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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.


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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.




125 Dave Nellist - former 'Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage' discusses the Tory sleaze scandal

We sat down with Socialist Party member Dave Nellist to discuss the latest Tory sleaze scandal, how he went about only taking a average worker's wage and how as a supporter of the Militant (now the Socialist Party) he used his position as a Labour MP to give a voice for working class people everywhere and fight for socialist change. Dave was a ‘Militant’ Labour MP for Coventry South East 1983-92 before being explleed from the Labout Party in 1991 for refusing to pay the Poll Tax and was a...


Cop 26 - Socialist Change to end Climate Change

November 5/6 in Glasgow saw some of the largest political mobilisations since the onslaught of the Covid pandemic. The catalyst was the bosses’ summit, COP26, a forum to find ‘solutions’ to limit global warming, but more importantly, to save the capitalist system. The first protest on the Friday saw a march of up to 20,000 strong – which was an overwhelmingly youthful demonstration organised by Fridays for Future, with a huge openness to the ideas that a systemic change to the profit-driven...


123. Cuban protests – what do they represent?

Cuban protests – what do they represent? On 11 July, Cuba was rocked by the largest protests to have taken place since the “Maleconazo” protests that erupted in 1994. The 1994 protests followed the collapse of the former USSR and the abrupt cutting off of aid to Cuba. It resulted in a staggering 30% decline in Cuban GDP and the introduction of what Fidel Castro dubbed at the time the “special period”. The protests in July 2021 undoubtedly have been trumpeted by imperialism yet they may...


122. Afghanistan in crisis: A colossal failure of western capitalism

Afghanistan in crisis: A colossal failure of western capitalism. After two decades of military occupation and trillions of dollars spent by western governments, millions of Afghans are now back to where they were in 2001 - under the brutal rule of the Taliban. Yet the capitalist politicians responsible for this tragic debacle - Messrs Tony Blair, George Bush, and others - continue to defend this colossal failure. And today's crop of establishment politicians, including Johnson and Starmer,...


121. Fighting to save the NHS

The future of the NHS hangs in the balance. Nearly five million people are waiting for treatment. Covid has pushed our health services to the limit, but years of underfunding meant it was already in crisis before the pandemic. Waiting lists were already rising, as were the huge staff shortages. But rather than addressing these problems as a priority, the government is proposing more drastic reorganisation of the NHS. Thousands of NHS workers, in dozens of towns and cities, protested on...


120. Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain Far from an era of sustained economic upswing, social peace and a Tory ascendency opening up for post-Covid Britain, the prospects ahead are for heightened class conflict and turbulent political times. The last fifteen months have been unprecedented in the history of capitalism. In Britain a total failure to deal effectively with Covid in its early stages left the government struggling to cope with a developing health...


119. Organising in the food and retail industry

Retail has felt the full impact of the Covid pandemic but the resulting heightened struggle between different capitalist interests within the sector, and between big business and retail workers, reflects longer-term trends. During the pandemic, we saw shortages of basic goods during the first few weeks – what was this due to? There were lots of talk around food shortages due to how much food the UK imports, around the Brexit negotiations – what do socialists think should be done about this?...


118. Where now for the Scottish independence movement?

6 May 2021 saw the election of a majority of MSPs to the Scottish parliament committed to a second referendum on Scottish independence. Is an independent Scotland now inevitable? How will Boris Johnson and the Tories respond? Should socialists and the workers' movement fight to lead the struggle for self-determination for Scotland? Philip Stott, national secretary, Socialist Party Scotland, speaks to Socialism the Podcast


117. How can Palestinian liberation and an end to Israeli state terror be won?

What can the Palestinians in Palestine and Israel do to develop their struggle? What are the UN and governments around the world doing to try to get a ceasefire? And what about the methods of Palestinian struggle? Do the rockets fired from Gaza help the Palestinians’ struggle? And what about the working class in Israel? How possible is it for Israeli workers to remove warmongering political leaders? How can Palestinians achieve national and democratic rights? What is the socialist solution...


