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Elevator Radio Show 522 – Week 2/20/2019

Visit or to learn more about elevator and escalator safety. Thank you to everyone who shared the .pdf report last week. I received many emails, texts and phone calls regarding the show and while I do not think I did it justice I truly hope some of the information I shared sinks in with any one and every one who reads it. Most importantly share it with your coworkers, talk about the statistics, how can some of those accidents or fatalities be reduced? Each...


Elevator Radio Show 521 - Week 2/13/2019

CPWR is dedicated to reducing occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the construction industry. Through our research, training, and service programs, we serve the industry in cooperation with key federal and construction industry partners nationwide. Visit for more information On today’s show we focus on one thing and one thing only, a report released by CPWR | The Center for Construction Research and Training focusing solely on Death and Injuries involving...


Elevator Radio Show 520 – Week 2/6/2019

2019 SB Commercials had more elevators featured in them than ever before. Today’s show includes two-construction worker fatalities, one in FL the other in UT. In addition, an interesting piece covers elevators in the New York Housing Authority. These locations are some of the toughest for building systems anywhere. Almost on the same level as transit systems. The headline photo itself pretty much paints the picture of the issues shared in the article. Work safe out there...


Elevator Radio Show 519 - Week 1/30/2019

I figured picking the coldest day of the year to bring the show back which to me is perfect timing. While it’s -18 degrees here in Chicago it’s cold enough to have closed schools and some businesses today and tomorrow. Regardless it’s nice to be back and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the calls, emails and texts I received asking if I was okay. I’ll do my best to share an explanation for my absence on the show today. It’s good to be back, I missed my elevator family. Prize Pack...


Elevator Radio Show 518 – Week 10/31/2018

It is so sad that we lost another elevator mechanic this past week. I share that article along with another which goes to show that even the most safety conscious can be hurt or fatally injured in their everyday work environments. Not a great show to make anyone feel good so share the stories, the information with your coworkers and let’s all do our best to prevent any more accidents like this from happening in the future. Since it’s the last show of the month I’m giving away a $100 and some...


Elevator Radio Show 517 - Week 10/17/2018

!!!!Never attempt to ride an escalator in a wheelchair!!! INJURY AND OR DEATH WILL OCCUR! I learned some sad news this week about the passing of Gordon Ernst who was a consultant from Washington. I didn’t know Gordon that well and met him only a few times. However he made a lasting impression on me. Recognize those who make this profound impact on you, no matter how little or how great. Know that life is short and before you know it the time we have here to make a difference will soon be...


Elevator Radio Show 514 – Week 9/5/2018

Visit NAESA International for QEI Educational Opportunities Next week is the Wisconsin Elevator Symposium and I’m looking forward to it. The venue, the topics and the ability to get so many educational credits in once place draws a lot of people. If you need to get your educational credits consider attending this event. It’s a really cool place to hold a conference and a first rate event. I’ll be there the night for the dinner and look forward to seeing many of you there. News/Article...


Elevator Radio Show 512 – Week 8/29/2018

It’s like either heat has hit elevators pretty hard across the country or there’s a full moon out there because there are so many articles regarding elevators not working I couldn’t share them all. In addition seems as if there are crazy people out there as well using and doing things in elevators they shouldn’t be doing. It’s the last show of the month and I’ve got a $100 gift card and prize pack box to giveaway. Thanks for tuning into the show today. Prize Pack Giveaway – Thanks To The...


Elevator Radio Show 511 – Week 8/15/2018

Some of the featured articles on today’s show are ones I wish I weren’t sharing. One I found cool shares an elevator company that’s investing in training our current and future workforce. And as a reminder don’t wear soft soled shoes or take your furry friends on escalators. In addition the email I shared today centers around the building owner with some colorful commentary by your truly. News/Article Links: Putnam courthouse elevator replacement tabled China: Girl gets stuck in...


Elevator Radio Show 510 – Week 8/8/2018

Photo Credit: Colley Elevator - For a great elevator company in the Chicagolamd area contact them. The two topics I want to touch on today involve flooding elevators as well as watching your kids when out in the world. I’m not talking about keeping them on a physical leash or anything but one accident involving a 3 year old and an escalator could have been prevented had she been watched more closely. Flooding elevators is a much more serious concern than...


