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Welcome to ”The Kandid Shop Podcast,” an honest, open space where real people ”Keep it Kandid” about a variety of relevant issues/topics, from relationships to parenting to starting a business, and everything in between! Join me, Kandidly Kristin, for kandid conversations about all things real and relevant!


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Welcome to ”The Kandid Shop Podcast,” an honest, open space where real people ”Keep it Kandid” about a variety of relevant issues/topics, from relationships to parenting to starting a business, and everything in between! Join me, Kandidly Kristin, for kandid conversations about all things real and relevant!





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The Business of Pleasure: A Kandid Chat on Legalized Sex Work w_/Madam Bella Cummins

Shoot Me A Message! !!Content Warning!! This episode contains discussions about legal sex work and is for the purpose of supporting legal sex workers' rights, work health, safety, and well-being. If this content offends you, please don't listen further. Thank you and enjoy the show. Join the conversation as I sit down with the insightful Madame Bella Cummins, Owner of Bella's Hacienda Ranch and Founder of the Onesta Foundation, to unravel the intricate tapestry of legal sex work in Nevada. Discover how Bella's personal journey and unwavering advocacy for sex workers' rights have forged a trail of empowerment and safety in an industry often shrouded in misconception. Our chat illuminates the benefits that regulated sex work offers to both the courtesans and their communities, from health and well-being to economic stability and public safety. Imagine a world where sex workers harness the freedom to choose, build entrepreneurial skills, and craft their futures with precision and care. This episode transports you to the heart of Bella's Hacienda Ranch, where women are mentored to embrace financial wisdom, fostering a culture of independence akin to running their own salon stations. Bella's passionate discourse on the Onesta Foundation's mission to support women in achieving financial independence and prosperous career transitions paints a portrait of hope and ambition, pushing the boundaries of a judgment-free society. We wrap up with a reflective dive into the human experience, sharing life lessons that transcend industry lines. We uncover the importance of authenticity, the transformative power of forgiveness, and the emotional clarity found in a simple phone call. This isn't just a peek behind the curtain of the sex work industry; it's an exploration of deeper connections and the universal yearning for understanding and unconditional love. Tune in to tap into the power of open dialogue and join us as we champion a more kandid, compassionate world. Connect with Bella: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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BEST OF SEASON 3: Forgiveness is a Choice: A Kandid Chat on the Illusion of Mandatory Forgiveness w/Michelle Agopsowitz

Shoot Me A Message! Have you ever felt the heavy weight of being told to forgive when your heart wasn't ready? Join me, as I engage in an enlightening conversation with Counselor, Reiki Master, and the Founder of Illuminated Path Counseling, Michelle Agopsowicz. Together, we get kandid about toxic forgiveness and how societal norms rush us into a reconciliation that may not serve our healing. The Stats: In a poll conducted in the Kandidly Speaking Facebook group, participants were asked if they felt pressured to forgive someone before they were emotionally ready. The results showed that: 67% answered "Yes," 32% answered "No, I only forgive when I am ready," 1% responded, "Maybe, not sure what that means." Key Takeaways: This isn't just about letting go; it's about understanding when holding on to 'sacred anger' is valid and justified. We discuss the importance of recognizing our own trauma responses and why forgiveness is not always a prerequisite for moving on. Michelle reminds us that forgiveness is not an obligation, nor does it quantify our kindness or spiritual growth. For those working to overcome toxic forgiveness, focus on grounding yourself, reclaiming your energy through breathing, and setting boundaries in a gentle and empathetic manner. If you're trying to help someone learn to support them on their journey without imposing your own timeline or discomfort by creating a safe space for the person and acknowledging their pain! This episode is a powerful affirmation that your healing is yours alone, and it's perfectly okay for it to unfold on your terms, with or without forgiveness! Guest Contact information: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Conversations Without Conflict: A Kandid Chat on Politics, Religion, and Conversations for Healing with Corey Nathan

