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Quartzsite-Arizona-Mojave-California-Bob Davis Podcast 997

Depth Of Nomad Experience Above all time to reflect on the depth of this nomad experience in Quartzsite-Arizona-Mojave-California-Bob Davis Podcast 997. Personal and Real Firstly I’ve focused on keeping these podcasts personal and real. Experience Secondly it’s all about my nomad journey and experience. Quartzsite Certainly there’s something special about the moon like Bureau Of […] Read more The post Quartzsite-Arizona-Mojave-California-Bob Davis Podcast 997 appeared first on The Bob Davis...


Grand-Canyon-Southwest-Masterpeice-Bob Davis Podcast 996

Grand Canyon Southwest Masterpiece Firstly the Grand Canyon is a Southwest Masterpiece. Learn more in my podcast from the Desert View Campground in Grand-Canyon-Southwest-Masterpeice-Bob Davis Podcast 996. Blowing Through It Secondly I think far too many people blow through the Canyon on a one day junket. Certainly if you only have one day that’s one […] Read more The post Grand-Canyon-Southwest-Masterpeice-Bob Davis Podcast 996 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


New-Mexico-American-Tibet-Bob Davis Podcast 995

Is New Mexico The American Tibet? Above all the states I’ve visited New Mexico feels like the American Tibet. Details in New-Mexico-American-Tibet-Bob Davis Podcast 995. Not Really Tibet But… Firstly I am not suggesting at all that a US State would actually BE Tibet. Lots Of Travel However I’ve traveled a lot. Secondly I never […] Read more The post New-Mexico-American-Tibet-Bob Davis Podcast 995 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Buddy-Holly-West-Texas-History-Bob Davis Podcast 994

West Texas Buddy Holly History Firstly there’s a lot of history in West Texas including Lubbock’s Buddy Holly Center. Nomad friend Don Anger joins me to talk about it all in Buddy-Holly-West-Texas-History-Bob Davis Podcast 994. Still Heading West I am certainly continuing my nomad travels, heading west. West Texas And there is no more West […] Read more The post Buddy-Holly-West-Texas-History-Bob Davis Podcast 994 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Beating-Travel-Blues-In-Arkansas-Bob Davis Podcast 993

Beating The Travel Blues In Arkansas Firstly you would be forgiven for wondering why I would even need to beat the travel blues in Arkansas. Above all other places. But the travel blues can bite you in the ass without warning. Learn more in Beating-Travel-Blues-In-Arkansas-Bob Davis Podcast 993. Goal Oriented Secondly we live in a […] Read more The post Beating-Travel-Blues-In-Arkansas-Bob Davis Podcast 993 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomadland-Reaction-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 992

Nomadland Reaction and Review Above all I am not a movie critic but I am a nomad and I did see the movie Nomadland, so here’s my reaction and review. Learn more by listening to Nomadland-Reaction-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 992. Have You Seen It? In addition my listeners want to know if I’ve seen Nomadland. Not […] Read more The post Nomadland-Reaction-Review-Bob Davis Podcast 992 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Answer-The-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 991

Hey! When Your Passion Calls Answer The Call First of all I am so excited to be back on the road and answer the call. Life is short. When passion calls. Answer! Details in Answer-The-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 991. Back Roads Secondly I travel back roads unless there’s an emergency. Amazing Two Lane Highways Therefore in Answer-The-Call-Bob […] Read more The post Answer-The-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 991 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomad-Relaunch-Go-West-Bob Davis Podcast 990

Nomad Relaunch Going West Next Above all it has been a minute or two and now it’s time for a nomad relaunch to go west. Details in Nomad-Relaunch-Go-West-Bob Davis Podcast 990. Florida and Outer Banks First of all, just returned from my trip to Florida and along the Outer Banks. Podcast Avoidance In addition I […] Read more The post Nomad-Relaunch-Go-West-Bob Davis Podcast 990 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Authentic-Creativity-Nomad-Travel-Bob Davis Podcast 989

Authentic Creativity and Nomad Travel First of all authentic creativity and nomad travel go together. Secondly we’ll talk about it in depth in Authentic-Creativity-Nomad-Travel-Bob Davis Podcast 989. Authenticity Most importantly while people value authenticity, there isn’t much of it around. Thought Processes of Creating Certainly I consider thought processes as a part of creating content. […] Read more The post Authentic-Creativity-Nomad-Travel-Bob Davis Podcast 989 appeared first on The...


