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Outspokenly conservative and unashamedly Christian, politics and culture through the lens of Scripture.



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A Failure of Strategy and Principle

Send us a Text Message. What is going on in France? Today's podcast begins by discussing the recent French elections and the subsequent turmoil. While most commentators have been rather doom and gloom, Hannah offers a slightly different perspective. Next Hannah brings up the recent change in the RNC platform regarding abortion. Was this a winning strategy for the GOP? Does it impact candidates or officeholders at all? Lastly, Hannah critiques so-called "Christless Conservatism" asking the question, "Is Christless Conservatism even possible?" Today's podcast dives into this question and more!


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What Debate? | SCOTUS Decisions

Send us a Text Message. Today's podcast opens with a discussion regarding last week's presidential debate. Has there really been any change in Biden’s performance over the past couple of years? Why is the media only now openly discussing Biden’s performance? The second topic covers the recent Supreme Court ruling on 1512(c)(2) and its implications for those involved in the January 6 U.S. Capitol events. Lastly, today's podcast covers the Chevron decision. Hannah provides an explanation by Ted Cruz of what this decision means and how it impacts Americans.


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Senator Sisters are Shown the Door | Life Update

Send us a Text Message. The recent primaries in SC led to a couple of run offs. The run offs continued to show Columbia what voters are thinking about politicians' recent shenanigans and what South Carolinians are thinking these days about abortion. Louisiana recently passed legislation to require the 10 Commandments in public school class rooms. Let's dabble in a discussion about Christian Nationalism and whether or not Christians should support placing the 10 Commandments in public school classrooms. Lastly, there has been recent news in the Miller house regarding Hannah's oldest daughter, Ruth so Hannah uses the second half of today's podcast to update everyone on what's going on with Ruth these days.


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Can You Hear Us Now, Columbia?!

Send us a Text Message. William "Lia" Thomas waged a "Secret" legal battle to gain entry into the women's races at the Olympics and Hunter Biden was convicted on gun charges this week. Hannah covers the ruling regarding William Thomas and regarding Hunter Biden and how Democrats will use the ruling for their own purposes. Also, South Carolina held their primaries this week. Multiple solidly pro-liberty candidates were up for election and re-election. After a seven figure smear campaign, did the Freedom Caucus members survive? Listen and find out!


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Blind Justice or Political Justice?

Send us a Text Message. Hannah briefly offers some advice on where voters can go to review their candidates Constitutional scorecard and she also covers how Louisiana is fighting back against the UN, WHO, and the WEF. The main topic of today's podcast is Donald Trump's recent guilty verdict. Was it political? What is the fall out going to be? Is this the biggest threat to Donald Trump's re-election, if not, what is? And lastly, why isn't this verdict ultimately about Donald Trump or Joe Biden?


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Amanda Hovis Interview on the "Health Czar" Bill in South Carolina

Send us a Text Message. Today's podcast is a much awaited interview with Amanda Hovis. Amanda has done the heavy lifting regarding Senate bill S915, commonly referred to as the "Health Czar" bill. In this interview, Hannah and Amanda cover the problems within the bill itself, then they cover what's been going on behind the scenes with this bill and why every SC citizen should be concerned.


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Book Review!

Send us a Text Message. Hannah is preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement so this week's podcast is not her normal political fare. Instead, this week she reviews two books she has read recently. What ages does she recommend them for, are they books everyone should read, what are the content considerations? Listen and find out!


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Don't Cry For Argentina | SC "Health Czar" Bill

Send us a Text Message. Today's podcast is an update on Argentina. New President Javier Milei made a lot of promises going into his presidency so how are things stacking up? Has he followed through? If he has followed through, are the changes delivering what he promised? Hannah goes through these questions and more as she updates everyone on the state of Argentina's economy. In the second half of the podcast, South Carolina politics was awash in confusion this week as SC House Representative Josiah Magnuson, a Freedom Caucus Member, brought S915, the "Health Czar" bill, to a screeching halt. Wasn't this bill a better bill than the other? What was the problem with it? Don't we need to do something? Let's discuss.


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No Thanks, You Can Keep Your Poo Pie.

Send us a Text Message. In today's episode, we will unravel the intricacies of the budget process in South Carolina, dissect the rhetoric of Jason Shamis' political campaign, and examine the choices facing constituents in District 38. Is this recent budget the best politicians have to offer their constituents? Join us as we explore what a true, fiscally responsible vote is in regards to the South Carolina budget.


