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Is China tightening its grip on Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s protests took a violent turn after a mob attacked commuters at a train station. As Hong Kongers’ trust in the Beijing-backed law enforcement dwindles, what are protesters hoping to achieve?


Securing the Strait | Brazil’s Death Prisons

Britain joins forces with the US to secure the Strait of Hormuz. Is a new coalition of the willing trying to take on Iran? And is being sent to jail in Brazil a death sentence? A prison riot leaves almost 60 inmates dead. We ask why criminal gangs are flourishing behind bars and why violence seems impossible to stop. #US #UK #StraitofHormuz #Iran #Conflict #Brazil #Gang #Prison #Altamira


The Newsmakers: Week in Review

A compilation of the week’s debates, including interviews with a former foreign fighter and Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. Also, we ask: is Antifa fighting fascism with fascism? Why is Venice telling tourists to go home? And do we need a space force?


Britain’s New Prime Minister | America’s War on Drugs

He went from Brexit poster boy to prime minister. Boris Johnson takes the keys to 10 Downing Street, but can he unite a divided Conservative Party? And Joaquin Guzman led the largest drug cartel in the world, but after millions of dollars were spent to catch him, El Chapo was finally convicted. We look at America’s war on drugs and ask whether it’s been money well spent.


Dershowitz Speaks Out About Epstein | Puerto Rico is Bankrupt | Moon Landing: 50 Years On

Famed OJ Simpson lawyer Alan Dershowitz defends against accusations that he participated in a sex trafficking ring allegedly set up by Jeffrey Epstein. Plus, can Puerto Rico dig itself out of bankruptcy while the country is embroiled in a massive political scandal? And we look back at how humans first walked on the moon, 50 years ago.


US-UK Rift | Turkey’s Failed Coup | Hindu Nationalists

The UK government in split over the resignation of the country’s ambassador to the United States. We look at Turkey’s failed coup, three years on. And is the RSS responsible for Rahul Gandhi's electoral defeat?


Libya-Turkey Tensions

Six Turkish nationals are released after being captured by forces loyal to Libyan militia leader Khalifa Haftar. Is the Libyan warlord drawing Ankara into war? And after the lynching of Tabrez Ansari in India, we ask if the ruling BJP is responsible for a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment.


Kushner’s Peace Plan | MH17 Murder Charges | Doctors With Borders

Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law believes he can end the decades old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians after unveiling his new Middle East Plan. But why are so many skeptical? Also, four men are charged with murder for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Is this justice at last for the victims? And is the UK's public health service racist? We ask the author of a new report why he thinks doctors from ethnic minorities are being treated unfairly.


Sudan’s Deadly Crackdown | Kazakhstan’s Transition | Hong Kong Protests

Millions in Sudan go on strike after a brutal crackdown demanding the military relinquish power. We ask if violence will end all hope of civilian rule in the country. Also, hundreds are arrested in Kazakhstan, after the country elects its first new president in 30 years. But was the election free and fair? And Hong Kong held one the biggest protests in its history. Will it be enough to stop a controversial extradition law?


Tiananmen Square 30 Years Later | Nigeria Under Buhari | Watching MEMRI TV

China intensifies its crackdown against protesters leading up to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Muhammadu Buhari begins his second term as Nigeria’s President, but do the people want him? And does MEMRI TV fuel anti-Muslim hatred?


Iran-US Tension | Sri Lanka’s Sectarian Strife

Trump tells Tehran never threaten us again, while Iran asks to be shown respect. But could a war of words turn into a full blown conflict? And, sectarian strife in Sri Lanka. Mobs target mosques and slash a man to death. In the wake of the Easter Sunday church bombings, we ask if the government has failed to protect its Muslim population from reprisal attacks.


Brink of Extinction | Georgia’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ | Alex Jones Banned

The UN releases a landmark report warning one million species are on the brink of extinction, and we are the ones to blame. Also, are we seeing the end of Roe V Wade? We look at Georgia’ controversial new abortion bill. And, Alex Jones made millions of fans online with his outlandish conspiracy theories. We ask the man himself why Facebook has banned him.


Iraq’s Isolation Camp | Journalists Freed in Myanmar | DRC’s Deadly Virus

They once lived under Daesh in Syria. Now thousands could be sent home only to be held in a mass detention camp. Is it for their own safety? Or do they themselves pose a threat? Also, Myanmar frees two Reuters journalists. Has the country taken a step towards democracy? And the death toll from the DRC's Ebola outbreak rises above one thousand. What's being done to stop the rapid spread of the deadly virus?


Venezuela’s May Day | Houthis and Human Rights

Chaos and violence in Venezuela after opposition leader, Juan Guaido calls for a military uprising. But President Nicolas Maduro says he’s quashed an attempted coup and will punish those responsible. And the UN calls Yemen humanity’s ‘greatest preventable disaster’. We challenge one of the warring parties over allegations they’re killing civilians and starving the population.


Syria’s Prisoners of War | Social Media Damage | US Bars BDS Founder

As the Syrian regime and rebels exchange prisoners, we look at who else is still detained in Syria, and why? Plus, is social media driving us to despair? We take a look at how our addiction to likes is hurting our health. And the US bars BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti from entering the country. We’ll ask the man himself what he thinks is behind it.


Julian Assange’s Arrest | Balkans Inspiring Terrorism?

After almost seven years in Ecuador's embassy, the fate of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange now lies with a British court following his arrest. Should the whistleblower be extradited to the US to face charges? Plus, we look at how far-right nationalism in the Balkans is the source of inspiration for much of today's extremism.


US-Iran Tensions on the Rise | Turkey’s New Airport

Washington has labelled Iran's revolutionary guard, as a terrorist organisation. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or the IRGC is tasked with foreign intelligence operations but also controls vast businesses across Iran. Also, we take a look at Istanbul's new airport.


US-Turkey Standoff | Central America’s Crisis | Brunei Backlash

We look at the turbulence in US-Turkey relations as the Pentagon suspends delivery of F-35 fighter jets following Turkey's intent to install a Russian missile defence system. Plus, the US cuts aid to Central American countries, as migrants continue to flee violence and poverty. But will Trump's decision stop them? And the Kingdom of Brunei introduces a harsh new law that imposes death by stoning for gay sex and adultery. Could an international backlash change the Sultan’s mind? #USTurkey...


Yemen’s Rebel State | Syrians Return Home | Rewriting Colombia’s Peace

The war in Yemen has raged for more than four years. But in the face of almost daily air strikes, Houthi rebels have not only survived, but thrived. How? Plus, we have a special report on Syrian refugees in Jordan choosing to return home. And thousands march in Colombia to protest the president's planned changes to a peace agreement with leftist rebels. Is this Ivan Duque's first step towards unravelling the peace accord with the FARC?


Turkey’s Local Elections | Turkey-Iran military cooperation

On this week's podcast we discuss Turkey's recent local elections which saw a surge in support for President Erdogan's AK Party in the predominantly Kurdish region for the first time. Also, we discuss Turkey's joint military operations with Iran against the PKK.