Carolina-Outer-Banks-Quest-Bob Davis Podcast 988

In The Carolina Outer Banks Firstly I am in the Carolina Outer Banks on a quest to find the ultimate weather beaten old school beach town. Learn more in Carolina-Outer-Banks-Quest-Bob Davis Podcast 988, Atlantic Coast Challenges Secondly from Florida to North Carolina the Atlantic coast is a challenge for travelers. Back Roads Always Even more […] Read more The post Carolina-Outer-Banks-Quest-Bob Davis Podcast 988 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Truck-Stop-Cooking-Talking-Bob Davis Podcast 987

Truck Stop Cooking Talking Above all there’s nothing like Truck Stop Cooking and Talking. Reviewing the Spring Break Road Trip so far in Truck-Stop-Cooking-Talking-Bob Davis Podcast 987. No Small Talk Most importantly I don’t do small talk. Taking Stock First of all as I think about the trip and some of the experiences so far […] Read more The post Truck-Stop-Cooking-Talking-Bob Davis Podcast 987 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Springbreak-Part2-The-Interviews-Bob Davis Podcast 986

Springbreak Part2 The Interviews Firstly it’s Springbreak and time for some interviews in Part2 of my travels to Florida this spring. Learn more in Springbreak-Part2-The-Interviews-Bob Davis Podcast 986. Interesting People? Secondly as a nomad Podcaster people I meet always say, “Boy you must interview some really interesting people”. Certainly there are interesting people out here. […] Read more The post Springbreak-Part2-The-Interviews-Bob Davis Podcast 986 appeared first on The Bob Davis...


Springbreak-Roadtrip-Part1-Blueridge-Mountains-Bob Davis Podcast 985

Springbreak Roadtrip Part1 First of all it’s time for a Springbreak Roadtrip and part 1 is Virginia through the Blueridge Mountains. Secondly long time listeners know I’ve been handling some personal business in Virginia for the last few weeks. Boy, is it time to get back on the road and we’ll do it in Springbreak-Roadtrip-Part1-Blueridge-Mountains. […] Read more The post Springbreak-Roadtrip-Part1-Blueridge-Mountains-Bob Davis Podcast 985 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984

Virginia Midnight Walk And Talk Podcast Above all it’s finally warming up in Virginia which makes it perfect for a midnight walk and talk podcast. Even more it’s been awhile since a free wheeling walk and talk. Listen to Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984. Chomping At The Bit Firstly still stopped down in Virginia dealing with […] Read more The post Virginia-Midnight-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 984 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983

Difficult Winter Calls For Summer Sounds Winter Relief Firstly we are having a difficult winter and a Summer Sounds Winter Relief is the perfect antidote. Therefore headphones on for Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983. No Talk Secondly and perhaps most importantly I don’t talk much in this podcast. Power Of Sound Above all one of the […] Read more The post Summer-Sounds-Winter-Relief-Bob Davis Podcast 983 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982

Inside Virginia Ice Storm Firstly while most of the country struggles with winter weather I am inside a Virginia Ice Storm. Ever wonder what it sounds like? Hear it in Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982. Stories From The Road Secondly my rig Mobile Podcast Command has been through a lot. Time to share some stories as […] Read more The post Inside-Virginia-Ice-Storm-Bob Davis Podcast 982 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981

When Will Dark Times End When Will Dark Times End? Most importantly there seems to be a lot of grief to go around these days. A friend asked me to do a podcast about the subject, Find out why in When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981. Loss Certainly I am dealing with a loss in my own […] Read more The post When-Will-Dark-Times-End?-Bob Davis Podcast 981 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980

VanLife Nomad Backlash Suddenly there’s a Vanlife Nomad Backlash. Certainly it’s fun to be free and living out on the road. What’s the problem? My reaction in Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980. Full Commitment Firstly I’ve just recently made a full commitment to living on the road. Learn more about that here. Extended Travel Secondly extended […] Read more The post Vanlife-Nomad-Backlash-Bob Davis Podcast 980 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979

Future Dreams After Covid Firstly it’s time to talk about our future dreams after Covid. We’ll do that in Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979. Live From The Driveway Secondly I am podcasting live from my mom’s driveway in Virginia for the time being. Learn why by listening here. Dark Time Most importantly we’re living through a […] Read more The post Future-Dreams-After-Covid-Bob Davis Podcast 979 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomad-Uses-Downtime-Bob Davis Podcast 978

Firstly how a nomad uses downtime is key. Most importantly a family emergency has pulled me off the road for the short term. Learn how I plan to use the time in Nomad-Uses-Downtime-Bob Davis Podcast 978. Secondly truth be told; I am already hearing the highway song. On the other hand I am finding some […] Read more The post Nomad-Uses-Downtime-Bob Davis Podcast 978 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.