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Washington, D.C.'s fiercest independent reporters – Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters – present real news and investigations from the nation's capitol.

Washington, D.C.'s fiercest independent reporters – Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters – present real news and investigations from the nation's capitol.


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Washington, D.C.'s fiercest independent reporters – Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters – present real news and investigations from the nation's capitol.






Democrats Are Quietly Investing in China, And 'Fact Checkers' Are Liars.

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters expose the latest U.S. Congressmen investing in the Chinese Communist Party, take the 1619 grifter Nikole Hannah Jones to task, and rip "fact checker" Alan Duke a new one. Must read links: 1. 2. 3....


Hunter's Pandemic Investment (AND ALIENS!) (ft.Joe Allen & Natalie Winters)

Raheem Kassam hosts author Joe Allen and Natalie Winters for a discussion on the corporate media's sudden obsession with aliens, as well as breaking news stories about Hunter Biden's pandemic investments, and Pamela Karlan (the Peter Daszak of election integrity) and how she MUST be made to recuse herself. Links you must click: 1. Hunter Biden's Pandemic Firm Investments; 2. Pamela Karlan Must Recuse Herself; 3. Support The National Pulse.


Daszak is Done & Fauci Keeps Flailing. It's Nearly Over, Guys...

News breaks during this episode with Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters, as they walk you through Fauci's flailing interview with the New York Times, and as Peter Daszak is recused from his role on the COVID Commission. Read more:



New information on the Wuhan lab exclusively from your National Pulse team, as well as stunning new polling on Joe Biden's foreign policy failures. Must read: Must join:


All Roads Lead to Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg isn't just funding long term collaborators of the Wuhan lab and its "gain of function" experiments. He's also funding the "fact checkers" who try to keep information about these people from the American public. Here are the stories you need to read alongside this podcast: Zuck funds gain of function advocate: Zuck funds "fact checkers" deleting facts:...


Ilhan Omar Gets SLAPPED DOWN by Democrats! (ft. Tall Tim)

Fauci, Omar, Harris, and the whole cadre of leftist evil-doers get slapped down by Raheem Kassam and special guest "Tall Tim". Oh, and Omar gets slapped down by NANCY PELOSI! Sign up:


GOTCHA: Daszak Admits, on Tape, Working With Chinese to Create "Killer" Viruses

Peter Daszak is on tape admitting to the kinda of gain of function research that would create "killer" viruses. Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters break this bombshell story on an unmissable episode. Read in full: On Fauci's fecklessness: To support our work:


Fauci's Walls: Closing In? No. Crumbling Down! (ft. Natalie Winters)

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters dive into recent revelations about Dr. Fauci's relationships with the Chinese Communist Party and the Joe Biden Center in Delaware collaborating with CCP operatives. Not to be missed. Must read:


Flip-Flop Fauci Foiled Again, and An Insight into DC Suckiness.

Raheem Kassam talks to Natalie Winters about her latest scoop on Dr. Fauci and his incessant flip-flops. This one's a big one. And Raheem goes into some detail on why Washington, D.C. sucks and who's responsible. Scoop: Support:


EXC: Andrew Giuliani Pledges to Investigate Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance when Elected NY Governor

New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani explains to Raheem why he has what it takes, and breaks major news about his priorities when he gets to Albany. Also – some things you might not know about Matt Gaetz's only accuser, Joel Greenberg... Visit Andrew Giuliani's website: Read the Gaetz analyis:...


Exposing Fauci, Klain, and Division (ft. Peggy Grande & Mike McCormick)

Raheem Kassam is joined by authors Peggy Grande and Mike McCormick on breaking down some of the revelations about the relationship between Dr. Fauci and Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain. The question of the day: can America ever be a reunited country? Peggy's book is available by clicking here. Mike's book is available by clicking here. Mike's new article on Fauci and Klain is here. Share it! You can fund our work by clicking here.


Faith, Family, and... Fauci (feat Terry Schilling)

Raheem Kassam and Terry Schilling tackle the topics of Tony Fauci and his COVID-19 virus, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, pornography, parenting, and accidentally hogtying one of Terry's kids (in a video game, that is).


CIA Director Bill Burns is A Clear and Present Danger (ft. Natalie Winters & Frank Gaffney)

Natalie Winters and Frank Gaffney discuss CIA Director Bill Burns and his ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Raheem, meanwhile, goes off on a rant about dial-up internet, Knives Out (the movie), and Enoch Powell. CIA Director's Claims: CIA Director Lied:


The Oligarchy Strikes Back (ft. Andrew Giuliani and Matt Palumbo)

The state is attacking all and every America First patriot, as Andrew Giuliani tells us. Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo continues to get away with the mass murder of tens of thousands of Americans, as author Matt Palumbo breaks down. Oligarchy. Follow Andrew Giuliani: Buy Matt Palumbo's book:


EXC: FBI Raids Alaska Spa Seeking Pelosi's Laptop, Owners Reveal!

Raheem Kassam is joined by Paul and Marilyn Hueper after their home was raided by the FBI on Wednesday, April 28th. The FBI claimed they were looking for Pelosi's laptop after the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. Marilyn and Paul – owners of the Homer Inn and Spa – detail the FBI kicking down their door in a case of "mistaken identity." Read the story:...


Did the State Dept Fund Matt Gaetz's Extortionists? (feat Arthur Bloom)

The Matt Gaetz story, after one month, looks worse and worse for the political establishment. No accusers, multiple shifts in the storyline, and now a paper trail back to the State Department? Arthur Bloom, from The American Conservative, joins us to discuss. Arthur's article: Arthur's Twitter:


NAMED: The CCP Collaborating Reporters & Their Outlets

Raheem Kassam names and shames the "reporters" who have taken trips from the Chinese Communist Party. Link to story: Link to music outro: Link to support The National Pulse:


Fans vs. Globalists - The "Super Elite" Killing Our Sports.

Raheem Kassam and Benjamin Harris-Quinney discuss the moves by globalists to destroy local and national sports, culminating with the latest attempts to destroy football (soccer) with a "European Super League." Leave us a 5-star review!


James O'Keefe is Fundamental, and Must Be Defended (feat Matthew Tyrmand)

Raheem Kassam and Matthew Tyrmand (Project Veritas) break down the latest SUSPENSION that Twitter handed down: of James O'Keefe. You'll learn an awful lot on this episode, so make sure you leave a review and share it out, please! Support PV: Support TNP:


CNN's Matt Gaetz Lie, and More CCP Useful Idiots Exposed.

Raheem Kassam breaks down a massive new lie told by CNN about Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Natalie Winters details all the new useful idiots for the Chinese Communist Party she has exposed. Fund Real News today: