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Three Dragons’ Den investors in presidential race helps Michael D Higgins secure his landslide lead

THE entry of three Dragons’ Den investors into the presidential race has helped Michael D Higgins secure his landslide lead, Gavin Duffy believes. In his most frank comments on the “bizarre” decision by himself, Sean Gallagher and Peter Casey to contest the election, Mr Duffy admitted it is “very hard to explain”. And speaking on’s ‘The Floating Voter’ podcast, he said the coincidence has only served to hurt all of their chances. Responding to suggestions they are working...


Presidential candidate Peter Casey believes Travellers should not be recognised as a ethnic minority

PRESIDENTIAL candidate Peter Casey has claimed Travellers should not be recognised as a ethnic minority because they are “basically people camping in someone else’s land”. The businessman launched a lengthy attack on the community, arguing: “They are not paying their fair share of taxes in society.” There were celebrations in Leinster House last year when the Dáil gave formal recognition to Travellers as a distinct ethic group within the State. The move was described as historic by...


'Disappointing and underwhelming' the Floating Voter on the fiver-a-week budget

Did this year's budget go far enough for people or maybe not far enough in preparing for the expected downturn? In simple terms, everyone is getting a fiver a week from it, but the conservative, something-for-everyone-nature of the budget should come as no surprise. Joining INM's Group Political Editor, Kevin Doyle and Deputy Political Editor, Philip Ryan, to discuss the measures, impact and implications were David McNamara, Director and Economist, EY DKM Economic Advisory and Stephanie...


Budget 2019 Preview: Should the govt be spending now or saving for a rainy day?

Over three episodes, the Floating Voter team are looking ahead to what we can expect in this year's budget, what the fall-out will be and discuss some of the longer-term political and economic factors at play. For an economy that is growing, where should we be spending our money in anticipation of future threats such as recession or Brexit? And what about the potential changes to income tax rates? Will there be more in your pocket to spend or will it disappear through other increases?...


FG Minister says politicians must stop objecting to new housing.

Politicians should stop objecting to housing developments in their constituency, a Fine Gael minister has said Junior Finance Minister Michael D’Arcy said it was “wrong” for TDs from all parties to oppose new developments in the middle of housing crisis. Speaking on’s Floating Voter podcast, Mr D’Arcy said: “Public representatives need to stop objecting to housing estates and housing schemes. I think it’s wrong. They shouldn’t be doing because we need houses and we need...


Former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald a victim of “fake news” and was not given due process

Former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald has suggested she was a victim of “fake news” and was not given due process before she was forced to resign last year. Speaking about Garda whistleblower controversy which led to he downfall for the first-time, Ms Fitzgerald said her resignation was “inevitable” because of a “media and political frenzy”. “We talk a lot about fake news and other countries and fake news but the whole thing developed into such a frenzy,” she told’s Floating...


Floating Voter Post-Budget special with EY Ireland

In the second of our two part budget special in association with EY Ireland we look at Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe who now has his first Budget under his belt, we find out are we going to be out of pocket. Kevin Doyle is joined for this special by Floating Voter regulars Niall O’Connor and Philip Ryan, Sarah Connellan personal tax partner EY Ireland and Professor Neil Gibson, Chief Economist, EY Ireland. They take a look at the Budget to understand what it might mean for the economy.


Pre-Budget Special in association with EY Ireland

In the first of two Budget specials in association with EY Ireland, Kevin Doyle is joined by Floating Voter regulars Niall O’Connor and Philip Ryan, Sarah Connellan from EY Ireland and Michael Dawson, founder of One4All Group. They take a look ahead to Budget 2018 and what Paschal Donohoe has in store for us, and with help from the guests we try to understand what it might mean for the economy and will you have more or less in your own pocket.


Budget latest, Is Ireland a tax haven? Exclusive Willie Walsh on Ryanair

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by the usual crew of Philip Ryan, Niall O' Connor and Shona Murray. Of course they discuss the Budget using words like “making work pay” and the dreaded “fiscal space”. The latest murmurings on Apple’s 13 Billion and where we are at ,Is Ireland just a tax haven for all the multinationals? Plus some exclusive audio of Willie Walsh’s speech at a Fine Gael fundraiser on the Ryanair fiasco and the last word is given to former Fine Gael...


