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Tue 19 Jan: Popcorn Day - Pressure Builds - Vetting Inc. - Rising Sun Tzu - Fear Porn - Dis Appointment - Founders Law

These are historic days for patriots. Suddenly, the NG get some love from the left. Delayed resignations and the bait used in a good trap. How important is the role of the family? It seems like the entire world is against us. There are plans to backup the plans. Don't forget, they want you in a camp. Riot claims versus our own eyes. Some were born for this moment, others came from afar. Don't lose everything and then get motivated. God chose the maximum pain route and this is it. The digital...


Mon 18 Jan: Leaders R Us - Tortured Souls - Minute Men Again - Revolution II - Staying Focused - Spark A Fire - Our Part

Pain is seeing the evil buried within humans. Hell lives on a laptop. The results show when humanity is lacking. Did you know the hanging chads were an op? More people than ever know when something is amiss. The skills of a true leader start with enthusiasm. Know who you are fighting for and against. History's battles mirror our war today. Why vet the NG? The savior is in each of us. What comes next has been carefully thought out. We have everything we need meaning they are toast. The...


Fri 15 Jan: All Angles - Perspectives - Exposed Assets - Underdog Millions - Ops Layered - Stay Focused - Wrath Of Justice

Our knowledge base for the future is excellent. What they call news is old. The disinfo has never been worse. Making the majority feel like the minority. The number of current domestic missions is unreal. The ghoulish never look good gloating. Back to the original anthem. The pen is still the mightiest sword. They now want to set us up. You dictate what's important. It's all about information timing. They will try to bait you, don't let them. Be aware of your faith, and never lose it.


Thu 14 Jan: DC Guards - Out Front - Titans War - 25th Hunting - Backlash Optics - Gab Speech - What's Up

Right out front is everything we need to know. 20,000 troops for a virtual inauguration? Overcoming emotion is important to truly see. Theirs is an entirely different set of gods. Control of you is the goal. Censorship and insanity does not play well. The browser wars are just getting started. A hero platform steps up with a patriot leader. History is important in understanding where we are today. Despots push discouragement. Never surrender to evil, and it is peace and safety that we shall...


Wed 13 Jan: The Tools - Seeing All - Last Frontier - Fact Fiction - Sharp Swords - High Folly - Past Proof

The test for all of us is now. We have all learned the necessary tools. We can see it all so clearly. America is the last frontier. For most, there is a blending of fact and fiction. 120 million strong and rising. Dead to rights is where we have them. Reviewing history from the lone star state. The best view is always from the moon. Hear the demon screeching within the House of Representatives. Be careful what you wish for. Beautiful diamonds are created under pressure. It's all on the line...


Tue 12 Jan: Max Attack - Ears And Eyes - Deception Arts - Titan Wars - Hacktivists - POTUS Speaks - Bonus Bit

Max weapon deployments occuring. Finding faces among the platforms. GAB for the people. Screaming demons and biblical stories. Terror TV is what we get. The down low riots. Liberation from deep thought control is the most difficult. The opsec breakdown on their side. Where's Nancy? We had to be forced to see. Freedom's mass exodus. Orange is their color. Tools to hijack elections have long existed. Be ready, things will happen quickly. Roll up your sleeves and trust your gut.


Mon 11 Jan: Fear Not - The Underdogs - Fixed Points - Bracket Ops - Aiding Terror - Released Catch - In Motion

We are all part of the war now. The 25th Amendment move shows panic. Who really has the advantage? What would happen if they won? The color revolutions come home. USAID and overseas riots. Look how they embrace forced speech. We've studied how to usher all elections. SOS Pompeo speaks. Ours is a quantum race. How they destroy movements and twist narratives. AI covers every facet of decision making. The Mockingbird is almost dead. State level small platoons offer hope. Never give up your...


Sat 09 Jan: Strap In - Blackout - 4 Bang Monday - PsyOp Games - Serpent And Tail - Game Theory - You Tech

The next several weeks will be historic. Consequences for their crimes will be real. Why are they so scared? POTUS and game theory. Countering intel ops against the people. Bow down and eat dirt. The big tech flex. Truth is rising like a Phoenix. Bad decisions make the best stories. How the plandemic works for nano tech. Their clock has already started. On Thursday evil seemed to have won. Three days later it was resurrected. The good will spread when you always have faith.


Mon 04 Jan: Serving Us - Core Changes - Train Wreck - Learned Evil - Saying No - In Their Face - Real Rebels

Tore is on the move. Shows will be irregular this week. Elected leaders are learning who's boss. Chasing clout and money is not the goal. How this situation moves forward. Wednesday will be a show of people power. Seriously, they can't find evidence? Language is key in finding the truth. By design, there are so many distractions. It all makes more sense when you consider the long term. Standing tall during mask mania. This week the real rebels will write history. Pray for America.


Fri 01 Jan: Heroes 2021 - The Frequencies - Force Driving - Power Sounds - Split Plans - Fear Message - Water R Us

The next few months will be a huge test for us and America. We need leaders that are humble, selfless and confident. Kings and tyrants are among those that will fall. Goodness always precedes greatness. A brief review of their two president plan. They use fear to control. What is the predictive division? Quantum duality and hard wired genetics. The amazing memory of water. Your words are power, so stay firm and push the message. Providing a knowledge gift is the highest form of love.


