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A weekly politics podcast presented by Adam Boulton. The Sky News political team provides in-depth context and analysis around the big issues in politics in the UK and beyond.

A weekly politics podcast presented by Adam Boulton. The Sky News political team provides in-depth context and analysis around the big issues in politics in the UK and beyond.
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A weekly politics podcast presented by Adam Boulton. The Sky News political team provides in-depth context and analysis around the big issues in politics in the UK and beyond.




EU elections: Now it's Farage AGAINST Ukip

Adam Boulton and guests discuss the French response to the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris this week and assess the nation's religious literacy which has been scrutinised in the aftermath. And with European Parliament elections on the horizon, there's the fascinating spectacle of the battle for the pro-Leave vote with UKIP up against Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. Joining Adam this week are the journalist Andy Walton, France 24's London correspondent Benedicte Paviot and Sky's political...


Halloween havoc: Can Theresa May's Brexit deal rise from the dead?

Adam Boulton and guests examine the implications of a new Brexit deadline after EU leaders suggested a departure by 31st October. The Halloween imagery is far too easy for a story of Brexit's twists and turns but it leaves the Prime Minister having to convince MPs once again that the Withdrawal Agreement must be brought back from the dead to secure what she calls an 'orderly departure.' Throw in the potential for an expensive European election campaign and moves to unseat the PM again, the...


Can May and Corbyn broker a Brexit deal?

Another week another potential delay to Brexit as Parliament struggles to agree a path to honouring the result of 2016 EU referendum. Adam Boulton is joined by an expert panel of guests to look at the short term options available as Theresa May instigates discussions with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the way forward, with next week's summit in Brussels critical to satisfying EU deadlines. Joining Adam are the COO of Best for Britain and co-host of the Remainiacs podcast Naomi Smith,...


Who or what can break the Brexit deadlock?

Adam Boulton and guests assess another dramatic week in Westminster in which the Prime Minister was the subject of a Cabinet coup, offered her resignation, saw the government lose control of debates in the Commons, and witnessed MPs fail to agree on a way forward in the Brexit process. Joining Adam to work out where it is all heading are the editor of City AM Christian May, co-host of the Zeitgeist Tapes and House of Comments podcasts Emma Burnell, Sky's political editor Faisal Islam and the...


Parliament versus Prime Minister in final Brexit showdown

Adam Boulton is in Brussels as the clock ticks towards the UK's legal departure from the European Union. 11pm on 29th March 2019 is on the horizon but there is no clear path to Brexit and following another dramatic week, a showdown between the Prime Minister and Parliament is looming. Joining Adam to discuss the prospects for the next week and beyond are Sky's Europe correspondent Mark Stone, Chloe Westley from the Taxpayers' Alliance, the former deputy director of the Remain campaign Lucy...


Brexit: Is a General Election inevitable?

At the end of a tumultuous political week, Adam Boulton and guests attempt to navigate their way through the various parliamentary twists and turns in the Brexit process. The votes, the politics and the legalities are all up for discussion as the path to honouring the EU referendum result in 2016 remains unclear. Joining Adam this week are Sky's political correspondent Kate McCann, the Telegraph's Brexit commissioning editor Asa Bennett, the chief executive of the Demos think tank Polly...


The politics of knife crime

Adam Boulton and guests discuss the political arguments associated with the rise in knife crime as Theresa May insists there is no direct correlation between 'certain crimes and police numbers.' With another Meaningful Vote on Brexit on the horizon, can Mrs May get her deal through the Commons? And what can we expect from the Chancellor's Spring Statement next week? Joining Adam this week are Sky's economics editor Ed Conway, Research Fellow for the Centre for Policy Studies Harriet...


Who will last longer, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn?

Adam Boulton and guests assess the next steps as Theresa May faces accusations of more 'can kicking' over Brexit. The Prime Minister's opened the door to potential votes on taking 'no deal' off the table AND extending Article 50. Inevitably the issue is dividing the Conservatives but there are also problems for Labour as Jeremy Corbyn pivots towards backing a second referendum against the backdrop of more claims of anti-Semitism. Plenty to talk about as usual and joining Adam this week are...


Party splits, the Independent Group and Brexit

It was meant to be recess. So with Adam Boulton on his own recess, several Labour and Conservative MPs decided to resign from their parties to join the new Independent Group. Some blamed Brexit, others the culture with their parties. All were convinced that it's time for a change. To examine a tumultuous week in politics, Sophy Ridge took time out from her Sunday show to host this week's edition of AOP and she was joined by former Labour adviser and author of 'Punch and Judy Politics' Ayesha...