Shoot Me A Message! In today’s episode of The Kandid Shop, I had the pleasure of chatting with Corey Nathan, the creative mind behind the "Talkin Politics and Religion Without Killin’ Each Other" podcast. Corey shared his unique journey from growing up in an observant Jewish family to converting to Christianity in his late twenties, which sparked his interest in navigating challenging conversations about religion and politics. Corey emphasized the importance of engaging in these divisive topics civilly and highlighted the necessity of recognizing the humanity in everyone, even when opinions strongly differ. He shared personal anecdotes about the difficulties and complexities of discussing sensitive issues within his family and his church community, illustrating how these experiences led him to create his podcast. Throughout our conversation, Corey provided insightful advice on how to approach discussions on politics and religion. He stressed the value of radical curiosity, active listening, and maintaining an open mind, which can lead to a deeper understanding and respect for differing viewpoints. We also delved into the impact of social media on public discourse, discussing the responsibilities of individuals and platforms in fostering a healthier conversational environment. Corey shared his personal rules for engaging online, emphasizing the importance of accountability and respectful interaction. The episode was not only enlightening but also deeply humanizing, reminding us all of the power of conversation in bridging divides and the continuous effort required to improve how we communicate on contentious topics. Corey’s perspective and tips are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate difficult discussions with grace and empathy. Listeners, whether you're new or returning, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in better understanding the art of conversation in our polarized times. Join us on this thought-provoking journey that seeks to repair the world, one conversation at a time, that may inspire you to view the sunrise of opportunity in every challenging debate and embracing our shared humanity. Connect with Corey: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Demystifying Diabetes: A Kandid Chat on Managing and Understanding the Condition w/Chet Galaska

Shoot Me A Message! DISCLAIMER: The content of this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The use of information on this podcast or materials linked from this podcast is at the user’s own risk and listeners should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice for any medical condition they may have and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions. Discover the truth behind diabetes with Chet Galaska, creator of the Challenge Diabetes program and Author of "The Diabetes Book: What Everyone Should Know," as we unravel the complexities of this condition that affects millions. Our heartfelt conversation goes beyond the myths to understand the real causes and proactive management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Chet's expertise shines as he debunks the misconception that diabetes stems solely from lifestyle choices, illuminating the intricate dance between genetics and environment. Stigma and shame often accompany a diabetes diagnosis, but this episode is a clarion call for compassion and knowledge. Listen as we dissect the day-to-day challenges of living with diabetes, the importance of diet and exercise, and the technological advancements that offer a glimmer of hope. Chet's personal anecdotes serve as poignant reminders of the gravity of mismanagement and the lifesaving power of education and early intervention. Wrapping up, Chet shares his mission to spread diabetes awareness through accessible, community-driven education. His innovative use of digital platforms to inspire and inform is as significant as it is necessary, especially within communities at higher risk. Our exchange, imbued with genuine concern and a dash of humor, leaves listeners not just informed but moved to action, with a deeper appreciation for the journey of those managing diabetes daily. Connect with Chet: Get The Book: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Artist Spotlight: Star of "Starry Road to Freedom: The Life of Frederick Douglass" w/Darius Wallace

Shoot Me A Message! Ever wondered how a person's life could pivot on a single moment or 2? That's what happened to Darius Wallace, a one-time gang-involved teen whose life took a dramatic turn toward the footlights thanks to a teacher's timely intervention. My guest this week is the extraordinary Darius himself, whose powerful one-man shows breathe life into historical giants like Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X. He doesn't just portray these icons; he embodies their spirit, sharing a journey that reminds us of the transformative power of storytelling! This heart-to-heart isn't just a walk through Darius's personal narrative; it's a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone with a dream of the stage or film. He opens up about the grit required to weather the storm of industry rejections, the proactive pursuit of opportunities, and the incredible serendipity that can strike in places as mundane as a Starbucks. Darius gives us a peek into his toolkit for mental and emotional balance, with practices ranging from Tai Chi to absorbing inspiring media. For those mapping out their own creative path or seeking a spark of motivation, this episode is a compelling blend of life lessons, professional insights, and the kandid truth of one artist's journey. Keep your eye open for 2 upcoming films that feature Darius as lead or Director: Queens Rising-October 2024 and Damaged Goods- 2024. Connect with Darius: 901-262-0126 Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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The Gist of Bid-Whist: A Kandid Chat on the Cultural History of Bid Whist with Author Lamont Jones

