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Pinal County officials want to try hand counting ballots, even after missteps in 2022

After botching the initial election results in Pinal County, now officials want to try hand counting ballots. Will putting in another process prone to human error solve the problem? Plus, a former flight attendant and Valley native is out with her second aviation thriller. That and more on The Show.


It seems like we're being asked to tip everywhere. An expert on gratuity rules

Another court decision goes against Kari Lake, and next year’s primaries continue to take shape. This week's Friday NewsCap panelists analyze those and the rest of the week’s top stories. And how technology has changed the way we tip — and how often we’re asked to do it. That and more on The Show.


The new Colorado River deal gives Phoenix some short-term water stability

The Lower Colorado River Basin states have agreed to a plan to cut their water usage. We’ll hear how the deal might affect Phoenix and its residents. Plus, an author takes on the often-ignored nuance of the #MeToo movement. That and more on The Show.


CMV, a common and usually harmless virus, changed the course of this mother's life

CMV is a virus that most of us have had by the time we’re adults, but you’ve likely never heard of it. We’ll meet one Valley mother who contracted it during pregnancy and hear how it changed the course of her life. Plus, a child with developmental disabilities gets a very special gift. That and more on The Show.


This Arizona lawmaker escaped Communist Vietnam when he was 12

State lawmakers and the Gov. Katie Hobbs have worked in a bipartisan manner to pass a budget and some other measures this year. One GOP lawmaker explains how his childhood escape from Communism drives his approach to governing. Plus, the story of two botanists who traveled down the Colorado River in the late 1930s taking cactus samples. That and more on The Show.


U.S. immigration courts don't just need more judges

There’s been a backlog in the country’s immigration court system for years, and some worry the end of Title 42 will make that worse. Hear an update about what's happening. Plus, how one journalist is trying to flip the script on obesity — and how to talk to your kids about it. That and more on The Show.


The Coyotes lost Tempe voters. Here's what's next for hockey in the Valley

Kari Lake has another day in court, and Tempe voters reject a proposal for a new Coyotes arena. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze those and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the Phoenix Mercury are set to tip off their new season — with Brittney Griner back on the court. That and more on The Show.


At the Phoenix Welcome Center, asylum-seekers can take a breath

The end of Title 42 means ports of entry will now be open to many asylum seekers from around the world. We visit the Phoenix Welcome Center, which helps new arrivals get on their feet. Plus, the ongoing debate onthe ethisc of liver transplants and alcoholism. That and more on The Show.


The U.S. has a loneliness problem. Here's how to make friends — even as an adult

We’re less than a year away from state primaries in the 2024 elections. A new report has recommendations on how to keep those elections secure — beginning with workers’ safety. Plus, one of the leaders of Tempe 1st on the successful campaign to stop a proposed arena for the Arizona Coyotes. That and more on The Show.


Fontes says election security wasn't prioritized in the Arizona budget

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes asked for more money to improve election security. We’ll hear how his office plans to make do with limited funding in the new state budget. Plus, we sit down with the head of Phoenix’s heat response office as summer temps are rising. That and more on The Show.


The Arizona Legislature's chaplain has been there for 25 years. Here's the change she's noticed

The scandal over a state lawmaker hiding copies of the Bible has reignited conversation over the role of religion in government — the chaplain of the Legislature weighs in. Plus, from snowpack to springs, the state of the Grand Canyon’s water supply. That and more on The Show.


Listening back to some Arizona voices from the pandemic

State lawmakers passed a budget, and the feds ended a pandemic-era border policy. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze those and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the effort to put conservation on par with other uses on public lands. That and more on The Show.


For the first time ever, teachers at an Arizona charter school are unionizing

Teachers at a BASIS charter school in Tucson have voted to unionize. The Show looks at what that might mean for the school — and school choice. Plus, the surprising history of dude ranches. That and more on The Show.


Gov. Hobbs and top Republicans worked out a $17.8B budget deal. The Senate has passed it

State lawmakers are expected to get to work on a new state budget today. We’ll hear why the governor calls it a real compromise. Plus, the chair of the Arizona Board of Regents on expanding higher ed opportunities in the state. That and more on The Show.


An Arizona hospital opens a compassion center to combat employee burnout

Stress and burnout can affect anyone who works in a hospital — not just doctors and nurses. The Show looks at the unique way one Arizona hospital is looking to help. Plus, a celebrated opera singer on how the genre is changing post-COVID. That and more on The Show.


Phoenix needs to look at the root causes of homelessness

A judge has ordered the city of Phoenix to clean up the region’s largest homeless encampment, known as “the Zone.” The debate now turns to the underlying problems that have led to this point. Plus, why a Democratic state lawmaker in a swing district is calling it quits after next year. That and more on The Show.


Biblegate means it's 'silly season' at the Arizona Capitol

The House Ethics Committee has another complaint to investigate — this one over a lawmaker hiding copies of the Bible. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, what the new Suns and Mercury TV deal means for the future of how we watch sports. That and more on The Show.


The end of Title 42 could strain Yuma's medical service providers

As Title 42 is set to end, many experts are expecting a new wave of migrants on our southern border. The Show looks at what that could mean for the biggest hospital in the Yuma area. Plus, our series on the Sonoran Desert continues, with an artist who makes dyes out of invasive plants. That and more on The Show.


2 top University of Arizona officials are out after a deadly shooting on campus. Here's what you need to know

Two top officials at the University of Arizona are out of a job in the wake of the shooting of a professor. The Show looks at the related campus safety concerns. Plus, Tempe is getting a new police chief who spent 27 years in Anchorage, Alaska. That and more on The Show.


Inflation has calmed, but Phoenix is still outpacing the rest of the country

Inflation and home prices remain high in the Valley. The Show looks at what those and other indicators say about the state’s economic future. Plus, does taking all that melatonin really help you sleep? A new study has some answers. That and more on The Show.