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Tue 25 Jan: Cover Wars - Meddling History - Back End - Power Plays - Dry Run - Crimea Crimes - In Lane

Insane in the Ukraine. Weaklings, playing global power politics, should stay in their own lane. Back end history and NATO games. All that aid to help their elections. Was Maidan a warm up for our fake insurrection? Ukrainian people have suffered true tyranny. History, war, empire politics and the Crimea prize that has tempted many. Russia's backyard and our corrupt alliances. Obot's lackeys were to provide oversight? Election fraud R us. Hunter's deals always cut in Pops. The Cyprus example...


Mon 24 Jan: Betrayal Tales - War Rumors - Truth Scare - Great Asset - Ops Failed - Insanity Defined - Ramping Up

In war, betrayal is as lethal as guns. And there is plenty throughout history. Praising riots and occupation. CNN gets truthy? An early trigger to a fake war. Cartel money and auto audits. Who's good at finding booby traps? J6 committee suddenly revamped and re-tasked. Threatening children is where they go first. Violation of trust reveals dark secrets. Hot mics and great assets. Tech they don't understand gave it away. Physical deformities, earthly heaven, the Oneida Community, evil...


Sat 22 Jan: Retro Evil - Tesla Trouble - Race Card - SCOTUS Gate - Torture Queen - Election Targets - In The End

First, let's tell some high tech car stories. Customer service and sudden hacks. Then, the perpetrators of evil can never outlive their crimes. Election fraud was the goal, torture was the method. Playing the race card again and again. How could the military possibly be involved? Mid level people from the old school. Helping America see clearly. Past stories hurt those who lived it all. Why must we fight for standing? Panic, Pelosi and Pense. Booby traps, fraud and election desertification....


Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Part 2 of 2) - DJT Comments - Crypto Hacks - DAVOS Attitude - Preemptive Moves - QUX Rollout - Home Schooling

The second half of tonight's show begins with the conclusion of Trumps remarks on the Hannity show. Then, Tore and Millie take on targeted lawfare, whose protecting Brandon, amazing herd mentality, frame ups, election integrity, how to fight local corruption, the QUX roll out experience, Dominion suits and much, much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Part 1 of 2) - Presser Chaos - Losing It - Theatrics - DNA Testing - Running Point - DJT Reacts

This is the first of tonight's two part discussion with investigative journalist Millie Weaver. A small sample of subjects covered include the hell presser, medical tyranny, national guard in schools, the attempt to federalize elections, Hunter's deal closer, old email clues, whether Wray is good or bad, and who's propping up Brandon. Then, the first part of President Trump's interview on Hannity. Don't miss part 2 of tonight's show with the conclusion of Trumps remarks, then continued...


Wed 19 Jan: Confusion Tactics - Suffocated - Recent Rulings - With Malice - Strange Voice - Blackmail - Birdbath Brain

If there is one thing the enemy is good at, it's sewing confusion. More than just sloppy, turmoil is created as a weapon. Here's what you should do, run for office. Attacking vipers of lawfare come equipped with ample malice. ChyNa voting machines and counter suits. Absent parents must develop good bonds and affection with their kids. Two hour hell presser. Is that him? Weird voice. DALEK brains and glitching clones. Nancy's custom pinstripes. Sure, blow my mind and then book out. Connected...


Mon 17 Jan: Comeback - MLK Echos - Fix All - Corp Rules - Airplane Mode - Fake Bots - This Way

Long time observers are seeing old events come back around. There's the DEVOS meeting and their anti freedom agenda. Then, Astana is in the news again. It's Russian troops, Ukraine and NATO, the Euro Council, and a clean slate. MLK, the C_A, and the sacrifices made. Riding the VAX wave until it's flat. Google is the company. How about those 8,192 IP's? There is a lot of money currently changing hands. Just 30 seconds of world coms is massive. Where is all that stored again? Transparency...


Fri 14 Jan: Back 'N Forth - On Fire - Known Plans - Truth Roars - Our KRAKEN - Seditious Play - Poo Fight

In the life and death information war, the time pendulum swings. Let's go back and see today's fight. The misinformation is necessary, some say on both sides. Three ops to save the country. Everyone wanted to be a hero. There are numerous states that want to decertify now. Enron is back, again. Our homework is done and here's a docu-teaser. Plane wrecks and suspects. If you're reading this then you know the KRAKEN. Why are the Dems so worried about Assange? NPR is the worst. The J6 desperate...


Thu 13 Jan: Scripts Flipped - Mind Sets - Slave Traits - Unity Power - Filibusters - Dead Protest - TORE4OHIO

There are so many scripts, and then there are all the flipped scripts. It's a gut trust thing. Ingrained in our culture are control traits. Stifling freedom's nature goes with the eating of crow. What makes a good slave? Freedom means more than owning guns. Our collective goal is to inform more. Making the NOVAXT into new minions. A raging debate restarts around the filibuster rule. The Senate was always the target. Wide spread reports of women's changing menstrual cycles. The best political...


Wed 12 Jan: Not Right - Our Backs - DARPA Design - Docs Hidden - Cybernetics - Rights Bill - Karen St.

More and more people are noticing that something seems way off. So many know the real truth. A short account of head movement forward and back done quickly. Look who's holding up the top of the pyramid. Some people think they are actually voting. Powerless is one thing we are not. The stable virus on which the rest were built. What exactly did they want these bio weapons for? Epi-genetic cross talk and how we went modern. Societies of control are suddenly a hot topic. Is it really possible...