Shoot Me A Message! Have you ever thought the timeless tradition of card games could reveal profound cultural stories? Well, today's episode was nothing short of a treat as I sit down with the insightful and engaging Lamont Jones, a boxing business attorney and the Author of the critically acclaimed book, "The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America." Lamont's passion for Bid Whist shone through as he recounted his own introduction to the game during law school, a time when he was blissfully unaware of its rich cultural roots and strategic complexity. We laughed about the game's reputation as an "old folks game," but as Lamont peeled back the layers, it became clear that Bid Whist is a game that transcends age and time, offering a blend of strategy, social interaction, and cultural heritage. Throughout our conversation, we delved into the nuances of Bid Whist, comparing and contrasting it with the more commonly known game of Spades. Lamont expertly explained the "knockout factor" of Bid Whist, where, much like in boxing, any hand could dramatically turn the tables and secure a win, regardless of the score. This element of unpredictability and excitement is just one of the many reasons Lamont champions Bid Whist as a superior card game. The historical significance of the Pullman Porters was a focal point of our discussion, as Lamont detailed how these respected figures in the African-American community helped spread Bid Whist across the nation. The game became a cultural connector, a source of joy, and a competitive pastime that resonated deeply within black communities, from coast to coast. Lamont's mission with "The Gist of Bidwist" is to breathe new life into the game, ensuring it doesn't disappear with the passing generations. He envisions a future where Bid Whist is not only a nod to the past but also a vibrant part of our present, with plotlines in movies, television, and perhaps even the next great American novel. We even got into some celebrity gossip, discussing notable Bid Whist players like Magic Johnson, Thurgood Marshall and Michael Jordan, and Lamont shared his ongoing investigation into whether former President Barack Obama is a secret Bid Whist aficionado. Before we wrapped up, Lamont emphasized the importance of his book for both seasoned players and those who feel they lack the "card-playing gene." He's determined to make Bid Whist accessible and enjoyable for everyone, using his book as a comprehensive guide to learning and loving the game. To all my listeners, if you're intrigued by the strategic and social depths of Bid Whist, or if you're simply a card game enthusiast looking for your next challenge, this episode is a must-listen. For more information on Bid Whist, to grab a copy of Lamont's book, or just to connect with the man himself, head over to Amazon or visit You can also reach out to Lamont on Twitter @Lamontsixnolow. Stay tuned for more kandid conversations here on The Kandid Shop, where we keep it real, raw, and utterly kandid. Until next time, keep playing those cards, no matter what hand you're dealt! Connect with Lamont: Get the Book: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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From Sundown Towns to Sunlit Communities: A Kandid Chat w/Becky Nicolaides on the Rise of Multicultural Suburbs

Shoot Me A Message! Embark on a historical odyssey with our beacon of knowledge on Los Angeles suburbia's evolution, Becky Nicolaides, Historian and Author of, "The New Suburbia." Discover a past where fair housing laws and the crumbling of racial covenants ushered in a vibrant era of multiculturalism across once-segregated neighborhoods. Through Becky's narrative in "The New Suburbia," we cast a lens on the suburban landscapes that now mirror the national mosaic, challenging the stereotypes of homogenous white enclaves and heralding an era where diversity is the very fabric of community life. Journey with us to San Marino, where the narrative of a sundown town is rewritten by the arrival of a diverse populace, spearheading a cultural renaissance in the suburban heartlands. Schools and churches transform from battlegrounds to bridges, fostering inclusivity and community spirit. Becky's 'Suburb Toolkit' emerges as a powerful instrument for change, advocating for dinners, discussions, and the kind of neighborly connection that sows empathy and understanding. The suburbs have become a microcosm of America's shifting demographics, and as Becky challenges outdated perceptions, we recognize their burgeoning role in shaping the nation's destiny. From the classroom to the ballot box, the "new" suburban vote embodies a diverse, complex electorate set to influence this presidential election season. To connect with the world of Becky Nicolaides and delve further into "The New Suburbia," tune in and join the dialogue on reshaping our neighborhoods into inclusive spaces for all. Connect With Becky: Get The Book: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Sowing Seeds of Sustainability & Joy: A Kandid Chat on Composting, Sprouting, and Laughter Yoga w/Cathy Nesbitt

