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This Week in Immigration gives you a rundown in 30 minutes or less of key immigration issues. Experts from the Bipartisan Policy Center discuss and analyze all that is new and noteworthy on immigration policy.


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This Week in Immigration gives you a rundown in 30 minutes or less of key immigration issues. Experts from the Bipartisan Policy Center discuss and analyze all that is new and noteworthy on immigration policy.






Episode 137: This Week In Immigration

In this episode of This Week in Immigration we focus once again on the US-Mexico border. First, Hanadi Jordan speaks with David Stout, a county commissioner from El Paso County Texas, and chair of the National Association of Counties’ Immigration Reform Task Force to get the local perspective on the situation at the border, what counties like El Paso are doing to manage the arrivals of immigrants, the recent visits to El Paso of President Biden and a bipartisan group of Senators and what he...


Episode 136: This Week In Immigration

Happy New Year! This Week in Immigration starts off the new year by looking back at the lame duck Congress of 2022, and how immigration issues fared, and a brief look at what the long set of votes for Speaker of the House might mean for the prospects of immigration legislation in the new congress. We then chat with Christopher Sands of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Canada Institute about the North American Leaders Summit between Canada, Mexico and the United States, immigration issues between...


Episode 135: Year-End Wrap-Up

In our annual year-end wrap-up, we are joined by Ellen Gilmer, senior reporter at Bloomberg Government, Michelle Hackman, reporter at the Wall Street Journal, Camilo Montoya-Galvez, reporter at CBS News, and podcast regular Theresa Cardinal Brown to break down this year’s top immigration stories. We delve into Title 42, DACA, the courts’ impact on immigration policy, Ukrainian refugees, migrant busing, and more. A note for listeners: this episode was recorded on December 7, 2022.


Episode 134: TWII Thanksgiving Episode

In this week’s special Thanksgiving episode, we continue our tradition of looking at this most American of holidays from the perspectives of new Americans. Theresa Cardinal Brown is joined by Anya McMurray, President and COO of Welcome.US, to talk about how America has welcomed diverse immigrants over the last two years, from Afghans, to Ukrainians, to Venezuelans, to the people of New York City and Martha’s Vineyard who welcomed migrants bussed there from the border. Then, we welcome Lucija...


Episode 133: The Impact of Immigration on Midterms and What May Happen Next

In this week’s episode, we’re breaking down the midterms, and what they might mean for the issue of immigration. Theresa Cardinal Brown is joined by Laura Hall, the managing director of BPC Action, and Casey Christine Higgins, Senior Counsel at Akin Gump to chat about how the issue of immigration played in the midterms, what the election might signal about lame duck legislation on immigration, and how the next Congress might approach immigration. The episode was recorded on Wednesday,...


Episode 132: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, we discuss the Biden administration’s new parole program for Venezuelans – the details of the program and who qualifies, the reasoning behind the program, how the dynamics at the border affect this program and possible future programs modeled after it, and how the program might inform the future of the resettlement regime. Yael Schacher, Director for the Americas and Europe at Refugees International, Matthew La Corte, Government Affairs Manager for Immigration Policy...


Episode 131: Live From The Un-Convention

In this week’s episode, we take the show on the road, recording live from the Un-Convention 2022 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Hannah Tyler and Theresa Cardinal Brown interview delegates at the Un-Convention to get their thoughts on immigration, and are joined by special guests John Wood Jr., a national leader for Braver Angels, Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee chair and Maryland Lieutenant Governor, and Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite...


Episode 130: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, we’re focusing on DACA, as the program and its recipients wait for a decision on the program’s legality from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. We’ll welcome Niña Ledonio, BPC’s Corporate Relations Manager and a DACA recipient, to talk about the program’s impact on her life. This Week in Immigration regular, Theresa Cardinal Brown, will then join to talk through the policy side of DACA, walking us through the Biden administration’s recent final rule and the maze of...


Episode 129: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, we’re going across the pond to talk about the United Kingdom’s approach to immigration, and how that approach might change with the election of a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, the appointment of a new Cabinet, and the sad news of the Queen’s passing. We’ll welcome three guests – Liz Mair, a British-American political and communications consultant; Cris Ramón, Global and U.S. Immigration Policy Researcher and Analyst; and Matt Dathan, Home Affairs Editor at The Times...


