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The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Patrick Smyth with regular contributors Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Paddy Agnew, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.

The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Patrick Smyth with regular contributors Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Paddy Agnew, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.
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The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Patrick Smyth with regular contributors Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Paddy Agnew, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.




Cracks in Merkel's Coalition / Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance

First: German chancellor Angela Merkel faces another potential state election disaster in two weeks time, after her CSU allies were punished at the polls in Bavaria at the weekend, shaking an already wobbly coalition. Berlin correspondent Derek Scally is in studio to explain what might happen next. Later: Saudi Arabia is reported to be preparing to acknowledge the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared in Istanbul two weeks ago. Just how much damage has the controversy caused...


A New Stark Warning on Climate / Brazil: Support for Bolsonaro Shocks Establishment

Science Editor Kevin O'Sullivan on a major new report on climate change. The report paints a dire picture of a world devastated by the effects of climate change by the middle of this century unless action is taken now. Plus: Tom Hennigan from Sao Paolo on Jair Bolsonaro's strong showing in the first round of Brazil's presidential election. The crude candidate has done so well, he has brought several down-ballot candidates along with him. His success in the second round seems likely - more...


Kavanaugh's Open Partisanship / Brexit: Boris Falls Short at Tory Conference

The FBI has broadened its investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But will they find anything conclusive? Expectations are low. Democratic lawmakers are instead focussing on the judge’s embittered comments in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, arguing he demonstrated a partisan attitude unsuited to the highest court. Do they have a point? We talk to Ruadhán MacCormaic and Washington correspondent Suzanne Lynch. Later:...


Are Labour Inching Toward 'Remain'? / A Far-Right Threat in Brazil

Denis Staunton is in Liverpool for the Labour Party conference. The party's official stance on Brexit has always masked a deep division between principle and pragmatism. Is that about to change? Tom Hennigan reports from Sao Paolo on the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right demagogue with a history of misogyny and a fondness for authoritarian figures. Could he ride an anti-political mood to power in Brazil's presidential election?


Big Trouble for Brett Kavanaugh / Brexit: Something (Still) Has to Give

First: Historical sexual assault allegations against President Trump’s supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have complicated what had appeared to be a smooth confirmation process. Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing him of a 1982 sexual assault, will give their sides of the story when they testify in the Senate next Monday. With memories of the Anita Hill case in the ether in Washington, Republicans are treading carefully ahead of crucial mid-term elections in November....


Is Trump a Midterm Liability for Republicans? / Brexit: Chequers Under Fire

First: The White House press corps had their first briefing in 19 days on Monday, after weeks of a news cycle dominated by scandal. There were leaks from an explosive book by Bob Woodward offering insights into a chaotic presidency, followed closely by an anonymous and damning Oped by a senior administration staffer in the New York Times and then Barack Obama stepped out of the shadows to attack the president directly in a speech last week. Suzanne Lynch is on the line to take us through a...


Sweden's Far Right / Sally Hayden on Libya's Abandoned Refugees

First: It's a familiar story. A far right party on the rise, causing a rightward shift across the political spectrum. It has happened across the continent and Sweden is no different, where a sense of doubt has crept in to a society once better known for its successes, but now concerned about migration and a perception of rising crime rates. Our correspondent Derek Scally reports from Stockholm. Later: Journalist Sally Hayden on the strange plight of hundreds of refugees who were abandoned in...


An Irish Diplomat's Experience at The Heart of The Ebola Crisis

The Ebola virus exploded in West Africa in 2014, causing the deaths of over 11,300 people. Sinead Walsh was there, serving as Ireland's ambassador to Sierra Leone, and she witnessed first-hand how the international humanitarian system operated, and failed to operate, under the toughest of circumstances. Getting to Zero, the book Walsh has co-written with Oliver Johnson, a British doctor who ran an Ebola isolation unit in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, is a powerful account of the...


Considering 'No Deal Brexit' (with Patrick Smyth)

What happens if the UK crashes out of the EU? On the EU side, there is a special task force dedicated to figuring just that out, while the UK is publishing numerous papers covering what will happen in all walks of life. Little, though, is certain, and much is entirely unclear. Especially unclear is what will happen on the Irish border. But whatever the outcome, the world will be a very different place the day after. Our guest today is Europe Editor Patrick Smyth, who talks though what is...


