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Ep. 327- Lie #2: The Needs of the Collective Outweigh the Needs of the Individual

In his series of final episodes, Caleb breaks down the biggest lies that the left tells at the fundamental level. In this episode, he takes on a lie that is the underpinning of most of the left's political stances, that the needs of people at large are more important than individual liberties. Caleb explains why holding individual liberties as sacred and inalienable is not only good for individual people, but society at...


Ep. 326- Open War Is Upon You, Whether You Would Risk It or Not

Russia launches a full-scale invasion against the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Caleb discusses his friends and brethren being attacked over there now.


Ep. 325- Lie #1: Man is Good and Can Be Perfected

In his series of final episodes, Caleb breaks down the biggest lies that the left tells at the fundamental level. In this episode, he takes on a lie fundamental to the leftist worldview, that humans are naturally good and are corrupted by society. Once the society is made just and equitable, the left claims, mankind will be perfected and utopia will be reached. Caleb breaks down why this is a lie and explains that the opposite is actually true: Man is evil but can be redeemed.


Ep. 324- This Festivas is Kind of...Out There

John Colquitt, Matt Clark, Laura Clark, and James Clark come together to celebrate Festivas with the Airing of Grievances, talking about all the ways people have disappointed them this year. Caleb also gives Matt and Laura their Christmas presents. The gang then counts down their top 5 Christmas foods. Caleb also announces 2021 Stupid Awards, featuring the 5 stupidest stories of the year and the "Stupidest Person of the Year." Chaplain's Report: I Samuel 25:23-35 B-roll By:...


Ep. 323- Let Us Give Tanks

For Thanksgiving 2021, Caleb reads the 1956 Thanksgiving Day proclamation originally issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Tragedy hits the south when Sister Schubert announces that their signature Sausage Wrap Rolls have been discontinued just before the holidays. Reese's announces they'll be releasing a giant Reese's cup just in time for Thanksgiving. A study in Iowa finds coronavirus in white tail deer. In a new Breaking The Internet, Caleb goes over a meme claiming democrats cut...


Ep. 322- Veterans Day 2021

1819 News puts out an article about how Veterans Day Started in Birmingham Alabama. Montgomery will be getting a new Amazon Facility and Fulfillment Center, bringing a $100 million investment to the river region. Retired Air Force Col. Scott Lockwood, former Commandant of Maxwell Air Force Base sits down with Caleb to discuss his experiences during his 28 years of service. Memes flood the internet blaming President Biden for the price of gas, but is this a fair criticism? Ibram X. Kendi...


Ep. 321- Kids Need Dads

A high school in Louisiana with 23 students arrested in just 3 days has had no arrests in over a month since a group of volunteer fathers called "Dads On Duty" started hanging out at the school. Auburn Head Coach Bryan Harsin refuses to reveal whether or not he has had a Covid-19 vaccine despite Auburn requiring it. An article by Rolling Stone alleges Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama had a part to play in planning the protests that occurred on January 6th. The Atlanta Braves invite Travis Tritt to...


Ep. 320- Asking Tough Questions

Willie B. Smith, a mentally disabled Alabama resident is executed by the state for a murder committed in 1991 amid much controversy. Bryan Dawson, CEO of the brand new Alabama news site "1819 News" comes in studio to talk to Caleb about the new platform. DC comics promotes a movie featuring a black Superman and makes their new Superman a gay environmentalist. The U.S. State Department tweets out about trans pronouns while the world is burning around them. Chaplain's Report: I Samuel...


Ep. 319- Churches Under Siege

Historic First Baptist Church in Montgomery catches fire and they believe it was arson. Huntsville becomes Alabama's most populated city even faster than predicted. Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed threatens to recommend businesses go to Birmingham instead of Montgomery when his "anti-discrimination" bill fails. Former Chairman of the DNC, Terry McAuliffe, says "I don't think parents should be telling schools what to teach," live on TV during a debate. Biden Press Sec. Jen Psaki says it is...


