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Policing in Our Community

Raleigh community organizer and activist Olen Watson III discusses relations between the Raleigh community and their police force as well as his personal experiences interacting with law enforcement in Raleigh. We discuss the history of policing in America as well as the more recent role officers are expected to fill by default in managing folks struggling with mental illness.


Drawing Lines

North Carolina House Representative for District 53, David Lewis, discusses his role in drawing district maps.


Libertarian for Court of Appeals

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Victim's Rights and Marsy's Law

Speaking of Liberty sat down with Matthew Hebb from Marsy's Law for North Carolina to discuss a propsed amendment to the North Carolina state constitution which would guarantee certain rights to victims involved in criminal cases. Find out more at nc.marsyslaw.us Learn more about the Libertarian Party of North Carolina at LPNC.org


Erik Raudsep Extended Interview

Speaking of Liberty will be back next week with a new episode. This week we are bringing you the extended version of our interview with Erik Raudsep, Libertarian candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 31. Listen as we discuss how he decided to run for state office as a Libertarian as well as advice for anyone considering a run for office themselves.


Episode 1: How To Run For Office

​Speaking of Liberty Episode 1: Run for General Assembly Why should you run? Choice - 53 offices went unopposed in the general election 2016 and 56 in 2012, giving voters no choice and no reason to vote or get engaged with the democratic process. In districts without choice, voter turnout is even lower because the result is the same no matter what. These districts are screaming for a Libertarian candidate to step in and be the alternative to what everyone assumes will happen. Click...


Introducing Speaking of Liberty

​ Introducing Speaking of Liberty, the new podcast brought to you by the Libertarian Party of North Carolina with host Sarah Brady Wagner. We invite you to spend half an hour every-other-week to keep up to date on the issues impacting Liberty in the Old North State. Enjoy interviews with leaders in the Liberty movement, candidates seeking to earn your trust in elected office, businesses and charities on the cutting edge of innovation Coming in February 2018 to this feed, enjoy episodes...