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Minnesota's political podcast is hosted by State Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal) and Albertville City Councilman and political activist Walter Hudson. This show will dive into legislation, public policy, and politics in and outside the Capitol. "The Omnibus Podcast: Where all subjects are germane"

Minnesota's political podcast is hosted by State Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal) and Albertville City Councilman and political activist Walter Hudson. This show will dive into legislation, public policy, and politics in and outside the Capitol. "The Omnibus Podcast: Where all subjects are germane"


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Minnesota's political podcast is hosted by State Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal) and Albertville City Councilman and political activist Walter Hudson. This show will dive into legislation, public policy, and politics in and outside the Capitol. "The Omnibus Podcast: Where all subjects are germane"






S3 E1: MNGOP Elections, Respect for Marriage Act, Elon vs CCP, Red Flag Laws

Rep-Elect Walter Hudson and Rep Jeremy Munson discuss the MNGOP State Party leadership elections, the "Respect for Marriage Act," the railroad strike, Right to Work Legislation, and the DFL's push for red flag laws and "universal" background checks. Walter provides an update on settling into the legislature and preparing for session in January.


S3 E1: We're back, and trading places!

Rep-Elect Walter Hudson and Rep. Jeremy Munson return and are trading places. Follow along as Walter enters his role of State Representative and provides our inside-the-Capitol view and Jeremy is returning to activism. They discuss the election, what the DFL trifecta means legislatively, and discuss the FTX CEOs' corruption of elections.


Rep. Munson Interview Lindner Farm Network

Jeremy Munson is interviewed on the Lindner Farm Network on Agriculture issues.


Munson Interview with Alpha News

Rep Munson is interviewed by Alpha News about his run for Congress in the special election for Congress in Minnesota's First Congressional District.


S2 E6: Analysis of the GOP Caucus and Should Party Leaders Endorse?

Walter & Jeremy share their experiences at the caucus and discuss the results of the straw poll and fundraising numbers. Dennis Smith drops out of the endorsement race after posting awesome fundraising numbers after half the State Party Executive Board publicly and officially endorses a statewide candidate prior to the caucus. Is this fair?


S2 E5: The Assault of A4L, DFL Votes for Foreign Interference, SCOTUS Pick, Palin v NYT

Action 4 Liberty assaults and throws out legislators from public meetings instead of confronting them on their voting records. The DFL votes to allow citizens of other countries to choose their party's candidate. Walter & Jeremy debate restoring voting rights for felons. Biden gets a SCOTUS pick - should the GOP obstruct? Sarah Palin sues the New York Times - SCOTUS will hear and set a major precedent.


S2 E4: The Wright Debate, Give it Back Act, MLK Jr

Walter recaps the Gubernatorial Debate in Wright County. They discuss caucus slates to win. Will Rochester Mayor enact a Vax Passport to kill the MNGOP State Convention? Munson talks of broad support for the Give it Back Act, and the pros and cons of bailing out the Unemployment Trust Fund. Finally, Martin Luther King Jr day is bastardized by the Left and how Conservatives need to take it back.


Dr. Scott Jensen - Candidate for MN Governor

Jeremy & Walter interview with Dr. Scott Jensen and discuss gun laws, John Thompson, conversion therapy bans, transgender athletes, and marijuana. For a detailed discussion with Jensen on guns, emergency powers, and omnibus bills, listen to our podcast from last year


S2 E2: Vaccine Passports are Here, Vax Rhetoric Changes, Jan 6

Minneapolis and St Paul enact vaccine passports and photo ID for all bars, restaurants, event centers for children as young as 2. The media has their anniversary of Jan 6, while ignoring riots of the Summer of Love. MN School Board Association grows a spine and severs ties with the National SBA.


Candidate Kim Crockett for MN Secretary of State

Jeremy Munson and Minnesota Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett discuss election integrity as they analyze the events of the 2020 election, the consent decree, mail-in and absentee ballots, unmanned drop boxes, Zuckerberg's $400M Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and voter ID. Kim updates us on her campaign as caucus day approaches on February 1st. Learn more at


S2 E1: Mask Mandates Return, Mayo Fires Medically Exempt Workers

After Mayors of Minneapolis and St Paul are sworn in, they re-implement mask mandates for all businesses, sports venues, and public buildings. Mayo fires over 700 employees after denying religious and medical exemptions. A student of color from the Breck School advocates for racial segregation in the Star Tribune. Walter and Jeremy discuss local GOP activism.


