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Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.

Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.
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Your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world, and an unflinching, no holds barred accounting of the damage the Trump administration is doing day by day.




Remembering Kobe

John Bolton seriously spills the tea about Trump and Mulvaney's involvements in the Ukraine scandal and quid pro quo. The GOP and right-wing media scrambles to respond to Bolton claims & then just resort to same-old hypocrisy and lies. Jason Carter LIVE to recap the 2020 Grammys and the former CEO's allegations of racism, misogyny and corruption within the Academy. Mike Pompeo insults and berates NPR reporter who asks him about Ukraine and then Trump follows up by tweeting out a threat to...


Right Matters, Truth Matters

Recapping impeachment day 3 as Adam Schiff makes an impassioned plea to his fellow Republican senators & Jerry Nadler brings out his receipts to expose Lindsey Graham's hypocrisy. DSA organizers Brandon Ramirez & Charles Du LIVE on leftist coalition-building and what roadblocks we must confront in order to build a strong, united progressive movement. Rudy Giuliani lost it on Fox & Friends again and even the 'Friends' couldn't get a word in. Geraldo Rivera can't help but spill the tea on...


Pandemic Legacy

Democratic primary update as new polling shows Bernie leading among non-white voters, independents and one-on-one against Trump. Zeke Stokes LIVE on the Kentucky Christian school that expelled one of their students for posting a picture with a rainbow sweater and cake. A new State Dpt rule means CBP officers are going to eyeball whether someone is pregnant and deny them a visa on that very basis. Detained children in a Virginia migrant facility are being restrained to chair with bags over...


Hack To The Future

Hannity, Fox & Friends scramble to spread ridiculous pro-Trump propaganda as the Senate impeachment trial unfolds. Trump's self-incriminating justification as to why he won't allow Bolton, Mulvaney and more to testify before the Senate. Wade McMullen LIVE on New York's new bail reform and how to combat the slew of misinformation about the policy. A new report alleges that MBS was behind the hacking of Jeff Bezos' phone. Nelufar Hedayat LIVE on her new podcast "Course Correction," which...


Hillary vs. Bernie

Impeachment updates as the Senate trial begins. Alan Dershowitz in 1998 seems to heavily disagree with Alan Dershowitz in 2020...Jordan Uhl LIVE on Hillary attacking Bernie, the NYT's double endorsement, the pro-gun march in Virginia on MLK Day and Brazil's BS charges against Glenn Greenwald. Greta Thunberg's powerful speech at Davos calls out widespread climate change inaction. Guest: Jordan Uhl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Martha, Martha, Martha

Trump delivers a completely unhinged and yet predictable response to Lev Parnas' bombshell claims. Tashonna Ward, a 25 year old care teacher, died after spending more than 2 hours in the ER trying to see a doctor. WA-10 candidate Joshua Collins LIVE on the Rose Caucus, a new socialist group aimed at supporting candidates nationwide. AZ-1 candidate Eva Putzova LIVE on why her progressive platform is most representative of the district. AZ Sen. McSally delivers a scripted lamo comeback in yet...


You Lev & You Learn

Schumer and more follow Bernie's lead in opposing the USMCA, while the Senate passes it and sends it to Trump. Tommy Vietor LIVE on Lev Parnas' bombshell claims incriminating Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Nunes & more; as well as the White House & Kellyanne's predictable responses to the claims. Larissa Parker LIVE on her groundbreaking legal framework that would finally help hold corporations and governments accountable for the climate crisis. The Dow Jones may be soaring, but it's clear the...


Lev & Let Die

#DemDebate recap. Donna Imam LIVE on how to flip TX-31 blue and why she's ready to take down the 9-term GOP incumbent. The House Intelligence Committee published dirt provided by Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani's fixer, and the receipts are DAMNING. John reads your podcast reviews. Trump's rally in Milwaukee last night featured him listing off bathroom appliances and debuting his 2020 campaign promise of full shower flow for all. Cohost: Jayar Jackson Guest: Donna Imam Learn more about your ad...


Sanders vs Warren

Impeachment updates as some Republican senators move to perhaps defy Trump by calling for witnesses and the House finally sets a vote to put the trial in motion. Rep. Ro Khanna LIVE on Iran-US tensions and what's to come next for U.S. foreign policy. Emma Vigeland LIVE on the Sanders vs. Warren feud and Abby Huntsman quitting The View. Trump plans to break even more laws by diverting billions from the DoD to fund the wall, meaning around $18 billion of our taxpayer money has now been utterly...


