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Baby, It's Wack Outside

Relationships are give and take. Who's giving and who's taking? Are solar panels all that? We put that damn holiday song to rest. Why does Dave a problem with the Green New Deal? Need a quick holiday gift? Grab the Stuart Bedasso Fridge Magnet kit! Music: Mick Harvey - Pounding for Peace Black Roots - How Long FFS - Police Encounters


Black Friday Timmy

It's shopping season again and Melyssa has war stories. We recap the elections (we've been gone a few weeks), but we're also focused on an election next year, too. Vote for Dave! Music: Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths - Keep The Customers Satisfied Jasiri X - The Whitest House Groovy Uncle - You Think Too Much Of Me


Flag Lube

Some Halloween chit-chat. We're going as a sexy podcast. Vote dammit! This too shall pass, our trans brothers and sisters. Oh, we got your bomber, right here MFer. Music: Rhyece O'Neill and The Narodniks - Death of a Gringo Neneh Cherry - Faster Than The Truth Will Hoge - Nikki's a Republican Now


The Holistic Stalker

Nina Alvarez is back with Meags Downing. Meags is looking for people from the Western New York area to submit stories about unusual supernatural experiences for her upcoming book. You can let her know about your freaky stuff on Twitter at @SuperNaturalWNY or at We also discuss entrepreneurship and why it scares Dave so much. Music: Phyllis Dillon - Woman of the Ghetto Stephanie Urbina Jones - Anillo de Fuego Boozoo Chavis - Telephone Won't Ring


Big Gay Vegas Wedding

Peter & Will come on their first podcast as a married couple. We do a final review of the Kavanaugh BS. Where do you get YOUR news from? CBD, legalizing drugs and more. Music: We Are The Union - Post-Ironic Sinkhole Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band - I Suffer, I Get Tougher Electric Six - You're Toast


What's Up, My Ginger?

What words should or shouldn't we be using? Is Kavanaugh about class as much as gender? Curses to the fuckwads! Men we want to punch in the dick - how did they get that way? Music: Allen Ginsberg - Hard On Blues Willie Nile - Earth Blues Lupe Fiasco - Happy Timbuck2 Day Maria Muldaur - Never Brag About Your Man


Beer Is My Wife

Updates on Friends of Stu. What is transgendered? We dish on Kavanaugh. Dave recites his ode to Too Much Cologne Guy. We explain why we don't want your fucking cookies. Music: Lupe Fiasco- Stack That Cheese Macy Gray - White Man Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - Great To Be Here Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - Suit Or Soul?


Back With Julian Foster

Our old friend Julian Foster is back on the show. We get more in depth on his first book, talk about his second upcoming book, as well as other projects he's working on. We discuss the Kaepernick ad, music, and more. And there was beer. We were rocking too hard to play music this week.


Lube Station

Dave has to buy lube. It's a thing. Sometimes comedy just writes itself. Who wrote that Op Ed piece in the New York Times? Who cares who wrote that Op Ed piece in the NYT? Where to you get your news? Music: Translee - Catch The Wave Black Uhuru - War Crime Freya Josephine Hollick - Mister One Time


Sexy Fanny Packs

To fanny pack or to not fanny pack, that is the question. Our podcast is hard hitting on today's hottest topics. John McCain is dead. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Activism works! You just have to be patient! And those fanny packs. Music: The First Nudie Musical - Dancing Dildos Nazireu Rupestre - Armadilhas Crack The Sky - I'm On The Radio, Mom The Slowdowns - I Was Made For Loving You


Osmonds Rule The World!

There are 7500 thousand Osmonds in the world and they run more shit than the Jews. We saw it on One chemtrail from Marie can take out an entire town. You need to get your money out of a bank and into a credit union, Holmes. New genre: Sexy Gay Jesus Musicals. Book that shit. Watch The First Nudie Musical. "Scales...Scales...Scales..." Dave will make you rich. Music: Gerry Spehar - Freedom to Grab Whitney Shay - Freedom Blues Ethan Lipton And His Orchestra - Fake Out The...


Podcast Slut

Dave tries to buy $800 worth of make-up...allegedly. He also talks to a class of social worker students, without make-up. Melyssa's been seeing other podcasts. And we find out she's a murder freak. Music: Hard Rain - (There Must Be) More To Life Than This Claire Austin - The World's Jazz Crazy Hard Rain - Where The Dinosaurs Go To Die Uncle Plum - Places


Instagram Butts

Who wants an old school vasectomy and 3 pokies? Sex when you're high. Should Democrats assume you're voting for them? Dave's a radio star. Music: Half Man Half Biscuit - Knobheads on Quiz Shows Fanny Adams - They're All Losers, Honey Bonjay - Post-Urban The Gaslight Anthem - Our Father's Sons


Dave's Dad Gets Fired

Dave's Dad, Brian, is back on the show. Independent Record stores rule. The health care industry and the education field are crap. Why do we pay for knowledge? Capitalism is the disease, do we have the cure? We had so much dope shit to talk about, we didn't put in any music. Enjoy!


Lawn Jarting MFers

Melyssa & Dave show you how to work out conflicts IRL. Stop with the Gay Trump/Putin shit. Seriously. A freaking awesome Pride Parade, even though Dave couldn't make it. We have the solution to the plastic straw conundrum. Will anyone pay attention? Music: Mikaela Davis - Other Lover The Tombstone Hands - Bo's Big Bad Beat The Hi-Risers - Do Nothing Day Periodic Table of Elephants - Machines


Beer Watch 2018

Nothing but cliffhangers...will Dave be able to drink on the show? Is Janet Greene still alive? Will Larry ever learn his place? Will Lucky open a restaurant called It's A Small Table After All? Tune in and find out! Music: Janet Greene - Poor Left Winger David Clayton-Thomas - It's All About The Money Dizzy Sunfist - The Dream Is Not Dead Arthur Buck - Wide Awake In November


Nicely Political

We do a lot of political talk this week. Mostly on how to use social media to get a more humanistic world. Don't believe in the boogeyman. A mini-tribute to Keziah. Music: Fortunate Fall - Don't Call the Cops Nellie McKay - No Equality Cha Wa - Visible Means of Support Mad Caddies - ...And We Thought Nation-States Were A Bad Idea


We're Solar, Baby!

The Stuart Bedasso Show is a carbon-free podcast. Our solar array has taken us off the grid. Envy us! We have another stack of mystery albums. Dads...what's up with them? Know what I'm sayin? Kids...what's up with them? Know what.... Melyssa goes on another Trump rant. Music: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - I Ride An Old Paint Mamas Gun - I Need A Win Roxy Coss - Nasty Women Grab Back Slapshot - Make America Hate Again


Subtracting The Divide

Donna Davenport & Roy "Don't call me Moore" Wood from ACCT join us to talk about the upcoming workshop and performance taking place on June 16th at MuCCC. Rochester peeps, you must go! And if you're a performer, you must perform. Click here for details. Music: Gil Scott-Heron - Waiting For The Axe To Fall Joan Armatrading - Loving What You Hate


Our Talk With Lee Camp

We fucking talk to Lee Camp - the hardest working person in show/news business. Where do you get your news? He says it again - RT has never told him what to talk about on his show! He's coming to Rochester, we'll be there. Get your tickets at An awesome interview! There's No Music!