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A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI

A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI


Seattle, WA


A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI








November 23, 2022: Media Panic as their Narrative Collapses

Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses 'they/them' pronouns, according to attorneys Seattle Way - Millions proposed for mental health resources in Seattle schools The Swamp - 'The View' hosts defend Ilhan Omar remarks comparing US to terrorists: 'Depends on who you talk to' as Teenager Killed, 22 Injured in Coordinated Explosions Near Jerusalem Bus Stops Woke Report - NHL advocates for biological men playing hockey against women Flu season has been especially hard on school...


A Very Die Hard Christmas

GUEST: Mark Siano, director of A Very Die Hard Christmas. See it from November 25th - December 20th, 2022 at the Seattle Public Theater


November 22, 2022: Fauci's Curtain Call

White House lavishes praise on Dr. Fauci for his 'leadership and legacy' as he delivers 'final message' Seattle taxpayers paying for BIPOC vacations The Swamp - GOP heads to the border. Is this for real or is McCarthy just trying to be speaker Woke report – Musk on Alex Jones A Bellevue police officer has died after a motorcycle crash Left Coast - Multnomah county progressive DA isn’t prosecuting criminals GUEST: Dave Rubin GUEST: TPUSA's Morgan McMichael How do you feel about paying climate...


Dave Rubin Wants Make America Florida Again

Host of the Rubin Report, Dave Rubin joins Ari to talk about why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been so successful and what the GOP can do to replicate that success across the US


November 21, 2022: Payback is an Omar

Latest News on Colorado Springs Shooting at Nightclub Seattle Way: After budget mistake, homelessness agency seeks help from Seattle - to the tune of 9 million dollars The Swamp - Omar, Swalwell and Schiff are out of their committee assignments if Kevin McCarthy gets the gavel Woke report – Disney’s CEO is out and stock immediately rebounds Tacoma shatters previous crime and murder records Left Coast - Satanist after school clubs opening in CA GUEST: Pierre Rehov Reel deal - Ari and Mike...


November 18, 2022: Jobob Interview, Fake News, Lars Unleashed!

Ari is at the Republican Jewish Coalition - Fostering & Enhancing Ties Between the American Jewish Community & Republican Lawmakers. We're joined by Jobob, host Daily Caller Live and Turning Point USA contributor. It's another Fake News Friday with Young Zach and Lars Unleashed! Plus, our Good News Wrap-Up to close out the week.


November 18, 2022: Ari in for John Carlson

Ari Hoffman in for John Carlson, the Twitter drama has taken a strange turn as employees are being restricted to figure out if any of them might internally sabotage the company, is Elon Musk over his head right now with Twitter take over?, US Sen. Patty Murray is now #3 in the line to the US Presidency, Ari attending the Republican Jewish Coalition event this weekend, a knife wielding suspect sparks a lockdown at a Seattle pre-school, the suspect was arrested but not jailed due to continuing...


November 17, 2022: Ding Dong, Pelosi's Gone

Pelosi is gone but who is on tap Seattle Way - Employee sues Seattle and Mayor because of discrimination against whites The Swamp- Hunter Biden investigation Woke report – What is the Respect for marriage act? Tina Podlodowski gets called out by the left Left Coast - Brittney Griner is getting sent to the penal asteroid of Rura Penthe Employee sues Seattle and Mayor because of discrimination against whites Josh Hawley slams down DHS for border failure Good News Wrap up!


November 16, 2022: Are You Ready for Trump 2024?

Former President Donald Trump announces a White House bid for 2024 Seattle Way - Patty Murray is going to be 3rd in line for POTUS The Swamp- Chuck Schumer admits why they are letting the migrants in Woke report – Now you can have male and female parts attached. Jay Inslee gets his big moment in the spotlight - except nobody actually saw it Left Coast - a 9 year old stabbed by a homeless guy in an LA target The Zionist Organization of America honors Trump, hails best friend Israel’s ever had...


Meet Semi Bird, Candidate For Governor Of Washington

Semi Bird, candidate for Governor of Washington joins Ari to discuss his platform. "United We Stand, Together We Can. M. Semi Bird is a Constitutional Christian Conservative running for Governor of ALL of Washington State in 2024" For more information about his campaign, check out his website:


November 15, 2022: WWIII abroad and at home

Russia (allegedly) fires missiles at Poland, but don’t worry, Joe Biden is at the other end of the red phone Seattle Way - Seattle announces $2M storefront repair fund for small businesses, but you might be surprised what doesn’t qualify The Swamp- McConnell dismisses Scott's GOP leadership challenge: 'I have the votes' Woke report – Daughter slams father at funeral because he wasn’t woke enough More problems on the way for Washingtonians due to Inslee’s staffing shortage Left Coast - NBC...