Trade, Grayling and Brexit

With just six weeks to go until Brexit - and in the week in which the International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox signed the 4th of the 40 deals he expects to seal before 29th March - Adam Boulton and guests discuss post-Brexit trade, tariffs and the relationship with the World Trade Organisation. They also examine the latest controversy involving the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling after a multi-million pound shipping contract - to a company with no ships - was cancelled. Joining Adam this...


Brexit, Venezuela and Political Editorship

Adam Boulton and guests discuss the diplomatic tensions between the UK and the European Union after the EU Council President Donald Tusk said there was a 'special place in hell' for politicians who promoted Brexit without a plan to deliver it. They'll assess the Labour party's positions on Venezuela - where the country's opposition leader has declared himself interim president - and antisemitism. And in the week Sky News announced that Beth Rigby is to become its new political editor, Adam...


Brexit - Deal, No Deal or No Brexit?

We are weeks away from the date the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union but the shape of Brexit is still unclear. There was light at the end of a Eurotunnel for Theresa May this week as MPs backed an amendment on the Irish backstop which could be enough to get her deal through Parliament...BUT...the EU has made it clear there will be no renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement. So where does that leave us? Joining Adam Boulton to discuss the options are Anand Menon, Professor of...


Brexit - The Options

Adam Boulton and guests discuss the options available to Theresa May as she tries to win support for a Brexit 'Plan B' among her parliamentary colleagues. With the clock ticking towards 29th March, can the Prime Minister secure a deal? Will Article 50 be delayed? Can and will a 'No Deal Brexit' be taken off the table? Will the hard Brexiteers be left with no option but to back some form of deal? We know there won't be a 'second referendum' amendment which has raised questions about the...


Meaningful Vote, No Confidence Vote and Brexit

What a week it's been in Westminster as the Brexit crisis started to bite harder. A thumping defeat for Theresa May's Brexit plan prompted Jeremy Corbyn to table a motion of no confidence in the government....which was rejected by MPs. So where now? What is plan B? How can Parliament honour the referendum of 2016? Plenty to talk about this week and joining Adam Boulton to go over it all are the Labour MP Stella Creasy, Conservative MP George Freeman, Sky's political reporter Rob Powell and...


Harassment and Brexit

In this first episode of 2019, Adam Boulton and guests question the boundaries of protest and ask what can be done about the harassment of MPs and journalists in Westminster. With the meaningful vote on Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement on the horizon, there's an assessment of this week's government defeats in the Commons and there are questions over whether the Speaker was out of order in agreeing to give MPs more sway over the process. Joining Adam this week are the Conservative...


Corbyn Row, Brexit, Review of the Year

In the final episode of the year Adam Boulton and guests discuss the row over whether Jeremy Corbyn did or did not call the Prime Minister a 'stupid woman' and they reflect on a monumental political year in the UK and abroad. Joining Adam to pick their stories of the year, their moments of 2018, the winners and losers of the past 12 months and their predictions for 2019 are Sky's political correspondent Tamara Cohen, the deputy editor of The Article Olivia Utley, the director of Demos Polly...


Brexit, Meaningful Vote and Theresa May

Adam Boulton and guests discuss another dramatic week in politics which started with the deferral of the Meaningful Vote on Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, progressed into a confidence vote among Conservative MPs on Mrs May's leadership and culminates in further discussions with the EU about the Irish backstop. So, with accusations of kicking the can down the road ringing in he ears, the Prime Minister looks likely to be politically live and kicking for some time to come (or...


Brexit Special - Contempt, Meaningful Vote and May Future

It's another Brexit special as we count down to next week's Meaningful Vote on the deal agreed between the UK and the EU. In the lead up, the Government's been found in contempt of Parliament for the first time over its failure to publish its full legal advice on the deal and MPs backed a call for the Commons to have a direct say in what happens if - as expected - the Prime Minister's proposal is rejected. Joining Adam Boulton to discuss the political and legal implications of this week's...


Brexit - Deal done but what next?

Adam Boulton and guests attempt to map out the next steps in the Brexit process as Theresa May tries to convince MPs to back the deal she secured wit the European Union over the weekend. What can MPs do if they're not happy with it? What can the government do if it's rejected after the meaningful vote? Joining Adam this week are Dr Joelle Grogan, Senior Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University; Philip Cowley, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary's University London; Sky's political...


Brexit Latest and May Future

Adam Boulton and guests discuss the progress that's been made over the Withdrawal Agreement and the deal on the post-Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU. Simmering in the background is the waiting game over whether 48 Conservative MPs submit a 'no confidence in the Prime Minister' letter to the chair of the backbench 1922 Committee. The charge is being led by Jacob Rees-Mogg and the European Research Group but so far, there has been little sign of Theresa May facing an imminent...