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Current events and topics in St. Louis

Current events and topics in St. Louis
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Current events and topics in St. Louis






Encouraging children to read by the 3rd grade

Research shows children thrive in the classroom and later in life when they learn how to read, especially by third grade. Learn how a local nonprofit is encouraging African American children to read by providing them with books that feature images people who look like them. Also, find out how Challenge Unlimited is helping people with all disabilities secure jobs. Guests:


Helping men turn their lives around and become better fathers

While many fathers in the St. Louis area are thriving others are struggling with astronomical challenges everything from incarceration to joblessness. Some are also fighting to gain custody of their children or to become co-parents. Tonight on The Pulse of St. Louis, find out how Fathers United To Raise awareness and Fathers’ Support Center are helping dads turn their lives around and find success parenting and in other aspects of their personal lives.


Local mayors voice concerns over 'Better Together' plan

Better Together claims there are a lot of benefits in merging St. Louis City and St. Louis County. However, the non-profit’s recommendation is sharply criticized by some local mayors and community leaders. Hear some of their concerns during this program. Also, Reverend Traci Blackmon talks openly and candidly about her faith, her activism and her fight for social justice.Guests:Reverend Traci BlackmonChris Kreymeyer, President And Ceo Beyond HousingPatrick Green, Mayor NormandyJames Mcgee,...


Why the HPV vaccine recommendations have changed

For years doctors have recommended everyone between the ages of nine and twenty-six get the HPV vaccine. However, now the recommendation has been expanded. If you are 45-years-old or younger, you are encouraged to get vaccinated. Find out why the recommendation changed and what that means for you and your family, especially your children. Also tonight, hear from Ilsa Tolu, an immigration attorney fighting to prevent her client, a St. Louis County wife and mother from being deported. Guests:...


Changing the lives of incarcerated women

The SoulFisher Ministries, a local non-profit in St. Louis is changing the lives of women who are incarcerated through self-esteem programs and educational courses that lead to college degrees. The goal is to help them build self-esteem, confidence and life skills that will help them be successful when they are released from prison.Meet Shawntelle Fisher, founder of The SoulFisher Ministries and learn how she turned her life around. Guests: Keishawn Cramer, Program Participant Dr. Elizabeth...


Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

The Jennings School District is poised to become the first in the state to offer Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. Tonight on The Pulse of St. Louis, find out what is involved in the treatment and why the district’s superintendent welcomes the program. Guests: Dr. Joan Luby, Psychiatrist Washington University School of Medicine Gay and Frank Lorberbaum, Co-founders Building Futures Dr Art McCoy, Superintendent Jennings School District


Non-profit organizations making a huge difference

Non-profit organizations are making a huge difference in the lives of St. Louis area residents. Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated and the Kingdom House Agency are changing lives through much-needed services and programs. Find out what they're doing to make our community better and stronger. Guests: Coretta Bozeman, 84Th Central Regional Conference Chairman Aka, Inc. Kathy Walker Steele Central Regional Director Aka, Inc. Emily Stuartm, Director Of Family Development And Coordinator Of Program...