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Talk World Radio: Guy Feugap on Making Peace in Cameroon

This week on Talk World Radio, what's going on in Cameroon. Our guest is Guy Feugap. He is coordinator in Cameroon for World BEYOND War. More information:


Talk World Radio: Peace Activism in Canada and on Campus

This Week on Talk World Radio in the first half of the show our guest is Vanessa Lanteigne. Vanessa is the National Coordinator at the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace which is Canada’s longest-running national women’s peace organization. Vanessa has worked in a variety of roles in non-profits around the world. In Tanzania, she worked at an organization to end child marriage and promote the rights of children. In Ghana as a facilitator for youth livelihood skills, she facilitated training...


Talk World Radio: Yasmine Taeb on Iran, War, Peace, and Congress

This week on Talk World Radio, Iran, the United States, war, and peace. Our guest, Yasmine Taeb, is a human rights lawyer, progressive strategist, and former DNC Committeewoman for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Previously, she served as a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy and a Senior Policy Counsel at Demand Progress. She's a seasoned human rights lobbyist and her efforts focus on ending militarism at home and abroad and advocating for refugees and asylum seekers. In...


Talk World Radio: Hanieh Jodat Barnes: Lift the Sanctions

This week on Talk World Radio: santions, the harm they do, and how to end them. Our guest is Hanieh Jodat Barnes, a Bernie Sanders 2020 Delegate, President-co-founder of Muslim Delegates and Allies, National Director of PDA Middle East Alliance, and Founding member of Women's March Los Angeles. See: and


Talk World Radio: Bob Lord: The Rich Are Taxed Less

This week on Talk World Radio: guess who's being taxed less than they used to be? Our guest, Bob Lord, is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, where he focuses on the relationship of tax law to inequality. He was co-author of a recent briefing paper that found that taxes on the rich are one-sixth of what they used to be. See


Talk World Radio: Todd Miller on the Border Industry

Todd Miller is the author of the books Empire of Borders: The Expansion of the U.S. Border Around the World (2019), Storming the Wall (2017), and Border Patrol Nation (2014). He is co-author of the recent report for the Transnational Institute "Biden's Border: The Border Industry, The Democrats, and the 2020 Elections."


Talk World Radio: Eli Clifton: Weapons Funding in Government

This week on Talk World Radio: Who funds so-called foreign relations experts and why? Our guest is Eli Clifton. He is senior advisor at the Quincy Institute and investigative-journalist-at-large at Responsible Statecraft. He recently published an article called "Weapons Biz Bankrolls Experts Pushing to Extend Afghan War." See:


Talk World Radio: Paul Jay on Prosecuting Trump

Talk Nation Radio is becoming Talk World Radio and can now be found at This week on Talk World Radio: Why hasn't Trump been prosecuted in court yet? Our guest Paul Jay is a journalist and filmmaker. He’s the founder and publisher of He is past chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada, and was the founding Chair of the Hot Docs! Canadian International Documentary Festival. Jay was the co-executive producer of Face Off and counterSpin,...


Talk Nation Radio: Pablo Domíngues on Defeating a Military Base

This week on Talk Nation Radio, a successful recent campaign to prevent the construction of a new military base in the mountains in Europe. Our guest Pablo Domínguez is an eco-anthropologist of the commons, especially centered on pastoral commons of the Mediterranean mountains. He mostly focuses on the ecological and socio-cultural holistic understanding of their functioning, at the same time doing research ‘about’ and ‘for’ action in favor of the natural and cultural values of such systems.


Talk Nation Radio: Brian Ferguson: War Is Not Built into Homo Sapiens

Brian Ferguson is a Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University. He is an expert in the anthropology of war, including ethnic conflicts, tribal warfare, the impact of expanding states on indigenous war patterns and the collapse of states. His 1995 book, Yanomami Warfare: A Political History, challenges popular assumptions about the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon, and has sparked debate within his field. Ferguson is director of the MA program in Peace and Conflict Studies as Rutgers...


