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SurrealPolitiks S01E053 – Dead Air

I’ve long said that radio is the medium of the Right. Left wing talk radio has never been successful because it is not a thinking man’s medium. You cannot blame Leftists for taking issue with that. It does not speak highly to their values or their competence. They think NPR is great and that we […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E053 – Dead Air first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


Radical Agenda Instead of SurrealPolitiks Today

I have some great content prepared for this evening, but I can’t play it on this platform. The language was just too rough to beep everything out. So, instead of SurrealPolitiks, I would encourage you to check out the uncensored production, Radical Agenda which will air in the normal SurrealPolitiks time slot and streaming platforms. […] The post Radical Agenda Instead of SurrealPolitiks Today first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E052 – News & Phones

Due to circumstances circumstances I won’t trouble the reader with today, I ended up doing an off schedule episode of SurrealPolitiks Sunday in our otherwise normal 9:30pm US Eastern time slot. Tonight we will do a quick appearance beginning at 9:30 anyway, just because I’m the hardest working guy in media and love you all […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E052 – News & Phones first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E051 – AI Generated

It would be cheating if I had an AI bot write scripts for this show and then pass them off as my own. It would also make me look like a moron because I am a much better writer than my AI bot, at least for now. But for today’s show, I am generating summaries […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E051 – AI Generated first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E050 – Totally Unscripted II

I’ve been enduring a fairly persistent writer’s block and as the hours tick by I am certain I’ll not be preparing a monologue before this evening. So tonight, it’s news and phones, maybe a little live OmeTV. SurrealPolitiks airs live every Monday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Rumble, and on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E050 – Totally Unscripted II first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E049 – Totally Unscripted

I had sent out an email show teaser today with a snippet from a monologue I was in the process of preparing. Sparing the details, I was unable to complete that monologue before airtime, and to read it in part would have been to do it no justice. So today I went completely unscripted, touched […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E049 – Totally Unscripted first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E048 – In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus

Augustus Invictus returns to the program to discuss a variety of issues. Mr. Invictus is an attorney operating out of Florida, and has become familiar with a courtroom in the capacity of a Defendant more than once. He is currently awaiting trial in Charlottesville, Virginia for these ridiculous “Burning to Intimidate” charges brought by a […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E048 – In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You

It’s clearer than ever that what I’ve been saying about Ukraine is absolutely correct. We now have admission of this from none other than the New York Times, citing numerous named and unnamed sources in a lengthy piece title “The Spy War”, which was summarized also by ZeroHedge. According to the New York Times, during […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E046 – OmeTV Debut

Here I come to save the day! Well, not exactly, but I did what I could. Today I decided to give OmeTV, the apparent successor to Omegle, a shot. I recorded the session, and I’ll edit out the worthless segments to provide you with an enjoyable viewing experience this evening. I’ll begin the show live, […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E046 – OmeTV Debut first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E045 – Book It!

I am proud to announce that your favorite Podcaster has just published his first of what are sure to be many books! Most of you will be familiar with the text of the work published. It is the transcript of the monologue I titled “Beauty Revisited”. At a mere 26 pages, it is shorter than […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E045 – Book It! first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.