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The Truth Quest Podcast is a relentless pursuit of the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity

The Truth Quest Podcast is a relentless pursuit of the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity
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The Truth Quest Podcast is a relentless pursuit of the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity






Ep. 28 - The Truth About the Federal Reserve - The Results

In the previous episode, #27 The Truth About the Federal Reserve – An Introduction, I laid the groundwork for this episode. So now that you know what the Fed is, why it was created and how it creates money, let’s look at the results of the last 100+ years since this monstrosity was created. We will discuss the constitutionality of the Fed, how it creates inflation, its impact on savers and people on fixed incomes, malinvestment, bailouts, how it funds the welfare and warfare state, the gold...


Ep. 27 - The Truth About the Federal Reserve - An Intro

I read and hear a lot about how bad the Federal Reserve is for America. The cries for “Audit the Fed” continue to grow louder. Inherently I understand that government intervention always causes market distortions but trying to explain how the Federal Reserve detrimentally impacts the economy at a level that the average person can understand has proved daunting. But I am going to give it a shot in this episode and the next one. In this episode I am going to introduce you to the Federal...


Ep. 26 - The Truth About the Judeo-Christian Tradition

As I thought ahead to the publication of this week’s episode, I noticed that it would fall on the week of Christmas. I glanced up at my bookshelf and pulled down my copy of In Defense of Faith by David Brog and I realized the message Brog presents in that book was a perfect foundation from which to base this week’s episode on. Brog describes his book’s purpose as a rebuttal to the claim that people of faith are responsible for our greatest sorrows, bloodshed, war, hatred. His primary...


Ep. 25 - The Truth About the Government Shutdown

Another fiscal year has come and gone and another spending resolution deadline is looming. It seems like every year we go through the same exercise with the political class arguing and casting blame on each other over who is going to cause the latest, pending government shutdown. Well guess what? It is largely inconsequential. The amount of federal spending that Congress actually controls is around 14% of the budget. So we are supposed to tie ourselves in knots over a minuscule part of the...


Ep. 24 - The Truth About Tariffs

We are told that protective tariffs are necessary to save jobs. We are told that high-wage countries like the United States cannot compete with low-wage countries like Vietnam and China. We are told that the dumping of products needs to be addressed with protective tariffs. But we are never told the whole truth. Politicians and mainstream news outlets never really evaluate the whole picture when it comes to tariffs. They never explain who really pays. They never ask the question: What about...


Ep. 23 - The Truth About Nullification

The federal government is not supposed to be this gargantuan entity that is involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. The states created the federal government via the Constitution. They granted the federal government a few powers while all others were left to the states. Unfortunately, modern America's political system is a far cry from the Founder's vision of limited power at the federal level. Fortunately there is a method whereby the power that the federal government tries to...


Ep. 22 - The Truth About Jesus Christ

This is the fourth episode focusing on a Christian apologetic topic. In Episode #5 we talked about The Truth About the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Episode #10, we covered The Truth About God and Evil and in Episode #15 we talked about The Truth About Prayer. What I want to talk to you about today is the remarkable (and dare I say, miraculous) story of a carpenter named Jesus from a map dot in the middle of the Middle East who lived over 2,000 years ago and the truth about the impact He...


Ep. 21 - The Truth About Thanksgiving

For those of you who are fans of Rush Limbaugh, you know that every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving he reads an excerpt from his 1993 best-seller, See I Told You So. It is his way of setting the record straight about the holiday we are about to celebrate. In this episode, I read this excerpt as my way of trying to get to the truth about Thanksgiving. Show Notes: See, I Told You So, Rush LimbaughBrion McClanahan Show Episode #189 - The First Thanksgiving The Truth Quest Podcast...


Ep. 20 - The Truth About Birthright Citizenship

President Trump recently stirred up a hornets nest when he mentioned that he was considering signing an executive order ending birthright citizenship. As you might expect progressives went crazy, while Democrats and establishment Republicans denounced and/or, in the case of Senator Tim Scott (SC) or outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, politely “disagreed” with the President. Either way, this provides us with an opportunity to examine the Constitution and, being the constitutional geek...


Ep. 19 - The Truth About Elections and Washington D.C.

Do you ever question the amount of time and energy spent fretting about the politics coming out of Washington D.C.? The Founding Fathers never thought that the average American would spend much time pondering the goings-on in D.C. After all, the federal government's power was constitutionally restricted. In this brief episode, I suggest an alternative to our seemingly unending focus on all things D.C. Show Notes: Washington D.C. is Beyond Reform, Focus on Your StateThe Truth Quest Podcast...