Ep. 318- Covid Q&A with Dr. Ryan McWhorter

Caleb interviews Dr. Ryan McWhorter about Covid-19 and Alabama's response. Topics range from the use of Ivermectin and how the media has been covering it to why deaths are suddenly increasing in Alabama to the effectiveness of vaccines. Disney announces they are contemplating dropping the name "X-men" from all future X-men movies and shows because "men" is not inclusive enough. Chaplain's Report: I Samuel 24:12-15


Ep. 317- Be Not Afraid

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey says "It's time we start blaming the un-vaccinated." AL.com drives the Covid-19 panic porn hard with Kyle Whitmire saying Alabama will become a "cautionary tale" of what not to do for coronavirus, Chloe Cook saying you can't be anti-vax and pro business, and Roy Johnson saying if you don't want mandatory masks in schools, it's because you don't love your children. Dean Odle, a candidate for the governor of Alabama, sits down for an interview with Caleb. The General...


Ep. 316- God Bless the Farmer

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey shows a very strong showing in her re-election bid based on a new poll. The ACLU sends a letter supporting the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Alabama schools to the State School Board after Eagle Forum Alabama and Alabama Policy Institute propose a ban on CRT. Mitt Walker of the Alabama Farmer's Federation calls into the show to discuss how recent changes in policy and law could bankrupt family farms in Alabama if not addressed. Alabama FFA Reporter Olivia...


Ep. 315- One Nation Under God

It's the Tactics Independence Day Special! Caleb discusses the influence of Christianity on the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776. Dr. Mark Hall, Professor of Political Science at George Fox University and author of "Did America Have A Christian Founding?" joins the show to discuss the influence of Christianity on the Founders. Caleb does a countdown of the top 20 most American songs of the modern era. The National Archive's task force on racism (yes, that is a thing) decides...


Ep. 314- It Takes an All-Powerful Village

Three Alabama school systems hold Covid-19 vaccine clinics where school children can obtain vaccines without parental consent. Teachers around the country are caught telling parents they know what's better for children than their parents. Alabama House Rep. Andrew Sorrell (R-Muscle Shoals) calls the show to talk about his campaign to become Alabama State Auditor. The Supreme Court rules 9-0 in favor of a Catholic adoption agency that refused to place children with gay couples. Speaker Pelosi...


Bible Class- Coming of the Son of Man

Caleb teaches a class on the "Coming of the Son of Man" which Jesus foretells in Matthew 24:29-31, Mark 13:24-27, and Luke 21:25-28. This was a part of the "Red Letter Doctrine of Christ" series hosted by the Dalraida Church of Christ. Watch more great Bible content by the Dalraida Church of Christ by visiting their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpcwxHA1QjmeNautWPT0Yg If you'd like to learn more about the Dalraida Church of Christ or would like to attend classes or...


Ep. 313- Suing Patriots While Releasing Criminals

Katie Britt of the Alabama Business Council announces she will run for the U.S Senate. Rep. Mo Brooks is being sued by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) over his speech on Jan. 6th and has a private investigator trespass in his home. Montgomery Police Department Chief Ernest Findley suddenly resigns with no explanation. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has a brilliant idea to stop crime: just stop building jails. Burger King takes a jab at Chick-fil-A while donating to a radical gay...


Ep. 312- A Month-Long Celebration of Sin

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed issues an official statement celebrating Gay Pride Month. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and Alabama Attorney General Steven Marshall announce they will be running for re-election in 2022. The children's show Blue's Clues features a drag queen attending a gay pride parade. Two expensive private schools in New York come under fire for teaching very young school children sex education without parental consent. Joe Biden has a long string of racist comments from claiming...


Ep. 311- Could the Scourge of Abortion Finally End?

Caleb hosts a round-table discussion about the new Supreme Court Case that has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade with Sam McLure, Hayden Sizemore, and Matt & Laura Clark. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she and her fellow congressmen have "effectively served in war" during the capitol riots earlier this year. President Biden's nominee to head the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Administration, David Chipman struggles to define "Assault Weapon" at his confirmation hearing, and then he...


Ep. 310- The Day You've All Been Waiting For!

The new Whataburger in Montgomery finally opens up! The final session of the Alabama legislature comes to a close. Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama joins the show to give her overview of the 2021 Alabama legislative session. The Supreme Court agrees to hear a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade. Chris Cuomo of CNN claims that trying to outlaw abortion is all about dividing Americans by race and catering to the "Far-Right White Fright" vote. Dr. Anthony Fauci admits he was wearing a...


Ep. 309- Meemaw Says Get Back To Work!

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced the Yellowhammer state will no longer participate in federal unemployment programs aimed at providing Covid relief. Col. Allen West encourages people to send Oreos to a democrat chairman after calling Rep. Tim Scott an Oreo. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes to the defense of Planned Parenthood by saying, "I'm a Planned Parenthood...