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My Ass Has A Memory

It's the return of the lovely and talented Evora! You need a therapist. No, really. You do. Straight folk who get mad at the LBGTQ+ community need a slap upside the head. What the hell happened to Marsboy's tube we were supposed to be travelling in? Support us at


Butt Sweat Happens

Who are the worst drivers? We have the answer. It's the return of Too Much Cologne Guy! Melyssa and Friends are about to launch an artist co-op. You MUST read this book about Libertarians & Bears. And as always, check out the Stuart Bedasso media empire at!


The Booch

We give hesitant props to Creepy Uncle Joe. What? TSBS talking about celebrities? Are you ready for the sports riots? One of the kids moves back home. Which one is it? Beware of the spiked penis. Not kidding around. Get some beer and other stuff at


Strap On City

Should we be shocked by the killing of Tyre Nichols? Are we going to do something about it? We talk about the sexiest states in the US. Does your state buy the biggest butt plugs in the land? Find out here and get yourself a butt plug at


Sports Balls

Sports Radio Talk Guys...stay in your lane. No one wants to hear your takes about anything but balls. Melyssa gets the rustic body scan. We're all life long learners! We talk about EXTREME GARDENING!!! Get yourself a new band name at


Florida Woman

Dave's channeling those Dad jokes. Tired of those crusty old TV shows? Watch them all over with mind-altering substances. Voila! A new TV show. Be careful what you smell - who knows what's in Gwyneth's vagina. Weed is finally being legalized for sale in NYS and of course we're screwing it up. Check out all the links we talked about at


Vagina Week

You can't be surprised about things that happen today. Unless you've been living in a cave. Melyssa's giving up the sauce; or at least the real sauce. Covid is still a thing - apparently so are anti-vaxxers. Dave's mad at a sex toy. Find out why at


Melyssa's Cheating Ass

Carrie is back! She's not wearing her schoolgirl uniform, but does have some good teen drinking stories. Go Greta Thunberg, but we argue that small dick energy can run a small town. Looks like we're going to stay on Twitter...for now. We love the small businesses there, but fuck the wankers who run Etsy. You should be listening to Stuart Bedasso Radio at


Garth Fagan Says Use A Condom

Dave gets a job! But we're not going to tell you what it is. Even if it ends up in a landfill keep recycling that plastic. We tell you why. Of course there's a bat in Dikoff Studio. We're leaving Twitter. Where should you follow us? As always, see what we're putting down at


Erik Estrada is an Honorary Bastard

WTF? A TV cop becomes an honorary cop. Is he going to honorarily shoot someone? We're looking to get off of Twitter. Do your holiday shopping at Wanna hear the podcast that got Dave fired? Head on over to our Patreon. Oh, and having a disability is not a license to be an asshole.


Do A Podcast, Lose Your Job

We are back! Had to take some time off while Dave was losing his job over the podcast. Yep. We talk about it here. The website is back up, too. From there you can check out our Patreon. It's where you can listen to the old shows we had to take down. Melyssa's not like Big Lou. She's not on meds, too. Find out why. Damn, it's good to be back!


A Quick Message

Just a quick message about where we've been hiding lately.


Home Orgy Kit

We're calling our shot! Save your money to buy the Stuart Bedasso Home Orgy Kit! We talk about sex toys in just about every possible way. Judy Tenuta RIP. You can have an Active Shooter Training and not be a dick about it. Support Stuart Bedasso at


Centralia Etsy Store

Melyssa visits a town in Pennsylvania that has been abandoned...or has it? Dave has a money-making idea off it. Dave's best day of teaching involves confusing middle schoolers. You may be confused, too. COVID-be-damned! We're going to the Erotic Arts April. Get all the Stuart Stuff at


Quicksand Carrie

Carrie is back! We go through the ENTIRE history of the Stuart Bedasso media empire! Things you wondered about Stu is explained. We also discuss how we were exposed to naughty movies. You can get naughty things and more at


Truck Vag

It's the start of another school year and we all know what that means...Dave bitching about adults. Adults suck so don't be one. Talk about crossing the streams...what happens when the Green Party makes a cameo in porn? It's pretty Savage. Art festivals for the masses! We got one. Get on our email list at


The End of Policing

As promised, the author of The End of Policing, Alex Vitale, is on the show and this is a MUST listen. How did policing start in the US? Should we just end policing tomorrow? Police are not an appropriate response to homelessness, drug use, sex work, and more. We have to create institutions that reduces the need for police. Listen then get the book at


Please Stop F*cking Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon's kids are exacerbating climate change, so please, don't allow him to breed you. We talk about staplers. That's right, the office tool. Being a shop teacher is dangerous. Don't buy shoes online. Don't do it. The bigger the comedian, the douchier they get. Get Stuart's Greatest Bits at


Fun Ruffles

Y'all don't know nothing about this, but Mrs. Roper was DTF. Come on, Stanley! Dave's excited about the upcoming school year, in spite of standardized testing. The trials and tribulations of B-Day card shopping. Melyssa's bestest Mother's Day card is deconstructed. Support us on Patreon at


Happy Rimming

We're back in the studio! (At least for this week) It's an all-celebrity show as we talk about the famous folks. It seems that everyone would rim Madonna. Kristin Chenoweth should kiss any dick she wants. We're late on getting Deep Throat into the Library of Congress, but we can still play with it. You can get into the Queen Bey party, but do you want to? Support us on Patreon at