Thu 31 Dec: Bare Myths - Prior Failures - Mold And Shape - Worry Wisdom - Info Terror - Godly Guides - Day Of Patriots

The disappointment is in how we were duped and lost control. 2021 will show it. They weaponize fear and use it well. In reality, their world is on fire. The tyrants are often weak at heart. Our hope is their target. Greek mythology seems very relevant to today. Servitude provided is not fulfilling work. Valid ballots ward off evil. It's time to face the new year. POTUS needs a big show on the monumental day that's coming. Always keep both faith and hope.


Tue 29 Dec: It Begins - Old Playbook - Freedom's Martyr - The Source - AI Brains - EU Fish - Global Titan War

POTUS proclamation stokes religious freedom. The martyr who was murdered for his cause. Liberty has to be more than toleration. How globalism works locally. The difference is that we have guns. The brave will stand with justice. The DS has proven they will stop at nothing. A public re-vote would cement confidence. Don't be discouraged, all they have is the megaphone. Expecting new arrivals in the world's strangest capital city? The future is up to us. Never underestimate the power of good.


Mon 28 Dec: Tore's Phone Interview With The Fargo Forum

Another streamed phone interview resulting from Tore's detailed affidavit included in the Sidney Powell SCOTUS case. This one, slightly less aggressive, is with the Fargo Forum. North Dakota is pertinent based on Tore's prior anti-corruption battles within the state. Avoiding case facts and rehashing personal attacks are SOP for all levels of the MSM. Run time is 40 minutes.


Mon 28 Dec: Options - Taking Control - Social Mania - False History - ND Beachhead - Safe And Fair - Freedom Era

There are numerous ways this could go, several of them are ugly. History does not lie about liberty's hardships or our President's views. The planting of false media stories goes way back. Transparency is still the key. How Warpspeed could help with voting. The provable fraud just keeps piling up. Can you notice the dilations in time? Free speech can be brutally ugly. Never forget that we are the news now. This is all normal in the land of confusion. Nothing can stop what's coming.


Fri 25 Dec: Holiday Chaos - Big Bangs - Plan Chads - ShadowGate 3.0 - Real Elected - Fear Hit - Seeing Anew

The news doesn't stop on Christmas. Nashville explosion came with warnings and countdowns. Words of confusion. Small details tell you the story. Treason squares is the zoom call image. The media is not what it seems. Everything you think you know. The origins of modern election fraud. How far back does this go? Only POTUS and the 20 can speak for us. God's plan on a single page. It's true, miracles can happen. The challenge is to keep the faith in sudden storms.


Thu 24 Dec: Fact Witness - Hatchet Job - Lawfare - Way Bigger - Blind Justice - They Know - On God's Side

The attacks are incoming and growing. They cannot deny the facts, so they attack the messenger. It's about going after Sidney. The affidavit from hell. At one time in America, justice was blind. Criminal treason means evading US law overseas. They just want to make it all go away. GSC, TAC and the trouble that's in the details. ChyNa and the SmartMatic connections. We have a sledge hammer for everything they've built. Nan seems to be working today. Think about what is on the line, and then...


Wed 23 Dec: Liberty's War - All Timing - Multiple Fronts - Money Slaves - Hard Focus - Every Card - IMF Evil

All the wars are coming together. Why the new holiday? The strategy behind Christmas eve. Ridiculing the kickback bill. The new deep state personnel are coming forward. Out with the old Pope. Rights still apply to speech we may not like. Discrediting opponents is their goal. Look inward for direction. It's not bloody yet. History's warriors. Duality is a temporary state. POTUS carries the weight of the world. Pray that the turmoil opens people's eyes. With a unified love of freedom, we are...


Tue 22 Dec: New Rebels - Undertones - Primal Tribal - Global Ops - Battlefield Prep - Gate Keepers - Mob Minds

The guiding star shows us the light. Those that pursue the truth seem just as rare. The swamp runs so deep and wide. Team mentality is a human trait. Again, it all had to be this way. The insane funding bill and it's commie backing. Horse racing and Covid. Infiltrate, own, and then replace. Nan and the C.O.G. Titles and tiaras got us here. The snot nose kids that run things. It's important to pull the rug out from under them all. Continue to be loud because we won. They only look like giants...


Mon 21 Dec: History's Cure - Lincoln Speaks - Evil Fears - World Optics - DS Cash Flow - All Fighting - Loud Proud

We are in another civil war. The true way has been shown before by our martyrs. Faith means not being fearful. Predictive absolutes don't exist. History is the future with less technology. Nobody wants lies and cheaters. It's always all about the money. Cities and countries are watching. The money import problems are months old, and hurting them. Stay positive and resonate like a soldier. Remember, our faith terrifies the enemy.


Fri 18 Dec: Focus Time - Anti News - Real Goals - Commies Again - Power Not - Team Humanity - Another Trap

Come together for victory. The different types of ops. Script fails and special people. The little lady in the middle of it all. The dark inside them. It's the reporter on the island. Our power was never really true. Margins dwarfed the fraud. How deep it all goes. We are the commodity. The hack trap for POTUS. Trust yourself because the snow globe has cracked. The best is truly yet to come.