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Lie, Block, Betray: Trump After the Blue Wave

The midterms aren't over: votes are being counted and recounted in key battleground states. This week, we take you directly to Broward County, Florida, where reporter Pema Levy is staking out the local elections offices, awaiting results from a dramatic statewide recount, as streets heat up with protesters. We also go to Atlanta, where senior editor Kiera Butler brings you the latest from the nail-biting Georgia Governor's race, between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp....


Breaking News Edition: Trump Goes Full Mob Boss

It happened: The Attorney General of the United States has been fired. This news came with a giant Trumpian thump Wednesday morning—while votes are still being counted in an election that handed the House back to Democrats for the first time in eight years. The implications of Jeff Sessions' ouster could be enormous. President Donald Trump is now installing a loyalist, Matthew Whitaker, and serious questions now hang over the future of the Russia Investigation. D.C. bureau chief David Corn...


Trump Wakes Up Shaking

On this late-breaking episode: How to understand this historic night as the political makeup of the country is being written in real-time—like, as we record. Despite some big losses and reports of long lines at the polls, the Democrats had a huge night. D.C. Bureau chief David Corn and reporter Pema Levy join us from Washington to discuss some of the midterm's highest highs and lowest lows. Ari Berman, our resident voting rights expert, and senior reporter Tim Murphy discuss voter...


Trump Ate the GOP. Now He’s Digesting It.

On today's show, our Washington D.C. bureau chief David Corn offers his assessment of how the president and his party are mining the worst of America's ancient grievances—on race, religion, and nationalism—for new electoral advantages. Also on the show: A few weeks ago, Mother Jones asked you if you’re voting for the first time in the midterm elections. Dozens of readers shared their stories with our team, about your frustration and inspiration at this crazy-important time, and what casting...


It’s Finally Time to Talk About the Polls

On this week’s show: After 2016, can we really trust the polls? With just two weeks until the midterm elections on November 6, we gather some of the biggest brains in the business to round up everything you need to know about numbers, numbers, numbers. Our all-star cast includes MSNBC's National Political Correspondent, Steve Kornacki; FiveThirtyEight's managing editor, Micah Cohen, and HuffPost's polling editor, Ariel Edwards-Levy. We fill you in on what you need to watch for during the...


Road Trip Through the Battleground States

On this week's show: Buckle up for a Mother Jones road trip to three of the most contentious battleground states in the upcoming November elections—and they’re all in the Southwest. First, Senior Reporter Tim Murphy travels to Arizona to meet activists fighting to mobilize one tribal nation, the Tohono OíOdham, at a time when Native American voting rights are under relentless assault across the country. Next, we head to Nevada where casino workers, cooks, and housekeepers are reinventing the...


The Argument for Rage

This week: We’re in the home stretch—only 27 days to go until the midterms. As Brett Kavanaugh gets to work, rockstar feminist writer Rebecca Traister joins MoJo’s Becca Andrews to discuss the political power of women’s rage and how it is reshaping America. And we hear from you, our listeners, about how you reacted to the historic Supreme Court appointment. We also take a look inside Florida’s long-awaited movement to restore voting rights to 1.4 million people, featuring senior reporter Ari...


The Conservative Case for Destroying the GOP

On this week's episode, Mother Jones DC Bureau Chief David Corn chats with Max Boot, the lauded conservative stalwart who now believes the GOP must be destroyed—for good. Boot says that the Trumpian poison cannot be leeched. And with the stakes so high in November, Boot is making a case for Republicans to vote for every Democrat, in every race, for every position. This epiphany is a message for the politically marooned, in the time of Trump.


Breaking News Edition: Ford’s Bravery, Kavanaugh's Fury

A special episode of the Mother Jones Podcast: All the breaking news from the Kavanaugh hearings, explained. First, the gut-wrenching testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teens—told in gripping and personal detail. Then: Tears and outrage from Kavanaugh, who unequivocally denied the allegations in a fiery performance. Jamilah King hosts a breaking news panel with Supreme Court reporter Stephanie...


A Constitutional Crisis Is Just a Tweet Away

On this week's episode, inside the fight for Medicaid expansion at the polls in November. The fate of Obamacare is on the ballot—and now up to voters in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah. Meet one campaigner in this Red State Resistance trying to expand coverage to those who need it the most. We give you the state-by-state nitty gritty. Also on the show: chaos reigns in Washington D.C. Everything you need to know about the dueling news stories of Kavanaugh and Rosenstein, and more...


