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Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.

Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.
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Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.




Barr And Grill

US senate holds confirmation hearing for Attorney General Nominee William Barr. President and CEO of Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Desmond Meade speaks about Florida's Amendment 4. During Trump's trip to New Orleans, he mocked immigrants who show up to hearings, and calls the those who do show up 'dumb.' UTLA Member Judy Arteaga joins the show live from the LA Teachers' Strike. Rep. Steve King loses committee positions following white nationalist remarks. Razor company Gillette's ad...


Unpopularity Contest

The government shutdown reaches day 24, the longest in US history, with over half of Americans blaming President Trump and the GOP. Executive Director of Justice Democrats Alexandra Rojas on targeting congressman Henry Cuellar for possible primary challenger. Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers strike in nation's second largest school district. GoFundMe refunds $20 million in Trump's border wall contributions over terms of service violations. Journalist Roland Martin discusses the 2020...


War on Progressives

Trump visits the border, trying to justify the need for a wall. Joe Lieberman attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Fox Business. Sarah Kleiner, Center For Public Integrity's Federal Politics Reporter, on surge in female involvment in 2018 and 2020 election. TYT's Ken Klippenstein on his reporting about suspended FEMA contracts. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich discuss who should host the Oscars this year. Cohost: Brett Erlich Guests: Sarah Kleiner & Ken Klippenstein Learn more about your ad...


Hole In The Wall

19 days into the shutdown, Donald Trump says, 'The buck stops with everybody.' The Daily Caller tweets and then deletes fake lewd photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Steve King wonders how white nationalist, supremacist language became offensive. Susan Ferriss, reporter for Center for Public Integrity, exposes the myth that undocumented workers decrease wages. Author Jason Stanley returns to continue the discussion about fascism and U.S. politics. Today's Garbage Person segment features...



Donald Trump addressed the nation about the shutdown and border wall. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez respond. Ayanna Pressley gives a power speech to call out Donald Trump over the government shutdown. Florida ex-felons regain their right to vote. NYC's mayor Bill de Blasio's plan mandates paid time off for city's workers. R. Kelly's criminal investigation is underway following Lifetime docuseries. Donald Trump nominates former coal lobbyist Andrew...


Crisis Actor

President Trump to deliver a prime-time address about the government shutdown and fake border crisis. Right-wing outlets are spreading misinformation about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal for marginal tax rates. Journalist David Sirota discusses how Ocasio-Cortez has affected American political discourse. Showrunner Matthew Carnahan's show, Valley of the Boom, is a limited series about the 90's dot come era and Silicon Valley's tech boom and bust. This week's Meanwhile In segment...


Impeach The Motherf**ker

Anderson Cooper sits down with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for extended 60 Minutes interview. Activist Shaun King's anonymous tip leads to the arrest of Jazmine Barnes shooting suspect. Vermont newspaper's editorial board begs Bernie Sanders not to run for president. John Bonifaz, co-author of “The Constitution Demands It,” on Trump impeachment. Author Joshua Goldstein discusses solutions to solve climate change. Video of Drake kissing a 17-year-old fan resurfaces. Cohost: Brooke...


Dance Dance Revolution

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to criticism of her college dance video. Guest Ro Khanna outlines why he opposes PayGo. Guest David Dennis Jr breaks down Surviving R. Kelly docuseries premiere and Rashida Tlaib calls for Trump's impeachment but the media focuses on her language. Cohost: Ben Mankiewicz Guest: Ro Khanna and David Dennis Jr. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Swearing In

New Democratic House takes over. Guest Rio Tazewell breaks down sweeping reform bill. Evangelical Leader Jerry Falwell Jr supports Trump no matter what. Guest Cara Buckley explains what women lead and black film success could mean for the future. Lastly, John Iadarola reports on international news from UK, Norway, Brazil, and the Solar System. Guests: Rio Tazewell & Cara Buckley Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Mitt Romney slams Trump's character in Washington Post op-ed. A black 7- year- old is shot and killed by a white man in a random drive-by shooting. A McDonald's employee has to defend herself when a customer physically attacks her. Rebel HQ's Emma Vigeland gives her thoughts on Elizabeth Warren's presidential exploratory committee announcement and Trump tweets about his haters in the new year. Cohost: Jayar Jackson Guest: Emma Vigeland Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


2020 Already

Guest Richard Ojeda shares his presidential platform, Elizabeth Warren launches an exploratory committee, Louis CK's standup set leaks, Trump starts workday at 11am, Ken Klippenstein on the Shudown and Child Soldiers in Yemen. With John Iadarola. Cohost: Brooke Thomas Guests: Richard Ojeda, Ken Klippenstein Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Year In Damage

John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas take a look back at all the damage done in 2018. Cohost: Brooke Thomas Guest: Jules Suzdaltsev, Francesca Fiorentini, and Emma Vigeland Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Awards Show

The Damage Report presents its first ever awards show with categories including The Dumb-dies, Best and Worst Campaign Ads, Standouts, and The Main Event. Cohost: Brett Erlich Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Year In Interviews

John Iadarola shares his favorite interviews of the year! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


GoFund Yourself

House passes bill that includes border wall funding after Donald Trump threatens government shutdown. A GoFundMe created to crowdfund Trump's border wall raised $12.6m in four days. New York Times reports Russia-style tactics were secretly experimented with in Alabama Senate race. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calls to legalize recreational marijuana. Ben Shapiro blames 'lazy' parents for their struggling millennials. Brett Erlich and Brooke Thomas share last-minute gift ideas for your...


Trump's Mugshot

Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General, William Barr, sent a memo that warned about potential consequences of Mueller investigation. In 1991, a newspaper reported that Donald Trump jumped out of his limo to beat up a mugger. The 2020 presidential race is sooner than you think, with a dozen Democratic primary debates starting in June 2019. A petition with 150,000 signatures is demanding for the appointment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Ways and Means Committee. Alan Dershowitz says he...


Drugs, Germs, and Steel

The Senate votes to pass the First Step Act, a criminal justice reform bill. Donald Trump tweets that he does not want a concrete border wall, but rather a see-through wall made of steel slats. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leads the House in percent of campaign funding from small donors. Trump orders the withdrawal of troops from Syria. Randy Shaw, author of ""Generation Priced Out,"" discusses the skyrocketing cost of urban housing. Elizabeth Warren has a plan that would allow the government to...


Lost in Foundation

Michael Flynn's sentencing is postponed until 2019. Donald Trump shuts down Trump Foundation under court supervision. Poll released by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication shows overwhelming support for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal. NBC and WSJ's poll takes a look at Donald Trump's support across the country. Progressive Activist Jordan Uhl on his campaign to get sponsors to boycott Tucker Carlson. Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over...



Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to leave his position at the end of the year. Chris Ryan, founder of The Motherf**ker Awards, on climate talks. Donald Trump's Twitter rant on SNL's end of the year sketch. Vox's Senior Politics Reporter Jane Coaston on YouTube's problem with conspiracy theories. Trump's trade war could eliminate nearly 300,00 US jobs. Cohost: Brooke Thomas Guests: Chris Ryan & Jane Coaston Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Only 7 Years Old

On the sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting that took 26 lives, the elementary school is evacuated for a bomb threat. A seven-year-old migrant dies from dehydration and shock after taken into Border Patrol custody. ProPublica's Business and Economy Reporter Paul Kiel on how the IRS was gutted. Senators vote to end U.S. involvement in Yemen. Ron DeSantis, Florida's Governor-Elect, fights to slow enfranchisement measure. Cohost: Brett Erlich Guest: Paul Kiel Learn more about your ad...