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Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and UK farmer Hugh Broom discuss the biggest news in agriculture, available every Friday.

Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and UK farmer Hugh Broom discuss the biggest news in agriculture, available every Friday.


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Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and UK farmer Hugh Broom discuss the biggest news in agriculture, available every Friday.






Heatwave warning for crops and livestock, young farmers combat rural crime, UK cereal harvest progress and market prices, land-use strategy for England, & Katsu Curry Oats

In this episode, hot weather has prompted heat stress warnings for UK crops and livestock – we look at the options for farmers. Young farmers join forces to combat rural crime in Cumbria – how a new initiative to reduce farm theft could be rolled out across the country. On the markets, as the UK cereal harvest continues, we've all the latest commodity prices for crops and livestock. How much UK farmland do we need? Why politicians are looking at a land-use strategy for England. And what...


Record-breaking early start to harvest 2022, combine harvester shortage, Net Zero progress report, agri-food inflation, bird flu study, & dairy farmer starts OnlyFans TV channel

In this episode, it's a record-breaking early start to harvest – with some UK farmers reporting decent yields from winter malting barley crops. But supply chain issues mean other growers are still waiting to take delivery of new combine harvesters. Will they arrive in time? The UK's climate change watchdog says agriculture is making 'glacial' progress towards Net Zero targets. But who is to blame? Farmers or the government? On the markets, we look at the impact of rising inflation on the...


Carbon markets, soil health, Sustainable Farming Incentive launch, grass in arable rotations, does regenerative agriculture stack up? & Groundswell 2022

In this episode, we spend two days at Groundswell 2022 – the UK's biggest farm event for regenerative agriculture. Also known as conservation farming, regenerative agriculture is all about looking after the soil and improving biodiversity – as well as producing food. But how does it stack up financially? The government's Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) aims to reward arable farmers and livestock producers in England who prioritise soil health. We speak to Defra secretary George...


New blackgrass herbicide, food strategy verdict, latest commodity prices, farming in New Zealand and Ukraine, & Women in Food & Agriculture

In this episode, the pick the bones out of the government's long-awaited national food strategy for England. Has it been worth waiting for? Will it help deliver a better future for food and farming? Or is it – as critics suggest – a disappointment? We give our verdict on a 'game-changing' new herbicide to tackle some of the UK's most challenging grassweeds – including blackgrass and ryegrass On the markets, we find out why there has been a sudden dip in arable prices. We pay a visit to...


Fertiliser plant closure, agri-innovation funding, farm robots (again), £40/tonne for sugar beet?, farmland market, and how to host the Cereals event

In this episode, we investigate the impact on fertiliser prices as a major manufacturer confirms plans to close one of its UK sites. Government minister Jo Churchill promises lots of new money for agri-innovation – but will it make a difference to farmers? With talk of £40/tonne, could we be about to see a big price increase for sugar beet growers? And with ag-inflation soaring, will it be linked to rising input costs? On the markets, land sales get busier and prices increase. And we...


Robot tractors, input costs, rural crime, labour shortages, access to water, beef prices, food banks, & Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In this episode, we look at ways to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing UK growers and livestock producers. Could robot tractors help farmers overcome high input costs and labour shortages? How can growers best secure access to a fair share of water? And what about rural crime, fly-tipping and hare-coursing? On the markets, as cattle numbers tighten beef prices are converging across the UK, Ireland and the European Union. We meet the UK charity working with farmers and...


Farm input costs are priority for Efra committee chairman, science and gene-editing, bovine tuberculosis vaccination, & Icelandic-style yoghurt production

In this episode – farmer and MP Robert Goodwill outlines his priorities as chairman of the committee which scrutinises the government's farming policies for England. A new group calls for science to lead the debate when making farm policy decisions. On the markets, we have all the latest commodity prices. New rules make it easier to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis. And we visit the Yorkshire dairy farm making Icelandic style yogurt. This episode of the Farmers Weekly...


River dredging court case, latest farm contractor rates, Beef Expo preview, wool prices, AHDB ballot results, & Big Farmland Bird Count

In this episode, a Herefordshire farmer pleads guilty to damaging the River Lugg – after undertaking unauthorised river maintenance work. Was the work necessary? Or did it cause needless environmental damage? We look at both sides of the story – and ask what happens next? Ag-inflation is forcing agricultural contractors to increase their prices. What should you be paying for fieldwork and other farm jobs? On the markets, we look at this year's Beef Expo event. And as shearing gets under...


War and Weather: Harvest 2022 prospects, Pig & Poultry Fair, fertiliser prices, Belgian pork and potato producers target UK markets, & #AgriLeadershipWeek

In this episode, war and weather are the key driver of commodity prices – we look at how each are impacting on the prospects for harvest 2022. We're at the Pig and Poultry Fair – where producers are determined to secure a better future for their sector – so long as they can ride out the big dipper. On the markets, in theory we're talking about fertiliser. We speak to Belgian farmers visiting the UK on a post-Brexit trade tour. Why do they want to send us their pork and potatoes? And we...


Early support payments, cashflow crisis, oilseed rape prices, Severn Trent pays farmers to prevent pollution, insect protein as animal feed, & pasture based poultry.

In this episode, farmers in England are to receive advance support payments – as the government tries to each a cashflow crisis caused by soaring input costs. We speak to Defra farm minister Victoria Prentis – who explains why farmers will receive half their basic payment for 2022 six months early. We visit the water company which is paying farmers to look after our rivers – by reducing fertiliser applications and planting trees. Insect protein in animal diets – we discover how UK...