Leo vs Mary Lou, Endless Referendums, is the budget fit for purpose and more.

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by regulars Philip Ryan, Niall O' Connor and new addition Shona Murray. They discuss the on going battles between Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald. The Endless Referendums, is abortion the only that matters? Plus the looming Budget, is it fit for purpose? plus Philips crusade against Pascal O’ Donoghue and his drinks company shares is resolved…or is it.


'Electric Picnic for farmers' The Floating Voter hits the 2017 National Ploughing Championships

Kevin Doyle dons his wellies and makes his way down to the 2017 Ploughing Championships or where he is joined by IFA President Joe Healy, ICMSA President John Cormer and Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to discuss what farmers will be looking for from the Budget, South American trade deals and farming life post Brexit.


'Change is going to cause consternation - especially on the Left it seems'

In the wake of Leo Varadkhar's slap down of Paul Murphy in the Dail, Fine Gael's Josepha Madigan joins the Floating Voter to discuss the fall-out. Plus she explains why she is drafting a bill to curb social media commentary from court cases and discusses the death threat she and her family suffered via social media.


Varadkar & Trudeau, the triumph of style over substance?

Did the visit of Canada's PM, Justin Trudeau, typify what we can expect from Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach? On this week's show, Kevin Doyle, Niall O'Connor and Philip Ryan are joined by journalist, Kirsty Blake Knox, a self-confessed Trudeau fan. She tells the panel why the 'dreamy good looks' and positive media coverage of Trudeau's visit should be something that is seen as a good thing and a way for people to be more engaged and interested in politics. Isn't it some light relief from talk of...


A load of rubbish? Are bin charges the new red-line issue for voters?

On this week's show, Kevin Doyle, Niall O'Connor and Philip Ryan are joined by FG Senator, Martin Conway, and FF Senator, Aidan Davitt, as they discuss the issue of bin charges. The panel asks will this be the latest red-line issue between Irish voters and the government or is it a case that people need to just start re-cycling more? Also on the show, what does the appointment of Maire Whelan say about politics? And do people really give care?


Trailer: John Paul Phelan defends Leo Varadkar on women in cabinet

A trailer of this week's Floating Voter with new Minister of State for Local Govt and Housing, John Paul Phelan, defending Leo Varadkar's lack of female appointees to cabinet.


'The biggest miss by a political leader I've seen in 15 years'

New Minister of State for Local Govt and Housing, John Paul Phelan, joins Niall O'Connor and Philip Ryan to discuss the controversy over the Maire Whelan appointment, if Leo Varadkar is anti-woman, and why Micheal Martin missed an open goal in the Dail and has been trying to make up for it ever since.


Change? What change? Coppers, the new Taoiseach and rural Ireland

Change? What change? It's the same old, same old says INM's Philip Ryan on this week's Floating Voter. The panel of Ryan, Kevin Doyle and Niall O'Connor ask what the new faces will bring to cabinet and whether Simon Coveney has been shunted off into Foreign Affairs. Plus, as the new Taoiseach celebrated afterwards in Coppers, was this his way of reaching out to rural Ireland?


'I swear on my 'tache it's decent hash' Willie O'Dea raps the Rubberbandits tribute song

Fianna Fail's Willie O'Dea was on the Floating Voter this week and broke into the Rubberbandits rap about him. 'I swear on my 'tache it's decent hash, ...But I'm flat broke and I've got no cash.'


Willie O'Dea marks Leo Varadkar's cards & does the Rubberbandits rap

Fianna Fail's Willie O'Dea joined this week's Floating Voter to discuss what it's like to be Varadkar's opposition number, why he's a good politician and what he needs to do keep the government going. And in a first, the Fianna Fail politician also does his version of the Rubberbandits Willie O'Dea rap. 'I swear on my tache it's decent hash but I'm flat broke and I've got no cash....'


Ep 61 Preview: Michelle Mulherin on why she's backing Leo Varadkar

Senator Michelle Mulherin explains why she's backing Leo Varadkar in the Fine Gael leadership contest.