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Logic, revisionism, & counter-economics for revolutionaries.

Logic, revisionism, & counter-economics for revolutionaries.
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Logic, revisionism, & counter-economics for revolutionaries.




The Promise of Apollo

This past spring, John McAfee clued myself & listeners of The Agora into a decentralized privacy coin known as Apollo. I began to research the project and was frankly, taken aback. Apollo is an attempt to create an all-in-one blockchain that encompasses all the best features a cryptocurrency can possess. This is done by marrying extreme privacy standards with a very decentralized ecosystem. AJ Mora, Media & PR Director for Apollo joins us for episode 51 to explain all the details.


Bonus: Pete Raymond

As requested by patrons, Pete Raymond is back on The Agora! We caught up this past weekend over a few beers & I had the chance to ask him about his experience with the social media censors, and his forthcoming documentary, The Monopoly On Violence. We also discussed his beef with potential CIA-plant and Chair of the Partyarks, Nick Sarwark. Needless to say, Pete & I have a less than favorable opinion of LP strategy...


Crypto-Economics with Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker stopped by The Agora to school us in some of the finer points of crypto-economics. We discussed his expectations for Facebook's Libra, the disruptive potential of tokenization, Bitcoin maximalism & currency competition as well as hodling's effect on the velocity of cryptocurrencies. We also had a chance to discuss his new book The Market Loves You: Why You Should Love It Back which explores a brilliant thesis thus far unexplored in economics. This episode has something for...


Dash with Amanda Johnson

With the growing tide of regulations against cryptocurrencies, privacy has become an increasingly valuable aspect in the blockchain ecosystem. Dash is a cryptocurrency agorists can confidently trust to facilitate instant & anonymous transactions. Amanda Johnson stops by for this episode of The Agora to explain how this is made possible by utilizing a unique secondary layer of masternodes. We also discussed the advantadges of Dash's treasury system and some of the development goals Amanda...


Stephan Kinsella

Stephan Kinsella is a renowned patent attorney and one of the world's foremost libertarian rights theorists. He stopped by The Agora to help us break down some of Craig Wright's recent legal claims, including his attempt to copyright the Bitcoin White Paper, as well as some of the torts he's filed. Does a copyright application imply CSW is Satoshi Nakamoto? Can he use the courts to force individuals to refer to him as such? This is a great opportunity to learn to some of the legal aspects...


Bonus: Urban Gardening Tips

Growing your own food is one of the easiest, safest and most enjoyable ways to practice counter-economics. Every produce item grown in your garden denies the state a litany of taxes, including but not limited to sales, gas, & export. Not to mention it saves you and your loved ones from state mandated pesticides and chemical additives. Unfortuantely, available planting space has become increasingly rare, particularly for young folks. So, with that in mind, Alex Utopium joins us to share some...


Vin Armani

Vin Armani stopped by the Agora! Vin is the CEO of CoinText & an OG agorist so our meeting was well overdue. He drops some knowledge on STOs and the future of tokenization and also tells us what he's looking forward to in crypto's near future. We also got to discuss an amazing article he wrote for the recent May issue of Counter Markets titled Emerging Opportunities to Profit on The Bitcoin Blockchain.


Thaddeus Russell

Thaddeus Russell stops by The Agora to elaborate on his plans for a School for Agorism! What sorts of classes will be offered? When can you sign up? A historian by trade, he has a unique appreciation for the role counter-economics has played throughout human affairs. From the freedom-fighting sex workers of yesteryear to Gandhi's satyagraha, we put a close lens on the heroic agorists throughout time.


Dr. Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright is the chief scientist at nChain and is believed by many to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the original inventor of bitcoin. That means he is either a computer science genius or a marketing genius. In either case, I thought it would be wise to acquaint ourselves with him and his ideas. We spoke about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, nChain - and although he isn't an anarchist, we may have even found a bit of common ground regarding central banking.


Gabriel Cardona

Gabriel Cardona is head of R&D at & one of the most skilled developers in the blockchain community. He stopped by the Agora recently to discuss technological decentralization and we hit all the stops. 3D-printing, AI, tokenization, smart contracts, DAOs, biomimicry & more.


Roger Ver

Roger Ver, stops by The Agora to discuss voluntaryism, tokenization and bitcoin cash. He is the brains behind a number of projects in the crypto space and a dedicated voluntaryist. I asked him if he agreed with my assessment that the tokenization of securities and assets will be a death knell for the FINRA cartel & the SEC. You'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was to hear his encouraging repsonse.


John McAfee

Smoking L's, talking crypto, and dippin on the IRS with John McAfee. This is the fun part of the liberty movement.


Praxeology with Walter Block

In logic, an axiom is a statement that is self-evident or otherwise accepted as true. The action axiom is simply that individuals act. It is the foundation of austrian economics and the subject of episode 41 of The Agora. To help shed some light on the topic, I asked the world's leading praxeologist, Walter Block, to help us sort thru the minutiae.


The North Cali Trim Scene

Each year, trimmigrants from all over the world gather in Humboldt County to prepare the cannabis crop. In doing so they knowingly put themselves at risk; which is perhaps one reason they are rewarded so generously for their efforts. In this episode, fellow agorist and experienced trimmer, Angelo Depuma, gives us the low down on the north cali trim scene.



Does the state inspect and approve of the food you subsist off of? Do you pay for that food using the counterfeit notes of some banking cartel? If so, congratulations - you're a slave! In this episode of The Agora, find out how aquaponics can liberate you from food slavery and how it gives you the tools to free others as well.


3D Printing for Liberty

This episode of The Agora focuses on some of the various use cases for 3D printing counter-economically. From bump stocks to kidneys, 3D printing offers the agorist a myriad of regulations to nullify.


Meme Wars & Beyond with Pete Raymond

In the second installment of my discussion with Pete Raymond we truly cover the gambit. Don't miss out as we discuss everything from the 2018 Meme War to black markets and comic books. Also, hear my take on why agorism and anarcho-coalitionism are incompatible!


Blockchain Mechanics II

Have a general understanding of blockchain tech, but still find yourself at a loss when others start diving into the intricate details? This episode of The Agora is meant for you. Join me for part two of my discussion with Professor Abdullah Tansel as he explains the glorious marriage of cryptography and databases. We compare and contrast blockchains to traditional databases, learn about scalability, public vs. permissioned blockchains, as well as the role of encryption.


Blockchain Mechanics

Professor Abdullah Tansel stops by The Agora to discuss blockchain mechanics! This two part series is designed give listeners a relatively advanced understanding of blockchain technology. In this first installment, Professor Tansel breaks down the basic elements and features of the blockchain & prepares the listener for Part II of our chat.


Extreme Activism

Although many libertarians consider James Baker a hero, he prefers to think of himself as an auditor of government services - exposing their shortcomings and failures. In this way, he's able to provide some semblance of accountability in otherwise monopolized sectors of the economy. In this episode, part 1/2 of our discussion, James and I discuss some of the more memorable moments of his activist career as well as his philosophy which underpins it all.