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ABC News (US)

A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.

A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.


United States


ABC News (US)


A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.




Vax the Blue: Will Police Defy Mandates?

As mandates kick into effect, more employees are threatening to quit rather than get the vaccine. Colin Powell's death sets off a cascade of well wishes, along with criticism of the groundbreaking leader. And a weapons test in China sparks fears of a new Cold War.


Kidnapped in Haiti

A group of American volunteers are kidnapped in Haiti. Jury selection begins in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery's death. And in an exclusive interview, George Stephanopoulos asks former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele about the legitimacy of his infamous dossier.


The Taking of Vaccine One Two Three

An FDA advisory panel has voted to recommend Moderna boosters, and will consider Johnson & Johnson today. President Trump's allies are being threatened with criminal prosecution after refusing to testify in a congressional probe. And a Michigan town is advising residents to avoid tap water over lead concerns.


The Long and the Shortage Of It

The White House publicly urges shipping companies to do whatever it takes to solve a supply chain backlog. The Department of Justice, despite opposing the death penalty, tries to convince the Supreme Court that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be executed. And devastating fires have created a new type of "climate nomads."


An “Anti-Mandate” Mandate

Major companies in Texas find themselves between conflicting rules on mandates. A Wyoming coroner declares Gabby Petito died by being strangled. And refugees say they're being used as pawns in a diplomatic stand-off, with people are dying as a result.


Hocus Poke-us: A Halloween Vaccine Push

Officials tell parents that kids can safely enjoy trick-or-treating, while begging parents to get vaccinated. Southwest Airlines scrambles to limit a growing list of flight cancellations. And John Deere workers reject their own union's proposal and agree to go on strike.


Wanted: A Clear Jobs Picture

A worrisome jobs report has economists wondering why more Americans aren't getting hired. Abortion clinics in Texas have ceased the vast majority of their procedures. And the FBI says it caught a husband and wife attempting to sell classified American submarine secrets.


Kures 4 Kids

Pfizer asks the FDA to approve its child-sized COVID vaccine. The oil company whose pipeline ruptured has precious few answers for Californians. And former NBA stars are accused of a scheme to defraud a medical fund.



A federal judge halts a controversial abortion law in Texas. The Biden administration applauds stricter vaccine mandates, while moving to expand COVID testing options. And as the Colorado River dries up, Western farmers are spending millions to get more water.


Instagram Stories: Facebook’s Whistleblower Speaks

A former Facebook employee reveals to Congress what she knows about how Facebook handled damaging data. The Department of Homeland Security issues a memo about extremist threats to healthcare facilities. And as lawmakers debate how to spend on "human infrastructure," childcare workers describe urgent staffing shortages.


Spill Waters Run Deep

An oil pipeline rupture leads to ecological disaster in Southern California. President Trump's former press secretary says he's running again, and that she's "terrified" he'll win. And Hollywood's largest union of crew members overwhelmingly authorizes a strike.


“Baby Roe” Speaks

As the Supreme Court begins its term, the result of one of America's most consequential pregnancies speaks to ABC News. Merck unveils data on its "COVID pill." And the world's top women's soccer league falls into disarray following allegations against several coaches.


Roe’s Last Stand

Mississippi's only functioning abortion clinic becomes a focal point in a national legal battle. Facebook defends itself to skeptical senators. And Native American healthcare workers race to save lives... and culture.


Stronger Than Yesterday: Britney Spears’ Victory

A judge sides with Britney Spears, suspending her father from a controversial conservatorship. Employers push back against employees claiming religious exemptions for COVID vaccines. And New York City jail conditions are so bad that prosecutors are trying to avoid filling cells.


Whipping a Dead Bill: Have Dems Reached a Breaking Point?

In a dangerous development for President Biden's agenda, moderate and progressive Democrats dig in their heels on spending, while Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling. NBA players face local laws, and each other, when it comes to vaccine mandates. And data analysis by ABC News reveals stark racial inequities in cities across America, ranging from health to home ownership to education.


Convicting R. Kelly

Famed R&B singer R. Kelly is convicted of using his power and status to prey on girls. President Biden gets his booster shot in front of the nation. And a train derailment in Montana threatens the agricultural supply line.


It’s Finally Infrastructure Week. (Too Soon?)

Congressional leaders promise a crucial vote on President Biden's infrastructure plan, despite a murky outcome. School administrators in Florida go searching for thousands of students who haven't shown up for in-person schooling. And as Angela Merkel packs her bags, her political party falls out of favor in Germany.


Third Dose, Or Booster?

The CDC advisory committee opens a major new chapter in the nation's COVID vaccination campaign with endorsement of a third Pfizer dose, or boost, but not for everyone. A Florida Democrat representing one of the nation's largest Haitian-American communities issues an ultimatum to the White House and says she's "pissed" about the border crisis. K-pop superstars BTS take the United Nations General Assembly by storm and sit down with ABC's Juju Chang.


Super Model: Why COVID Could Taper Off

Data suggest that COVID deaths fall under 100 per day by March, despite a flattening of vaccination rates. Congress abandons hopes of police reform, while new standoffs threaten spending bills. And a long line of cargo ships off the Southern California coastline have retailers worried about holiday shopping.


Abortion Defenders Find a Defendant

A landmark lawsuit could be taking shape in Texas, as a doctor publicly admits to violating a new abortion law. Border officials say they're investigating whether mounted agents have whipped frightened Haitian migrants. And a firefighter describes what it takes to battle huge Western blazes.