Shoot Me A Message! Uncover the transformative power of worms and laughter in my enlightening conversation with Cathy Nesbitt, the visionary behind Cathy's Crawley's Composters, Sprouters, and Laughter Club. As we navigate the fertile grounds of sustainability, Cathy shares her expertise on the revolution beneath our feet—vermicomposting—and the sprouts that add vigor to our meals and our planet. Her laughter yoga journey intertwines with tales of red wigglers, offering a blend of wisdom and joy that promises to inspire your lifestyle and tickle your funny bone. The world of sprouting unfolds in a symphony of health benefits and Cathy's guidance on how to turn tiny seeds into nutritional powerhouses is nothing short of revelatory. We delve into the stark realities of North American agriculture, examining the urgent need for soil revival and a return to nature's rhythms. Kathy's passion for sprouting is infectious; it's not just about the enzymes, but a deeper connection to the earth that nourishes both body and spirit. Finally, we wrap up with laughter—its uplifting force a universal remedy in challenging times as Kathy shares her initiatives with laughter yoga among the Down syndrome community. The crescendo of our chat leads to a playful series of 10 Kandid Questions, revealing quirks and global concerns, all while reinforcing the message of sprouting as a gateway to wellness. Remember, to join Kathy's cause and continue the conversation, head to, or —where green living and hearty laughter are always in season. Contact Cathy: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Empowerment & Freedom Beyond Narcissism: A Kandid Chat on Shadow Work and Healing w/Kim Carpenter

Shoot Me A Message! On this episode, I embark on a healing journey with Kim Carpenter, a mindset coach with an intuitive legacy. This episode is a powerful exploration of the transformation from the depths of narcissistic abuse to the heights of self-empowerment. Kim opens up about her triumph over toxic relationships, gifting listeners with the tools to recognize and recover from the manipulation of a narcissist. Her profound insights into self-worth reclamation and the strategies she shares are not merely lifelines for the trapped but guiding lights for anyone on the path to healing. The enchanting tale behind Bimberland Soulworks unfolds as Kim weaves her three-generational intuitive thread into a tapestry of emotional energy and chakra work. We spotlight the life-altering practice of shadow work, as Kim emphasizes the necessity of confronting one's hidden fears to break free from harmful life patterns. Through her captivating anecdotes, Kim demonstrates how embracing abundance and prosperity mindsets can cultivate successful relationships and a fulfilling life. In my closing moments with Kim, we reflect on the individual journey each person embarks on toward spirituality and self-development. We acknowledge the unique paths that lead seekers to their divine connection, beyond the constraints of traditional religious doctrines. As Kim and I exchange gratitude and good wishes, we extend an invitation to our listeners: to continue on their own paths of personal growth, armed with the wisdom and strategies shared by our inspirational guest. Contact Kim: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Getting Your Resisting Loved One Into Treatment w/ Dr. Brian Licuanan

Shoot Me A Message! Have you ever found yourself helplessly watching a loved one struggle with addiction or mental health issues? You're not alone, and this episode is a gentle yet potent reminder of the hope and support available. Join me as I sit down with Dr. Brian Licuanan, a Psychologist who has dedicated his life to navigating the choppy waters of mental health and addiction treatment. We peel back the layers of his professional journey, discussing his upcoming book, "How To Get Your Resisting Loved One Into Treatment: A Step-By-Step Plan for Mental Health and/or Addiction Crisis", that promises to be a beacon for families in turmoil, and redefining what it means to provide 'tough love' without abandoning those we care for. As we wrestle with the stigma that clings to mental health like a stubborn shadow, Dr. Brian and I dissect the invisible barriers of guilt, fear, and shame that often hinder the road to recovery. Our conversation highlights the transformation in perceptions within the United States and underscores the necessity of maintaining connections with those battling against their own minds and dependencies. Dr. Brian's approach to empowering families is enlightening, offering actionable insights on how to be the rock someone can lean on without losing yourself in the process. To cap off our talk, we turn our focus to the collective healing that occurs in fellowship, breaking down the myths that fuel the stigma around mental health and substance abuse. We share personal anecdotes, hoping to inspire openness and understanding. Just before we wrap up, I present a lighter side of Dr. Brian through a series of kandid questions, giving you an intimate glimpse into the man behind the mission. And as always, we leave you equipped with resources and the encouragement to reach out, affirming that in the shared experience of humanity, we find our greatest strength. Contact Dr. Brian: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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It Isn't About You: A Kandid Chat on De-escalation and Crisis Management w/Sean DeMarco Garcia

