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News, Opinion, Debate The Hartmann Report is an independent daily podcast hosted by award winning, author, radio & TV host Thom Hartmann. Thom’s podcast highlights the bigger picture behind politics, science and culture through discussion and debate. Catch Thom’s live show Monday through Friday at noon ET / 9am PT nationwide -

News, Opinion, Debate The Hartmann Report is an independent daily podcast hosted by award winning, author, radio & TV host Thom Hartmann. Thom’s podcast highlights the bigger picture behind politics, science and culture through discussion and debate. Catch Thom’s live show Monday through Friday at noon ET / 9am PT nationwide -
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News, Opinion, Debate The Hartmann Report is an independent daily podcast hosted by award winning, author, radio & TV host Thom Hartmann. Thom’s podcast highlights the bigger picture behind politics, science and culture through discussion and debate. Catch Thom’s live show Monday through Friday at noon ET / 9am PT nationwide -




Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/16/2018 - Thom uses the 'F' word many times throghout the show today - - fascism. Or are we looking more like feudalism? By what ways and means are the elite satisfying their insatiable greed?

Thom looks at the stories of the day. As the Proud Boys begin to be accepted by the Trumpists, what stage of Fascism are we in?- will the right recruit its own armed forces? As we are destroying many other mammal species, are we sawing up our own branch of the evolutionary tree? As we alter out atmosphere, and as the insects are vanishing- bronze-age concepts of hierarchy and superiority may be to blame, so when will we wise up? -------- Bill in Kentucky suggests our exploitation by the...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/15/2018 - How the world is getting all Trumped up- are we entering a new Guilded Age? Thom, Tom Perez, Johnny in LaMarque, and Bob Ney all have ideas about it. But are we being too polite?

Thom presents the headlines: open society solidarity in Berlin, hurricane Michael, sugar taxes, climate change beer shortages, Elizabeth Warren's ancestry, Supreme Court back voter suppression, Rick Scott's veteran problems. ------- Thom interviews Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee ------- Johnny in LaMarque has a great idea for a movie. ------- Are Democrats too polite when talking to the Trump base? Should they stoop to their level? ------- Bob Ney with his Talk Media...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/12/2018 - In this mixed up world where the murder-hungry Saudis are our buddies, and Mitt Rommney spits out some deep pro-Trump wisdom... Thom chews on 'America First' with a sharp woman who wrote the book on th

Thom's take on the headlines of the day- Saudis, BPA in the blood of retail workers, Mitt Romney, and a sneaky caller. ------- Thom speaks with Sarah Churchwell, professor of American literature at the University of London about her new book, Behold, America: The Entangled History of "America First." and "the American Dream". Thom reads a chapter from Sarah Churchwell's book. ------- Congressman Ro Khanna of California's 17th District answers listener calls with Thom about voter suppression,...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/11/2018 - Thom asks if may as well draw lots maybe, as the Kavanaugh court gets going with some fresh voter suppression- while monster hurricanes prompt some thought over carbon taxes or other options. One of th

Sortition - Thom muses on the idea of picking random lawyers to serve on the Supreme Court, or a random sample of citizens to be in Congress. ---------- Brett Kavanaugh's 5-4 split ruling legalizes one method of voter supression and Hurricane Michael and prisons, ---------- Would a carbon tax help heal the damage done by carbon companies like Exxon-Mobil? Similarities drawn to the tobacco and asbestos industries ---------- Mark Pocan joins us once again, answering listener calls. Thom asks...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/10/2018 - Typical Wednesday headlines in 2018: The latest category 5 hurricane, voter suppression news, Saudi corruption & murder, Syria, Trump's latest lie, Ron Paul... and way too much more.

Thom explains the impact of the new ICCP report, climate change, Hurricane Michael and the possibilities of a carbon tax. ---- Greg Palast is always excited to talk about the vast ballot purge the Republicans are rolling out across the country. ---- Then Thom reads from Medea Benjamin's 'Kingdom of the Unjust- Behind the US-Saudi Connection'. . ---- Next- after the likely murder of US resident and US-Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, Thom speaks with a Code...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/08/2018 - As Kavanaugh is sworn in multiple times, what is the state of play of the generational strategy being played by the right-wing billionaires, and how can progressives respond in November? Plus, journali

In the wake of the 50-48 Senate vote to put Republican operative Brett Kavanaugh on the supreme court, Thom breaks down the fallout from the vote for Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin. Thom touches on Mike Pence and Columbus Day. And then, Brett Kavanaugh's multiple swearing ins concrete the majority conservative Supreme Court, but does that mean we're losing? Will the November election challenge or support the strategy that wealthy white men are using to hang on to their power? Trumps does his...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/05/2018 - The votes line up for Kavanaugh with one last push from the billionaire propaganda Faux News machine -- But Mimi Kennedy keeps up the good fight -- What is the state of our economy as predator politici