Ep 49: Dr. Neil Shah, MN Gubernatorial Candidate

Rep. Jeremy Munson and Walter Hudson interview MN Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Neil Shah ( about where he has been during the lockdowns last year, why he is running, what changes in healthcare he seeks, and what he believes is the proper role of government.


Ep. 48: Segregation in Mankato, Jensen v Thompson, Qualls Enters Guber Race

Mankato Public Schools votes to pay black teachers more than white teachers in the first step to hire more black teachers to teach black students (AKA Segregation). Gov Walz contracts COVID (again). CDC cuts isolation time. Mayo says cloth masks don't work. Vax mandate on employers is back (for now). Scott Jensen invites firebrand John Thompson (D-Not Hugo) to speak at an outreach event. Kendall Qualls enters the GOP Gubernatorial Race - where is his path to victory?


Ep. 47: MNGOP Straw Polls, Walz Jails Dissident, Metro Carjackings, Corporate Welfare Julian Assange Hero

What do the MNGOP Gubenatorial straw polls mean? Walz has jailed his first political dissident, Lisa Hanson. The metro deals with increased carjackings. Is Julian Assage a hero or traitor? The GOP legislator lobbyists prep a billion-dollar corporate welfare subsidy. MN Hospital's plea for staff, while firing staff.


Ep. 46: Munson has COVID, Lucero beats Mort, Food Freedom, Taxpayers Want Their $10B Back

Yes, Munson is fully vaxxed and also has COVID for the 2nd time. The LEA Scorecard proves Lucero is more conservative than Mortensen (also Munson finally beat Draz). New Hope Entrepreneur Zack Redmond was beaten up by the government twice in a year and would have been liberated by Munson's "Minnesota Food Freedom Act." Mayo Clinic CEO responds to the New House Republican's letter. A Federal Court blocks vax mandate for federal contractors. The State government overtaxed Minnesotans by $10...


Ep. 45: CMS Mandate, SCOTUS & Life, Facial Recognition, Restore the Vote

A Federal Court stops Biden's CMS Vax Mandate for hospitals. The SCOTUS takes up the landmark Dobbs vs. Jackson abortion case. The CEO of Mayo continues to deny medical staff religious exemptions. HF1196 gets a hearing, a bill banning the government from using facial recognition software and co-authored by Munson. The ACLU is at the MN Supreme Court this week arguing for restoring voting rights when released from prison.


Ep. 44: Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency and BlockChain Legislation

In this week's episode, JoeFi the Bitcoin Guy, explains Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency, and BlockChain Technology. Rep. Munson covers legislation he introduced permitting companies to offer stock to employees valued in bitcoin and is writing more blockchain legislation for the next session.


Ep. 43: OSHA Loses, Malcolm Lies, CRT is Official, Special Session

OSHA ends Biden's rule of mandatory vaccines. Jeremy slams health commissioner Jan Malcolm threatening schools with facts disputed using her own agency's data. The MN Dept of Education publishes Critical Race Theory standards for social studies. Governor Walz dictates the terms of a special session. Munson and the NHRC respond by schooling Walz on how the State's Constitution works.


Ep. 42: The Brat of Prior Lake, Campaign Finance, OSHA Blocked

RIP Andy Gildea - we miss you already. An appeals court blocks Biden's OSHA mandate, temporarily. Munson predicts a movement of vaxed will see the light of the anti-mandate stance, regardless of what Michael Brodkorb thinks. Year-round DST Anyone? Munson stirs the pot with remembrance of Kristallnacht. Will there be a mistrial in the Kim Potter Trial? Walter breaks down how a foul-mouthed brat in Prior Lake ruined her career at age 13. Educational Freedom.


Ep. 41: Is Virginia Epicenter of 2022 Tsunami?

From the Virginia gubernatorial race to the St Michael-Albertville school operating levee, Councilman Walter Hudson and Representative Jeremy Munson break down election night results and what it means for national and State elections in Minnesota.