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Welcome to TALK JAM…Musicians jam, just for fun. Here at TALK JAM, recorded live and then flash-frozen in a secret undisclosed location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It’s about writing, it’s about books, it’s about the Bible; it’s a lot about history, politics and conspiracy theories; we’re serving them all up in one big jam!

Welcome to TALK JAM…Musicians jam, just for fun. Here at TALK JAM, recorded live and then flash-frozen in a secret undisclosed location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It’s about writing, it’s about books, it’s about the Bible; it’s a lot about history, politics and conspiracy theories; we’re serving them all up in one big jam!


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Welcome to TALK JAM…Musicians jam, just for fun. Here at TALK JAM, recorded live and then flash-frozen in a secret undisclosed location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It’s about writing, it’s about books, it’s about the Bible; it’s a lot about history, politics and conspiracy theories; we’re serving them all up in one big jam!








Israel and the EXODUS by Leon Uris, Plus Things You Won't Believe About US Politics

Today's TALK JAM episode features Susan telling a story (again!)... this time about the battle of the Exodus (a barely-seaworthy boat) to bring concentration-camp survivors and their families to what was then Palestine (later the state of Israel) in 1947, at a time when the British ruled over Palestine and bent over backwards to accommodate the Arabs in the region... This incredible battle, documented in Leon Uris's epic novel EXODUS, finally broke the British policy to keep survivors behind...


Starting the New Year with the Dreams of Susan Boyle/Parsing the Twelfth Amendment

Today's episode is all about inspiring you to engage with your dreams in 2021! We've had an undeniably rough 2020, and we wanted to start 2021 on an upbeat note. Therefore, we're beginning the year with a re-telling of the amazingly inspiring Susan Boyle story--her 2009 audition on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, its incredible outcome and her unbelievable success as the singer she always dreamed of being. We follow this up with quick discussions of other BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT standouts and a short...



Episode 3 of Season 2 of TALK JAM digs into the political arena again, as both segments deal with it. Our Political Talk segment is a definition of the phrase 'energy independence' and why it's so important for any country, especially ours, to BE energy-independent. In our main segment, we discuss the five-minute video Patrick Byrne posted online recently, discussing his role in facilitating a $20-million bribe to Hillary Clinton in the final month of 2015, supposedly as part of a 'sting'...



Season 2, Episode 2 is a happy-only conversation about several interesting topics, starting with Christmas! If ever we had a year where we needed Christmas, it's this one! So trees and lights are going up early and everybody's taking joy in the season! In our political conversation segment, we discuss recall petitions and recall elections, where elected officials can be removed or a new election can be ordered if enough people sign a petition asking for a recall. Right now, California...


Undecided Presidential Election and Favored Nations

Welcome to Season 2 of TALK JAM! We begin today with a whole new season of talk and fun. Our season opener episode (1) begins with a return to political talk as a service to listeners who may think politics are dull because they don't know enough of the vocabulary. Today the word we define is 'favored nations,' an expression used commonly in business and politics. Find out what it means and why it's important! The rest of today's episode is a potpourri of topics, from the recent (and...



Episode 43--ELECTION WRAP-UP, VOTER FRAUD & 2020 NANOWRIMO This last episode of Season 1 of TALK JAM is a humdinger! We talk about the election (of course!) and Kelly's experiences as a first-time poll manager on Election Day, along with more general conversation about the (non) results of the election, what we think might have happened, and what the Trump campaign can (and will) do about it. We also talk about this year's Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), the annual sprint to write...


Local Voting Report and the FBI--Corruption Through the Ranks

Episode 42: Local Voting Report and the FBI--Corruption Through the Ranks TALK JAM, Episode 42, is a two-part discussion: Part I is our breakdown of what's happening in Charleston County, SC with absentee in-person voting now taking place around the county (we're breaking records with the number of voters we're getting!). Even with a skeleton crew, the poll workers in our town are breaking records! We expect plenty more voters and many more ballots cast before Election Day. This will be a...


Signs Trump Won't Win (Townhall Article); more Political Talk

Episode 41 of TALK JAM is a lively conversation about a recent TOWNHALL article by Kevin McCullough @KMCRadio on Twitter, titled "Signs that Trump Isn't Going to Win on November 3rd". You think it's going one way in the article, but then, thankfully, it goes another way... check out the great article here. We conclude with more political definitions to help you beef up your political vocabulary, so you can join more of the current hot political conversation. In this episode, we discuss...



Episode #40 of TALK JAM is a discussion of Kelly and Susan's experiences in the election process, here in Charleston County, SC. Thousands of voters have already turned out to vote in-person absentee, with many more expected in the next few weeks. Voting continues up until November 2nd, the day before the election. We also discuss political conversation, and how so much of it is spoken in shorthand, so you get only bits and pieces. If you don't know what some of these terms mean, it can...


