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Fianna Fáil frontbench TD is open to extending the confidence and supply agreement for another year.

A Fianna Fáil frontbench TD has said he is open to extending the confidence and supply agreement with Fine Gael for another year. County Limerick TD Niall Collins said the agreement underpinning the Fine Gael minority government has “worked well for the country” and he believes Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin should extend the deal for another year. “I would say you would be looking at reviewing it for a year,” Mr Collins told’s Floating Voter podcast. Mr Collins said the...


Taoiseach sides with ‘Silicon Valley over Irish Media’ Green Party leader says.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has rounded on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claiming he sides with “Silicon Valley over Irish Media”. In a scathing attack on the Taoiseach, Mr Ryan claimed Mr Varadkar is happy to watch the Irish media come under financial pressure as he prefers to communicate through social media. The Green Party leader said the Taoiseach he would be “happy enough if RTE was withered and the Independent and Irish Times were weakened” as he “still has Twitter and Facebook”. Mr Ryan...


School children taking ‘up-skirting’ photos of teachers and posting them on online, senator claims

School children are taking ‘up-skirting’ photographs of their teachers and posting them on social media, an Independent senator has claimed. Gerard Craughwell said smart phone can be a “lethal device” in the hands of child and said they should be banned from secondary and primary schools. This week he introduced legislation into the Seanad which would see phones banned from schools Speaking to’s Floating Voter podcast, Mr Craughwell said teachers are being photographed and...


Compo culture means kids can't run in the school yard, Fine Gael TD says

Children are banned from running and kicking footballs in school yards due the soaring cost of insurance, a Fine Gael TD has said. Dublin Fingal TD Alan Farrell said it is “obscene” and “madness” that children are being banned from exercising in some schools due to high insurance premiums. Mr Farrell, who is chair of the Oireachtas Children’s Committee, said rising insurance costs faced by schools need to be urgently addressed to ensure children can exercise. Speaking on’s...


Sinn Féin TD who attacked RTE says Royal couple welcome in Bray

A Sinn Féin TD who criticised RTÉ for broadcasting the Royal wedding said he would welcome the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex to his constituency for their honeymoon. Wicklow TD John Brady said he would happily greet and shake hands with Harry and Meghan should they decide to visit his hometown of Bray when they visit Ireland next month. During last month’s Royal Wedding, Mr Brady was criticised when he publicly attacked RTÉ for airing the event. “‪As an Irish Republican living...


Fianna Fail TD says Martin will NOT apply party whip on abortion laws.

A Senior Fianna Fáil TD has insisted Micheal Martin will not apply a party whip on the forthcoming abortion legislation. Sligo-Leitrim TD Marc MacSharry said he believed the Fianna Fáil leader will continue to allow party members to vote with their conscience on new abortion laws. Mr MacSharry voted against repealing the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution but insisted he will personally vote in favour of legislation which will allow abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. At a Fianna Fáil...


Young men could rebel against the rise of global feminism by voting to retain the Eight Amendment

Last debate on the 8th: Young men could rebel against the rise of global feminism by voting to retain the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, a prominent Yes campaigner has warned. Fine Gael senator and chair of the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment Catherine Noone said she is concerned young men, who feel threatened by feminist movements such as the #metoo campaign, will use the referendum to hit back. Speaking on a special referendum debate on’s Floating Voter...


Women who terminate pregnancies are not “murders or sociopaths”

Women who decide to end the life of their babies in the womb are not “murders or sociopaths”, Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan has said. Ms Horan also said women who terminate pregnancies do not do it “on a whim” or for the “hell of it”. Speaking on’s Floating Voter podcast, the journalist also criticised the arguments being put forward by prominent No campaigner Maria Steen. Ms Steen is campaigning to retain the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution because she...


Former Health Minister James Reilly warns mandatory reporting may result in covering up negligence

FORMER Health Minister James Reilly has warned that the introduction of mandatory reporting of medical mistakes could result in doctors covering up negligence. Senator Reilly said Department of Health officials advised him against introducing legislation which would mean doctors would be legally obliged to inform patients when they made mistakes. Dr Reilly said he is personally in favour of mandatory reporting but insisted doctors and nurses also need to be protected. “With mandatory...


Fianna Fail TD has no confidence in under-fire HSE director but says he should remain in place

A Fianna Fail TD has said she does not have confidence in under-fire HSE director Tony O’Brien but believes he should remain in place to answer questions over knowledge of the Cervical Check scandal. Galway East TD Anne Rabbitte said Mr O’Brien should play his role in the scoping exercise into the “sordid” controversy which was exposed by cancer patient Vicky Phelan. “I can’t say I seriously have confidence in Tony O’Brien but do I believe Tony O’Brien should go? No I don’t because what I...