Shoot Me A Message! When the stakes are high and tensions run higher, it's the voice of calm that can make all the difference. I sat down with Sean DeMarco Garcia, Founder of Astrochemistry Consulting LLC & Author of an upcoming e-book, "It's Not About You: Lessons, Memories and Techniques in Crisis Communication," and we get real about the art of de-escalation and crisis intervention. Sean's winding path from police officer to pioneer in conflict resolution mirrors the complexity of the high-stress encounters he defuses. His stories are a potent mix of the personal and the professional, offering strategies for front-line workers of all kinds and anyone looking to navigate crises with grace and efficiency. Sean and I peel back the layers of law enforcement life to reveal the essential role of cultural understanding and the non-negotiable necessity of self-care. We talked about the life-changing power therapy can wield, even for those who stand as pillars of strength in our communities. Sean's insights into personal well-being underscore the importance of not just training the mind for crisis scenarios but nurturing the heart to withstand the aftershocks. Leadership isn't an easy mantle to wear, especially when managing the fine line between guidance and authority. In our heartfelt conversation, Sean illuminates the leadership philosophy that inspires growth and the transformative impact of acknowledgment in the workplace. His upcoming book teases a treasure trove of narratives and coping mechanisms for when words aren't enough. We wrap up with a volley of rapid-fire questions, each one offering a window into the life lessons that shape this advocate for peace and protector of the peacekeepers. Join us for a conversation that's not just about the message—it's about making a positive mark on the world, one de-escalated crisis at a time and be sure to check back for the date of the e-book release!! Contact Sean: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Pioneering A Sustainable Future: A Kandid Chat with John Pabon on Eco-Responsibility

Shoot Me A Message! Discover the intricacies of sustainability with John Pabon, a trailblazer in the field and Author of “Sustainability for the Rest of Us: Your No-Bullshit, Five-Point Plan for Saving the Planet” and “The Great Greenwashing: How Brands, Governments, and Influencers are Lying to You," as we unravel how to make tangible impacts on the planet. Our conversation is not only an exploration of environmental protection but an inclusive discussion about human welfare and corporate governance. John's transition from public affairs to a sustainability consultant brings a unique perspective, emphasizing the importance of corporate accountability and practical, achievable steps toward a sustainable future. Barriers to sustainability can seem insurmountable, but they don't have to be. We tackle issues like cost, awareness, and convenience, and how they affect our ability to adopt sustainable practices. This episode emphasizes the role of intersectionality within environmentalism and introduces the concept of 'pragmatic altruism,' a strategic yet realistic approach to making a positive impact. We also look ahead, encouraging you to carve your own path in sustainability, tailored to your circumstances and resources. Our chat wraps up with a critical examination of greenwashing. We shed light on the deceptions some companies employ to appear environmentally friendly and discuss the potential overhaul of the automotive industry's business model in response to the electric vehicle revolution. For those eager to continue the conversation, learn how to connect with John on TikTok and other platforms, and find resources mentioned in the episode in our show notes. Join us at for a journey into making a lasting difference. Connect with John: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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When The Hood Comes Off: A Kandid Chat on Racism & Resistance in The Digital Age