Interview with Stealing Fire Author, Susan Sloate and Audiobook Actor, Mapuana Makia

Episode 39 of TALK JAM introduces Susan's brand-new audiobook, STEALING FIRE! It's her first audiobook, and she is SO EXCITED about it! Joining us in this episode is a lovely Hawaiian actress Mapuana Makia, who narrated the audiobook and discussed the process with Kelly and Susan. It's her very first podcast interview, AND STEALING FIRE was the VERY FIRST major audiobook she ever recorded, so this was a big deal! Susan talks about her writing process, why it took her 30 years to write and...


Favorite Bumper Stickers Through the Decades

Episode 38 of TALK JAM is a lighthearted look at our favorite bumper stickers! I follow cars with funny bumper stickers; how many can you name? Kelly did some research into bumper stickers through the decades and reminded us of the trends in bumper stickers, which came out from the 1960's through the 2010's, from "FLOWER POWER" to "BABY ON BOARD". We also talked about our favorite buttons and refrigerator magnets; write us with YOUR favorites, too! We also discussed talk shows, and in...


KC Chiefs Super Bowl Ring & Tom Seaver - A Bittersweet Sports-Only Episode

Episode 37 of TALK JAM is a discussion of September 2, 2020--a great day for Susan in many ways, because it was the day on which her son received his Super Bowl ring! (He works for the Kansas City Chiefs, so of course he received a Super Bowl ring.) We discuss the general design of the ring, though we will post no photos, for safety reasons, though you can probably find it online if you look for Pat Mahomes' ring. It's really special, and we're THRILLED! We also discuss Tom Seaver, one of...


The Reality of Voter Fraud

VOTER FRAUD AND WHAT THEY'RE DOING ABOUT IT Episode 36 of TALK JAM is a discussion about voter fraud in elections. Voter fraud is real, specifically what was confessed in a recent New York Post article by an operative who claimed he fixed municipal and state elections in New Jersey for years. In addition, we talk about lawyer J. Christian Adams and his efforts to combat voter fraud nationwide, plus discussions about voter ID and questions from Kelly about the upcoming presidential election...


The Importance of Good Friendships

Episode 35 is a short riff on friendship, specifically the long-term friendship between Kelly and Susan which led to the TALK JAM podcast, after 15 years! We talk about how we met and how our friendship grew, and some of the special moments we've had together along the way. If you've ever been a friend or had a friend, you'll recognize it all, and you won't want to miss it! Episode 35 is sponsored by FORWARD TO CAMELOT, a time-travel thriller novel by Susan Sloate and Kevin...


Interview with LeeAnn Rawson Founder of Narcinon.Org

Episode 34 of TALK JAM is a wide-ranging interview with LeeAnn Rawson, the Certified Professional Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who founded Narcinon LLC, an organization which helps victims of narcissistic abuse find healing and help from these difficult relationships. Narcissism is something most of us have heard of but many can't define, though a lot of us have already been through difficult relationships with narcissists ourselves, often without realizing it. LeeAnn...


President Donald J. Trumps Accomplishments Susan and Kelly's Top 3 Favorite Picks

Episode 33 of TALK JAM is a lively discussion about the first 3 1/2 years of the Trump Administration and its tremendous achievements. While the media would like you to believe that Trump does nothing except tweet, play golf and think up new ways to be racist in the Oval Office, those of us who have been watching have seen enormous strides in a number of areas. Kelly and Susan pick their top 3 favorite achievements and discuss them, from energy independence to defunding Planned Parenthood to...


Kelly's Top 5 Time Travel Movies and Susan's Top 3 Time Travel Books

Episode 32 of TALK JAM is a lighthearted look at time travel, both movies and books. Kelly and Susan LOVE time travel stories, so this is right up their alley! Join us for this lively talk about what makes great time travel stories great!! Episode 32 is sponsored by OVER MY DEAD BODY, a supernatural novel by Kelly Fitzgerald...


Why Does Wayfair Have Missing Children's Names on Products?

Episode 31 is a disturbing conversation about the online furniture company Wayfair, which may or may not be involved in some deeply upsetting activities, possibly involving child sex trafficking. Susan was first alerted to this by a YouTube video from Amazing Polly, and Kelly has been following the story for a while. This is an important story, but it takes some intestinal fortitude to listen!! Here's the Amazing Polly YouTube Video from July 14th:...


How to Spot Hoaxes & War of the Worlds

TALK JAM Episode 30 is a discussion about hoaxes, primarily financial hoaxes, in their various forms. Kelly has a background as a credit-card fraud investigator, going back to the 1990s, and talks about her work in recognizing and investigating financial frauds perpetrated on the public. We talk about a number of different types of fraud and what to be concerned about. NEVER just hand out your credit card number, bank account number or other personal information to ANYONE, for any reason! If...


Kanye West

Show Notes: Episode 28 is a long-ranging talk about the upcoming presidential election, including some observations about Kanye West's late entry into the race as an independent candidate, a reminiscence about Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, and some thoughts about the current polling and why it isn't accurate at all. Episode 28 is sponsored by the time-travel thriller novel FORWARD TO CAMELOT, by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn.