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Disengagement is not the answer

When the chaos of the news cycle “drowns out life“ what should we do? Pretend we’re isolated individuals, that nobody else matters, and double down on our sense of helplessness? We think not! Tim and Peter discuss a recent article in the Providence Journal suggesting disengagement as a viable coping strategy. FROM THIS EPISODE "When the chaos of a 24/7 news cycle drowns out life, what do you do?"...


Wisdom, Courage, and the West Roxbury Climate Trial with Karenna Gore

This episode is a conversation between Tim and his co-defendant Karenna Gore, immediately after the surprising verdict in the West Robury (Boston) pipeline resistance trial. They discuss their experience of civil disobedience that led to the trial and the ground-breaking result of an acquittal by reason of the necessity defense. Karenna Gore Director, Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary


The West Roxbury MA Climate Trial

BREAKING 3/27/18: Defendants found NOT RESPONSIBLE by necessity! BREAKING 3/22/18: The prosecution has dropped the criminal charges to a civil infraction, so there will be no jury trial! We’ve added an update on what this means at the start of this episode. We then proceed to the previously recorded episode about the trial. Tim and Peter discuss the West Roxbury, MA climate trial scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Tim shares the story of the...


From Monoculture to Mass Incarceration: Land Restoration and Restorative Justice with Jonathan McRay

In our first outdoor episode, Tim talks with Jonathan McRay about the intersection of land restoration and restorative justice, questioning our society’s notions about waste and articulating a vision of healing. In addition to wind, we got some beautiful bird songs in this episode! The Climate Workshop Podcast is hosted by Tim DeChristopher and Peter Bowden and is supported by our listeners via Patreon, the membership site for content creators. Value these conversations? Become a patron of...


Introduction to Civil Disobedience in the Climate Movement

In this episode, Tim DeChristopher and Peter Bowden discuss some of the trends of civil disobedience in the climate movement, as well as the fundamental roles of civil disobedience as a tool for social change. Co-host Tim DeChristopher disrupted an illegitimate Bureau of Land Management oil and gas auction in December of 2008, by posing as "Bidder 70" and outbidding oil companies for parcels around Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. For his act of civil disobedience, he was...


Climate change, economic inequality, toxic masculinity, and more with Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Tim DeChristopher talks with Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, the Minister for Ecological Justice at Bethel AME Church in Boston, MA. Rev. Mariama shares her deep ecological view of climate and social justice. She talks about her role as a black minister challenging the predominantly white climate movement to recognize that the problem is much bigger than parts per million. This episode connects the dots between climate change and economic inequality, toxic masculinity, mass incarceration, and...


Can we talk climate change?

Tim DeChristopher and Peter Bowden discuss Peter’s entry into climate activism and what kind of conversations they feel have been missing from the climate movement. They challenge some of the conventional wisdom about communicating climate change and call for a more authentic, diverse, and humble conversation. Also, don’t miss Peter’s great Bill McKibben impression! Appreciate these conversations? Become a patron of the Climate Workshop Podcast. Patrons make this podcast possible long-term...


Welcome to the Climate Workshop Podcast

An introduction to the Climate Workshop Podcast. Tim DeChristopher and Peter Bowden discuss why they are doing a podcast, some of Tim’s activism background, and what kind of conversations they hope to share with listeners. Appreciate these conversations? Become a patron of the Climate Workshop Podcast. Patrons make this podcast possible long term and get access to our patron only stream. Connect with us online