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A daily podcast covering local, state, & national issues from North Carolina


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A daily podcast covering local, state, & national issues from North Carolina






Big Tech Purge: But could the banning of Parler be good for the internet?

In the wake of the attack on the US Capitol, Big Tech corporations are banning users and even kicked the social media app Parler off the largest internet backbone - essentially killing it. Some see this as a signal of increasingly emboldened leftists stamping out opposition. But Chris Riley from the R Street Institute says banning Parler was a good thing - that might help save the internet. Support the show: See for privacy...


Democrats impeach Trump for the second time & position themselves as party of peace

House Democrats - along with ten Republicans - impeached the President for "inciting insurrection." But unless Senator Mitch McConnell brings the Senate back into sessions to convict, it appears like that's the end of it. Plus, what we're seeing in modern politics is what Eric Hoffer detailed in his seminal work "The True Believer" back in 1951: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements." Support the show: See for privacy...


Democrats push to punish NC's Rep. Cawthorn for speech

Western North Carolina's Congressman, Madison Cawthorn, speeches at two events have prompted call from Democrats to have the newly-elected Republican ousted from his office. Plus, WRAL reporter Travis Fain goes on the KC O'Dea radio show and exhibits a lack of self-awareness that is fueling a lot of the anger on the right. Support the show: See for privacy information.


FBI warns of more armed protests amid questions of missed warnings

The FBI issued warnings of armed protests being planned at state capitols across America - and at the US Capitol - in the days before the January 20 Inauguration. This comes amid questions about how so many law enforcement agencies were seemingly unaware of the potential for violence at last week's Trump rally. The only way forward is a thorough and credible investigation of both the 2020 election and the Capitol riot. Support the show: See...


Insurrection, double standards, & censorship

Arrests are being made of the alt-righters, Q-Anon, Proud Boys, and Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol last week. Democrats and their allies in Big Tech are seizing on the riot to target conservatives and Republicans - even those who condemn the violence. Support the show: See for privacy information.


Storming the Capitol & NC poor COVID-19 vaccine rollout

I joined Joe Catenacci this week on The Big Talker in Wilmington to discuss the Trump supporters storming of the U.S. Capitol, as well as NC Governor Roy Cooper's poorly-managed rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Support the show: See for privacy information.


COVID restrictions and lockdown lunacy

I joined Mark Starling on WWNC this week to discuss the latest COVID restrictions in Buncombe County, as well as the lunacy of lockdown threats. Support the show: See for privacy information.


The destructive escalation of political violence is underway... and has been for a while.

Yesterday's insurrectionist attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters is the latest chapter in the escalation of political violence we've seen for the past decade. Support the show: See for privacy information.


GOP blows both Georgia runoffs & loses control of US Senate

In tight runoff races for both US Senate seats in Georgia, Democrats managed to defeat incumbent Republicans - giving control of the US Senate to the party that has promoted the abolition of the filibuster and the Electoral College, as well as packing the Supreme Court and adding more states to the USA to ensure their hold on power. Trump supporters blame the GOP Establishment... who blames Trump & his supporters. Support the show: See...


We (maybe) cured the flu! Plus, NC's very slow vaccine rollout and the Chinese "lab leak" coronavirus origin theory can now be discussed.

After a year of pandemic, FINALLY some good news! We apparently cured the flu!!! Or else... there's some other reason for why the influenza cases and deaths have plummeted to record lows? Plus, North Carolina ranks almost last for vaccine distribution. Also, now that President Trump's term comes to end, our media, government, and medical "elites" feel like they can finally start discussing whether the coronavirus might have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. Support the show:...


Secret recording shows Trump wants access to election data. Outrage ensues.

In a secretly recorded phone call between President Donald Trump and the Georgia Secretary of State, the President repeatedly calls for election officials to make data available so there can be a full audit and accounting of the election - to ensure it was not riddled fraud, as Trump believes it was. However, the media is framing the conversation as a demand for Georgia to invent ballots, so Trump can overturn the election. Support the show: See...


