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Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world.

Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world.


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Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world.




Transforming lives through higher education: BYU Pathway Worldwide President Clark Gilbert

As many institutions of higher education are struggling with the impact of the pandemic and disruption to centuries-old education models, one institution, BYU Pathway Worldwide, is growing at an extraordinary pace, reaching over 50,000 students in 150 countries. Clark Gilbert, president of BYU Pathway Worldwide, joins us to discuss how they are unlocking and unleashing human potential around the world on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


A Look at Mr Rogers' Legacy of Letters with Court Mann

Texts, tweets, emails and social media messages drive our days. In the midst of a pandemic, more and more people are feeling disconnected, isolated and alone. Reconnecting and building meaningful relationships may only be one neighborhood away or one world famous neighbor away. Journalist Court Mann takes us inside the legacy of connecting personal letters from Fred Rogers, "Mr. Rogers" to thousands of neighbors he never met but who he touched deeply. All of that and more on this episode of...


For the Right Reason

In a cynical world where the motives of business and politicians are regularly called into question, is it possible to lead and live for all the right reasons? Learn 12 timeless principles for living a life of harmony with USANA CEO Kevin Guest on this special episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Freedom from Politics

Labor Day is typically the beginning of the fall political season. This year, one prominent political organization is challenging the nation to stop talking politics for 24 hours and instead celebrate America. Find out more on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Is America Broken - Dr. Jim White

Our nation seems to be more fractured than ever before. The global pandemic has not served to unite Americans against a deadly common foe, the coronavirus, but instead we become further divided along political lines. Party lines, civil unrest and economic uncertainty have all created a broken America rather than work to heal the wounds. It seems that current political leadership as well as general discourse in the media and the American public is widening the gulf between us in terms of...


Moonshot Challenge: Our quest to quell the pandemic

Over the past four months, Utahns, Americans and citizens around the world have attempted to deal with novel coronavirus. States and nations have struggled mightily with what to do, what government mandates were needed or necessary and how to get individuals and communities to take appropriate action. It is time for citizens to come together for 55 days for a big challenge - moonshot big. From now until Labor Day join us for our 55-day Moonshot challenge: Our quest to quell the pandemic....


The case for Religious Liberty around the World - Gayle Manchin

Freedom of religion or belief is an expansive right. That includes the freedoms of thought, conscience, expression, association and assembly. In America, religious freedom is considered a first freedom. Yet it is not so around the world. And in many places, this core human right is the subject of great persecution. Today, we talked to Gayle Manchin, vice chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for...


Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less with Greg McKeown

Countless individuals feel overcommitted, overworked and overloaded. Many are exhausted by trying to do more. Guilt comparisons and attempting to have it all weigh heavy on hearts, minds and souls. Could the solution be found in doing less? The author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller "Essentialism" — Greg McKeown — joins us to explore the disciplined pursuit of less on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Cultivating generosity and making miracles with Rabbi Yehuda Gurwitz

A global pandemic, civil unrest and economic uncertainty have swept the nation. Despite such challenges more people are giving more than ever before. Rabbi Yehuda Gurwitz, CEO of, is out to make the impossible possible by cultivating a spirit of generosity. Join us for an inspiring conversation on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Everyone needs a "Shark" and a Mentor - "Shark Tanks" Kevin Harrington

Everyone at some point in their career needs a shark. Well, everyone needs a mentor to be sure. Kevin Harrington actually is both an original shark on the hit TV show "Shark Tank." Kevin knows what it takes to mentor entrepreneurs and individuals on the journey to excellence and ultimate success. Learn from this legendary entrepreneur on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: Pandemic Lessons from Rome

It has been said that ideas go booming through the world like cannons, thoughts are mightier than armies and principles have achieved more victories than horsemen or chariots. Inspiring ideas, transformational thoughts and powerful principles are exactly what America and the world need in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. So today we turn to one of the world’s great thinkers, historically principled idea guys and the ultimate policy entrepreneur. Former Speaker of the United...


Lead from the Future with Mark Johnson

Many individuals and organizations are hunkering down in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis and economic upheaval. The essential trait for leading a business, community or country through a crisis is vision. Author and business strategist Mark Johnson joins us to discuss his new book, "Lead from the Future" – on this episode of “Therefore, What?” See for privacy information.


Astronaut Scott Kelly: Out of this world advice for our time

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged global leaders and individual citizens on many levels. Focus, resilience, endurance and leadership are traits critical to survive and thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Astronaut Scott Kelly shares his strategies for navigating the extreme challenges of long-term spaceflight, isolation from loved ones, the pressure of high-risk situations and the mental toughness to take on challenges beyond your control. Gravity-defying wisdom, grounded in earthly...


BYU basketball coach Mark Pope: COVID-19, March Sadness and the only question that matters

Coping with change, dealing with difficulties and creating a culture of excellence are critical leadership skills. BYU head basketball coach Mark Pope applies these principles for his players, the team's fans and for the community. Today he shares important lessons that transcend sports and apply to the challenges of the coronavirus world. All on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


Does COVID-19 bring a 'new normal'? No way!

The novel coronavirus has changed many things for many citizens around the world. But does COVID-19 bring with it a "new normal?" I say, “No way!” Join me for some perspective on where we are and what comes next on this special episode of “Therefore, What?” See for privacy information.


The Power of Story: VeggieTale creator Phil Vischer

Parenting has never been more challenging. Technology, social media and today’s mainstream culture are undermining morals and values while elevating narcissism and disbelief. It is increasingly difficult for children to learn the principles of character and the power of faith in a morally-relative world. Phil Vischer is an author, speaker, filmmaker, voice actor and creator of the wildly successful Christian children's series VeggieTales®. Phil joins us today to discuss his latest work along...


Back to the moon and on to Mars: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

America's space program has often captured the imagination of the nation and galvanized the country in a common goal. NASA is entering a new phase of exploration with new leadership. Jim Bridenstine is NASA's 13th administrator and joins us to share his vision of why exploring the galaxies still matters today, how women will lead the next mission to the moon and the path to taking America to Mars. All this and more on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy...


Restoring Trust: Dr. David Miller

Trust is at an all-time low. Trust in businesses, institutions, public leaders and even in individuals seem to be broken beyond repair. Dr. David Miller, director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, has searched the world's wisdom traditions for ways to repair trust. Join us for a fascinating look at the principles that can restore and strengthen trust on this episode of "Therefore, What?" See for privacy information.


A History Lesson for the Future: Conversation with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin

Nothing is more vital in the midst of turbulent times than great leadership. Doris Kearns Goodwin has spent her career studying the lives of American presidents and gleaning the lessons from great historic figures. She is a world-renowned presidential historian, public speaker and Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times' No. 1 bestselling author. Join us for a fascinating look back at history, with a focus on the principles of leadership, and a look forward into the future of freedom on this...


A New Heart: Paul Cardall

It has been said that it's the space between the bars that holds the tiger. And it's the silence between the notes that makes the music. It is out of the silence, or "the gap," or that space between our thoughts, that everything is created — including our own bliss. Join me to explore that space — the space between heartbeats and an actual beating heart, where award-winning pianist and composer Paul Cardall — on the 10th anniversary of receiving a heart transplant — has discovered music that...