Elevator Radio Show 509 – Week 7/25/2018

Visit Riding escalators is safe, as long as you ride them the correct way. The fine print is as follows for all the ambulance chasing attorneys out looking to purchase their next vacation home on the cape with a settlement relating to our industry, I have no idea what the specifics are from any of the accidents shared in today’s show. However based on my knowledge as a father and my job to keep my kids safe the information shared in those articles leads me to believe that in...


Elevator Radio Show 508 – Week 7/18/2018

Heat effects more than just our bodies. Elevators, rooftop machine rooms and power fluctuations can cause elevators to stop working and for good reason. Good to be back after a busy four weeks of travel. I’m thinking things will settle down a little bit by November. I appreciate so many of you reaching out to me asking what the heck was going on but the reality is that life just got really, really busy for me, more so than normal. “” News/Article Links: Talks on merging? The Unheard...


Elevator Radio Show 507 – Week 6/13/2018

This is the kind of show I truly wish I didn’t have to do. One filled with accident after accident. What ties closely with the idea that Bob Shepherd shared in the May issue of the Progress he was nice enough to let me re-post on June 9th but it really gets you thinking beyond the safety and toolbox talks. Read the article and think about how you can go beyond just “talking” about safety but actually living it. I’ll share more on this in my commentary during the show. News/Article...


Elevator Radio Show 506 – Week 6/6/2018

Please do not allow your children to ride escalators alone! Visit for more information and a better understanding on how safely to ride escalators, elevators and moving walkways. It's catch up week after postponing last week’s show. Unfortunately I have too many articles that involve accidents to share, three tragic which could have been prevented. In addition I’ll share a scary story regarding a friend/mechanic who was involved in an accident last year in while in the field....


Elevator Radio Show 505 – Week 5/23/2018

This is a picture of my great uncle, Loren Jerome Gregory, aged 16 years, in Manila in October 1941. Six months later he would be walking in the Bataan Death March in April 1942, turning 17 years old that May, dying in a Japanese camp in August 1942. First and foremost make sure on Monday, while spending time with family, you take the opportunity to share and talk about your family members and friends who died while serving our country. Neither we nor generations to come can forget the...


Elevator Radio Show 504 – Week 5/9/2018

On today’s program I get to get to share an experience I had regarding an elevator from 1934, an accident and the problem with building/elevator owners who simply won’t invest in there elevators. So what’s the moral of the story? When you’re a cheap ass slumlord with no intention of investing in your buildings there’s a good chance someone is going to get hurt or worse lose their life. As contractors, inspectors, consultants and manufacturers we all need to take steps to make sure these...


Elevator Radio Show 503 – Week 5/2/2018

BART's approach to keeping elevators drug and urine free with elevator attendants might just be what is needed to prevent both from happening. Today’s show leads with what I think is a pretty good idea as it relates to the issues of elevators being used as bathrooms in Transit Systems in large metropolitan cities. While the pilot program will prove whether it’s effective or not I give BART a lot of credit for giving it a try. The show is short and sweet today. News/Article Links: BART AND...


Elevator Radio Show 502 – Week 4/25/2018

I was close to only sharing one news story today and looking back maybe I should have. Each that follows the lead article fails to compare to the tragedy of losing another elevator mechanic. I read other articles and Facebook posts where those who knew Randy referred to him as a Superhero. I need you all to remember that you are someone’s Superhero. You may not feel like it but you are and those whom might view you as such would never be the same if something like this were to happen to you....


Elevator Radio Show 501 – Week 4/18/2018

It’s a slow week in news which gives me a little time to reflect on life in general. Thank you to all of you reached out to me in the last week regarding our 500th show. It’s been my pleasure to bring it to you each week. News/Article Links: Elevator rides can be meaningful GR’s last elevator operator nears Woman injured when elevator drops Training Rescue Freight Doors Man rescued from bottom of elevator shaft Escalator at CTA Escalator Mfg creates VR experience Woman falls down...


Elevator Radio Show 500 – Week 4/11/2018

Tom Sybert - Being Interviewed on Innovation Hub at WBEZ NPR in Chicago. I was never really a big fan of milestones or my own birthday for that matter and simply feel lucky just being able to do what I enjoy doing. I want to thank each of you for joining me each week as I’ve made some awesome friends along the way. So thank you for helping make me want to do this each week. Yes, it seems that the three thumbnail choices that Youtube pulls from my video are sometimes the most ridiculous...