Shoot Me A Message! Embark on a profound journey with Dr. Robert Eschmann, Educator, Filmmaker and Author of the critically acclaimed "When the Hood Comes Off: Racism and Resistance in the Digital Age." Our conversation pierces through the veil of digital anonymity, revealing the entanglement of technology and racism. Dr. Eschmann's personal encounters with racism, both in the virtual world and within the halls of academia, serve as a beacon for understanding the modern struggle against racial injustice. Our dialogue traverses the terrain of online discourse, examining how the veil of anonymity amplifies racial tensions and the role of education reform in this battle. Join us as we navigate the tumultuous currents of social media where voices from the margins echo louder than ever, challenging the silence of mainstream discussions on racism. Dr. Eschmann illuminates the double-edged nature of these platforms, which, while elevating activism, also harbor racist ideologies. We delve into the psychological toll on people of color and affirm the unyielding necessity for resistance. We peel back the layers of Dr. Eschmanns' academic research, shifting from case studies to a comprehensive analysis that uncovers the digital resilience of students of color against racial adversity. Lastly, experience the seamless blend of Dr. Eschmanns' passion for storytelling with his commitment to anti-racist action as he introduces us to "Choose Your Own Resistance," a virtual reality film that immerses viewers in the thick of racial microaggressions. Hear how his personal life, infused with sports, movies, and family, fortifies his resolve in this ongoing crusade for equity. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts or @ Connect with Dr. Rob: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Unraveling Childhood Trauma: Unlocking Healthy Love w/Rihanna Milne

Shoot Me A Message! Ever wrestled with the shadows of your past, especially when it comes to love? Licensed Mental Health Counselor and expert Certified Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach, Riana Milne sits down with me to dissect the origins of our adult relationship woes, tracing them back to the traumas of our childhoods. Together, we navigate the often overlooked but crucial top ten childhood traumas, and how to break free from their grip to find true happiness in love. Riana's own transformation from broadcaster to Licensed Mental Health Counselor and her dedicated mission to helping those affected by domestic violence and addiction set the stage for a deeply insightful conversation. As we wade through the murky waters of trauma's lasting effects, you'll learn how these early experiences can ripple through our physical and emotional health, ultimately shaping our choices in partners and the patterns in our relationships. From the red flags of rushed proposals to the cornerstone principles of an emotionally healthy relationship, we cover all bases. We equip you with the tools for healing past traumas and provide a blueprint for cultivating a relationship that is as joyful as it is conscious and aware. The journey does not end with personal transformation; it's about rewriting the future. Riana shared the eight D's—desire, determination, dedication, and more—that have propelled her success, hoping to inspire the same resilience in you. If Riana's story and methodologies resonate with you, be sure to tap into her expansive resources including her podcast, "Lessons in Life and Love," as we strive to keep the conversation real, safe, and healthy at the Kandid Shop. Join us for this deep dive into the heart of what makes us tick in love and life, and how to mend it for a brighter, love-filled tomorrow. Connect with Riana Milne: Stay Connected with The Kandid Shop:​@​thekandidshoppodcast@thekandidshoppodcast @thekandidshoppodcastSupport the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Speaking with the Heart: Mastering Compassionate Communication with Dr. Heather Browne

Shoot Me A Message! If you've ever felt lost in translation with your loved one, this Season 4 premiere episode promises strategies that could revolutionize the way you connect. Unlock the secret to transformative communication with Dr. Heather Browne, as she returns to The Kandid Shop to explore the depths of compassionate dialogue in relationships. Her new book, "Speaking with the Heart: Transforming Your Relationship, Conscious Compassionate Couples Communication," serves as our guide to improving our connection with our partners, starting with compassion before diving into a conversation. Discover the profound impact nonverbal cues and vocal tone have on our interactions and the unique challenges presented by text-based communication. Are your conversations with your partner building bridges or barriers? Dr. Browne offers a fresh perspective on this crucial question. She highlights the need for self-awareness and independence in our romantic bonds, liberating us from the search for validation. Delight in the interactive exercises from Dr. Heather's book, designed to deepen intimacy and appreciation within your relationship. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice, from asking your partner thought-provoking questions about your connection to savoring moments of quiet presence together. As we wrap up, Dr. Heather invites us to embrace open communication to guide our partners in fulfilling our emotional needs. We discuss the versatility of love languages and the importance of recognizing and adapting to our partner's unique preferences. Join us for an episode that not only promises to enrich your relationship but also encourages a ripple of love and kindness throughout the world. Dr. Heather Browne's book, "Speaking with the Heart," is available now and is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a more loving and connected relationship. Get it here: Connect with Dr. Heather Browne: Heather Browne@drheatherbrowneStay Connected with The Kandid Shop: www.thekandidshop.comThe Kandid Shop Podcast@thekandidshoppodcast @thekandidshoppodcastDon't forget to subscribe, share the show, and leave a review if you enjoyed this episode! Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Heartfelt Appreciation and Warm Wishes from The Kandid Shop Podcast!!

