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From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice News, The Daily Beast), Matt Welch (Reason) and Kmele Foster (Freethink) pick apart the news, interrogate their guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground?

From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice News, The Daily Beast), Matt Welch (Reason) and Kmele Foster (Freethink) pick apart the news, interrogate their guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground?
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From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice News, The Daily Beast), Matt Welch (Reason) and Kmele Foster (Freethink) pick apart the news, interrogate their guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground?






149 - w/ Jon Ronson "Porn Stars, Psychopaths, Cancel Culture"

In this Special Dispatch, Michael Moynihan sits down with legendary journalist, author, and documentarian -- Jon Ronson. They discuss some of Ronson's most celebrated books, his fabulous new podcasts exploring the porn industry ("The Butterfly Effect", "The Last Days of August"), and his penchant for pissing off Alex Jones. Jon Ronson's Books Include: Recorded: July 26th 2019 Published: August 2nd 2019


148 - w/ Ben Dreyfuss "Mueller Talks, Send Em' Back, Al Franken, A$AP Rocky v. Sweden"

Guest: Ben Dreyfuss (Editorial Director, Mother Jones) Description: - Moynihan in Martha's Vineyard - Mueller sucks on TV - Trump’s Razor: The dumbest explanation is the most likely - “Send them back” — is it racist? - Jane Mayer's Al Franken defense - Shitty Media Men - Deletes Jokes - A$AP Rocky


147 - w/ Molly Jong-Fast "Trump's Social Media Summit, Journalistic Scuttlebutt"

Guest: Molly Jong-Fast is a contributor to The Bulwark and the author of three books. (@MollyJongFast) Recorded: July 11th 2019


146 - w/ Patrick Radden Keefe "Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' and a notorious murder mystery"

Guest: Patrick Radden Keefe, staff writer at the New Yorker, author of "Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland" Description: In this special dispatch, Michael Moynihan talks with Patrick Radden Keefe about the 1972 murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 in Belfast, at the hands of the IRA. Her disappearance remained a mystery for decades, but in his new book, Keefe names the names of the alleged perpetrators, and talks about the greater political...


145 - "Dem Debates, Plan B for Iran, History for Nincompoops"

- Moynihan Goes to Court - Welch gets a Stress Sty - RIP, Steve Dunleavy - NBA O-W-N-E-R-S - Democratic Debate Preview - No Plan B for Iran - Concentration Camp Kerfuffle - San Fran Bans E-cigs (Till They Can Figure Out What the Hell is Going On" Recorded: 6/25/2019 Published: 6/27/2019


144 - w/ Coleman Hughes "Reparations, Congressional Testimony, Rap Battles"

w/ Coleman Hughes - Everyone Told Coleman Not To Testify - Age, Experience, Credentials - Lethal Weapons, Imaginary Friends - “Shame Shame” - Full Puerto Rican - Moral Alchemy - Coleman Reads His Mentions - We, They, Us - Candace Owens, Lil Pump, And The Decline of Western Civilization Recorded: 6/21/2019 Published: 6/24/2019


143 - "How to Get Arrested In Brooklyn, We're All Left Wing Hacks Now"

- Kmele’s New Spot in Brooklyn - Moynihan Gets Arrested - Fisher is a jealous "lefty hack" - Dave Rubin is totally NOT in his Feelings - Assange, Journalistic Freedom - Trump vs His Advisors - European Elections - MLK: Hero, Philanderer (and possibly worse), But Definitely a Hero - Bill de Blasio Needs to Raise Some Money, Fast Recorded: 5/28/2019 Published: 5/30/2019


142 - "The Great Deplatforming, Conspiracy Chic, The Mr. Bean Presidency"

- "Alex Jones is not a civil rights leader!" - Howard Kurtz was once serious - Trump's attempted outing - Phony classical liberals - Free speech at the margins - Every election is stolen - Finding Loose Change - Conspiracy theorists, right and left - An Infinitely stupid Congress - Donald Trump as Mr. Bean Recorded: 5/8/2019 Published: 5/12/2019


141 w/ Eli Lake - "Muller Report, Julian Assange, Deep State Grifters "

w/ Eli Lake (Columnist @ Bloomberg Voice) - We Like Bari Weiss - Moynihan is a Drunk, Also a Great Neighbor - Muller Report - Grifting, the Grifters, of Grif - Eli Lake's Hood Pass - Tom Arnold Was Great in True Lies - All The Missing Tapes - Seth Abramson's Beautiful Mind - Election Interference / Hacking / Exaggerations - Impeachments + Inquiries - Assange: Journalist or Naw? - Naughty Journalist in the Movies - Dogs = White Supremacy - That's Why Darkies Were...


