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Workers’ Liberty fights for socialist revolution, for the labour movement to militantly assert working class interests. Follow us! Find out more, and get involved at • •

Workers’ Liberty fights for socialist revolution, for the labour movement to militantly assert working class interests. Follow us! Find out more, and get involved at • •


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Workers’ Liberty fights for socialist revolution, for the labour movement to militantly assert working class interests. Follow us! Find out more, and get involved at • •




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655 — Strikes can beat Tories | China rebels | COP27 | Rundown of care | Connolly's pro-German phase

Solidarity 655, 30 November 2022. Articles include: Making imagination, and remaking reality Make 15 December a solidarity day Strikes and strike ballots (published 29 November) The Morning Star against free movement The left should back Ukraine's fight China rebels for democracy Women's Fightback: "All the Rage" sets agenda for activities COP27: no pause in capitalist ecocide U Nu and Burmese political Buddhism Iraq: ferment from 2019 still simmers Citizens spurned by the UK The Tories and...


654 - Tories cutting, unions fighting back: Which side are you on? | Bregret | Labour | France

Solidarity 654, 23 November 2022. Articles: Which side are you on? The “iron cages” of capitalism Strikes escalate again Strikes and strike ballots (published 22 November) Conspiracy theories about the Poland missile Pages from a militant life: No shop steward, no hope Women's Fightback: Malta begins shift on abortion rights Further council cuts looming Labour expels top union figures The New Pangaea and biodiversity Labour and the “trend of Bregret” How work visas help Musk Looter...


653 — Stop Sunak's Cuts! | Action, 24-25 Nov | PCS, RCN strikes | Dockers win | Iran's workers

Solidarity 653, 16 November 2022. Articles: Stop Sunak’s cuts! Tax the rich! 24-25 November is next high point for strikes Strikes and strike ballots (published 15 November) Many face pre-pay switch Nonsense about Ukraine peace talks Planning an NHS fightback Maternal mortality rises in UK and US Free movement, not more border cops Letter: Less work? Less capitalism Letter: Open borders To make good damage, seize capitalist wealth! Action on Covid-19 Free Alaa Abd el-Fattah! Help Egypt's...


652 — NHS in worst ever plight | Workers beat anti-strike law | Manston | Foxconn | Connolly on WW1

Solidarity 652, 9 November 2022. Articles include: NHS in worst-ever plight Behind the £30 billion cuts Open the doors for refugees! Strikes and strike ballots (published 8 November) Huge payouts for the rich The Morning Star talks about Trotskyism Pages from a militant life: Richer, and with more poverty Women's Fightback: Iran - "This is a left movement" Ukrainians are not deluded "pawns" of the US Free Alaa Abd el-Fattah! Winning the cooperation we need Action on Covid-19 Union fightback...


651 — Workers power can defy "The Markets" | Refugees, not Braverman | Brazil | COP27 | Connolly

Solidarity 651, 2 November 2022. Articles include: Worker power can defy “the markets” Building up the pressure Upcoming strike and strike ballots (published 1 November 2022) Second thoughts about China? Pages from a militant life: Life as a casual worker Women's Fightback: Anti-choice MP becomes Women’s Minister Letter: Armoured cars on Russia’s eBay Letter: No spoilers, please Myanmar’s sham election plan Shoulder to shoulder for the strike Oust Braverman! Hold Labour to its free-movement...


650 — Tory fiasco: Time to fight back | Fight 4 NHS | Midterms, USA | Corbynism | Connolly

Solidarity 650, 26 October 2022. Articles include: Tory fiasco raises the stakes Local strikes spread as national disputes expand and accelerate Strikes and strike ballots Lessons in democracy... from Xi Jinping! Montenegro Pride: no more buts, no more excuses Iranian protests spark wider fightbacks Iran: what revolution? Tories say they’ll review school trans guidelines Thousands march to rejoin the EU Pages from a militant life: The suburbs from the 1980s to now Midterm malaise in the USA...


649 - Capitalism: a new crisis | Strikes up | NHS cuts | Aviation workers | Shifts in world order

Solidarity 649, 19 October 2022. Articles include: Capitalism: a new crisis Private affluence and public squalor Strikes still stepping up One-day, indefinite and other strikes Strikes and strike ballots Paul Mason is wrong, but less wrong than Nick Wright Pages from a militant life: Halfway house on healthcare Where next for environment activism? Threats force trans-rights cancellations Letter: More on secularism 41 dead in Turkish mining disaster A new world food system Thakin Soe: Burmese...


648 — Strike while Tories are wobbly! | Aviation | Secularism | Connolly | Royal Mail

Solidarity 648, 12 October 2022. Articles may include: Putin threatens nuclear war Socialism vs Trussonomics From piecemeal strikes to class-wide battle Upcoming strike dates If Chris Williamson’s the answer, it’s the wrong question Ukraine: the proxy fallacy Unveil Iran! Action on Covid-19 Letter: Qatar, Al Jazeera, Israel and The Labour Files Capitalist farming is wasteful From US strikes to politics Aviation: already approaching disaster point Why secularism matters The debate on...


647 — Accelerate, spread and unite strikes | Truss crisis | Ukraine | Labour | Belgrade pride

Solidarity 647, 5 October 2022. Articles include: Strikes pick up the pace Upcoming strike dates Free Our Unions protest on 10 October Strikes are spreading Battles win concessions A right royal cop-out The Russian people are winning Women's Fightback: Transphobes lose it over story-telling alien Letter: 280 million years too late Iran rises up for women's rights Action on Covid Russia's "No" to military call up Labour conference shows the need for political work in the unions Proving us...