Shoot Me A Message! To All My Kandid Shop Podcast Fans and Followers: As the end of another incredible year approaches, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you who has made The Kandid Shop Podcast a part of your journey. Your unwavering support, engagement, and enthusiasm have made this year truly exceptional. I am continually inspired by the sense of community that has blossomed around The Kandid Shop Podcast. Your feedback, comments, and messages have fueled my passion for creating content that resonates with you. I am honored to have such an amazing audience that not only listens to the episodes but actively participates in the conversations that come from them! As I reflect on the past year, I’m reminded of the incredible guests I’ve had the privilege of having on the show and the valuable insights they shared. The Kandid Shop Podcast wouldn't be what it is without the diverse perspectives and experiences each guest brings to the table. Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and discovery. As we usher in the holiday season, I want to extend warm wishes to you and your loved ones. May this festive season be filled with joy, laughter, and precious moments. Take this time to cherish the company of family and friends and embrace the spirit of gratitude for the blessings in your life. The Kandid Shop Podcast is excited about what the future holds, and we can't wait to continue this adventure with all of you. Stay tuned for Season 4, premiering in February 2024! Whether you're a long-time listener or just discovering our podcast, thank you for being a part of our community. Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a new year filled with Kandid conversations and endless possibilities. With heartfelt appreciation and love, Kandidly Kristin & The Kandid Shop Podcast Family Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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SEASON FINALE: Artist Spotlight: Making It Count w/Anthony BUSS Nelson

Shoot Me A Message! Ever wondered what goes into the making of a rising star in the music industry? For the answer, tune your ears to Anthony Nelson, a.k.a. BUSS, my guest this week the season ending, very special Artist Spotlight episode. BUSS is the voice and genius behind the hot musical intro to every Kandid Shop episode! We're peeling back the layers of his journey and pouring out the beats that make him tick. The spotlight will shine on how he went from being part of True Elite to his current solo venture and the significant role his brothers played in shaping his career. This journey isn't just about the evolution of his artistry but also about the soul he pours into his albums, "Make It Count", Volumes 1 & 2. is a story of creativity, resilience, and a relentless will to make everything count in the face of adversity. But this isn't just about beats and rhythms, it's about the heart of the music industry - authenticity. We explore the challenges that come with keeping it real in a world that often values flash over substance. This is a conversation about the struggles, the value of betting on yourself, and the leap of faith it takes to stay true to your own unique sound. So, come join us for a potent blend of stories, inspiration, and life lessons from our talented guest. Guest Contact info: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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From Junkie to Judge: A Kandid Chat with Mary Beth O'Connor

