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USA TODAY: 5 Things, The Short List, Tech Roundtable, The Mothership, Money, Life, Tech, News, FTW NBA, A to Z, Dad Rock, NBA A to Z shorts, Start Your Engines, Top Shelf, The Walk Off, Football Four, Talking Tech




Gender expression in the pandemic

Producer Claire Thornton spoke with reporter Sammy Gibbons about the story they worked on. Plus, health reporter Adrianna Rodriguez explains how COVID-19 is expected to become endemic, millions of people in Texas remain without power amid freezing temperatures, a Trump building is demolished in Atlantic City and Major League Baseball spring training begins. (Audio: Associated Press)


Streaming on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic.

During our stay-at-home 2020, we are streaming more, with most of us paying for perhaps five or more services, up from three before the pandemic.


Biden's next moves

Senior Video Producer Hannah Gaber and politics editor Annah Aschbrenner discuss. Plus, the latest Mars rover is looking for signs of life, debates continue on school reopenings, New Orleans cuts back on Mardi Gras and college basketball reporter Scott Gleeson looks at teams on the bubble.


Zoom: Video on or off?

As we've acclimated to life with Zoom and other video calling software for work and other life events, have you discovered you're a "camera on" or "camera off" Zoom caller?


What's next after Trump acquittal?

Washington Managing Editor Caren Bohan and Senior Video Producer Hannah Gaber discuss. Plus, it's Presidents Day, health experts are worried about the coronavirus variant that originated in South Africa, Obamacare enrollment reopens and ice creates dangerous driving conditions around the country. (Audio: Associated Press)


Robocalls back on the rise

Notice you're getting a lot of robocalls lately? It's not just you. We report on how robocalls are climbing once again.


Black and white America: a Sunday poem

Poetry is having a moment. Each of National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman's three forthcoming books will have a first printing of one million copies. The Motown Records label is bringing Black Forum, a spoken-word and poetry subsidiary that ran for three years in the early 1970s. This revival is not lost on Black journalist Lokela Blanc, a social visuals producer for USA TODAY. Last week, she published an original poem, "blak and (h)wīt," as part of USA TODAY's race and identity newsletter, "This Is America." "blak and (h)wīt" is about personal struggles and empowerment, and shows us how America's racial definitions are always being re-written. You can read the full poem here. And you can subscribe to the "This Is America" newsletter here. Each week, a different journalist from the USA TODAY Network tells readers how race and identity impacts aspects of their own lived experience. Follow Lokela Blanc on Twitter @LowKehLah.


Turn off that computer!

Do you like to leave your computer on to avoid fully restarting it for work or other reasons? Here's why you might want to stop.


Impeachment trial may wrap up Saturday

Former President Donald Trump's defense team argued for only three of their 16 hours. Plus, activist Amanda Nguyen talks about violence against Asian-Americans, more vaccine supply is on the way, winter weather isn't going anywhere and a new football league lets fans call the plays. (Audio: Associated Press)


Big changes for Apple Maps

Apple Maps will soon make it easier for users to report accidents and other hazards, just like Waze and Google Maps.


How much more dangerous are COVID-19 variants?

Patient safety reporter Karen Weintraub explores. Plus, personal finance and markets reporter Jessica Menton takes a look at anger toward hedge funds, the defense team begins arguments in former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, world leaders consider action on Myanmar and the Lunar New Year ushers in the year of the oxen. (Audio: Associated Press)


Valentine's Day apps

Whether you want to send gifts or show your significant other some love, there's an app for that. Tech columnist Marc Saltzman joins us to break them down.


Senators shocked at Capitol riot videos

Plus, some Valentine's Day gift ideas, pharmacies begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines, a stay has been granted for an Alabama execution and the NBA says that all teams must play the national anthem before games. (Audio: Associated Press)


Get your own Zoom cat filter

Remember that lawyer who left on his cat filter during a Zoom video call? You can do it too! Here's how to add those filters.


Incentives to get vaccinated

Business reporter Nathan Bomey tells us how some companies are giving workers incentives. Plus, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Caren Bohen updates on impeachment, COVID-19 variants are on the rise, investigations continue after a Minnesota shooting and a Zoom filter turns a lawyer into a cat. (Audio: Associated Press)


Fitbit adds blood sugar tracking

An update rolling out this month for Fitbit users will allow them to log their blood glucose levels using the device's smartphone app.


Trump's impeachment trial begins

Washington Correspondent Christal Hayes reports. Plus, politics editor Annah Aschbrenner is back to talk about COVID-19 relief, we hear from the Talking Tech podcast on screen time and kids, Palm Beach considers whether former President Donald Trump should be allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago and the NASCAR season begins.


Kids and screen time

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches even longer and we're stuck at home, how should parents manage their kids' time on screens?


Tom Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl

Plus, money editor Josh Rivera talks about investing, Senate Democrats will unveil more details of their COVID-19 relief plan, a polar vortex slams the country and the Australian Open begins.


Get the most out of your Apple Watch

Own an Apple Watch? Brett and Mike discuss tips on how to use your smartwatch.