Talk Nation Radio: Rachel Small: Blocking Trucks to Move Canada from War to Peace

This week on Talk Nation Radio, putting your body in front of weapons shipments and organizing for peace. Our guest is Rachel Small, Canada Organizer for World BEYOND War, an organization of which I'm the executive director. Rachel Small is a community organizer based in Toronto, Canada, on Dish with One Spoon and Treaty 13 Indigenous territory. She has organized within local and international social/environmental justice movements for over a decade, with a special focus on working in...


Talk Nation Radio: Steve Ellner on Ongoing U.S. Efforts to Overthrow Venezuelan Government

Steve Ellner is a retired professor of the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela and currently an Associate Managing Editor of Latin American Perspectives. He is the author and editor of over a dozen books on Latin American politics and history, his most recent being his edited Latin American Extractivism: Dependency, Resource Nationalism, and Resistance in Broad Perspective (2021). He has published on the op-ed page of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times and in the Nation and is a...


Talk Nation Radio: Pat Rosenstiel on National Popular Vote

This week on Talk Nation Radio, the National Popular Vote and the Electoral College. Our guest is Pat Rosenstiel with, which advocates for "The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact."


Talk Nation Radio: Salam Sarhan: Banning the Malevolent Political Use of Religion

Salam Sarhan is Founder & Secretary-General of BPUR international ( ). BPUR stands for Ban the Political Use of Religion. Salam Sarhan is a well published writer and journalist with three books and over one thousand articles on a wide range of subjects in Arabic and English. He has worked as a TV presenter, producer, business editor, and TV commentator for numerous leading media establishments, including BBC, Alarabiya TV, Sky News Arabia TV, Alarab daily, and The Arab...


Talk Nation Radio: Jodie Evans: China is not our enemy

This week on Talk Nation Radio: U.S.-China relations. Our guest is Jodie Evans. She is co-founder of CODEPINK, which works to stop U.S. Military interventions overseas, and promotes diplomatic solutions and divestiture from war. She served in the administration of Governor Jerry Brown and ran his presidential campaigns. She has published two books, Stop the Next War Now and Twilight of Empire, and produced several documentary films, including the Oscar and Emmy-nominated "The Most Dangerous...


Talk Nation Radio: Where Did Coronavirus Come From?

This week on Talk Nation Radio: Where did Coronavirus come from? What do we know? What do we not know? What is it crazy to ask? What is it crazy not to ask? And why aren't more people interested? Our guest is Sam Husseini. Sam Husseini is an independent journalist (and artist) living in Maryland, his website is


Talk Nation Radio: Will Trump Attack Iran?

Michael T. Klare, The Nation’s defense correspondent, is professor emeritus of peace and world-security studies at Hampshire College and senior visiting fellow at the Arms Control Association in Washington, DC. Most recently, he is the author of All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change, and his latest article for The Nation is "A Very Trumpian Christmas Surprise? Signs Point to a Possible US Attack on Iran.”


Talk Nation Radio: Nicolas Davies on Ceasing to Create Terrorists

Nicolas "Sandy" Davies is a freelance writer, a researcher for CODEPINK and the author of Blood On Our Hands: the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq. We discuss the article he wrote with Medea Benjamin, "Will Biden’s America Stop Creating Terrorists?"


Talk Nation Radio: Alison Cole on Demilitarizing Policing

Alison Cole is a former researcher and activist living in Portland, Oregon. She is working with a coalition of community organizations to demilitarize their local law enforcement agencies. See:


Talk Nation Radio: Medea Benjamin and Marcy Winograd on Michèle Flournoy

This week on Talk Nation Radio: Michèle Flournoy and other disastrous cabinet prospects. Our guests are Medea Benjamin and Marcy Winograd. Medea Benjamin is co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the co-founder of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years. She has been described as "one of America's most committed -- and most effective -- fighters for human rights" by New York Newsday, and "one of the high profile...