Fri 07 Jan: Calendar Trials - Cirsten Requiem - Roman Resilience - POTUS Tasks - Mandate Debate - Even Weirder

First some words regarding the death of Cirsten Weldon, freedom fighter and patriot. R.I.P. It is a true sign of the times that even the calendar and seasons cannot be trusted. How did time tracking get political? Those Romans are everywhere in our history. Astral mapping and covering the gaps. The immense tasks taken on by POTUS. It wasn't just the USA, it was the world. Statutory authority comes from where? They should know what their job is. It's the year of the tiger, and that means...


Wed 05 Jan: Hard Truths - Squirming - IC Assets - VAXSIC - Free Zones - NEOM Lights - People's Union

The truths are becoming self evident to all. Value and knowledge are what comes from legitimate approved authority. The golden foot is followed. Where is that moon? Immune fatigue and the medical manipulation of America. VAX injuries and death are getting hard to ignore. The tough decisions around WarpSpeed. ChyNa vapors and bio-weapons. The presser was stopped as the IC assets gathered. To save America we must first save New York. Borders for countries, cities and free trade zones are part...


Fri 31 Dec: Recompense - Piper Pay - In Pain - War Weather - Universe 9 - Three Sifters - MMXXII

It was a year of vast historical changes, and there are still so many yet to come. Now is when so many players are going to pay. Parents who trusted will suffer. Our nation will have birthing pains all over again. Lay lines, early machine coms, ether, the Wilkes Expedition, Earth geometrics, lighthouses and messages traded thru time. Pay attention to the 3,6,9 plane. What's an alloy footprint? Making it rain for mud not war. The trillion watt seed blaster. Water watching is good. They will...


Thu 30 Dec: Our Faith - Obsessions - RINO Racket - Insane Inc. - Termite Brain - Clique Bait - Servile Base

Separating the target population from faith is essential for tyranny. They must always wear the common man disguise. It's usually someone else's fault with them. Do the R's actually run the D's? An anonymous story and a common target. The fruit of our work. When lights shine, people take ownership. Joining groups to protect ourselves. Are we really just a market share? The true meaning of secularism, and it's related conceptual confusion. Are we talking about AI software here? It's not a top...


Wed 29 Dec: Low Deals - Corner Working - Sad Karens - Take Downs - Fact Focus - Secularism - All Human

There are corners being worked and dark deals being made. Fake VAX cards and the go around tyranny industry. New Yorkers are fed up. We got groups. The meetup strategy unfolds. There is disaster in the air. Non compliance means a steep fine. Flipping and flopping on the boosters, variants and testing. Brandon takes some press heat. There are others being tried in relation to the Maxwell case. Malicious intent directed at our patriots. Massive ops meant to divide are occuring. Screw the...


Thu 23 Dec: Repeat Reset - Seeing It - Loose Fires - Frozen Evil - 1918 ReFlu - Angel Children - Deep State Dept.

This is not the first time we've experienced a pandemic with lock downs, orphans and death. The great reset and what that really means. Russia, NATO, aggressive moves and Putin's piano. Those who understand feel like they just woke up during surgery. Making humans bigger, better and stronger. Are we the children of the fallen angels? The 1918 flu story, and how one scientist started it all again. Rewriting DNA cannot be a good thing. Always, throughout history, there have been waves of...


Wed 22 Dec: True Motives - Dead System - All In - Multi Layered - VAX Moves - Distracted - The Interview

When light suddenly appears in the darkness, true intentions are shown. What's that smell? There are too many evil people. Losers often trudge on the tear trail. The winning candidate usually has the most money. Multiple levels of deception will be astound to all. CNN is melting down rapidly. Maxwell trial stirs up many doubts. Saving face is goal one. What are the deals being made? All the big names need to come out. Blood type specific bio weapons are now in play. One more time, Trumps VAX...


Tue 21 Dec: Excelsior - An Interview With Patrick Byrne - Peak Woke - Power Hijack - Hero Man - The Split - Precipice

Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a hour long discussion of today's hot topics. Then, peace and justice is not just doomed idealism. as the enemy portrays it. The word that cannot be spelled. Ever upward is more than a slogan. Cities versus the country is an objective of war. Just like the slaves in ChyNa. The people are slowly rising, and resisting the right way. Faith is a double edged sword. Birth, death and manipulation. Predictive analytics just mimic previous thought. Was climate change a...


Mon 20 Dec: Holding On - Your Job - Inner Circle - Hopium - Just Laws - Says DARPA - Happenings

This is the war's most painful stage. Tired, foggy, numb but determined. So many events are going unseen. It's the big bang coming, just like we've heard before. The meme makers and red stringers aren't really getting things done. 23 Dems have quit and counting. C_A, Google, and the algos. What is a real digital soldier? So many lurkers were trusted by our masses. Redemption and lofty expectations can co-exist. The huge wrench President Trump has thrown in. J6, FBI and the pre-planning. The...


Fri 17 Dec: Choosing Integrity - Hard Insanity - Simple Ask - VAX4Food - Normalizing - 7 Nation Army - From Within

It's confusion and chaos as a war objective. Abnormal behavior should never be ignored. We must all focus on the signs. Much of what is happening is out of sight. The vanishing trait of integrity. It's an honest, simple question that could not be answered. Self reflection is the beginning. Our inner world drives outer behavior. Gov. Kristi Noem speaks out. Food for VAX is evil. Want to understand Russia? Look at a map. Three fronts require action. Remember Operation Snow Globe. The gut...