140 w/ Ben Dreyfuss - "Muller Who, Jill Abramson's Privilege , True Hollywood Stories"

w/ Ben Dreyfuss - Editorial Director @ Mother Jones - Waiting for Godot - Ben Dreyfuss is, Young Bernie Madoff - Jill Abramson's 'Write' Privilege - "Strange Justice" = "Strange Fruit"? - Political turncoats - Paleo-Neoconservative - Private School Kids Buying Drugs - Daddy issues - Bret Easton Ellis' bad writing - Death threats - Race Realists Recorded: 4/17/2019 Published: 4/19/2019


139 w/ Andrew Sullivan "Civil Rights, Immigration, Julian Assange, Too Many Popes"

w/ Andrew Sullivan - Writer at Large for New York Magazine, - Hating New York - What Would Hitch Say? - On Being a Reluctant, Problematic Civil Rights Pioneer - Surviving a Death Sentence - Immigration Backlash - Obama Hated Identity Politics? - Assange Arrested - Pope Benedict blames the 60s - Too Many Popes - The Comfort of Religious Ritual Recorded: 4/11/2019 Published: 4/12/2019


138 w/ Aaron Maté "Russiagate Victory Lap, Visiting Venezuela, Super Gaye Music"

w/ Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate) - Our Mathematical Universe - "Leaving Neverland" Revisionism - Russiagate: Right, Wrong, Whatever - Jonathan Chait is “Completely* Correct*” - When in Venezuela + Nobody Likes Sanctions - Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis, Economic Crisis" - Making Friends + Enemies on Twitter - "The Realm of Hungry Ghosts" (a book by Aaron's Dad) - Stop Snitchin (On Your Sources) - Joe Biden Feminism - Kmele Talked w/ Thad - Marvin Gaye: You're the (black)...


137 "Use Your Collusion I and II, Jussie Smollett Walks"

- Trump: Death by gloating - Margaret Sullivan: the Captain Beefheart of journalism - Glenn Greenwald spikes the football with a vengeance - MSNBC doubles down - Seth Abramson: Poet laureate, Resistance Hero - Trump's enemies list and love of authoritarians - Roger Stone and the D-list of DC conservatism - Jussie Smollet's privilege - Some Idiot Wrote This, Jane Mayer edition Recorded: 3/26/2019 Published: 3/28/2019


136 w/ Tina Nguyen "Islamists v White Nationalists, Segregated Schools, 2020 Hopefuls"

w/ Tina Nguyen (Vanity Fair) - Tina's Theranos voice - Elizabeth Warren Holmes - Revisiting the Universal Basic Income (Kmele hasn't endorse UBI or Andrew Yang) - Technophobia, 'McDonald’s employees will murder you' - The Three-Fifths Column - Matt does Betomania - Getting it wrong on Iraq - The cycles of massacre reaction/coverage - Islamists v. White nationalists - Stuyvesant High School and Asian Privilege - "Fuck off Tiger parents" Recorded: 3/21/2019 Published: 3/24/2019


135 "Privileged College Parents, Platform Revoked"

DESCRIPTION: - Kmele's in 'Frisco', Moynihan's hungover, Matt got lit up on Twitter - Desperate wealthy college parents headed to prison? - The injustice of legacy admissions - Elite colleges are overrated - Biden v. Beto - Venezuela's blackout and the three initials who shall not be named - Platforming vs de-platforming - Tucker Carlson's shock-jock period - National Review swinging (and missing) at Trump - If you’re going to “Cancel,” cancel everything - Matt's Pat Caddell...


134 w/ Andrew Yang “The Universal Basic Income (and a few other things besides)"

A discussion w/ entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang. We explore The Freedom Dividend, Yang's proposal to pay $1,000 per month to every American over the age of 18. Recorded: 3/6/2019 Published: 3/11/2019


133 “Canceling Neverland (and everything else), They're All Socialist Now"

- Smooth Criminals, "Leaving Neverland" Skepticism - Canceling Michael Jackson, R Kelly, and The Entire 1970s - All Hate Matters - Dual Loyalties - Bernie Sanders Marched for Civil Rights, He's Still "Too White" - Democratic Socialism** - Revisiting Moynihan v. Weisbrot - Some Idiot Wrote This - Salman Rushdie Recorded: 3/5/2019 Published: 3/7/2019


132 w/ Mark Weisbrot “Venezuela: Failed State or Coup D'etat?"

w/ Mark Weisbrot Co-Director @ Center for Economic and Policy Research Author, "Failed: What the 'experts' got wrong about the global economy" - Visiting w/ Hugo Chavez + Sean Penn - Is "dictatorship" a hate word? - Venezuela's elections - Political prisoners - State violence or police violence - Coming coup? - Embargoes, sanctions, and the collapse of the economy - Who's to blame for hunger? - The opposition - What's a good faith negotiation entry point? Recorded:...


131 “Jussie Smollett Indicted, Hate Crimes, Hacks in the Newsroom, Bernie"

- Jussie Smollett, Indicted (Kmele Totally Called That Shit) - But Then Again, The Whole Gang Totally Called That Shit Too - Coast Guard Neo-Nazi would-be terrorist arrested - Kmele and Liz Plank on "Reliable Sources" - Unreliable hate crime statistics - Social Justice Judo - CNN Hires Sarah Isgur Flores - Bill Moyers, Problematic Icon - Bernie Sanders, Front-runner - Some Idiot Wrote This - Download "Headspace" Today Recorded: PM 2/20/2019 Published: 2/21/2019


130 “The Jill Abramson Affair, Jewish Money, Indentured Servitude"

(Plagiarism, Green Room Encounters, and All The Receipts) - We Need to Talk About Jill Abramson - Too Important to be a Plagiarist? - Rep Omar: You Might Be An Antisemitism, But Maybe Not - Blackface: The Highest Form of Flattery? - Klobuchar, FTW - Team AOC's Green New Deal Fiasco ALSO: - Moynihan Steps Out of Line - The Huxtable Compound - Indentured Servitude - 22 Savage - The Red Shoe Diaries - Emergency Podcasting Recorded: PM 2/11/2019 Published: 2/13/2019