President’s handlers tried to block questions on a second term in Office

Michael D Higgins’ handlers have asked reporters not to ask the president about seeking a second term in office while he is on State visits, the Floating Voter podcast heard today. The host of the podcast, Kevin Doyle, revealed that the President’s advisers - on at least two occasions - have asked members of the press not to ask Mr Higgins about his intentions ahead of his seven year tenure ending this year. Meanwhile, Sunday Independent Political Correspondent Philip Ryan...


It would be “criminal” to allow Communications Minister controversy to derail abortion referendum"

It would be “criminal” to allow the controversy engulfing Communications Minister derail the abortion referendum, a People Before Profit TD has said. Bríd Smith told this week’s ‘Floating Voter’ podcast that while Denis Naughten should be sanction for his interactions with a lobbyist, it should not put the Government at risk. She describes the various elements of the story surrounding Independent News & Media (INM) in recent weeks as a “tangled web”. “It’s a really complicated tangled web...


Fine Gael senator would resign from the party rather than serve in government with Sinn Fein.

Neale Richmond was commenting after Junior Minister for Older People Jim Daly said he had no ideological issue with Sinn Fein working with Fine Gael in government. Speaking to’s Floating Voter Podcast Mr Richmond insisted he does not share his Fine Gael’s colleague view and would rather quit the party than serve with Sinn Fein. Mr Richmond also discussed the British media’s coverage of Brexit negotiations and recent comments by leading UK politicians about Ireland’s position...


'He regrets it' - Brendan Howlin on that tweet by Aodhan Ó Riordan Philip Ryan

LABOUR Party Leader Brendan Howlin has described Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's live radio comments during the Belfast rape trial as "mind blowing". Mr Howlin said the Taoiseach's intervention while the trial of Irish rugby player Paddy Jackson was on going was "unfortunate is to put it mildly". "For anybody to make comment publicly in the middle of a trial is bad. For a politician it is doubly bad and for a Taoiseach it is quite mind blowing," he told's Floating Voter podcast. Mr...


Female FF TD says Micheál Martin should appoint a woman politician as his deputy leader

A SENIOR Fianna TD has said Micheál Martin should consider appointing a female politician as his deputy leader. Lisa Chambers said she would consider applying for the position should Mr Martin decide to finally appoint a deputy. The Mayo TD also said she would one day like to consider becoming the Taoiseach. "I want to be in Cabinet and I would absolutely at some point love to consider the prospect of becoming Taoiseach. Why not? Why not have those hopes?" Ms Chambers told's...


Barry Cowen on the neglect of rural Ireland and how Dail Row was 'an embarassment for all'

On this weeks Floating Voter Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Shouna Murray, with Fianna Fail TD Barry Cowen in studio to discuss the National Broadband Scheme. also up for discussion is the decommissioning of Gerry Adams as President of Sinn Fein, is he doing a Farage and leaving a shinking ship? and the almighty row between the Healy-Rae's and Mark McSharry that erupted in the Dail made headlines around the world. An embarassment for all?


Is Leo an EU Federalist? Trump's latest controversy and Simon Harris speaks on repealing the 8th

This week on the first The Floating Voter of the year, Kevin Doyle is joined by Shona Murray and Philip Ryan. Together they look at Taoiseach Leo Varadkar performance in the European parliament this week and ask does he need to work on his speeches. As Simon Harris pins his colours to the mast in the abortion debate, when will Leo and the rest of the cabinet make their thoughts known. And as Donald Trump prepares for a visit from Leo on St Patricks Day we ask is Ireland one of these...


From Brexit to Babestation The Foating Voter looks back on 2017

In the final show of 2017 Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor join Kevin Doyle to take a look at the most memorable moments of the year. Everything from Donald Trump to Donald Tusk, from Brexit to Babestation. We look at at the good, the bad and the ugly from 2017. We also have our much anticipated 2nd Annual Floating Voter Christmas Awards, were the lads give out the much desired Bob Cratchit (hardest working) Politician of the Year and the much feared Political Grinch of the Year.


Mattie’s slur shows me we need more women in politics says 8th amendment chairperson

This week on The Floating Voter Niall O' Connor is joined in studio Nicola Anderson and Philip Ryan and Shona Murray live from Brussels, and Senator Catherine Noone Chairperson of the Oireachteas committee on the 8th amendment joins us in studio to discuss the outcome of last nights vote from the repeal committee, and some controversial comments from Independent TD Mattie McGrath. Shauna Murry is on the line live from Brussels to bring us up to date with the latest happenings in the Brexit...


Brexit bordering on ridiculous, Trump wades into Middle East conflict, will you work until your 70?

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Shona Murray. In this weeks very entertaining episode the panel discuss the latest on the Brexit border issue and how well Leo is doing in the poles. Is he taking the credit for Enda Kenny's ground work (or Enda Kelly as UK MP Bernard Jenkin put it.) and is Bertie Ahearn the "Grand Wizard of Irish politics" With the compulsory retirement age moved up from 65 to 70 they look at the prospect of working until 70. And...