Shoot Me A Message! This is a Content Trigger Warning. This episode contains discussions about drugs and substance abuse. You are advised to refrain from listening if you are likely to be offended or be adversely impacted by any of these topics. Take care of yourself. Are you ready to embark on a journey that will challenge your perspectives on addiction, recovery, and the justice system? This fascinating episode features a riveting conversation with Mary Beth O'Connor, a former Federal Judge and Author of "From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction." who is a beacon of hope for many. She shares her personal experience of fighting substance abuse and how she turned her life around to become an influential figure in the judiciary. Hear her insights on the role of trauma in substance misuse and the dangerous reality of the current drug overdose crisis. The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as we discuss the societal and political barriers that often prevent effective treatment of substance abuse disorders. Is addiction a moral failing or a medical condition? We challenge this commonly held notion and delve into the potential benefits and challenges of decriminalizing personal drug use, drawing from examples in places like Oregon. And despite the progress, we also acknowledge the unending racial disparities that persist in drug law enforcement. Journey with us as we delve deeper into the world of secular recovery, exploring alternatives to traditional 12-step programs. We emphasize the importance of a personalized recovery plan, discussing different non-12-step groups and their philosophies. Mary Beth talks about her work with LifeRing and She Recovers, providing useful advice for those facing addiction and the people who care about them. This episode is more than a conversation - it's an opportunity to understand the multifaceted nature of addiction and the path to recovery. Tune in now for a heart-to-heart talk that offers hope, understanding, and insight into a much-misunderstood issue. Guest Contact Info: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Embracing Echoes: Nurturing Minds Affected by Alzheimer's & Dementia

Shoot Me A Message! Imagine the fear and confusion of being lost, not recognizing the familiar, and unable to express your plight. This is the daily reality for millions suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. I sat down with Behavioral Specialist, Certified Dementia trainer, and Author of, “Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost” & “Truth, Lies & Alzheimer’s – Its Secret Faces,” Lisa Skinner, who shared her personal journey navigating her grandmother's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Lisa not only brings an expert's perspective but also a deeply personal understanding of the impact of these diseases on individuals and their families. Together, we demystify the complex world of Alzheimer's and dementia. With Lisa's help, we untangle common misconceptions and provide clarity on the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia. Did you know that Alzheimer's is one of the leading causes of death among seniors globally? Or that the number of people living with these diseases is set to triple by 2050? Lisa shares these startling facts and more, emphasizing the need for education and more informed medical practices. In addition, Lisa shares insights on the often-overlooked aspect of Alzheimer's: diagnosing the disease and living with it. She highlights the stages of cognitive decline, the role of certain genes, and the part lifestyle choices play in managing Alzheimer's risk factors. We also explore the potential of stem cell research and we discuss Lisa’s remarkable books, inspired by her experiences. Engage with us on this journey of understanding Alzheimer's and dementia, and find hope amid the challenges. Be prepared to be enlightened, to learn, and to find solace in the knowledge that you're not alone. Guest Contact Info: Resources: Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast


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Revitalizing Relationships: A Deep Dive into Masculinity and Power Dynamics with Author Elliott Katz

Shoot Me A Message! Have you ever wondered why some relationships thrive while others crumble? Do you sometimes feel perplexed about your role as a man in a relationship? Well, you're not alone, and that's why we brought Author Elliott Katz to shed light on these thought-provoking questions. My stimulating conversation with Elliott revolves around his transformative journey from divorce to self-discovery, and how he evolved into a stronger, more responsible man. Through his books, "Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom On Being A Man" and "How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants So You Don't Have To," Elliott unravels the complexities of relationships, masculinity, and the power dynamics between men and women. In our heart-to-heart chat, we explore and challenge the dynamic of relationships. We take a hard look at the misunderstandings that frequently arise from lack of clear communication and assertiveness. Elliott passionately discusses the critical role of men being decisive and stepping up in relationships. This responsibility, according to him, can positively influence and shape the relationship. We also confront the modern-day conundrum of men being relegated to "mother's helpers" instead of partners, and the potential ways for women to inspire their partners to take an active leadership role. Finally, we tackle the impact of social media on relationships and the common struggles men face when planning a first date. Elliott generously shares anecdotes from his coaching experience, revealing his strategies for guiding men to become more assertive and responsible in relationships. We also voyage through a myriad of other subjects like public speaking, personal growth, values, and reflections on the world. This discussion is not just a conversation; it's an invitation to reevaluate and fortify your relationships. Join me, and let's journey together towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Guest Contact Info: Get The Books!! Support the Show. Intro Music by: Anthony Nelson aka BUSS Keep it Safe, Keep it healthy & Keep it Kandid! IG, FB & Tiktok: @thekandidshoppodcast