from Warhammer Fest, if you like that sort of thing.


Episode 2: They Eat Grots, You Know

This week we discuss the material basis for Games Workshop's prosperity: what do we owe to the people working to create our plastic crack? We also fill you in on the hottest game in town: the Ultimate Comrade Competition. Which is best, Antifa tree spirits or Large Adult Ogre Sons? Is it worth getting Genestealer DNA implanted if you can lead a proletarian revolution? Who is the chad to the virgin Orks?