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The weekly audio podcast bringing you coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.

The weekly audio podcast bringing you coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.


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The weekly audio podcast bringing you coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.




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323 Drones and Low Altitude Operators

FAA Request For Information from low altitude operators, drone reaction times, a European integration program, quadcopters map inaccessible historic ruins, Reaper replacements, delivery drones at UAS test site, Virginia town, and UPS and Wingcopter.


322 Drones and Coronavirus

Unmanned aircraft and the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Drone Racing League Academy to teach STEM, EHang looks to Europe with autonomous aerial vehicle, a radar cross-section database for malicious drone identification, a flying car that looks like a flying car.


321 DJI on Remote ID

Study shows FAA vastly under-estimates cost of Remote ID proposal, new USAF medical standards for RPA pilots, a better communications antenna for UAVs, a draft executive order that would ban foreign drones, and building a 5G infrastructure using drones.


320 Holographic Radar for C-UAS

Holographic radar for drone detection, inspecting the Tokyo underground, good uses for drones at airports, delivery drones in China, Elon Musk has another prediction, a drone delivery proposal for Long Island Sound, an eVTOL prototype goes up in flames, and NASA’s Autonomous Navigation Demonstration Challenge.


319 Canadian Drone Management System

Canada selects drone management system, BlueBird Aero Systems wins a large UAS order, North Texas educates new drone flyers, mystery drone emails, flying the Golden Gate Bridge, drones that monitor environmental changes.


318 Police Micro-Drones

Micro-drones for law enforcement, a laser C-UAS system, DJI and the Coronavirus, drone remote ID interaction with manned aircraft, airplane modelers and remote ID, and a new reality show featuring drones.


317 Proposal to Type Certify UAS

The FAA proposal to type-certify UAS, autonomous EA-18G Growlers, surveillance with drones in China, no Remote ID NPRM extension, DoD counter-UAS contract, an unmanned kit for the K-Max, delivering ice cream, and an arrest for busting the Super Bowl TFR.


316 DJI Responds to US Government Restrictions

DJI issues statement attacking US Govt, Japan Airlines and the drone delivery business, the need for standards, drones shut down helicopter crash airspace, Army launches counter-drone office, stalking with a drone, mystery drones and mass hysteria.


315 PrecisionHawk Leadership Change

A plan to deliver cannabis in Seattle with drones, flying medical specimens to the lab with UAS, a Chinese 3-engine MALE drone, taking down small drones with an F-16, a Gremlins maiden flight, and a drone solution to parasitic disease in humans.


314 Remote ID Reactions

Initial reactions to the FAA Remote ID NPRM, a high-accuracy photogrammetry solution, Apple hires a familiar face to lobby in Washington, an anti-drone system for Heathrow, a stealthy new target drone, and a fixed-wing eVTOL personal ultralight aircraft.


313 Uber-Hyundai Air Taxi Concept

Uber and Hyundai team up on an air taxi, mystery drones still flying in the U.S. midwest, UK investigations of drone crashes leads to safety recommendations, a drone that can see dead people, and a drone that brews beer.


312 Drone Remote ID NPRM

An NPRM for drone remote ID was published by the FAA, drones used by the NYPD for event security, public agencies contracting for UAS services, methanol-powered drones, a mystery swarm of drones, and delivery by UAS in the 2020s.


311 V-Coptr Falcon Bi-copter

A new bi-copter for aerial photography, a waterproof fishing drone, a single-seat eVTOL aircraft for the GoFly competition, DOD wants U.S. designed and manufactured drones, a town grapples with public safety drones and privacy concerns, and the FAA revises the airman certificate process. UAV News V-Coptr Falcon 4K camera drone gets 50-minute flight time with just two rotors The new bi-copter from Zero Zero Robotics is called the V-Coptr Falcon, a tilt-rotor with a claimed flight time of 50...


310 Hexa Electric VTOL

Rides available in the Hexa Electric VTOL, mapping a railway project, low-altitude hurricane hunting, another reported drone strike, a DHS warning for private industry, another round of financing for PrecisionHawk, and spying on hippos with drones.


309 X-Wing Drones

Disney X-Wing drones, counter UAS technology at an air force base, drones and weed infestations, sampling water in a volcano crater, a large fine for landing a quadcopter at an airport.


308 Droneresponders Working Group

Droneresponders forms a working group for public safety agencies, protestors and C-UAS, TSA and C-UAS, cannon-launched drones, the QF-16 target drone, names for different types of passenger drones, and drone light shows.


307 UAV Battery Technology

Airbus funds new UAV battery technology and flys rotary wing UAV, upcoming UAS Traffic Management workshop, hydrogen-powered UAV for the Navy, a heavy-payload long-range drone, drone racing at Daytona, mosquitoes might help drones make less noise.


306 Drone Registration

Drone registration requirements in the UK and Singapore, automated safe landing technology, the speed of drone technology development, package delivery progress and issues, and counter-UAS technology funding. UAV News UK Drone Operators Have Until the End of November to Register With the Government All drone owners and operators in the UK with droves that weigh more than 250g have to register them by November 30, 2019. Registration costs £9. Failure to register can result in a fine of as...


305 Mavic Mini, First Look

The Mavic Mini doesn’t require FAA registration, DOI grounds Chinese drones, more no-fly facilities, Uber Eats delivery drone, submarine resupplied by drone, drones at live broadcast events, an airport uses drones for facilities inspections.


304 UAS Flight Demonstrations

UAS flight demonstrations in the news: the Boeing MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueler, a microturbine propulsion system, a high altitude pseudo-satellite. Also, counter-drone tech from both the Secret Service and Raytheon, and drones that study dust devils.