GI Woe

Trump and his administration continue to blatantly lie about the threat posed by Soleimani, with DOD Sec. Esper admitting there is absolutely no evidence to back up Trump's claims. Antonio Arellano LIVE on Jolt Action, a Texas organization aimed at empowering the state's Latino community. Trump casually admits the US is committing war crimes in Syria. In the same interview, Trump also acknowledges that he sells out US troops as mercenaries to Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Negar Mortazavi...


Lacking Intelligence

Mike Pompeo’s ‘imminent attacks from Iran’ claim crumbles. Author Dr. Mandeep Rai documents the world's values in her book "The Values Compass." LEAKED messages show negligence over Boeing planes. Donald Trump takes credit for declining cancer deaths rates in the US. Trump reportedly made advances on Fox & Friends' Courtney Friel. Cohost: Brett Erlich Guest: Dr. Mandeep Rai Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Democracy Rebellion

Trump White House suggests ignoring war powers; GOP stumbles defending executive overreach. Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Hedrick Smith on his documentary 'The Democracy Rebellion." Catch it on your local PBS station this month. Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks out against war. Congressional Candidate (OH-10) Eric Moyer LIVE. New endorsements roll in for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Guests: Hedrick Smith & Eric Moyer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Better Deescalate Than Never

Iran launches ballistic missiles towards US bases; no casualties were reported in the strikes. Ukraine Boeing 373-800 jet leaving Tehran crashes, killing all on board. Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran following strikes. New study shows impacts of US-China trade war. Journalist and filmmaker Eric Byler gives firsthand account of Australia fires. Instagram bans influencer fundraising for Australia fires. Cohost: Jayar Jackson Guest: Eric Byler Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Horny For War

Trump chose the 'most extreme option' to Iranian-led violence. Mike Pompeo doubles down, threatening more action in Iran. Progressive Activist Jordan Uhl LIVE on Fox's Pete Hegseth defending America committing war crimes. Sanders challenges Biden's ability to beat Trump. Vox's National Security Staff Writer Alex Ward on what war with Iran would look like. Unprecedented number of animals killed in Australia brush fires. Guests: Jordan Uhl & Alex Ward Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Golden Global Conflict

Donald Trump issues more threats. Iran announces the end of nuclear restrictions. Trump gave Mar-A-Lago pals a heads up on Iran. Julian Castro endorses Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. Republicans want more Trump in 2024. Did Michelle Williams' Golden Globes acceptance speech miss the mark? Ricky Gervais calls out Apple in his Golden Globes monologue. Cohost: Brooke Thomas Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


No War With Iran!

Trump orders an airstrike that kills Iranian leader Suleimani and his own old tweets and videos expose his entire stupid strategy to start a war with Iran to help in his re-election bid. Geraldo Rivera COMES for Fox News and Trump about Iran. Sarah Kleiner LIVE on the FEC being effectively shut down as the 2020 elections loom, many small-dollar Dem donors still being undecided on their preferred candidate and Biden's campaign refusing to disclose his high-profile bundlers. Bernie's...


Pope Smash!

Climate change data confirms the severity of the crisis and yet only 19% of right-wingers are "deeply worried." Ryan Grim LIVE on the REAL issue with Pete's wine cave, why the young left actually dislikes Pete Buttigieg, the 4th quarter of 2020 fundraising coming to an end and Castro ending his presidential bid. Philippa Ashford, a nurse and mentor, was killed celebrating the New Year with her family by "celebratory gunfire." Meanwhile in...Vatican City, the Pope slaps a pilgrim's hand....


Foresight is 2020

John and Brett go over their predictions, hopes, fears and expectations for the new year. They then decide which films make it to their top 10 favorites movies of the decade. Jayar joins John to nominate the top 10 Garbage People of 2019 and crown the Garbage Person Of The Year. Lastly, John answers your questions and suggestions in a Q&A about The Damage Report. Cohosts: Brett Erlich & Jayar Jackson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Come To Your Census

2020 census estimates are published and John breaks down the data and their likely effects. A study into the potential impacts of the census' citizenship question confirms the likelihood of disproportionately excluding minority communities. Jonathan Larsen LIVE on the upcoming National Prayer Breakfast, the nefarious practices of the Fellowship Foundation that funds it and which Democrats are likely to attend the GOP charade. Update on the 'Effing Pig' coffee cup story where we've now...


The Michael Brooks Show

Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, is diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Michael Brooks LIVE on Yang admitting that he's been lying about his support for Medicare For All, Buttigieg attacking Biden for voting to invade Iraq and Trumpers stockpiling weapons for "civil war" should Trump not win in 2020. Five Jews were stabbed during a Hanukkah celebration this weekend and one of the survivors recounts how he confronted the attacker. Nabilah Islam LIVE on the NYT reporting just how...