Episode 128: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, we’re focusing on immigration and the workforce, specifically the role that legal immigration reform can play in reshaping our nation’s workforce in the short- and long-term. Theresa Cardinal Brown, BPC’s Managing Director of Immigration and Cross-border Policy, will be joined by Ben Gitis, Associate Director of the Economic Policy Project at BPC, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum.


Episode 127: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, BPC's Director of Migration and Cross-Border Policy, Theresa Cardinal Brown, joins for a “newsy” episode focused on the latest in immigration. We’ll highlight some of the major happenings in the immigration world, including the end of MPP, high-skilled immigration and the CHIPS ACT, the collapse of the legal immigration system, and child separation. Discussed on the...


Episode 126: This Week in Immigration

On this episode of This Week in Immigration, we're re-releasing a conversation between BPC’s Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Theresa Cardinal Brown and Ambassador Arturo Sarukhán, who served as Mexico’s ambassador to the United States from 2007 to 2013 under President Felipe Calderon.


Episode 125: This Week in Immigration

In this episode, we’re sharing snippets from our recent Twitter Spaces discussion, "Real Solutions for the Border," that discussed bipartisan solutions to address the situation at the border. Michelle Hackman, an immigration reporter at The Wall Street Journal, moderated the discussion. The panelists included Cris Ramón, Global and U.S. Immigration Policy Researcher and Analyst; Laura Collins, Director at the Bush Institute- SMU Economic Growth Initiative; Danilo Zak, Policy & Advocacy...


Episode 124: This Week in Immigration

In this episode, we’re discussing the role of the Supreme Court in shaping immigration policy with Theresa Cardinal Brown and Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, Policy Director at the American Immigration Council. Specifically, we’ll highlight some the major Supreme Court cases that were adjudicated during this term and how they are affecting the immigration system. We’ll also cover DACA in the lower court focusing on what we might see if DACA is overturned.


Episode 123: This Week in Immigration

In this episode, we’re sharing highlights from our June 13 webinar that discussed our most recent report, “Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Economic Potential and Obstacles to Success.” The report and accompanying webinar examine who immigrant entrepreneurs are, what types of businesses they start, and what obstacles they face. The panelists included Cris Ramón, Global and U.S. Immigration Policy Researcher and Analyst; Christina da Silva, Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs Officer at...


Episode 122: This Week in Immigration

In this episode, a discussion about the importance of immigration to maintaining American competitiveness; specifically, we’ll talk about the startup visa, currently in the House version of the COMPETES Act, and being negotiated as part of the Bipartisan Innovation Act. Dane Stangler, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at BPC, joins to discuss. BPC regular Theresa Brown then covers the immigration news of the last few weeks, focusing on the Summit of the Americas and Title 42 happenings.


Episode 121: This Week in Immigration

The leak of the Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn the seminal Roe v. Wade abortion case has sent shockwaves through the country and raises questions and implications for other long-standing precedent Supreme Court decisions, including Plyler v. Doe, a 1982 decision that ruled that undocumented immigrant children could not be excluded from K through 12 public schools. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has expressed interest in resurrecting the case and challenging the ruling. Leon...


Episode 120: This Week in Immigration

With everything happening on Capitol Hill and in the news about Title 42, this episode, we’re welcoming Laura Collins, the Director of the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas, along with This Week in Immigration regular Theresa Cardinal Brown to break down exactly what Title 42 is, what is going on at the border now, and how we might better be able to manage the border in the future. Laura's column: ...


Episode 119: This Week in Immigration

We’re spending this episode talking to Timothy Kane, a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, about his new book, "The Immigrant Superpower: How Brains, Brawn, and Bravery Make America Stronger," which book argues that immigration is central to the United States’ economic power and national security.


Episode 118: This Week in Immigration

Theresa Cardinal Brown, Managing Director of BPC Immigration and Cross-Border Policy, starts off this episode by welcoming Casey Christine Higgins, BPC Immigration Fellow and Senior Counsel at Akin Gump, to discuss Title 42 and some of the legislative challenges its proposed takedown has raised. Theresa and host Hannah Tyler are then be joined by Dany Bahar, a professor at Brown and economist affiliated with Harvard and the Center for Global Development, among others, who joins to discuss...