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SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You

It’s clearer than ever that what I’ve been saying about Ukraine is absolutely correct. We now have admission of this from none other than the New York Times, citing numerous named and unnamed sources in a lengthy piece title “The Spy War”, which was summarized also by ZeroHedge. According to the New York Times, during […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E046 – OmeTV Debut

Here I come to save the day! Well, not exactly, but I did what I could. Today I decided to give OmeTV, the apparent successor to Omegle, a shot. I recorded the session, and I’ll edit out the worthless segments to provide you with an enjoyable viewing experience this evening. I’ll begin the show live, […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E046 – OmeTV Debut first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E045 – Book It!

I am proud to announce that your favorite Podcaster has just published his first of what are sure to be many books! Most of you will be familiar with the text of the work published. It is the transcript of the monologue I titled “Beauty Revisited”. At a mere 26 pages, it is shorter than […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E045 – Book It! first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E044 – Foreseeable

Fox News is in full war propaganda mode, airing the worst of their “Senior Military Strategists” and the likes of Lindsay Graham in calls for the United States to make Word War III more or less official by attacking Iran. This comes on the heels of a drone strike on a US Military Base in […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E044 – Foreseeable first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.

SurrealPolitiks S01E043 – Caving In

The United States Supreme Court, predictably, sided with the Biden administration today against Texas Governor Greg Abbot. Abbot had kicked Border Patrol out of Eagle Pass because they were being instructed to cut razor wire that Texas had put up to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol, to the shock of many, […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E043 – Caving In first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E042 – It Has Begun

Wow, is today a packed day or what? To begin, I’ll be joining Tim Murdoch of White Rabbit Radio at 4:30pm US Eastern, before this evening’s live airing of SurrealPolitiks at 9:30pm US Eastern, as we do every Monday. It is Martin Luther King Day, of course. A celebration of communism and the destruction of […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E042 – It Has Begun first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E041 – Token Appearance

On the most recent uncensored production I announced I was not feeling so good, and announced via Telegram this morning that I was unlikely to be able to produce a show in time for our regular schedule. This was largely the case, and though I remain quite ill, I did not want to leave you […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E041 – Token Appearance first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E040 – Undemocratic

In Colorado, and then in Maine, Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary, has been excluded from the ballot on the grounds that he waged an insurrection on January 6th 2021. In the event these decisions are allowed to stand, Trump will still almost certainly obtain his party’s nomination. He would still however […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E040 – Undemocratic first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E039 – Gravity

I had occasion early this morning to chat face to face with a White female smoker of retirement age. I had a long overdue issue to address, and made my way to do it at what might be described as the last minute. This had left me in the unenviable position of operating an electric […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E039 – Gravity first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.


SurrealPolitiks S01E038 – Shall We Play A Game?

Late last month I posted about my first time playing Counter Strike, which was also streamed at the time. Having acquired much video streaming equipment for my podcasts, it seemed getting into the game streaming scene might be a thing worth doing, and this was among my first efforts in that venture. Having suffered a […] The post SurrealPolitiks S01E038 – Shall We Play A Game? first appeared on SurrealPolitiks.