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Series 2 | Episode #0 - New Series Information & Salman Khan News Brief Discussion

In this Introduction episode Josh and Krishna discuss Series 2 and what is gonna be happening and other details about the return of the Podcast for 2018 We also briefly discuss Actor Salman Khans current court status and implications We also discuss how The Mahal Podcast is now powered By InstaPod Network and Enthusiasts Network going forward to bring more to the podcasts status and other opportunities as being part of a PodcastDigital Network


Ep5: The Padmavati Film Situation/Controversy and update on Delhi Smog.

In this episode we discuss the Situation and Controversy surrounding the film Padmavati starring Deepika Padukon amp Shahid Kapoor We explore the crazy news about crazy ways people are getting killed and torching UK Cinemas in this big row over the films origin story and additions to the way it plays out Josh and Krishna dive in and give their two cents to why its crazy and beyond belief that this ordeal has happened and why is it happening We also update you on the latest goings on with the...


Ep4: Trailer Reactions on YouTube Discussion

pp1 margin 00px 00px 100px 00px lineheight 160px font 140px Helvetica Neue color 333333 backgroundcolor ffffffspans1 fontkerning noneIn this fourth episode of The Mahal Podcast we focus on the Trailer Reactions Community at Large on YT and our thoughts and feelings about what we do every week on YouTube We also discuss New Delhi and that i has declared a state of emergency over toxic smog spreading across the city and the impactTwitter httptwittercomKLMYTOfficialFacebook...


Ep3: The Hollywood Scandals with Harvey Weinstein & Kevin Spacey

FOLLOW KRISHNALOVESMOVIES ON SOCIAL Twitter httptwittercomKLMYTOfficialFacebook httpfacebookcomKrishnaLovesMovies Our own social accounts are also linked at the bottom OUR OTHER PLATFORMS Apple Podcasts httpappleco2hyBkRF Anchor httpsanchorfmthemahal Podcastscom httpwwwpodcastscomthemahal190 Tune In httptuninpiEMlSubscribe on Pocket Casts httppcastZJi7 Show NotesIn this third episode of The Mahal we take a deep dive into the recent sandals of Harvey Weinstein and this weeks recent one...


Ep2: Las Vegas Massacre, Monarch Airlines going Bust & more!

In this the second episode of The Mahal we talk about the deeply sad Las Vegas Shooting that happened earlier this week and reflect on what we know right now and what we think of how bad it is We then discuss Monarch Airways going bust and the impact on its customers flying with them soon or already away and flying back with them what is going to happen We also briefly discuss Tech and about the new Amazon Echo Line up LINKS 1st Story httpbbccouknewsworlduscanada41471242 2nd Story...


Ep1: Pakistan's India lies, North Korea Vs USA and Saudi Women allowed to drive.

In this first episode of The Mahal we discuss the current situation between Pakistan and India following recent allegations to the UN Council about India that Pakistan has been accused of lying for We also discuss the current tensions between the United States and North Korea giving the latest actions the dictated nation has been doing We debate has it got too serious or is it just a game to see who is more strongwilled We then follow that up with the great news that Saudi Arabia Women are...