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Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967

Rock Radio Stories Ever have an experience you know is a one off? First of all my friend Max and I did. Second, we haven’t talked about it in a long time. Learn more in Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967. Still New. Not ‘Classic’ Most importantly there was a time when rock wasn’t ‘classic’ because it […] Read more The post Rock-Radio-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 967 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomad-Life-Pleasure-Pain-Bob Davis Podcast 966

Pleasure and Pain In Nomad Life First there’s pleasure and pain in nomad life. It’s not all joy, all the time. Learn more in Nomad-Life-Pleasure-Pain-Bob Davis Podcast 966. Summer in November Second we’re live in Virginia on a perfect summer like morning. Living Life On The Road So it’s time for an easy talker in […] Read more The post Nomad-Life-Pleasure-Pain-Bob Davis Podcast 966 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nashville-Broadway-Saturday-Night-Bob Davis Podcast 965

Nashville Broadway Saturday Night What’s Nashville’s Broadway District like on a Saturday night? It’s something you have to hear to believe. I’ll take you there in Nashville-Broadway-Saturday-Night-Bob Davis Podcast 965. Friends Out On Broadway First of all every time I come to Tennessee I visit my friend John Holland and we do a podcast. A […] Read more The post Nashville-Broadway-Saturday-Night-Bob Davis Podcast 965 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.



Offgrid In Trump Country Firstly wouldn’t it be cool to live offgrid in a home that actually pays you? I am in Kentucky and my guest in Offgrid-In-Trump-Country-Bob-Davis-Podcast-964 builds these homes. Rural Kentucky Secondly rural Kentucky like most of rural America, is Trump country. Stolen Election Out here they think the democrats stole the election […] Read more The post Offgrid-In-Trump-Country-Bob-Davis-Podcast-964 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Taking-My-Time-Isn’t-Easy-Bob Davis Podcast 963

Taking My Time Isn’t Easy Most importantly if you know me you know taking my time isn’t easy. At all. In addition my subscribers know I am no stranger to travel. However now that I’ve gone full gonzo nomad the idea of taking my time has new significance. Learn more in Taking-My-Time-Isn’t-Easy-Bob Davis Podcast 963. […] Read more The post Taking-My-Time-Isn’t-Easy-Bob Davis Podcast 963 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962

Where’s The Landslide? Learn more in Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962. Penguin Pundits told us over and over one of these candidates would probably win the election ‘by a landslide’. What happened? Not Minute By Minute Coverage Firstly I don’t do minute by minute election coverage. Nomad Election Coverage Secondly I’ve made a decided effort to […] Read more The post Where’s-The-Landslide-Bob Davis Podcast 962 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Mistakes-Final Polls-Bob Davis Podcast 961

Dumb Mistakes Most important thing to do to avoid dumb mistakes? Be present. Learn more in Mistakes-Final Polls-Bob Davis Podcast 961. Final Poll Rundown Secondly I had to stop and run down the final polls before this fiasco ends. Or not. Nomad Mindset Engaged Certainly I have a lot going on in my mind. Even […] Read more The post Mistakes-Final Polls-Bob Davis Podcast 961 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Full-Gonzo-Nomad-Bob Davis Podcast 959

Full Gonzo Nomad First of all there’s Full Gonzo Nomad and then there’s touring the freeways in a six figure RV. Learn more in Full-Gonzo-Nomad-Bob Davis Podcast 959. Back Roads Forever Second of all there’s travel always on the back roads. I’ve certainly done my fair share of it. Even more travel in a Twenty […] Read more The post Full-Gonzo-Nomad-Bob Davis Podcast 959 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Reclaiming-Our-Lives-Bob Davis Podcast 960

Most Important Thing The most important thing to remember is we can reclaim our lives whenever we want. Learn more in Reclaiming-Our-Lives-Bob Davis Podcast 960. Take It Back Second of all why don’t we take our lives back? Certainly it’s complicated. Jobs. Kids. Goals. Stuff. Plans. Complicated Methods For Simplifying Your Life And I know […] Read more The post Reclaiming-Our-Lives-Bob Davis Podcast 960 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Jumping-The-Gun-On-2020-Bob Davis Podcast 958

Jumping The Gun Again? First of all they’re jumping the gun again. Learn more in Jumping-The-Gun-On-2020-Bob Davis Podcast 958. Secondly I don’t care who wins the presidential election in 2020. Leaps Of Faith However I can’t ignore the leaps of faith when it comes to candidate preference polls in this election. There Are Limits In […] Read more The post Jumping-The-Gun-On-2020-Bob Davis Podcast 958 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Tough-Decisions-Ahead-Bob Davis Podcast 957