Neil Parish resignation, bird flu 'flockdown' ends, egg prices, British Beef Week, suckler cow prospects, NFU agri-food export strategy, AHDB Shape The Future vote, & Stuart Roberts joins Lib Dems

In this episode, as bird flu restrictions are finally lifted after six months, we examine the prospects for egg prices. Are producers getting a fair deal? As the 12th annual celebration that is British Beef Week draws to a close – we look at the future for UK suckler cow producers. We talk to NFU president Minette Batters as the union launches its agri-food export strategy – and we have all the latest market prices. With a week left to have your say on the future of the AHDB, we find out...


AgInflation: How to fight back against rising input costs, soil carbon, Net Zero, beef and sheep prices, Open Farm Sunday, & mobile health hut

In this episode, as farm input costs soar, we ask: how can farmers mitigate the impact of ag-inflation on their businesses? Input costs have risen by a whopping 46% over the past 18 months, according to the AgInflation Index, published by the AF Group. We visit a group of farmers working to improve soil carbon – benefiting their businesses as well as helping to reach Net Zero targets. On the markets, we're ringside with the latest beef and sheep update from Skipton mart. Find out how you...


Remembering Lord Henry Plumb, payment rates for Sustainable Farming Incentive, commodity prices, Velcourt & Oakbank, regen ag, carbon capturing trees, & farmer traces 50-year-old tractor

In this episode, industry leaders pay tribute to 'greatest ever' farming advocate Lord Henry Plumb, who has died aged 97. We look at the payment rates for the Sustainable Farming Incentive and ask: how can the government entice more farmers to take part? On the markets, we have the all latest commodity prices. Farm management company Velcourt acquires a 50% stake in the regenerative agriculture consultancy Oakbank Game & Conservation. How significant is it? The first UK plantations of...


Is the party over for the Conservatives in the countryside? Crowd-funding farming, DairyTech, milk optimism, grain market turmoil, & allotment full of wheat

In this episode – as frustration builds at the challenges faced by farmers, a new poll shows the UK government is falling out of favour with rural voters. We ask: Is the party over for the Conservatives in the countryside? There is an air of optimism at the DairyTech event – but what exactly are the prospects for milk production when input costs continue to climb? On the markets, we look at the latest grain prices. We find out how small farms are using ethical crowd-funding to start new...


Reprieve for urea fertiliser, clarity on autumn muck-spreading restrictions, farming rules for water, 88-year-old farmer, farm safety, succession planning, organic farming support, regenerative agriculture, & Min-Till Monday

In this episode, the government confirms a reprieve for urea fertiliser – easing fears of an outright ban and delaying restrictions by at least a year. And long-awaited clarity on farming rules for water will make it simpler for farmers in England to apply manure and slurry this autumn. The concessions are included in a raft of measures to help farmers in England cope with a sharp rise in fertiliser prices, which have reached record levels. As Defra prepares to launch its retirement...


Money talks: What the spring budget means for your farm business, £4m shortfall at AHDB, Arla recruitment drive for dairy farmers, successful lambing without antibiotics, & Dying To Feed You farm safety campaign

In this episode, it's mainly all about the money. What does the UK government's latest spring budget statement mean for your farm business? Two experts give us their views. Rob Hitch from accountants Dodd & Co and Gary Markham from Land Family Business examine the likely impact on the livestock and arable sectors. How will the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board make up a £4m shortfall after being told it is no longer exempt from VAT rules? It's the latest in a series of...


Why Defra policy isn't working for farmers, food production, fertiliser, ELMs, digital grain passports, cull cow prices soar, Clarkson joins farmers on vegan picket line, & Allerton Project advice for young farmers

In this episode – why isn't the UK government doing more to encourage food production? We examine concerns over rising input costs, food imports and the government's environmental policies for farmers. Fertiliser prices are high, availability is low – will it be worth growing wheat next year? Will digital grain passports really add value and make life easier for growers? On the markets, cull cow prices surge. Jeremy Clarkson joins farmers on the vegan menu picket line in Oxfordshire. Why...


Food security, fertiliser prices, Russia-Ukraine war, energy spike, red diesel, commodity turmoil, tractor tyres, farm safety day, eco-anxiety & hedgerows

In this episode: is ramping up UK farm output the answer to food supply problems caused by conflict in Ukraine? Do government leaders and policy-makers need to rebalance the relationship between food production and environmental schemes? We ask two farmers. On the markets, we look at fertiliser prices – and ask how high can they go? We get some important advice about tractor tyres as we join 350 farmers attending the UK's first regional farm safety day. And we hear from the farmer who...


Farming on the frontline: Russia-Ukraine war - its impact on UK feed, fuel and fertiliser prices, commodity markets, & emergency aid shipments organised by British farmers

This episode examines the impact of the war in Ukraine – both on farmers caught up in the conflict and on farmers in the UK. We look at the effect that war is having on supplies and prices of grain and animal feed – as well as the cost and availability of farm inputs like fuel and fertiliser. The AHDB fertiliser calculator mentioned in this episode can help UK growers decide how much nitrogen it is worth applying to cereals and oilseeds. The UK farmers in this podcast who are organising...


Special Episode: Sowing success - prospects for oilseed rape growers this spring

A special episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast – looking at the prospects for oilseed rape growers this spring. Farmers are returning to oilseed rape – having abandoned the crop due to pressure from cabbage stem flea beetle following the ban on neonicotinoid seed treatments. Some UK growers are learning to live with the pest, say experts – and high rape prices are helping to offset rising input costs, making the crop attractive again. We look at the planted area, as well as the prospects...