Of course there is a huge racist plot again Kavanaugh- what? Or rather, a plot by conservatives to use race to get whites to support Kavanaugh. ----- Actress activist Mimi Kennedy on fighting voter suppression. ----- Would-be aborticide laws in Mike Pence's America ----- Caller Toni says white folks are having a black experience right now. Listener Verity on Predators, Protectors, or Partners... ----- Dr. Richard Wolff on the current state of capitalism. ----- Thom reads from 'The Crash of...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/03/2018 - Who did Trump turn to when Daddy's 400 million petered out? Why do conservative white women stick with the Republicans? How did ten percent of the voters in Georgia get dropped? Who are the people stan

0:00 - When rich kid Trump spent all 400+ million dollars he got from his dad, who did he find in the early 2000s to keep bailing him out? ----- 10:31 - Conservative white women, what are they thinking? ----- 24:44 - Voter purge investigator Greg Pallast calls from Georgia, where he attempted to ask Bryan Kemp why he has purged ten percent of Geogian voters from the polls. ----- 34:02 - Thom reads from "Kickback: Exposing the Global Corporate Bribery Network" by David Montero ----- 40:00 -...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/02/2018 - Quick Kavanaugh catchup, Jack Bryan on Russian subversives, Laurie Wallach of on the new NAFTA, Congressman Mark Pocan takes the pulse, plus Thom's take on disappearing corporate corrupt

Thom's take on the many lies of Brett Kavanaugh- the murder conviction Judge Kavanaugh overturned. Who was dating Squi? Who refuted what? Legacy student or not? - - - Documentarian Jack Bryan describes his new movie Active Measures - The Russian Story, documenting Russian involvement in our politics from the 1930s to today. - - - Thom reads to us from 'The Fight for the Four Freedoms - What made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great'. - - - Laurie Wallach from looks at...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/01/2018 - Chris Hedges on the decay of America, the implications of a conservative court, more crazed Kavanaugh craziness, and the Macho Paradox

Chris Hedges engages with Thom on the subject of his latest book - 'America, the Farewell Tour' - how the decay of American society has led to isolation, alienation, and despair that manifests itself in self-destructive behaviors. Next- with Kavananaugh's nomination for King of the Court up in the air, what will it mean to have a reliable conservative court? Thom runs through the evidence and the history so far in the many pro-business and pro-elite judgments already. Thom digs into...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 9/26/2018 - On the eve of the crazy Kavanaugh showdown, how are the billionaires, Russians, and other elites warping our political process to their own ends-- and how can we fight back?

First, yet another accuser piles on Brett Kavanaugh and the Rape-publicans. // Next, Thom interviews Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, author of 'Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President' to see what evidence she's compiled that the Russians swayed our election in favor of Trump // Representative Mark Pocan takes listener from the swarm of outraged progressives. // Thom reads from the afterword of 'The American Revolution of 1800' by Dan Sissom. // Talk Media News'...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 9/24/2018 - Do you belive the victims? Corporate capitalism and 'hostile sexism' set the scene, while the accusers pile up, and Democrats pile on a certain Republican operative-wannabe-Supreme.

As a second and even a third woman comes forward with allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Thom reaches out to Maya Raghu of the National Women's Law Group, originators of the Believe Survivors project. Listeners respond. Thom reads from the forward he wrote for 'All The World's a Stage', the biography of Dennis Weaver. Bob Ney of Talk Media News brings his deep analysis of the headlines. Morris from Los Angeles asks about impeaching Supreme Court Justices, and other listeners call about...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 9/21/2018 - The politics of kindness with Jefferson Smith

Jefferson Smith asks the big questions as Thom heads to California for the Bill Maher show. Jodi Jacobson, president and editor in chief of Rewire News takes a look at the Kavanaugh hearing from a feminist perspective, and what lessons can be learned from it. Jeff answers listener calls about the news of the day and muses deeply on where we are- or should- be going... with a big emphasis on the fundamental importance of kindness. Talk Media News' Luke Vargas brings stories about the White...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 9/20/2018 - Deaths from Hurricane Florence - and could a Kavanaugh nomination lead to a return of illegal abortion deaths in America?

Thom considers the impact of the pig and chicken sheds in which millions of chickens and tens of thousands of pigs drowned after Hurricane Florence passed over the Carolinas. Then, Thom's take on the continuing question of Kavanaugh's nomination and allegations he is an attempted rapist. Listeners open their hearts and stories as they respond. Could illegal abortion deaths be returning to America on a large scale? And Black Lives Matter activist, author, and Podcaster DeRay Mckesson is in...