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Join Liz-E Enders, RoB b Rok, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx for Social Commentary, Hot Topics, and Amazing Guests with a ton of Fun and Shenanigans along the way! Every week, our hosts bring you some of the most compelling, amusing, and controversial topics and guests across the spectrum. They'll discuss topics with their diverse and unique perspectives asking if it's "Truth, Lies, or Shenanigans" with, of course, plenty of Shenanigans of their own! Enjoy listening, but feel free to be a part of the discussion by watching LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube by searching @TLSLiveShow or


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Join Liz-E Enders, RoB b Rok, Gianni Storm, and Nio Nyx for Social Commentary, Hot Topics, and Amazing Guests with a ton of Fun and Shenanigans along the way! Every week, our hosts bring you some of the most compelling, amusing, and controversial topics and guests across the spectrum. They'll discuss topics with their diverse and unique perspectives asking if it's "Truth, Lies, or Shenanigans" with, of course, plenty of Shenanigans of their own! Enjoy listening, but feel free to be a part of the discussion by watching LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube by searching @TLSLiveShow or






Halloween Special: "Glimpses of the Grim" with Low Bar Productions

Dive into the eerie world of micro horror films with our special Halloween episode! We sit down with Dustin Moore and Richard Barlow of Low Bar Productions to discuss their spine-chilling project, "Glimpses of the Grim." Uncover the secrets behind their unique approach to horror and get a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process. Don't miss this haunting episode that's sure to give you goosebumps! Follow them on Instagram @lowbarfilmproductions and search for Low Bar Productions on YouTube to catch their latest films. Support the


Tupac's Tragic Tale, Sia's Surgical Saga, and Cloudy Contaminants

It's the Season 4 Finale! This Episode we delve into the latest twists in Tupac Shakur's unsolved murder case, including new arrests and a controversial confession... Should Suge Knight finally speak up? Then, we tackle Sia's recent facelift... Is going under the knife the new norm, or should we celebrate aging gracefully? We cap it off with the alarming discovery of microplastics in the clouds.... What does this mean for our health and the planet? Don't miss this season's final episode, packed with hot topics and spirited debates. Support the


Musk's Monkey Madness, Artful Absconding, & NYs Drug Dilemma

Dive into the ethical maze of Elon Musk's Neuralink Monkeys, New York's Drug Problem, and a Danish artist's audacious act—all in this week's TLS episode. In this episode, we dissect the controversies surrounding Neuralink's treatment of monkeys. Is it groundbreaking science or just plain cruel? We also delve into a heart-wrenching day-care tragedy in the Bronx and discuss the drug crisis affecting even the youngest among us. Lastly, we debate a Danish artist's bold move that's got the art world buzzing. Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of debates! Support the


Wrestling with Heart. Plus, Bidens' Blunders, Union's Uproar, and iPhone Intrusion

Get ready for a jam-packed episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans! We're thrilled to welcome Stanley Karr, host of the "Wrestling with Heart" podcast, as he steps into our ring to discuss the wondrous world of wrestling. But wait, there's more! We're also unraveling the complexities of Hunter Biden's recent indictment. Gianni shocks us with a disturbing tale of an airline attendant's 'janky' iPhone camera setup to film 14yo in a bathroom. And Rob? He's shifting gears to talk about the United Auto Workers Union. Don't miss this rollercoaster of hot topics, debates, and yes, shenanigans. Hit that subscribe button now! Support the


Kunis Kutcher Apology. Plus, Spain's Soccer Smooch and a Cop's Canoodling.

In this episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans, we're putting Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis under the microscope for their controversial letters of support for Danny Masterson. We're asking the hard questions: Were they sincere or just saving face? Also on deck, we discuss Spain's soccer smooch saga and a Maryland cop's canoodling caught on camera. Tune in for a no-holds-barred conversation that you won't want to miss. Support the


Coco, 'Angry Black Woman'? Plus, Burning Man & Sister Sesh

In this episode, we dive deep into Coco Gauff's recent tennis match controversy and explore whether the "Angry Black Woman" stereotype played a role. We also discuss the unexpected natural challenges faced at Burning Man and how event organizers and attendees can better prepare. Our special guest is Kat Henson, the host of the Sister Sesh Podcast, who talks about cannabis culture, personal growth, and her transformative mental health journey. Don't miss this engaging conversation! Support the


Trump's Joker Jailed, the Suicide Salesman, and That Show That F*cked Me Up

In this gripping episode, we unpack the arrest and Joker-like mugshot of Trevian Kutti, Kanye West's ex-publicist, because of her involvement in Trump's RICO case in Georgia. We also dive into the morally complex tale of a Canadian chef selling euthanasia kits. Special guest Marielle Vizcarra, the creative mind behind "That Show F*cked Me Up," joins us to offer her unique insights. Check her out at:*cked_me_up!_ Disclaimer: This episode discusses sensitive topics, including suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). Support the


Careless Air Canada, OnlyFans Fundraising, and Museum Mockery

Join us for another episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans where we dive into the hot topics of the week! We're discussing Air Canada's questionable pricing during wildfires, the audacious fundraising efforts on OnlyFans, and the irony surrounding the British Museum's stolen treasures. Don't miss out on this lively debate Support the


Tory Lanez' Lockup, Anthem Alterations, and Tip Tensions

Join us for another episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans, where we're dishing out a smorgasbord of sizzling subjects! First, we explore Bobby Flay's tipping tensions and the chaos surrounding service charges and gratuities. Then, we harmonize over the proposed changes to "O Canada" – a lyrical debate that's sure to strike a chord. We lead off with Tory Lanez's legal limbo and his ten-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Is justice being served, or is it off-key? Tune in for a whirlwind of debates, chuckles, and, of course, a dash of shenanigans! Support the


Lizzo's Legal Limbo. Plus, Guest Aaron Whitfield and the Battle of Tech Titans.

