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Daniel Hahn: Tough Love And Compassion

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn was raised by his adoptive mother in the city’s Oak Park neighborhood. He credits his mother for raising him to be a part of the community and understand the value of tough love, even through hardship, like witnessing a murder outside his house as a young boy and having his brother murdered on his beat when he was a police officer. Interview Highlights What are some of the things that you have experienced in your life that have put you in the shoes of...


Cassandra Pye: Confidence And The High Road

Cassandra Pye is a prominent political strategist in the Sacramento area. She has represented large trade associations and served as Deputy Chief of Staff for former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pye talks about the challenges of breaking into the male-dominated world of politics, and whether it was ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ that made her into the leader she is today. Interview Highlights You’ve had a pretty fascinating career, can you tell me about that? I’ve been in a room with decision...


Vikram Janardhan: Curiosity And Sacrifice

Vikram Janardhan does not have a medical background, but that didn’t stop him from trying to find a way to lessen the effects of stroke. He risked his life savings to invent a medical device that has the power to help millions of stroke victims. His technology can quickly remove blood clots in the brain. Janardhan talks about the challenges of entrepreneurship, what lead him to create this groundbreaking invention and the personal sacrifices he made along the way. Interview...


Marco Rodriguez: Positivity and Education

As a young immigrant from Mexico, Marco Rodriguez faced many challenges in America. Discrimination, the language gap, and a horrific car accident are just some of the obstacles. Ultimately, with his determination and a positive attitude, he found himself serving on President George W. Bush’s National Council on Disability. And he currently serves as chairman of the board for the Mexican Cultural Center of California. Interview Highlights How did you come to the United States? Being a...


William Ishmael: Transformation And Relationships

William Ishmael has gone through many transitions in his life. He worked for a civil engineering and city planning firm for 30 years and then shifted his focus to his art. He now serves on the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. William learned that to get through major changes in his life, both personal and professional, it was important surround himself with supportive people. Interview Highlights: Were you always who you are today? Well, it’s always been the case in Sacramento,...


Faith Whitmore: Grace and Forgiveness

As a young pastor, Faith Whitmore was appointed to lead a church in the small California foothill community of Ione. The congregation and town leaders didn’t like the idea of a young, single woman being their pastor. Whitmore’s career has spanned religion, politics and social services. She is now CEO of the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center. Early on, she learned how to lead when few believed in her. Interview Highlights What was your first assignment as a pastor? So between the...


Coming Soon: The Drive Podcast

The Drive podcast reveals the personal stories behind local changemakers. Host Katie McCleary talks with leaders in the greater Sacramento area about the moments that made them who they are and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.