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“Skimm This” is a weekly news program that breaks down important stories from the past week and adds context and clarity to answer the questions on your mind. Every Thursday evening.

“Skimm This” is a weekly news program that breaks down important stories from the past week and adds context and clarity to answer the questions on your mind. Every Thursday evening.


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“Skimm This” is a weekly news program that breaks down important stories from the past week and adds context and clarity to answer the questions on your mind. Every Thursday evening.




Carry Me Away: To Tokyo, Space, and All the Weddings

First up: We’ll break down this week’s big stories, from COVID cases at the Olympics to chip shortages and Jeff Bezos’ big adventure. Next: COVID cases are soaring again in the U.S. – that is, among the unvaccinated. We’ll talk to a researcher about the factors that have (and haven’t) made hesitant Americans change their minds about the vaccine in recent months. If you want to check out the full study, you can find it here. Also: What does “back to normal” even look like? We’ll ask one...


Déjà Vu: Cuba Protests, Vax Debates, Sky-High Home Prices

First up: We’ll break down this week’s big stories, from anti-government protests in Cuba to Texas Dems literally fleeing the state. Next: Between booster shots and new side effect warnings, we’ll break down this week’s COVID vaccine news … in 60 seconds. Then: More than 35 million tax returns are MIA. We’ll explain the delays at the IRS, plus what’s going on with Biden’s new Child Tax Credit program. (P.S. If you’re wondering where your tax refund is, this IRS tool might come in handy)...


From A to Z: Haiti, Olympic Drama, Girl Groups

First up: Haiti’s president was assassinated in his home this week. We’ll get into what just happened and what this could mean for the country. Next: Gas prices are way up. We’ll break down why that is, and how long the new prices might last. Then: We’re checking in on three stories from recent episodes to see what’s changed -- about the Delta variant, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the job market. ICYMI: The Tokyo Olympics were already a hot mess. Now, simply qualifying for the...


(Not) Cool for the Summer: Surfside, Crazy Heat, Cosby Released

First up: Bill Cosby was released from prison yesterday. We’ll explain the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s shocking decision to release him early. Next: We’ll break down this week’s other big stories, from the Supreme Court’s voting rights decision to why it’s been so hot on the West Coast. Then: It’s been a week since a condo building in Surfside, Florida collapsed. We’ll recap what went wrong, and also ask a housing expert: who’s supposed to make sure these things don’t happen in the first...


Stronger Than Yesterday: Antitrust Laws, Britney, Pride Diplomacy

First up: We’ll break down what Britney Spears told a court about her conservatorship this week, plus two more big SCOTUS decisions on college athletes and Snapchat free speech. Next: No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard about an increase in “violent crime” lately. We’ll ask an expert why we’re seeing these trends and if President Biden’s new plan to combat crime could help. Then: Big Tech rules the world. But Congress is trying to change that. A bipartisan group of legislators...


Heat of the Moment: Biden Meets Putin, SCOTUS, and Juneteenth

First up: Biden and Putin had their first face-to-face meeting. We’ll tell you what was on the agenda (hint: nuclear weapons and cyberattacks) and whether this meeting was more than just a photo op. Next: We’ve got the context on recent reports about the Trump-era Department of Justice obtaining the info of journalists and politicians, and what’s going on with the latest heat wave out West. Then: The Supremes are about to take their summer vacay, but before they go, they tend to drop some...


Call Them What You Want To: Voting Bills, COVID Variants, Royal Offspring

First up: We’ll break down Biden’s first overseas trip as president, how the U.S. hopes to stay the world’s top tech country, why its RIP for Keystone XL and what leaked docs show the ultra-wealthy really pay in taxes. Next: This week, the F.D.A. approved a new Alzheimer’s drug — but not everyone’s thrilled. We’ll get into why experts aren’t so sure about aducanumab. Then: Dozens of bills restricting voters’ rights have passed in states all over the U.S. this year. We’ll dive into some of...


New School: Naomi Osaka, Global Vax Access, Teaching Tulsa

First up: We’ll break down Israel’s (likely) government shakeup, Biden’s latest moves on the southern border, and new data about female CEOs. Next: We’ll look at why tennis star Naomi Osaka’s decision to take a break from competition is about so much more than sports. Then: While the U.S. deals with vaccine hesitancy, a lot of countries have no shots, period. We’ll talk to a health reporter about how the U.S. can (and should) turn the global vaccine shortage around. ICYMI: This week was the...


Something’s in the Air: Pollen, COVID Origin Theories, Police Reform

First up: Let’s break down some headlines, from America’s top diplomat visiting Israel to Belarus faking an airline bomb threat. Next: President Biden wants U.S. intelligence to figure out the origins of COVID-19. That’s reviving an old theory that the pandemic could have come from a laboratory. Plus: It’s been a year since George Floyd was murdered. We’ll break down what progress has been made — and where activists say there’s more to do. ICYMI: In a bid to get past the partisan standoff in...