Jeremy Piven at Tacoma Comedy Club This Week

It's Ari Hoffman vs Ari Gold! Jeremy Piven is our guest to talk about his upcoming run of shows at Tacoma Comedy Club this week. Check out for more details and tickets, including VIP packages that include a meet & greet. A household name for his 2x Golden Globe and 3x Emmy Award-winning performance playing the fast-talking, acerbic Hollywood agent ‘Ari Gold’ in the HBO series Entourage, actor, comedian, and podcast host Jeremy Piven also achieved significant success...


November 14, 2022: Muppets can help count in Arizona

Ari talks about the latest out of Arizona - could Muppets count better? Seattle Way - Seattle students flood City Hall in walkout following deadly school shooting The Swamp- Biden’s border is so secure his own appointee just resigned Woke report – Margot Robbie pirates reboot gets axed Emperor Inslee attends the climate summit in Egypt Left Coast - Could Gavin Newsom be our next President? New York bans guns in religious institutions – GUEST: Tzvi Waldman joins Ari to explain Reel Deal – Ari...


November 11, 2022: Veterans Day

Trump Claims Credit for DeSantis’s Rise and Doubles Down on ‘DeSanctimonious’ Attack Seattle Way - Incentive Package for Landlords & Housing Providers The Swamp - According to a CNN exit poll, the GOP is favored by married people, Dems strongly supported by unmarried women Woke Report - Joy Reid LAUGHS when Kurt Bardella suggests Lauren Boebert’s loss will be “a gain for OnlyFans.” Does the left think sexism is ok so long as the target is a Republican? ‘The Office’ Actor Rainn Wilson Alters...


November 10, 2022: What Do We Do Now?

The time for crying is over, now it's time to start winning Seattle Way - The shooting tragedy at Ingraham High School gets so much worse The Swamp- Biden's victory lap and Arizona's disaster Woke report – MSNBC suggests a GOP member go to OnlyFans if they lose Voter fraud? Or fuel to the fire Left Coast - Baby shot in stroller; just another day in Newsom's California Friendly faceoff GUEST: Tom Voelk, former auto columnist with The NY Times and host of his own YouTube series, Driven Car...


November 9, 2022: About Last Night...

What the hell happened last night? Seattle Way - A teacher at SPS politicizes shooting tragedy for election day The Swamp- Biden reacts to the election results Woke report – NBC pundit says Hispanics like DeSantis because he is racist Inslee is going to Egypt to solve climate change and you are paying for it plus latest results Left Coast - Oregon has some interesting election night results GUEST: Saul Spady Iran is going to execute 15,000 protesters GUEST: Cathy Allen Good News Wrap up!


November 8, 2022: Election Night LIVE

BREAKING: Student killed in Ingraham High School shooting - suspect is in custody Ari makes his closing arrgument before the election The Swamp - Washington Post gives Biden a 'bottomless Pinocchio' in fact-check of several misleading claims Woke Report - AOC apologizes for not listing her pronouns on Instagram. Apparently they "fell off"?! GUEST: Caleb Heimlich, Chairman, Washington State Republican Party GUEST: Tiffany Smiley, candidate for Senate Lee Zeldin gains support of Jewish...


November 7, 2022: No Calm Before the Storm

Tina Podlodowski, party chair of the Washington State Democratic Party canceled an interview her team scheduled with us. What's she afraid of? Seattle Way - There's a massive budget deficit and Ari has the solution The Swamp- Biden has doomed the democrats with more gaffes over the weekend Woke report – Whoopi Goldberg is off twitter Inslee’s terrible new plan to clean up a mess he caused Left Coast - Portland finally bans camping. Is it too little too late? GUEST: Matt Larkin Reel deal -...


November 4, 2022: The Election Home Stretch

After Kyrie Irving finally apologizes after Nets suspension, Ari talks about Antisemitism in the Black Community Seattle Way - Washington Democrats are split over secretary of state candidates BREAKING: Protesters blocks all lanes of I-5 north in downtown Seattle The Swamp - Joy Reid says Republicans “taught people the word inflation. Most people have never used that word ever in their lives ” Woke Report - Jimmy Kimmel says he lost at least half his fan base over anti-Trump jokes GUEST:...


Why Are Democrats Worried About a Write-In Candidate?

Ari's guest is Brad Klippert, write-in Candidate for Washington Secretary of State