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The DFL Debrief covers important political news out of Minnesota and offers behind-the-scenes insight and analysis of state and national politics, hosted by the staff of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.


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The DFL Debrief covers important political news out of Minnesota and offers behind-the-scenes insight and analysis of state and national politics, hosted by the staff of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.




Delayed, But Better Late Than Never

Sorry for the delay, Debriefers! Our episode today was taped last week, but here it is nonetheless. Our hosts reveal some breaking news regarding DFL staffers, our Humphrey Mondale guest speaker, as well as a trip through Groundhog's Day.


Yes, Daddy.

Happy New Year, DFLers (and GOP operatives)! On this week's episode, we tune into "Hot Talk w/ the Ox" and get his semi-graphic take on Tom Emmer bending the knee to Donald Trump. The gang also discusses Darwin's rumored Ivermectin ingestion, and Madison is officially declared "Maven of the Manatee." We are also encouraging all of our wonderful listeners to send in their own "You Betcha-Oh Geez" that we will read in the next episode. You can send them to, looking forward to hearing them!


Ken Martin, Saboteur?

This week, it's become clear that our cover is blown. Former GOP State Senator Dave (@BigDFromMN on Twitter) Osmek hops on a radio show and reveals that DFL Chairmen Ken Martin is surely the man responsible for the MN GOP's disfunction! Also, we do some holiday shopping to help you find a gift for that loved one who has everything, and we find out if Madison has ever found that Manatee. Also some serious stuff trickles in, I mean, it is our job and all...


Is This Thing On?

Weeee'reeeee baaaaaaack! The DFL Debrief makes its triumphant(?) return to the airwaves, sans Brian Evans, to preview (sorry folks) Tuesday's elections, the new Speaker of the House, and introduces two new co-hosts. The rest of the show is pretty much what you'd expect.


A Debate Between the DFL & MNGOP Chairman, Part 1

This week's podcast is part one of a conversation between DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin and Minnesota GOP Chairman David Hann, hosted jointly by the DFL Debrief podcast and the Breakdown with Brodkorb and Becky podcast. The Chairman debate the 2023 legislative session, discuss the 2024 campaign season, and a whole lot more! Part two of their conversation will be released on Tuesday, 9/12, exclusively on the Breakdown's podcast feed. You can find the Breakdown on all major podcast platforms or online at! Be sure to tune in to part two when it releases in just a few days!


Live from the Minnesota State Fair ft. Sen. Kari Dziedzic

This week, Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic joined the DFL Debrief crew out at the DFL State Fair booth to talk legislative session, state fair food, and so much more!


How the Minnesota Miracle 2.0 Happened ft. Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman

This week, Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives Melissa Hortman joined the podcast to discuss how DFLers actually went about passing so much amazing legislation, why Republicans completely dropped the ball this session, and so much more!


Legalization Day & Saving Democracy ft. David Pepper

This week, we sat down with former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper to talk about his new book: Saving Democracy: A User’s Guide. David shares some great and actionable information about how listeners can get involved in fighting for our democracy in your own backyards. You can find out where to buy David's book at To read more of David's political analysis, check out his Substack:


The DeSantis Deep Dive ft. Nikki Fried

Ron DeSantis is many things: an authoritarian, an extremist, a bigot. But he's also a deeply weird dude. We get into all of that and more with special guest Nikki Fried, Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, on this week's episode of the DFL Debrief!


Nobody Likes Ron DeSantis

This week, the show takes a look at a highly-publicized focus group story that showcased the popularity of the Trifecta's legislation among these thirteen average Minnesotans (and many more?) We also laugh at Ron DeSantis' poor name ID as well as review a singing telegram Ken received for his 50th birthday that is still keeping us up at night.


Finally, A Doctor Senator We Can Trust - Sen. Alice Mann & Her Fight For Paid Family Leave

Dr. Senator Alice Mann joins the DFL Debrief this week to walk us through the newly-passed Paid Family Leave legislation and the overwhelmingly positive effects it will have on Minnesotans, no matter where you work. She also discusses her journey from doctor to the MN House to the MN Senate. We have a Mike Lindell bathtub sighting during YouBetcha & OhGeez, and Vlad's fact highlights how Nebraska's legislature became so unique. Finally, Brian and Will make a very natural-sounding pitch for DFLers everywhere to attend the "Crow Wing County DFL: More Variety-Better Society" variety show on August 19th!


Pete's Perks: How Rep. Stauber's Congressional Privilege Is Not For You ft. Jen Schultz

This week, we sat down with and former (and likely future) 8th congressional district candidate Jen Schultz to discuss her campaign for congress. Schultz is an economist and served for four terms in the Minnesota State House of Representatives and had a lot of interesting insights into the process of running for Congress, the disappointing tenure of Republican Congressman Pete Stauber, and so much more! The Star Tribune flag submission story from Will's Oh Geez:


Gun Safety Reform (Finally!) Comes to MN ft. Rep. Cedrick Frazier

This week, we were joined by State Rep. Cedrick Frazier to discuss the red flag and universal background check bills that were signed into law this year to help reduce gun violence in Minnesota. If you found this episode informative, please be sure to share the DFL Debrief with your friends and family and review us on your podcast platform of choice! Sarah McBride's website, which Ken referenced in his You Betcha:


Reproductive Rights One Year After the End of Roe ft. Sen. Erin Maye Quade

This week, we are joined by Senator Erin Maye Quade to discuss where things stand at the state and federal level almost exactly one year after the Supreme Court ended federal protections for abortion. If you found this episode informative, please be sure to share the DFL Debrief with your friends and family and review us on your podcast platform of choice!


Attorney General Keith Ellison on His New Book "Break the Wheel"

The Debrief is joined this week by the Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, who talks about his prosecution in the Derek Chauvin case and how it led him to write a book titled "Break the Wheel: Ending the Cycle of Police Violence". AG Ellison also describes his feelings in the final moments before the guilty verdict and the need for continued efforts toward meaningful change.


Into the Weeds of Legal Cannabis in Minnesota with Rep. Zack Stephenson

Rep. Zack Stephenson breaks down the cannabis legalization bill that he helped write and that was just signed into law this week! We also discuss the legislative session generally and a whole lot more. This was a terrific conversation, so be sure to check it out and share it around!


That's a Wrap!

The Minnesota legislative session is officially wrapped and the DFL Debrief crew discusses some of their biggest takeaways from the historic work DFL lawmakers got done in the past 6 months.


Riding the Poller Coaster

This week, the Debrief crew discusses a new poll covering all things Minnesota politics, the fantastic education bill that just passed the legislature, and a ton more! If you like the pod, be sure to rate and review us wherever you listen!


We're All Going to Be Doing Better: Paid Family Leave is Coming to MN

This week, Melisa López Franzen joined the DFL Debrief crew to discuss the paid family and medical leave program that just passed the Minnesota House and Senate! We also discuss the tuition-free college program for low-income families that just passed and a lot more!


The DFL Debrief Bahrs It All

This week on the DFL Debrief, we appreciate comedy stylings of Joe Biden, discuss cannabis legalization and paid family leave, and so much more. Be sure to rate and review the podcast wherever you listen and tell your friends and family!