In this episode of Truth Lies Shenanigans, we delve into the controversy surrounding Lizzo's recent legal battles and the allegations of weight discrimination. We also explore a playful debate on the proposed cage fight between tech moguls Musk and Zuckerberg. And we welcome special guest Aaron Whitfield to discuss his projects, what Mu.Fa.Li means, and whether Jaime Foxx should apologize. Find out more about Aaron Whitfield at Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Support the


Librarians, Legislators, Legacies, and Gold Diggers

In this episode, we explore a law that almost put librarians on Arkansas' most wanted list, debate the question of age limits in Congress, discuss the audacious exploits of a modern-day gold digger, and delve into a controversial decision about love and legacy. Join us for lively debates, unexpected insights, and a few laughs along the way. Support the


The Kubli Brothers. Plus, Trans Rights and TV Strikes

We're joined by the Kubli Brothers, We'll be discussing the controversial ban on transgender women in Miss Italy. We're also getting into the recent TV and film writers' strike, and the impact it's having on the industry and viewers alike. Join us for a lively discussion where we'll be seeking the truth, calling out the lies, and giving you some shenanigans. Support the


Carlee Russell Mystery. Plus, Black's Dying in Hospitals and India in Space.

In this week's episode of Truth Lies Shenanigans, we delve into the enigmatic case of Carlee Russell's disappearance, explore the disturbing civil rights investigation into the treatment of Black patients in LA hospitals, and discuss the intensifying space race between the US and India. Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking debate on these hot topics! Support the


Murder on Elm Street. Plus, Affirmative Action & Britney Spears

In this episode we delve into the chilling real-life Byron Smith murder case with author and retired law enforcement officer, Jeremy L. Luberts discussing his book Murder on Elm Street. We also tackle the controversy around Logan Paul's energy drink, the Supreme Court's decision on Affirmative Action, and the 'Britney Spears slap'. Tune in for these hot topics and more on our podcast. Connect with Jeremy on Facebook at Visit for more episodes. Support the


Gisselle Taraba on Love and Compassion. Plus, A Son Not White Enough.

In this episode, we sit down with Gissele Taraba, a beacon of love and compassion, who shares her transformative journey from a leader in the non-profit field to a mindfulness and self-compassion teacher. We also dive into some fiery debates on hot topics that have been making waves on social media. We discuss the controversy surrounding a white father doubting the paternity of his son because he didn't look "white enough", the revolutionary advent of tiny medical robots that could potentially perform procedures inside our bodies, and the tragic loss of five lives in the recent Titanic submarine disaster. Join us for this riveting conversation as we explore these topics and more Support the


Kuiperium Unveiled. Plus, Wildfires, Griddy Dance, and Phallic Finds.

We're back!! Join us as we explore the thrilling universe of Kuiperium with its creator, Mat Cousineau. Brace yourself for fiery debates on this week's hot topics - a Philly grad's "Griddy" dance controversy, Canadian wildfires, and an "arousing" ancient discovery. Expect a blend of laughter, thought-provoking discussions, and good-natured clashes in this episode! Support the


Replay: Mayor Fazlul Kabir

It's our mid-season break! Congratulations to our guest Fazlul Kabir for being elected to replace Patrick Wojahn who was arrested for child pornography. Take another listen to our interview. Feel free to listen to the full episode... Season 4 Episode 18. Follow us on Twitter @TLSLiveShow and use the hashtags #CollegeParkMD, #FazulKabir, and #KabirCares to join the conversation. Learn more about Fazul Kabir's campaign at #PodzNetwork Support the


🔒 Trump's a Rapist? Plus, Jordan Neely and Serbia's Disarmament

Subscriber-only episode Trump's back in court for a rape case and admits his infamous "grab them by the pussy" comments, Serbia's president wants to disarm the country, the tragic murder of Jordan Neely on an NYC subway. Don't miss out on our hosts' insights and debates! Tune in to the #TruthLiesShenanigans podcast now! #Podcast #HotTopics #PodzNetwork


Majors in Major Trouble. Plus, Police Tech, Jerry Springer, and Oral Sex 'Epidemic'.

On today's episode, we're diving into some hot topics! We're talking about some news that might be "hard" to "swallow", #OralSex is bad for your health. Plus, new tech that's reducing police use of force #PoliceTech, Jonathan Majors' domestic assault accuser getting a protection order #JonathanMajors, and remembering the legendary Jerry Springer #RIPJerrySpringer. Don't miss it! #Podcast #HotTopics #TruthLiesShenanigans #PodzNetwork Support the


Denise Mitchell for Mayor. Plus, Canada Strike, Botched Child Porn Raid, and Starship Explosion.

Mayor Pro Tem Denise Mitchell of College Park joins us to discuss local politics and community engagement and Former Mayor Partick Wojahn. We'll also dive into the latest news stories, including the ongoing strike in Canada, the tragic suicide of a man during a botched child porn raid. And, we'll talk about Elon Musk's Starship explosion. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking episode! #CollegePark #CanadaStrike #ChildPorn #PoliceRaid #ElonMusk #StarshipExplosion #TruthLiesShenanigans #PodzNetwork Support the