The Price Is Not Right: Mideast Fighting, Inflation, Summer Travel

First up: We’ve got the context you need on the Mississippi abortion law heading to the Supreme Court, the new hate crimes bill that just passed Congress and President Biden showing off an electric pickup. Next: Nearly two weeks of Israeli-Palestinian fighting has caused fighting… among US lawmakers. We’ll break down what’s going on with America’s diplomatic relationship with Israel, and what some politicians are hoping to change. Plus: U.S. military intelligence says reports of UFOs are...


Is This Gonna Be Forever?

First up: Renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict is threatening to spiral into all-out war. We’ll break down what you need to know. Then: We’re giving you the context on two more events that have been making headlines this week: Liz Cheney’s demotion, and a Pfizer vaccine for teens. Next: A major pipeline in the US got hacked over the weekend. We’ll tell you WTF a ransomware attack is, why they’re so common, and why the US is typically a major target. ICYMI: We’re speaking with one of the...


Shoot for the Moon

First up: We’ve got the context on this week’s biggest headlines, from Trump’s Facebook ban to what’s going on with federal eviction protections and protests in Colombia. Plus: This week, the White House said it supports waiving patent protections for COVID vaccines. Well break down whether that will help boost the global vaccine supply and why drug companies are annoyed. Next: Can employers or colleges make people get vaccinated? We’ll take a look at the arguments on both sides. Then:...


What Are You Waiting For?

First up: President Biden’s been in office for 100 days. And while he's giving himself an A for effort, we’ll break down his real report card with what he has – and hasn’t – accomplished so far. ICYMI: We’ve got the latest on the 2020 Census data, the arrival of some pesky friends, and the drama between Facebook and Apple (pssst: you may have a front row seat). Next: India is facing a COVID-19 crisis. We’ll explain what’s going on, and what the rest of the world is doing to help. Later: The...


Skimm Special: Your Best and Worst Pandemic Buys

On this special episode of Skimm This, we wanted to take a break from the news for some comic relief, and get a chance to hear some of your voices. A few weeks ago, we asked you to fill out a survey about how the past year has been. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And we started getting a lot of must-read responses to one question in particular: what was your best or worst pandemic purchase? First up: A wannabe survivalist builds out his basement to store lots and lots of powdered milk. We...


Like the Sea We Rise

First up: A jury this week found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd. We’ll talk to the creator of Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability about how this historic trial could impact law enforcement trials in the future. ICYMI: We’ve got the latest news about fake vaccines, global travel warnings and a sleep study you may have texted to your parents in a panic. Next: The U.S. just set some big climate goals. We’ll break down what those promises actually mean. (Here’s...


Fury Road: Minnesota, Infrastructure, and Scream Science

First up: To help understand all of this week’s COVID headlines – including big news about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – we phoned up a doctor to ask: “Hey did you read that thing?” Then: We’ve got the latest on the most recent incident of police violence in Minnesota, why Iran is increasing its uranium enrichment, and the latest beef between the U.S. and Russia. After that: If President Biden has his way, U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021. We’ll break down why...


Soundtrack to the Summer

First up: We’ve got this week’s biggest headlines, from progress towards a new Iran nuclear deal to border clashes in Northern Ireland and Biden’s latest moves on gun control. (0:46) Then: This week, Arkansas’ Governor vetoed a bill banning gender-affirming healthcare for minors – only for lawmakers to overturn the veto. We’ll break down a rollercoaster week in the state. (5:22) Next: President Biden has some big infrastructure plans, but wants to raise corporate taxes to foot the bill....


Trials and Tribulations: Minneapolis, Myanmar, and Amazon

First up: Derek Chauvin’s trial began this week. He’s the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd. We’re taking a look at what we can expect in the courtroom in the weeks ahead. And we’ll break down why America doesn’t have a strong track record when it comes to convicting police officers. Then: It’s time for headlines. We’re bringing you news from the WHO, Pfizer, Georgia, and New York… and giving you the context on why it all matters. Next: There’s a tiny but historic...


This Is Us Trying: Gun Reform, Reparations, Grounded Ships

First up: Less than a week after a mass shooting in Atlanta, there was another massacre – this time in Colorado. We’re diving in to look at what’s changed – and what hasn’t – about gun violence in the US. Then: From Israel’s elections and a ship stuck in the Suez Canal to Equal Pay Day and Virginia abolishing the death penalty, we’ve got the context on this week’s biggest headlines. Next: As spring breakers crowd the streets in Miami, we ask an epidemiologist: are we gonna see another surge...


This Could Be Anywhere in the World

First up: We’ve got the context on this week’s deadly shootings around Atlanta, where a lone gunman murdered 8 people — 6 of them of Asian descent — in a time when attacks against Asian Americans are rising. Then: Last weekend, police in London shut down a vigil for Sarah Everard, who was abducted and murdered while walking home from a friend’s house. We break down why Everard’s death matters — not just in the U.K., but everywhere. Next: We’ve got the context on some of this week’s other big...