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In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.

In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.
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In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.




A New Heart: Paul Cardall

It has been said that it's the space between the bars that holds the tiger. And it's the silence between the notes that makes the music. It is out of the silence, or "the gap," or that space between our thoughts, that everything is created — including our own bliss. Join me to explore that space — the space between heartbeats and an actual beating heart, where award-winning pianist and composer Paul Cardall — on the 10th anniversary of receiving a heart transplant — has discovered music that...


Building high trust organizations: Jet Blue Chairman Joel Peterson

The state of trust in America seems to be in freefall. Trust in government, big business and large institutions has unraveled. Distrust has begun to fray the fabric of society and erode trust in community, neighbors and even between individuals. True leaders recognize that a culture of trust is not just a nice to have HR program. A culture of trust is key to innovation, excellence and sustainable success. Legendary leader and entrepreneur Joel Peterson, chairman of JetBlue Airways and...


Is America worth celebrating?

In a divisive and tumultuous time, is America still worth celebrating or emulating?


Influencer: How to drive, lead and let change

Business, political and community leaders are constantly faced with the challenge of how to best impact the behavior of those they lead. Solving big issues for individuals, organizations and society as a whole requires more than strong-armed efforts to control behavior. World renowned author and change agent Joseph Grenny reveals a better way to create rapid change and lasting change as he shares the essential components of transformational influence, all on this episode of "Therefore,...


I'm recovered: Belief systems and behavior

Addiction in all its forms is inflicting damage on individuals, families and communities in epidemic proportions. The scourge has been met with myriad methods, treatments and programs. Sadly, relapse is more common than recovery. Can changing the mental framing for current alcoholics or those addicted to or dependent on drugs change the game? Todd Sylvester offers hope healing and a path to transcending current negative behavior on this episode of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get each...


George Will: The Conservative Sensability

Troubling trends are eroding the strength of the American family, trust in the institutions of government and confidence in America's future. George Will takes a look back while providing a critical look ahead in his new book, "The Conservative Sensibility." This is a clarion call for substantive thinking, at a time when Americans are hungry for strong leadership and a renewed debate for the soul of our country. Sign up to get each episode of this weekly podcast delivered to your inbox at:...


Choosing to climb

Most of us will never attempt to scale Mount Everest or even the Matterhorn, but we all face mountains in our lives, real challenges that require real discipline and real skills. We'll talk about what it takes to climb the world's highest point with Greg Paul on this edition of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get each episode of this weekly podcast delivered to your inbox at:


Therefore, what drives Boyd Matheson?

Every day, tens of thousands of Americans have access to words shared by Boyd Matheson. Some have his words delivered to their front porch or bookmarked on their web browser, others access him via his daily radio show while still others access him on-demand interviewing some of the nation's greatest thought leaders in this, his weekly podcast, "Therefore, What?" But, who is Boyd Matheson? How did this college dropout go on to to be the head of the Sutherland Institute, chief of staff for...


Faith is not blind - Elder and Sister Hafen

In a world of uncertainty, we often encounter unexpected questions and complexities that can challenge our faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves and faith in the people around us can be undermined in the midst of such unexpected questions and complexities. Bruce and Marie Hafen join us to offer fresh concepts and timeless tools with their new book, "Faith is Not Blind," on this episode of "Therefore, What?"


Listening louder than you sing - Lessons from Tabernacle Choir Directors

Music is a universal language which transcends culture and nationality. For more than a century, the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has used that language to influence millions around the world. The 360 voices, the orchestra, under the influence of two dynamic directors, demonstrate how a volunteer organization can achieve the extraordinary. Music director Mac Wilberg and associate music director Ryan Murphy join us for a unique conversation about leadership, inspiration and the...


Our Lost Declaration - Senator Mike Lee

Abuses of federal power, including federal overreach and over-regulation, balance of power between the legislative and executive branches, along with issues within the judicial system are rampant. All the issues appear rooted in the neglect of the Declaration of Independence. Could rediscovering the declaration renew the nation and restore power to the people? Utah's senior senator, Sen. Mike Lee, explores the issue on this edition of "Therefore, What?"


Relentless: BYU Basketball Coach Mark Pope

Coaching a Division I basketball program contains countless lessons for life and business. Building a culture of excellence, overcoming adversity, grittiness and determination, and even a broken chair during an interview provide important perspective and powerful principles. Mark Pope, the new head coach of Brigham Young University's men's basketball program, joins us on this episode of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get each episode of this weekly podcast delivered to your inbox at:...


The Second Mountain - David Brooks

We live in a society that celebrates freedom and a selfie culture where self-interest and looking out for No. 1 is all that matters. America has taken rugged individualism to the extreme, and in the process, the social fabric of the country has been rent. Hatred, fragmentation and disconnection in our society is not just a political problem. It stems from some moral and spiritual crisis. Could the path to repair possibly be found through making deeper commitments? Author of "The Second...


The Pursuit - with Arthur Brooks

Divisive politicians, screaming heads on TV, angry campus activists, Twitter trolls. In America today there is an outrage industrial complex that prospers big time while setting Americans against each other. New York Times bestselling author and social scientist Arthur Brooks joins us to discuss "Love Your Enemies," a possible solution on this week's edition of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get each episode of this weekly podcast delivered to your inbox at:


Sheri Dew: Insights from a Prophet's Life

History is made of individual biographies. It is the work of the biographer to capture the principles that make that history possible. Sheri Dew is the Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer of Deseret Management Corporation. She's a best-selling author and the biographer for three presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today, Sheri Dew discusses her latest biography, "Insights From a Prophet's Life: Russell M. Nelson" on this episode of "Therefore,...


Can innovation lift nations out of poverty?

Global poverty is one of the world's most vexing problems. For decades, billions of dollars have been raised, donated and spent on poverty efforts with little long term-success or gains. Is there a better way to improve lives and sustain freedom and prosperity? The answer may be found in what is called "The Prosperity "Paradox. Lean in and learn how innovation can lift nations out of poverty and propel entrepreneurs to sustainable success on this episode of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get...


Innovating Higher Education

Higher education costs are soaring. Many students are leaving college buried in debt and ill-prepared to compete in a global economy. Elite schools seemed attainable only to the wealthy and the well-connected. Is there a better way to meet the needs of 21st-century students? Scott Pulsipher, president of Western Governors University, talks higher education innovation on this episode of "Therefore, What?" Sign up to get each episode of this weekly podcast delivered to your inbox. Sign Up Here


Fabric of character is the best investment

America faces a multitude of challenges, including intergenerational poverty, an opioid epidemic, overcrowded prisons, the breakdown of nuclear families, capable yet unemployed men, political tribalism and the loss of institutions of civil society. Could character be the solution? When looking to influence behavior, could a focus on the principles of character bring about greater change? Anne Snyder explores the transformative power of institutions committed to character-driven development...


America's best days are ahead of us

The American people are longing for leaders to fill the role of statesman and stateswoman. Sadly, leaders willing to put people and principles before party and politics are vanishing from view on the national stage. Former United States Sen. Joe Lieberman, a true statesman, shares his insight on political courage, bipartisan collaboration, faith in the public square, and lessons from a lifetime of public service on this episode of “Therefore, what?” Sign up to get each episode of this...


Alienated America

People across the country believe the American dream is no longer attainable. Growing inequality, economic immobility, political strife, the national crisis of addiction, undermine the confidence of ordinary American every day. Could it be that the deterioration of the America dream is not the result of economics, but the collapse of civic institutions such as marriage, community groups and religious organizations? Tim Carney joins us to discuss causes and solutions from his book "Alienated...