Voting Has Never Been Harder—or More Important

On this week’s show: Everything you need to know about the fierce, multi-pronged attack on your vote in November—and how to fight back. Spoiler alert: it’s urgent, with glimmers of hope. Mother Jones voting rights reporter Ari Berman tells you which races to keep an eye on. Also on the show: An interview with Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, perpetual thorn in Trump’s side. We ask him to describe his playbook for forcefully taking on the President of the United States—in court and in person....


The Viruses That Could Save Us All

On this week's show, a love story wrapped in a medical mystery—with a Cold War twist. Tom Patterson, a psychologist, was dying from a seemingly unstoppable superbug infection. For months, world-class doctors threw everything at him but nothing worked. That's when his wife, Steffanie Strathdee, an epidemiologist, began considering an unconventional treatment: phage therapy. Science journalist Maryn McKenna joins host Jamilah King, along with Tom and Steffanie, to recount Tom's incredible...


The Mind-Boggling Private Prison Comeback

On this week's episode, Mother Jones senior reporter Shane Bauer reports on the surging profits of the private prison industry thanks to Trump. More than two-thirds of all immigration detainees are held by private prison companies, and nine of the 10 largest immigrant detention centers in the United States are privately operated. Bauer traces the history of the second-largest for-profit prison company in the country, CoreCivic, to its surprising roots. Also on the show, MoJo staff writer...


America's Rage-Inducing Student Debt Machine

On this week’s show: How the nation’s flagship loan forgiveness program is failing the very people it’s supposed to help. You'll hear the disturbing firsthand account of how the mismanaged Public Service Loan Forgiveness has left one participant swimming in debt (even though she’s kept up with payments) and what you can do to protect yourself. Plus, DC Bureau Chief David Corn tries to make sense of that bizarre Roger Stone video on Instagram.


Cohen, Guilty. Manafort, Guilty. Now What?

Two top Trump-world figures in disgrace. This week, twin legal developments rocked the presidency: Trump's former campaign boss Paul Manafort was found guilty of tax and bank fraud, and his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations while implicating the president in a crime. MoJo’s DC bureau chief David Corn tells you what happens next. Also on the show: Kansas City mayoral candidate Jason Kander talks to Mother Jones Editor-in-Chief Clara Jeffery about his...


Parkland Teens Are Throwing Everything at the Midterms

Six months ago, a group of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, changed the way America talks about guns. Before Parkland, it was relatively safe for many Democrats to oppose gun reform, but now they—and even some Republicans—are coming under intense scrutiny ahead of the midterm elections. To mark the anniversary, Mother Jones was given rare access to top student leaders, including David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin, at a critical moment in their movement—to...


Putin Is Hacking America on Trump's Watch

The midterm elections are in serious danger of being hacked. Why has the White House and its GOP allies in Congress done so little to combat the threat? On this week's episode, reporters Pema Levy and AJ Vicens discuss their new investigation into the escalating danger Russia poses to the 2018 elections. Also on the show, MoJo DC bureau chief David Corn breaks down the biggest misconception about Robert Mueller's endgame.


Ben Carson’s War on Fair Housing

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump asked black voters, "What do you have to lose?" This Illinois town found out. Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy shares the tragic story of how one neglected community got caught up in Ben Carson's crusade against fair housing—a confrontation generations in the making. Also on the show: DC bureau boss David Corn gives you the lowdown on the first day of the Manafort fraud trial, and assesses the odds that Trump's former campaign chief will cut a deal to...


#MeToo Heads to Church

As a teen, Emily Joy was abused by a church youth leader. Now, she’s leading a movement to change Evangelical America. MoJo's Becca Andrews tells host Jamilah King how #ChurchToo has opened the floodgates and forced a long-awaited reckoning. Also on the show: How Trump is making sure solar's bright future is being written in Mandarin. As Trump ransacks America's clean energy policy, the Chinese are gaining on the West in the most important arena of all: innovation. Jeffrey Ball, an energy...


Rev. William Barber Is Fighting Like Hell for Democracy

Tune in for a special, fiery conversation between Mother Jones senior reporter Ari Berman and The Reverend William Barber. Recorded at a live event in Berkeley, California, they discuss how Barber’s movement has built a progressive coalition in the South, how to stand up against inequality and voter suppression, and why the fight isn’t just about President Donald Trump. We also hear from folks in the audience about the messages they’re taking home with them—and what they’re inspired to do...