Ep. 18 - The Truth About Gun Control

Gun control is one of the most contentious issues in American politics. The pro-Second Amendment, pro-gun arguments are so much more persuasive and based on facts, common sense, and logic that gun control advocates should be embarrassed to even engage in an argument. Successfully arguing this issue really only requires you to repeat the words of gun control advocates back to them with a little commentary. The illogical nature of their arguments and the place of ignorance from which they...


Ep. 17 - The Truth About Healthcare Reform

The reason the American healthcare system is in such a mess is because of decades of government intervention and the third-party payer system. If we reduce government involvement and bring back capitalistic, free market principles, conditions will improve; it’s almost guaranteed. In a nutshell, real healthcare reform can be accomplished by encouraging a patient-centered, market-based system that eliminates or, at least, minimizes government involvement in the system. True to the title of...


Ep. 16 - The Truth About the Supreme Court

Every year the country waits with bated breath over the latest Supreme Court opinions. If we were living true to the Constitution, this would never happen because the Supreme Court is not supreme when it comes to deciding the constitutionality of a law! Think you disagree? Listen to learn the truth about the Supreme Court. Show Notes: Tenth Amendment Center published Episode #16 Books: Men in Black, Mark LevinOrigin Intent, David BartonThe Naked Constitution, Adam FreedmanThe Tenth...


Ep. 15 - The Truth About Prayer

In this episode we explore what prayer is and how we are supposed to approach it. Tim Keller's book, Prayer and Oswald Chamber's daily devotional, My Utmost for His Highest serve as my primary sources. We cover St. Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Calvin's advice on prayer. We take a closer look at the model prayer given by Jesus, The Lord's Prayer. We also discuss intercessory prayer, the idea of "Thy Will Be Done", meditation, the Holy Spirit and praying in Jesus' name. Hope you...


Ep. 14 - The Truth About Obamacare

There are a lot of things wrong with the Obamacare law passed in 2010. Besides the fact that the law is unconstitutional, I outline four other things that are wrong with it: #1 - The way the law was drafted #2 - The way the law was passed #3 - The way the law was upheld by the Supreme Court #4 - The consequences of the law Show Notes: If Obamacare Is Constitutional, then Why Did the Founding Fathers Bother with a List of Enumerated Powers?Healthcare is Not a Federal PowerWould You...


Ep. 13 - The Truth About the Truth

In this episode I recount a conversation I had a few months ago with someone in my family. It was a short but wide-ranging discussion mostly about national politics but the actual content is less important than the lessons I drew from it. Show Notes: Americans Grapple Recognizing Facts In News Stories The Truth Quest Podcast Patron Page Join the conversation at The Truth Quest Facebook Fan Page This episode is also available on The Truth Quest Podcast YouTube channel.


Ep. 12 - The Truth About Socialized Medicine

This is the second of four healthcare-related episodes. In Episode #9, I discussed the truth about healthcare in America as a way to lay the groundwork for the other three – the truth about socialized medicine, the truth about Obamacare, and the truth about real healthcare reform. The truth about socialized medicine or government-run medical systems is wherever it has been implemented, the results have been people suffering from shortages, rationing of care, long wait times, a lower level...


Ep. 11 - The Truth About Fortnite

Today we are going off the beaten path of politics, public policy, economics and Christian apologetics. We are going to talk about the life lessons reinforced by playing the latest video game craze, Fortnite. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it is fashioned after the fight-to-the-death competition in The Hunger Games. You parachute onto an island with 99 other players and struggle to survive until there is only one player or team left standing. Every parent of a 10-25 year old is...


Ep. 10 - The Truth About God and Evil

Let's be honest, if you are looking for a reason not to believe in God, the world will be more than willing to supply you with one - the existence of evil is just one of many. It also happens to be one of the more persuasive reasons. Atheists, agnostics, and non-Christians complain all the time about how “harsh” and “evil” the God of the Old Testament appears to be. And the ever-present question of how can a good God allow so much cruelty to exist is a legitimate question worthy of an...


Ep. 9 - The Truth About Healthcare in America

I have several healthcare-related episodes in the works including one on Obamacare, one on socialized medicine, and one on healthcare reform. In order to lay the groundwork for those future episodes, I thought it was important to discuss healthcare in America in general and dispel some myths or lies or propaganda (depending on your perspective). If you listen to the the mainstream media, liberal think tanks, or national Democrats, you are left believing that the American healthcare system is...