Tough Decisions Ahead These days it seems like tough decisions are ahead for everyone. Me too. Let’s talk about it in Tough-Decisions-Ahead-Bob Davis Podcast 957. Things Aren’t What They Seem First of all the truth is things aren’t what they seem. At least that’s my takeaway. When The Going Gets Tough Second of all when […] Read more The post Tough-Decisions-Ahead-Bob Davis Podcast 957 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


So-Over-Political-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 956

So Over Political Talk Firstly I am so over political talk. Learn more in So-Over-Political-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 956. It’s Wallpaper What used to be refreshing and unique in media has finally become wallpaper. Life In A Graphic Novel Secondly a recent ‘presidential debate’ makes our political and real life feel like we’re in a graphic […] Read more The post So-Over-Political-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 956 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Battlegrounds-Too-Close-To-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 955

Battleground States Too Close To Call Firstly it may be a surprise to some but the battleground states are too close to call. Secondly these days pundits follow each other. They strive to make predictions. Learn why I say this in Battlegrounds-Too-Close-To-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 955. Media Setting Up False Expectations More importantly for the country, […] Read more The post Battlegrounds-Too-Close-To-Call-Bob Davis Podcast 955 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


There-Is-Something-Going-On-Bob Davis Podcast 954

Have You Ever Felt Like There Is Something Going On? Firstly have you ever felt like there is something going on? Something you can’t quite put a finger on. More importantly a feeling welling up from deep inside. That’s what There-Is-Something-Going-On-Bob Davis Podcast 954 is all about. Feelings Rule In This Podcast Second I know […] Read more The post There-Is-Something-Going-On-Bob Davis Podcast 954 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


No-News-Is-News-Bob Davis Podcast 953

No News IS News These days the first thing to know is no news, IS the news. We’ll talk about it in No-News-Is-News-Bob Davis Podcast 953. Objective Sources? Most important for this walk and talk podcast is that some people think there are still ‘objective sources’. Podcast Integration First of I do walk and talk […] Read more The post No-News-Is-News-Bob Davis Podcast 953 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Spacetime-Is-Making-Us Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 952

Spacetime Did What? First of all spacetime is as much a mystery to me as to anyone else. Learn more in Spacetime-Is-Making-Us Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 952. We’re All Nutty Now But something happened in deep space recently and it might be effecting us now. Secondly I’ve done a number of podcasts about how nutty everyone […] Read more The post Spacetime-Is-Making-Us Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 952 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Riots-A-Slippery-Slope-Bob Davis Podcast 951

Riots Are A Slippery Slope First of all protests and riots have everyone talking though they are a slippery slope. Cooking dinner and sitting on the deck seems to be a great venue to talk about it. Learn more in Riots-A-Slippery-Slope-Bob Davis Podcast 951. Civil War Talk Just As Dangerous Second I don’t like using […] Read more The post Riots-A-Slippery-Slope-Bob Davis Podcast 951 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


2020-Like-2016-Only-Worse-Bob Davis Podcast 950

2020 Election Polls So Far Firstly I’ve done at least four podcasts focused on the 2020 election polls. In addition I have been at odds with the media because I’ve said from the beginning this election is nowhere near decided. Now it’s even closer. Details in 2020-Like-2016-Only-Worse-Bob Davis Podcast 950. Media Clinging To Made Up […] Read more The post 2020-Like-2016-Only-Worse-Bob Davis Podcast 950 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Live-From-The-Wilderness-Bob Davis Podcast 949

Live From The Political Wilderness! These days the only way to see things clearly is stand back. Way back. I live in the high country. The wilderness. Learn more in Live-From-The-Wilderness-Bob Davis Podcast 949. Been Here For Years Firstly I’ve been here in the wilderness for years. Best Approach For Listeners and Subscribers Secondly I […] Read more The post Live-From-The-Wilderness-Bob Davis Podcast 949 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Midnight-Lake-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 948

Midnight Lake Walk and Talk These days I hate to say it but the election campaigns are shifting into high gear. I’ve been touring the upper Midwest and needed more time by the lake. Learn more in Midnight-Lake-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 948. Political Takeaways From My Recent Road Trip Certainly my road trip to Michigan’s Upper […] Read more The post Midnight-Lake-Walk-And-Talk-Bob Davis Podcast 948 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.