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Niall Boylan is online, and nobody can hold him back. Subscribe to The Niall Boylan Show and access premium content by visiting

Niall Boylan is online, and nobody can hold him back. Subscribe to The Niall Boylan Show and access premium content by visiting


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Niall Boylan is online, and nobody can hold him back. Subscribe to The Niall Boylan Show and access premium content by visiting




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Niall speaks to celebrity chef Paul Trevaud and why he's defying Covid lockdown.

Restaurant owner Paul Treyvaud talks to Niall about his business during the pandemic and the governments handling of everythin‪g‬. Paul has decided to open his restaurant on the 1st of July in defiance of government guidelines.


Niall speaks to Amy Barrett who was raped by her father at the age of seven.

In 2017 a retired soldier who raped his daughter Amy and regularly abused another daughter Melissa has been jailed for 10 years. Amy Barrett got to see her attacker jailed. But while he could seek help in prison, her State support ended. Amy joins Niall to discuss this.


Niall talks to Jason Byrne about life, comedy and COVID

One of Irelands and Britain's best known comedians talks to Niall about life, death, comedy and Covid.


Niall talks to George Hook about Rigby and all things Covid

Former radio talk show host and rugby pundit George Hook talks to Niall about Rugby and has a long conversation about how badly the government have handled Covid 19


Niall talks to survivor, Damien Heatherington about convicted abuser John McClean.

On Thursday, John McClean (76) was sentenced to eight years in prison, after pleading guilty to charges of indecently assaulting 23 pupils between 1973 and 1990. One of the survivors, Damien Hetherington (59), said McClean’s abuse had been covered up, and the “dogs in the street were barking about it for 30 years” in Terenure. He speaks to Niall and talks about his time in the school and the abuse from McClean.


Niall Boylan asks GP Marcus De Brun why he conscientious objects to Covid vaccine

A GP who refuses to give the Covid-19 vaccine to his patients said last night he remained defiant in the face of harsh criticism. Today we want to know do you believe GPs should be able to opt out of the vaccine rollout as a conscientious objector? Marcus De Brun joins Niall to discuss the idea of GPs being conscientious objectors.


Niall Boylan talked to Ari Dennis who is non binary, refers to their 11-month-old child as "theybe"

Niall Boylan was joined with Ari Dennis on Wednesday evening. Ari who is non binary, refers to their 11-month-old child as "theybe". Ari wants the child to consider their options before deciding on what gender they are. Ari's older child, Hazel, discovered her gender at the age of four. She believes says her oldest Hazel, who is 8, refers to themselves as a ''demigirl''. This means that they say they are non binary but enjoys their feminine traits.


Niall Boylan talks to man who claims to be able to speak to Aliens

Niall Boylan spoke to Jonathan Martin. He claims he can channel an alien race called the Yayhell. Take a listen to this interesting interview


Former Miss Ireland Valerie Roe talks to Niall about their experiences

Do you believe the beauty pageants like Miss Ireland or the Rose of Tralee have any place in our modern society? Do they serve a purpose? Or are they outdated? Former Miss Ireland Valerie Roe talk to Niall about their experiences.


Niall speaks to the son of a soldier in Siege of Jadotville

Niall Boylan spoke to Leo Quinlan. His father Pat was an Irish Army officer who commanded the Irish UN force that fought at the Siege of Jadotville in Katanga in 1961. He led the contingent of 155 men into Jadotville in 1961 as part of a UN mission only to be attacked by secessionist Katangese forces and foreign mercenaries. Here Leo tells the story ...


Ewan MacKenna talks to Niall about the handling of the pandemic

Journalist Ewan MacKenna joins Niall on the line to speak about how he believes the Government have mishandled the pandemic and let us down as a nation.


Exclusive: I spoke to Ivor Cummins about where he sees Covid going in 2021 and the "The New Normal"

Wed/10/02/2021 I had a great conversation today with Ivor Cummins about Covid 19 and why he believes we are in the position we are in and what hew thinks the future holds for 2021 and "The New Normal"


Why people listen to Niall Boylan (Montage)

Niall has been described as fearless, controversial, insightful, compassionate and yes, even funny! But be warned, he may cause your blood to boil. The Niall Boylan Show is the new home of late night and daytime talk radio in Ireland for many years. Every weekday at midday Niall provides Classic Hits radio in Ireland with breaking stories., news and current affairs and social and topical debates, with interviews with politicians, people in the news, guests, and real people with real life...


My mother died, not from covid but from a broken heart caused by isolation

My mother died, not from covid but from a broken heart caused by isolation


Niall talks about elderly treated like prisoners during Covid ( Majella from Care Champions)

Niall talks to Majella from Care Champions about their experiences of your loved ones in a nursing homes. Overall do you believe the industry is doing enough to care for our most vulnerable in society during covid 19 or are they been treated like prisoners?


Richard Grogan speaks to Niall about the legalities surrounding Covid vaccinations

Monday, February 8th, 2021 - 19 minutes Richard Grogan speaks to Niall about the legalities surrounding vaccinations and returning to the workplace


Niall Boylan asks journalist Larissa Nolan, does the Gender pay gap exist?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 - 19 minutes On Wednesday's show Niall Boylan spoke to journalist Larissa Nolan about the Gender Pay Gap. Employers will be required to publish details of the gender pay gap in their workforce under a proposed new law. Niall talks to Larissa about whether or not the gender pay gap exists.


Should Assisted suicide be legal. Niall speaks to Philip Nitschke and Gail O’Rourke,

The proposed Dying with Dignity Bill needs “significant changes” and does not ensure “adequate safeguards” to protect a person’s right to life the IHREC has warned. Philip Nitschke, director of Exit International and Gail O’Rorke, who was acquitted in 2015 of three counts of assisting in the suicide of her friend Bernadette Forde. Speak to Niall about this


Niall Boylan spoke to Professor Ronan Collins about the effects of lockdowns on the elderley

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 - 15 minutes On Tuesday afternoon Niall Boylan spoke to Professor Ronan Collins, Director of Stroke services and consultant geriatrician about his views on how Covid-19 has been handled so far