116. May elections and crisis in the Labour Party

The Tories are claiming victory – but what is the perspective for Johnson and his party? The austerity they are planning for the working class and the lack of solutions that they have for all the problems we face will smash any hope-against-hopes there is that they will improve things. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is the electoral coalition in which the Socialist Party participates. Following Starmer’s reclaiming of the Labour Party for big business TUSC was back in...


115. Biden’s stimulus – can it solve the problems of US and world capitalism?

And what about beyond the US – how will this spending play out on the world stage? What does it mean when Biden says ‘America’s back’? Do these packages represent a new New Deal comparable to that of Roosevelt in the 1930s? What results did FDR’s version achieve? How should the left respond to this turnaround of approach? We ask what role does the left need to play in this era of political, economic, environmental and social crisis? This episode of Socialism looks at Biden’s massive stimulus...


114. Football super-league - reclaim the game

The withdrawal of the six football clubs in England from the Super League - after protests and action by fans, players and other club staff - will be rightly celebrated. That’s the start. What is necessary now to reclaim football? The billionaire owners who attempted to rob our clubs and game are still in charge. They cannot be trusted and must be removed, along with the rest of their big business mates and structures in football. This episode is a recording of the introduction at a national...


113. Corruption, cronyism and capitalist politics

This episode was recorded on Tuesday 23 April 2021 and by the time we’ve published it more revelations have emerged from the murk of Westminster. Johnson won the last general election by distancing himself from his own party - including Cameron - and ludicrously posing as some kind of champion of the 'little people' against the elites. But this scandal has the potential to wreck any last shreds of that illusion. What should the workers’ movement put forward given the failure of Starmer’s...


112. A socialist mayor for Liverpool

How can elected positions be used to advance the struggle of working class and young people against the bosses’ and the Tories’ Covid austerity? The Socialist Party is part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, organising to work with trade unionists and socialists to offer a programme that builds on Corbyn’s anti-austerity stand at the ballot box on 6 May. Liverpool offers rich lessons of how elected representatives, political organisations and trade unions can link up in struggle...


111. PCS elections - the struggle for fighting trade unionism

111. PCS elections – the struggle for fighting trade unionism How can the trade unions, as the main mass organisation of the working class, be organised to fulfil their full potential in the fight against Tory covid austerity? In this episode we speak to Marion Lloyd, the socialist candidate for president of the PCS union which organises civil service and national government workers on privatised contracts. Marion is standing on the Broad Left Network list, See details here:...


110. The Paris Commune

The Paris Commune 1871 is rich in lessons for the struggles today. Listen to Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party political secretary, discussing the rich lessons for today. The Committee for a Workers’ International, the world socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated, will host an online rally to celebrate the Paris Commune anniversary at 3pm on 28 March 2021. See:...


109. End violence against women

What is the socialist approach to ending both violence against women and defending the right to protest? This bonus episode is a recording of the introduction to a national meeting hosted by the Socialist Party on Friday 19 March, attended by around 150 people. What are the factors that made the murder of Sarah Everard the trigger for the protests? Why are the police incapable of delivering justice and safety for women? How can we defend the right to protest? How can the sexist ideas in...


108. SNP warfare – what does it represent?

What does this mean for the independence movement in Scotland? How can workers and young people, who overwhelmingly back independence, take their struggle forward? The Socialist Party Scotland is the sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. This episode of Socialism looks at the feud within the SNP and what it means for the independence movement in Scotland. Further reading and listening Recent article: SNP’s indyref2 ‘roadmap’ no substitute for a mass movement and socialist...


107. 1971: how workers beat anti-union laws

What can we learn from the defeat of the Industrial Relations Act 1971? Capitalist commentators often refer to the 1970s as a kind of dark age, and accuse socialists of wanting to return to it. What they’re frightened of is the huge power of a working class that fought and often won during that decade. One major victory was the defeat of the Tories’ 1971 Industrial Relations Act, an attempt to smash the power of shopfloor union reps. Unofficial strikes and mass resistance made the act...


106. Black workers' charter

How can we fight racism and capitalism today? Black and Asian people have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, they are disproportionately affected by austerity, and by all the inequalities and attacks that face the working class. Meanwhile, working-class youth showed their willingness to fight racism and class inequality in the magnificent Black Lives Matter protests last summer. So what are the next steps for the movement against racism? The Socialist Party...