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In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.

In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.
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In "Therefore, what?", Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world. "Therefore, what?" is published by the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continuously published daily newspaper.




Bob Woodward Talks Trust and Truth in 21st century

The state of integrity is never static. It's as susceptible to corruption and degradation as it is amenable to improvement or fortification. We're in unique times, challenging times, but with an age-old fight for essential principles. With the current backslide of public trust, we get a glimpse of what we stand to lose in our homes and our communities. The hard fought for values of trust and integrity form the bulwark of strength for the nation, but that foundation will crack and crumble...


2019 looking back & looking ahead

The curtain has dropped on 2018 and 2019 has just begun. A look back at the lessons from the year just ended and the principles to guide the year ahead. All on this episode of Therefore, What?


Seeking asylum: a family divided

While the debate rages on in Washington, D.C., over immigration and asylum-seekers from south of the border, the issue is real for a mother of four children who has a fascinating sojourn into America and back to Guatemala. The human element of asylum-seeking on this edition of Therefore, What?


A culture of success and responsibility

In a day when leadership is clearly lacking, many wonder, how do you create a culture of excellence? How do you create shared rituals that bring organizations and individuals together? Is there really a way to be positive in terms of capitalism? Is there a way to make more than $1 and actually make a difference through business? Davis Smith, president and CEO of Cotopaxi, joins us on this week's edition of Therefore, What?


2 Early Christmas gifts to transform the season

Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas. Two gifts to experience and share on this week’s edition of, “Therefore, What?”


Contrarian lessons from the life of George H.W. Bush

The nation mourns the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. And we look at the contrarian lessons from the extraordinary life of a good and decent man, on this edition of “Therefore, What?”


A different kind of Congress - Ben McAdams

The American people voted for divided government. The Democrats have gained the majority in the House of Representatives. There are many new faces in Washington, each hoping to change the way things get done. Will change emerge or will gridlock, partisanship and deep division drive the next two years? Utah's Congressman-elect Ben McAdams is touting a new kind of conversation. He shares his vision for a different kind of Congress on this week's episode of Therefore, What?


Courtesy across our differences - Mark Roosevelt

Many Americans have become intellectually soft, floating about in their own echo chambers of self-selected news and social media channels. Critical thinking seems to be vanishing and civility and civil dialogue have all but disappeared. Could the solution be found at a college that doesn't even allow current politics in the classroom? The answer may surprise you. Mark Roosevelt, president of St. John's College, joins the conversation on this week's episode of Therefore, What?


Finding Joy - Julie B. Beck

The world is filled with challenges, insecurity and uncertainty. Many individuals struggle to find purpose, passion and joy in life. A lack of confidence in self and faith in a divine purpose leaves many straggling in the foothills and off the mountaintops of success, fulfillment and meaningful service. Could the answers be found in covenant living? Sister Julie B. Beck, author of the new book "Joy in the Covenant," shares personal insight on this week's episode of Therefore, What?


Overcoming diseases of despair - Elder J. Devn Cornish

Diseases of despair, including depression, anxiety and suicide, seem to be destroying individuals while decimating families and communities. Social media creates constant comparisons and outsized expectations. Many ask the questions, “Am I good enough?” and “Will I make it?” Elder Devn Cornish of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares his unique perspective on this week’s episode of “Therefore, What?”


Jon Huntsman Jr. : The last diplomat

International tensions are high. Russian meddling in past, current and future elections is a serious cause for concern. Angry and divisive rhetoric, trade wars and America's place in the world are straining relationships with allies, friends and foes around the world. Many wonder if American diplomacy abroad is dead. Deseret News InDepth editor Jesse Hyde provides insight and perspective from his time in Russia with U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., who may well be the last diplomat. All on...


Who will decide the election?

Midterm elections are fast approaching. Political campaigns are in full swing. Both parties are stoking anger, fear and frustration. Who will decide the election? Will this election be about the base, the independents or citizens who have simply disengaged. Has politics failed? What is the future for America? Legendary pollster Scott Rasmussen weighs in on this week's edition of Therefore, What? Guest: Scott Rasmussen A best-selling author, political observer, pollster and purveyor of...


Political polarization or cancer of contempt?

Is capitalism the cause or the solution to poverty and human suffering? Is political polarization the problem or is it the growing cancer of contempt? Leadership is sorely lacking in Washington at a time the American people are looking for inspiration and a path forward. Drawing on history, social psychology, behavioral economics, and the counsel of ancient wisdom Arthur Brooks answers these questions and shares lessons from his extraordinary American journey on this week's edition of...


Why we hate each other and how to heal

Tribalism, fear and frustration are killing the country. Our communities are crumbling, the fabric of society is being ripped to shreds and our hyper-connected technological world has actually disconnected people from places and spaces that create culture and a sense of belonging. Has rugged individualism gone rogue? Has politics permanently splintered and isolated the American people? Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska joins us to discuss his new book, "Them: Why We Hate Each Other and How to...


Has America hit rock bottom?

Has America hit rock bottom? Is there any path to true leadership, integrity, civility and good governance? Legendary journalist George Will shares his unique perspective on the American experiment and the future of the nation on this week's edition of Therefore, What?


When did rage become all the rage?

Rage is all the rage. Weaponizing words and the weaknesses of others is where many politicians spend their days. Social media has created an America that is no longer a melting pot but is a place where you can deploy divisive rhetoric to melt down those who disagree with you. Leaders aren't leading and are actually avoiding crucial conversations. Contempt towards others is a cancer in our communities. How do we cure the nation's contempt, unite around principles and values and, at minimum,...


Can men and women ever be equal in America?

The October 2018 Time Magazine cover story asks the question, “Can American men and women ever be equal?” Answers and positive models come from an unexpected, yet not surprising place. Deseret Management Corporation Executive Vice President Sheri Dew shares her perspective on this week’s edition of Therefore, What?


Politcized SCOTUS - who is to blame?

The battle for the Supreme Court is in full swing. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh continues to careen with political posturing, credible accusations, credible denials and nothing that the confirmation was designed to be.The Supreme Court of the United States of America has become political instead of judicial. Who is to blame and how to restore order on this week's edition of Therefore, What?


Safeco Field expects 40,000 to listen to President Russell M. Nelson

This Saturday, the Seattle Mariners will be more than 1,000 miles away from Safeco Field playing a weekend series with the Los Angeles Angels. Yet the stadium will be bursting with an expected crowd of 40,000. That is strong attendance for any weekend event at Safeco, but Saturday’s event is of particular note as the spectators will be there to watch a 94-year-old take second base. Find out why on this week’s episode of Therefore, What? Guest: Sarah Jane Weaver is the editor of the LDS...


Suicide Prevention Week: Don't wait til it's too late

This week is suicide prevention week. How to avoid tragic endings and ensure everyone has the resources they need for better tomorrows beginning today. On this episode of, “Therefore What?”