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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Johnson

Send us a Text Message. House Speaker Mike Johnson has proven to be just another RINO, pushing massive omnibus spending bills, not releasing J6 evidence, pushing endless aid to foreign countries, etc etc. So, what can be done? Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to remove Johnson via a "motion to vacate". Is that the solution? Furthermore, Trump put out a statement supporting Johnson, what could be behind his support? Could a recent Supreme Court decision be influencing Trump's support? Today's podcast covers these questions and more.


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Court Case Updates | Stronger Men's Conference

Send us a Text Message. Today's podcast starts with an update on two recent court cases. One is an Idaho bill that not only prohibits but criminalizes mutilation of gender confused children. The second update contains a comment Justice Clarence Thomas made in a case that is before the Supreme Court regarding J6 prisoners. Closing the show, Hannah addresses the video clip that went viral this week of Mark Driscoll reproaching the Stronger Men's Conference. This viral clip caused quite the stir. So, what happened? Let’s talk about it


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Hate the Game Not the Player

Send us a Text Message. This week's podcast focuses on statements made by Donald Trump and Kari Lake. There's been some outrage about various aspects of their statements, let's talk about the outrage. Are we right to be upset? What was the real problem with Kari Lake's statement? Was Trump actually right? Let's discuss.


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Like a Bad Baby Daddy

Send us a Text Message. The Secretary of State, Blinken, announced that Ukraine will be joining NATO. What does this mean for the US? In DC, folks are wondering what's happened to "super conservative" Mike Johnson. Is Johnson being blackmailed? Hannah has a quick response to both of these recent events.


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The American United Nations Awakening

Send us a Text Message. Are Americans waking up to the dangers of being involved with the United Nations? In today's podcast, Hannah covers multiple commentators, politicians, and movements that seem to be realizing the "bad deal" that is the United Nations. She spends time discussing why reforming the UN is not the solution, what is the solution, and new legislation in Congress that would put us in a much better position regarding the United Nations and our national sovereignty. Lastly, what can you do? Hannah gives three action steps and some resources for you to use.


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Brain Death Review

Send us a Text Message. Hannah Miller and Dr. Jackson review the brain death interview with Dr. Doyen Nguyen. After a brief recap of the interview, Hannah and Dr. Jackson discuss the importance of changing definitions in history. They also cover what the central bioethical issue is facing families dealing with an injured family member. Dr. Jackson shares two stories that help us to develop our thinking on this topic. How should we think about this issue as Christians? Listen to today's podcast and find out.


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Is the Tide Turning for J6ers? | Coalitions of Chaos

Send us a Text Message. Today's podcast primarily revolves around two current events. First, what is going on with the J6 court cases. SCOTUS will be hearing a case on April 16th that could significantly reduce the sentences of J6ers if not release some from prison immediately. In the second part of today's podcast, Hannah covers what is happening in Haiti and how the United States is currently facilitating the chaos and what single thing we can do could help cut down on the anarchy happening in Haiti.


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Brief SC Policy Update

Send us a Text Message. Before going out of town, Hannah provides a brief update on South Carolina Senate bills S965 and S975 which have caused a lot of confusion this week. She also addresses the "Health Czar" bill that people have received conflicting information about from various sources.


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Heads You're High, Tails You Die

Send us a Text Message. Every week in America 22 kids die of a drug overdose. 80% of those deaths are linked to fentanyl. Where is this drug coming from? Why would the cartels sell a drug that kills off its customer base? What is the CDC's approach? Hannah answers these questions and provides parents with four things kids need to know in this weekend's podcast.


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Alabama Supreme Court Decision Raises an Important Question

Send us a Text Message. The Defund Davos Act was introduced by several conservative congressmen this week. After covering the details, Hannah briefly discusses why this Act is the right thing to do. The majority of today's podcast discusses a recent Alabama Supreme Court decision regarding in vitro fertilization. A ground breaking case, this case raises important questions about embryos, IVF, abortion. and is an embryo an unborn child? Closing the show, Hannah reminds listeners of some fast facts from the book Them Before Us regarding IVF.


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Marriage Thoughts in Light of Valentine's Day

Send us a Text Message. After a brief recap of the news for this week, Tucker's interview with Putin, the two shootings, and the impeachment of Mayorkas, Hannah puts her counselor's hat on and discusses marriage on this Valentine's Day weekend. As a counselor, Hannah covers two of the main causes of conflict within marriage and even relationships in general. These two issues are 1) making assumptions and 2) unkindness. Hannah shares five ways couples make assumptions and how communicating with kindness can help couples avoid the pitfall of making these various assumptions. Lastly, she provides helpful Scripture and action steps for listeners seeking to make these changes.