646 — Stop new Tory anti-union laws | Unite, accelerate, spread strikes | No monarchy | Far right

Solidarity 646, 21 September 2022. Articles: Protest now against new anti-union laws Squeezing the right to strike Trade union laws since the 1980s Unite, accelerate, spread the strikes Trash Ukraine to curb prices? A spectre is haunting Europe Far right rallies 70,000 in Prague Demand justice for Chris Kaba - fight to curb the police The case against fracking Freeze rents, expand council housing Ukrainian victories are step forward to liberation Action on Covid-19 Women's Fightback: On not...


645 — Spread the strikes! Beat back Truss! | Ukraine | Anti-union laws | Pakistan | Gorbachev

Solidarity 645, 7 September 2022. Articles: Spread the strikes! Strikes and strike ballots: what's coming up in September and beyond Inflation and how to counter it Why we back Ukraine's offensive Sanctions are not effective solidarity The Morning Star's trouble with Gorbachev The case for space Towards a general strike in Sudan? Women's Fightback: Women killed for being "witches" Analysing Labour's poll results Pakistan: a disaster made by capitalism Myanmar: the need for mass strikes...


644 — Strike to squeeze profits | Trump | Truss or Sunak | Public energy | Quelch on Ulster

Solidarity 644, 31 August 2022. Articles: Unite, accelerate, spread the strikes! The threat from Truss and Sunak "Enough is Enough": now build democratic organisation on the ground Why do unions back the Morning Star? Haunted by Andrey Vyshinsky’s ghost Women's Fightback: Feminist revolt in China Price curbs no substitute for wage rises Letter: Grey area or no difference? Free Our Unions steps up Expropriate the energy industry! Exploitation rises in Myanmar The Trump Show season two Action...


643 — Unite the strikes! | Strike wave | With Ukraine | Taiwan's rights | Workplace knowledge

Solidarity 643, 17 August 2022, 24 pages. Articles include: The threat of new anti-strike laws Make clear demands! Unite, accelerate and spread the strikes Orbán: best just to say nothing? Starmer, Biden and the picket line Don’t ban Russians from tourist visas Women's Fightback: Using hate to become a TikTok star Focus on energy efficiency Action on Covid-19 Monkeypox: a history of neglect Kids' storytime fends off far-right attack Strikes can change the mood at Labour conference Trans...


Shapurji Saklatvala — A socialist and anti-imperialist rebel in Parliament, 1922-9 | Pamphlet

Audio of the pamphlet: Shapurji Saklatvala, revolutionary socialist, Indian nationalist and Labour's first BAME MP, was elected in 1922. Representing radical local and international workers' and anti-colonial struggles, he suffered ostracism, surveillance, imprisonment and exile from India to fight against capitalism, racism and imperialism: for working-class self-liberation.


Workers' Solidarity with Ukraine | Ideas for Freedom 2022

Activists from socialist organisation Sotsianiy Rukh in Ukraine and from the anti-war movement in Russia spoke at our Ideas for Freedom event this year, at a session on workers' solidarity with Ukraine. Comrades from Workers' Liberty who were part of an international labour movement and left solidarity delegation to Ukraine also reported back on their experience.


The Occupation of the Cammell Laird Shipyard in Birkenhead, 1984 — John Cunningham

Audio version of the pamphlet. More here: In 1984 workers at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead occupied their workplace in defence of jobs. The occupation and the strike which preceded it lasted just over three months, and then on 3 October the occupiers were arrested. 37 of them were found guilty of contempt of court and jailed. There is a campaign to lift the convictions. Workers’ Liberty has published this pamphlet so that we can remember...


642 — Tory strife: our opportunity | Reeves' coup | Unison, CWU, NEU, PCS, RMT | Sri Lanka | Russia

Solidarity 642, 27 July 2022. Articles: Tories' strife is our opportunity Profit-taking, not wages, behind price surge Russia expands imperialist aims in Ukraine And the trafficked refugees who aren't Olympians? The Morning Star and "muscular genius" Johnson Bristol protestors face 74 years jail A revolution within a revolution: women in Sudan Letter: Neither slogan can prevail Letter: Georgia and the Russian civil war The totalitarians at Tolpuddle Action on Covid-19 Labour dithers on trans...


Effective Trade Unionism: Writings by James Connolly | Audiobook

Aiming to replace capitalism with socialism, James Connolly’s organising and ideas evolved considerably. One idea he clung to from the turn of the century to his death in 1916 was industrial unionism, workers’ solidarity across grades and trades and sympathetic strikes. That is how he saw his work with Larkin on the Irish Transport Union: a union for an industry and the members watching the moment until they could take over running the industry. His articles on that theme have never...


641 — Change Labour 2 beat Tories | Russia threatens worse | Strikes | Trump | Connolly, Protestants

Solidarity 641, 13 July 2022. Articles: Change Labour to beat Tories After Johnson, we breathe more easily Putin threatens worse to come Ideas for Freedom 2022 A "time and place" for Stalin-worship? No heroes of ours! YCL celebrates the Stalinist tradition Letter: Correct usage is not middle-class Oppose the extradition Royal Mail ballot closes 19 July 20,000 at London Trans+ Pride Bristol Pride — trans rights is central Action on Covid-19 Gota goes. What next? Uber, capitalism, Peter...


Sylvia — The story of Sylvia Pankhurst | Susan Carlyle, Sean Matgamna

More online and buy a pamphlet: Of the famous suffragette family Pankhurst — Emmeline, Christabel, Adela — Sylvia became the pioneer communist who organised the East End of London, where many working class men also lacked the vote. The pamphlet recounts the contrasting evolutions of the "votes for ladies" of Christabel and Emmeline, and of Sylvia's working-class organising.