Pete & Christy talk about the year that was and goals for 2021.

Today... on a very special episode of The Pete Kaliner Show... Pete's wife Christy joins him for a discussion about the last year - her move to Asheville, starting the podcast, and the pandemic... as well as goals for 2021. Support the show: See for privacy information.


NC changes vaccine prioritization, putting older people at bottom of the list. Plus, a look at the law that gives Gov. Cooper so much power.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's administration has overhauled the vaccination prioritization list, creating a complex and confusing distribution protocol that puts college kids ahead of 60-year old residents. It's the latest example of the sweeping power that Cooper has wielded during the pandemic, and it's due to a law that needs to be fixed. Also, a professor accuses North Carolinians of voting against Chief Justice Cheri Beasley because she's Black, even though the data shows quite...


Marc Basnight died, but the political machine he ran remains

The most powerful lawmaker in North Carolina history died earlier this week. Marc Basnight helped build and run the Democratic political machine that still operates to this day. And the praise and admiration expressed by NC politicos at the way he wielded power proves how hollow many of the criticisms against Republican leaders have been. Also, Gov. Roy Cooper packs the NC Court of Appeals. Support the show: See for privacy...


Gretchen Smith from Code of Vets on how you can directly help veterans. Plus, a new study blows up 'asymptomatic spread' theory

US Air Force veteran and the founder of Code of Vets, Gretchen Smith, joins me to discuss how people can directly help a veteran during the holiday season. (She's also a Western NC native!) Plus, a new study out of Wuhan, China finds no evidence of 'asymptomatic spread' of the coronavirus - which would undermine the case for lockdowns and mask mandates. Support the show: See for privacy information.


Would repealing Section 230 stop Big Tech censorship? Would it make the internet better?

When Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post social media accounts and blocked the newspaper's story about Hunter Biden before the election, calls to repeal Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act grew among conservatives, who have long accused the Big Tech firms of bias. But Jeff Westling, Technology & Innovation Policy Fellow at the R Street Institute says simply repealing the law is not the solution. Support the show: See...


People need in-person interaction - as proven by gov't officials hypocritically ignoring their own isolation orders.

Mecklenburg (NC) County Manager Dena Diorio told people stay home and only celebrate the holidays with people in their household. But then said she's driving across the state to hang out with two of her own family members. It's the same hypocrisy and inconsistent standard that prompted Dr. Deborah Birx (head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force) to say she would be retiring - after it was discovered she traveled out of state and spent time with her extended family at Thanksgiving. Both...


NC bars begin suing Governor over shutdown orders, while Sheriffs say his carry-out cocktails order isn't legal.

Jessica Thompson is an attorney from the Pacific Legal Foundation and is representing bar owners in Greenville, NC suing Governor Roy Cooper over his Executive Orders that have shut down their business. It's one of the two lawsuits now filed by tavern operators. Plus, the NC Sheriff's Association says Gov. Cooper's latest order lifting the ban on carry-out sale or delivery of mixed drinks is not authorized under state law. Support the show: See...


Stanly County Commissioner says government closing businesses is "closing off life" and NC Governor "blew it" with roll-out of Executive Orders.

Stanly County Commissioner Tommy Jordan says he won't help enforce North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's Executive Orders, but he recognizes how difficult a position Cooper is in as he manages the pandemic response. Jordan also says that local elected officials are not "openly defying the Governor's office because we've all be warned quite clearly that the next time we needed DEQ funding for a project, or needed to apply for a grant for our county, or needed the state's assistance with...


NC Gov. Cooper loses slush fund lawsuits. Plus, Abe Lincoln not woke enough for San Francisco.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper keeps trying to usurp NC Constitutional law that vests the "power of the purse" in the legislative branch. He's been smacked down by state judges from both parties. Also, San Francisco Unified School District looks to remove Abraham Lincoln's name from one of its schools because he was not woke enough for the 21st century. Support the show: See for privacy information.