Make Bavaria Great Again / Putin's Turning Point: The Georgian War Ten Years On

First: Derek Scally on the harshening of political rhetoric emanating from Bavaria, and in particular its ruling party the CSU. Later: Dan McLaughlin looks back at the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. What caused it, how did it play out, and what did it symbolise?


Trump v The Koch Brothers, Midterm Elections / Historic Vote In Zimbabwe

This week's podcast: Suzanne Lynch on the week in Washington. Ahead of crucial midterm elections, the downsides for Republicans of President Trump's tariffs are becoming clear, while Trump's deepening feud with billionaire right-wing donors Charles and David Koch threatens to further alienate elements within the party. Plus: Bill Corcoran in Zimbabwe on what we know so far about a historic election, the first of the post-Mugabe era.


Pakistan: A Populist Cricket Hero Closes In On Power / Brexit End Of Term

It is 26 years since Imran Khan cemented his status as a national hero by leading its cricket team to glory in the World Cup. Throughout that time, three things have remained constant in Pakistani politics: the Sharif dynasty, the Bhutto dynasty and the powerful military. But now polls show Khan's party leading ahead of next week's elections. We talk to Lorraine Mallinder about the charismatic Khan and the campaign which has been marred by violence as well as the usual accusations of...


"The Worst Press Conference in History"

When historians reflect on Donald Trump’s presidency, will yesterday’s press conference alongside Vladimir Putin in Helsinki be seen as one of its defining moments?Trump sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies, saying he saw no reason not to believe the Russian president when he said they did not try to fix the 2016 election. The performance has been dubbed embarrassing, disgraceful and treasonous, drawing criticism from both the left and right, with even Fox News saying it was...


May Faces Down the Hard Brexiteers. Are the DUP Next?

British Prime Minister Theresa May has faced down the 'big beasts', David Davis and Boris Johnson, as she pushes for a soft Brexit. It is just the first of many battles she will have to win, at home and abroad, to get Brexit over the line and keep the Conservative Party intact - potentially including one with the DUP. But there is also now the possibility that no solution to the Brexit riddle exists within Westminster. Has the likelihood of a no deal Brexit just increased? Guests: London...


Merkel's Compromise, May's Third Way

This week: Derek Scally on the last-minute deal struck to save Angela Merkel's coalition government, after her Christian Democratic Party's Bavarian sister party threatened to pull the plug over immigration. But there are doubts over the legality of what is being proposed, and over whether the weakened Chancellor can endure much more political punishment. And Denis Staunton on another one of those big weeks in Brexit. With her mysterious "third proposal", can Theresa May find her way onto...


Erdogan Tightens Grip on Turkey / Trump Holds Firm on Immigration

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK Party claimed victory in presidential and parliamentary polls on Sunday, overcoming a revitalised opposition that in recent weeks had gained considerable momentum and looked capable of staging an upset. Stephen Starr reports on the win, which gives Erdogan sweeping executive powers and extends his grip on the nation of 81 million until at least 2023. In the second part of the show, Washington correspondent Suzanne Lynch reports on the...


A Tale of Two Presidents: Colombia's Duque & Turkey's Erdogan

Two world leaders, in two key elections, 10,000 km apart: One is a political novice, whose election last Sunday threatens to undo a historic and hard won peace deal. The other has been criticised for authoritarian tendencies after 15 years in charge of his country. Tom Hennigan reports from Colombia where Iván Duque, the conservative political newcomer, was elected as the country's president last Sunday. Meanwhile in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of the Justice and Development Party...


The Trump-Kim Summit / Rohingya in Bangladesh face Cyclone Season

On this week's podcast, Clifford Coonan reports from Singapore where US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in a historic summit today. Comparisons have been drawn with president Richard Nixon’s 1972 trip to China to reopen relations with Chairman Mao Zedong. But with a good deal of vagueness in the wording and nothing concrete on denuclearisation plans, the day was largely symbolic with much left to be done. In the second part of the show, nine months after many...


Spain After Rajoy / The Babchenko Affair

Guy Hedgecoe on a dramatic week when Spanish politics was turned on its head. Mariano Rajoy is out. What comes next? Dan McLaughlin on the strange story of Ukrainian journalist Andrei Babchenko, who faked his own death in order to expose an alleged Russian plot to assassinate him.


Italy's Political Crisis / The Trump-Kim Summit

Chris Dooley talks to Patrick Smyth about Italy's unfolding constitutional and political crisis, and to Suzanne Lynch about the scarcely believable saga of the Trump-Kim Summit.